Chapter 455: Incorrect Posture

Xun Jiong was so furious that he almost spat out blood when he saw the scene. If these two scoundrels did not intend to compete to the end, then why had they felt the need to beat the rest of them?

Cheng Wu stepped out of the Skyfall Cascade, infuriated as well. Those two bastards didn’t even want to become the Sea King’s son-in-law, but they had still worked together to eliminate him. 

The most furious one, however, was Hai Dashao. The space around him even became unstable, and a crack extended in the void that was obviously suppressed. “What are these brats treating this selection as? They’re asking for death!” 

Only Che Han truly wanted to pull out the Sea King’s Trident, and he proceeded to do so.

No one stopped him, and he effortlessly