Chapter 459: An Unusual Mirror

When Bo Junior saw these two pale eyes, his heart nearly stopped, and the blood retreated from his face like the tide. His expression seemed lost and his eyes went slack. 

Whoosh! A head flew up and crashed against the metal wall of the room while fresh blood sprayed out from the open wound and splattered the room. 

There was a bang as the door to Bo Junior’s room was shattered by Bo Senior, who was standing outside the room. 

Bo Junior’s quarters seemed like a scene from the underworld. A pale, faceless figure slowly turned around even as a pool of scarlet blood flowed out from beneath him. Behind him stood a headless corpse. 

“JUNIOR!” Bo Senior roared as he recklessly charged at the decapitated figure. The entire spacecraft began splitting apart, as it was unable to withstand the might of a Hunter’s full strength. Even the void around the spacecraft started warping. 

The pale figure did not move. Instead, a black gush of air rushed out towards Bo Senior. His attack was swallowed by the black cloud without creating any disturbances. 

The sight of this shocked Bo Senior. His scalp turned numb as he immediately retreated at top speed. At the same moment, Feng Mo arrived to see the black flow of air. His pupils rapidly shrank; what was this thing? 

The figure moved away from the carnage, and the pure white eyes continued stared at Feng Mo. Feng Mo instantly turned around, facing his back towards the silhouette as he barked out, “Specter Clan! You’re from the Specter Clan!” 

The Relentless Slayers were a part of the universe’s dark underbelly and was the Chaos Flowzone’s top assassination group, perhaps even within the entire Innerverse. They were privy to a lot of hidden information, and since Feng Mo had barely stepped into the higher echelons of the Relentless Slayers, he had learned some of these secrets. One of which was information on the Specter Clan. 

The Relentless Slayers had crossed paths with the Specter Clan and the Neohuman Alliance on more than one occasion, and they had also suffered heavy casualties from them.

If Chaos Flowzone was said to be a gathering of the Innerverse’s dark side and the Relentless Slayers were the darkness within the darkness, then the Specter Clan was the deepest darkness. Even the most fearless Relentless Slayers did not dare to provoke this darkness. 

Each of the Three Dark Hands was powerful enough to topple the Human Domain on their own; they were truly powerful behemoths. However, countless aspects of the universe had excluded the Three Dark Hands, such as the Ten Arbiters Council and the Top 100 Rankings. 

Faced with an expert from the Specter Clan, Feng Mo wanted to escape at the first possible opportunity. He did not even dare to glance at him, let alone make eye contact.

Bo Senior did not know anything about the Specter Clan, and he actually hadn’t even heard of them before. The only thing on his mind was taking revenge for Bo Junior. “Mr. Feng, help me kill him! He’s also a Hunter, so he can’t block both of us. As long as you kill him, I’ll give you that item immediately!”

Feng Mo’s eyes flashed. “The risk will be too great unless you hand it over first.”

Hatred had already consumed Bo Senior, so he did not hesitate to take out an item from his cosmic ring and quickly hand it over to Feng Mo. 

By then, the Specter Clan member had already started approaching the two men. The black cloud continued to spread through the area, and the spacecraft was falling apart, unable to continue moving any further. 

“Mr. Feng, attack!” Bo Senior shouted as he charged at the Specter Clan member. He burst out with all of his strength as a Hunter, destroying what was left of the spacecraft. His strength even created a vortex that sucked in the surrounding seawater. 

Although the spacecraft had been destroyed, the black gas surrounding them still did not dissipate. Feng Mo watched Bo Senior attack the pale man before raising a hand to target the black has surrounding them. 

The white eyes of the Specter Clan member looked directly into Bo Senior’s, and the charging Hunter’s consciousness was instantly thrown into chaos, a repeat of what had happened to Bo Junior. However, Bo Senior was much more cautious than Bo Junior since Feng Mo’s erratic behavior upon seeing this Specter Clan member had served as an advance warning. At the exact moment before his consciousness was completely dazed, Bo Senior tore off a chunk of flesh from his thigh, and the intense pain allowed him to regain a bit of clarity. However, that moment was still enough for the Specter Clan member to move forward and place a palm against Bo Senior’s chest. 

Bo Senior spat out a mouthful of blood and appeared to be shocked. The difference in power level between him and his opponent wasn’t that great, but he had been thoroughly suppressed. He had never heard of this Specter Clan before. 

He turned to look at Feng Mo, but he found that Feng Mo was still attacking the black gas.

“Mr. Feng, are you breaking your promise?” Bo Senior shouted vehemently.

Feng Mo did not bother responding, and he only barely managed to open up a hold after using all of his strength. He was going to escape. Bo Senior bellowed fiercely  and tore through the void to chase after Feng Mo, but the Specter Clan member simply waved a hand and caused the black cloud of gas to vanish for just an instant before reappearing even further away. When it did so, it had grown to an even larger size, forming a sphere that had sealed both Feng Mo and Bo Senior within.

Feng Mo’s face was deathly white by now, and he looked at the Specter Clan member with unconcealed terror on his face. 

“Join hands with me to kill him,” Bo Senior snarled at Feng Mo.

Feng Mo trembled; a powerhouse with a power level of over 150,000 was actually terrified. Bo Senior had never seen Feng Mo like this before, but he had no time to dwell on its significance since the Specter Clan member was already approaching them. The pale figure raised his hand and caused the black gas to condense into a sickle. It sliced down at an extremely slow speed, but Bo Senior could not dodge it; there was nowhere for him to go, so he could only take it head-on. 

The scent of fresh blood filled the air as Bo Senior was sliced in half by the blade. Right before his death, his eyes still showed signs of his malevolence and ignorance, as he could not understand why such a freak had appeared to kill him. Bo Senior did not know who he had offended, but if he had stayed at the Sea King's Dome, such an abomination would not have dared to appear. 

Nearby, Feng Mo’s scalp itched as he recalled the scene of his senior in the Relentless Slayers being killed. His terror returned in droves, and he gradually backed up until he had reached the boundary of the encircling black gas. 

The Specter Clan member slowly approached him, reminiscent of the Grim Reaper. He raised his giant sickle and ruthlessly sliced it down, just like he had against Bo Senior a moment ago. 

Feng Mo suddenly took out a mirror and raised it up, using it to clash against the sickle. That mirror was exactly what Bo Senior had passed over to him before.

The black sickle firmly struck the mirror, but a strange scene occurred soon after. From the mirror sprang forth another sickle, an exact copy of the first, and it sliced towards the Specter Clan member. For the first time, the pale figure showed shock, and he immediately retreated.

Feng Mo changed the direction of his sickle attack, causing it to slice towards the surrounding flow of black gas. The barrier was cut apart, and another gap appeared. Feng Mo jumped through it without turning back. 

The Specter Clan member did not give chase because there was a planet up ahead. In the Starfall Sea, any planet would house an old freak whose power level was in the hundreds of thousands, and this pale figure also could not handle any sunlight. 

Feng Mo let out a great sigh of relief when he saw the planet ahead of him, and he looked fervently at the mirror in his hand. Bo Senior, that idiot, had not understood how powerful this mirror was. Of course, Feng Mo himself did not either, but he understood a bit of the mirror’s history. How could something that had fallen from that place possibly be simple? He had gambled when he had used this mirror to block that sickle attack, but it had actually paid off, which had given him a second chance at life. 

Without the mirror, that sickle would have bisected him just like it had with Bo Senior. Even if Feng Mo had a power level of 150,000, he could not withstand such an attack from a Specter Clan member. 

With the mirror in his hand, Feng Mo was incomparably excited since this item meant that his strength was no longer as simple as his power level of 150,000. He had helped the Bo Duo to chase Lu Yin’s group precisely for this mirror. Now that he had it, and since the Bo Duo was also dead, he no longer planned to entangle himself with Lu Yin and the others any further. 

He had not forgotten about the youths’ powerful backgrounds, especially Lu Yin, who was the Sea King’s future son-in-law. Feng Mo felt that his life still had more to give. He had no time to bother with the youths, so they would just have to consider themselves lucky on this matter. 

But why had that Specter Clan member attacked them? This incident made Feng Mo very puzzled and uneasy, as he was afraid that he would run into another Specter Clan expert in the future. There was bound to be an upper limit to the mirror’s reflective strength, and once he ran into a Specter Clan expert whose attack surpassed what the mirror could withstand, he would certainly be finished. 

This wouldn’t do. He would have to go into hiding for a period of time.

Lu Yin did not know that the Bo Duo had already died and that the mission he had given to the Faceless Man had already achieved some results, but the Faceless Man was fated to not be able to report back to Lu Yin. 

Beneath the waterfall, Lu Yin was stuck in a difficult position. The Sea King wanted him to break through to the Explorer realm before he could leave, but Lu Yin knew that he wasn’t anywhere close to breaking through. Even with his five-stage formcast model, it was useless unless he was both confident and had that unique breakthrough feeling. Additionally, the cost of failing was very severe. 

Lu Yin did not know when he would break through, so did that mean that he would be trapped here indefinitely? 

Also, he still had not forgotten about what had happened when he broke through to the Melder realm. Even though the incident was a bit hazy due to him fainting from the anguish, he still had some impressions of the event. His breakthrough had not been as easy as the others’, even though he had also had that feeling of breaking through. This was the reason why he had gone to the Rain Observatory when he had broken through to the Limiteer realm. 

Lu Yin was certain that his breakthroughs needed to be overseen by a nearby powerhouse, especially when he tried to reach the Explorer realm. The Sea King was strong enough, but the problem was that Lu Yin could not afford to be trapped here for a few years! 

The grains of Fatesand that had fused with his left arm and right leg had awakened, and just like Mister Mu had said, they both took the form of a clump of soil. The three grains of Fatesand could be combined together to form a larger clump. 

Lu Yin was speechless when he first saw that sight, but the defensive ability of this soil was simply astounding. Even if Lu Yin went against Cheng Wu one on one, he could guarantee that he would not be defeated since Cheng Wu would be completely at a loss against his defense. 

Of course, it would not be easy for Lu Yin to pry Cheng Wu’s clock open either. 

Lu Yin really wanted to test his current strength, and he also wondered how many times his Shockwave Palm had been improved by. When the grain of Fatesand around his heart had first lifted, unsealing his physical strength, he had been able to unleash a fiftyfold Shockwave Palm. When all three grains of Fatesand were unsealed, he might be able to hit sixty, seventy, or perhaps even eightyfold.  

Unfortunately, he could not conduct such experiments in this place, as such a large disturbance would undoubtedly be noticed by the Sea King. Lu Yin did not naively believe that the Sea King would take him as his son-in-law just from one look. There were likely other reasons for his current situation, and Lu Yin still did not know if he had benefited or lost out. 

As he looked through the items in his cosmic ring, his expression suddenly changed. He looked up as a beautiful woman tore through the void and appeared gradually before him. 

Was it Hai Qiqi again? No, Lu Yin’s gaze shivered, and he looked carefully at the girl in front of him. Her clothing was similar to the Astral Combat Academy’s Starsibyl’s. Was she another Starsibyl? 

“Are you shocked? Do you know who I am? Ah, that’s right. You should be familiar with the other people who have the same title as me.” The new Starsibyl slowly walked over as her bright eyes latched onto Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin never expected to run into Starsibyl here. Of course, this woman wasn’t the Astral Combat Academy’s Starsiby. Instead, she was the universally-famous, space-exploring powerhouse, Starsibyl. The first time he had heard of Starsibyl’s name, he had still been on Earth. Zhou Shan had described Bai Xue as a goddess, and Jeraldine had mentioned Starsibyl in response. 

That had been the first time Lu Yin had heard this title, and Jeraldine should have been referring to the Starsibly presently standing before him back then. 

Of course, after he had left the Great Yu Empire, Lu Yin had realized that Jeraldine had been lying. Given her status, it was impossible for her to have met Starsibyl. It was just the rumors floating around that caused her to worship Starsibyl. However, for an insignificant being in the remote Frostwave Weave to have heard of her name showed just how widespread the reputation of Starsibyl’s name was throughout the universe. And now, Lu Yin had finally met her. 

“You are wondering why I’ve come looking for you.” Starsibyl’s eyes held a glint of a smile as she looked at Lu Yin.

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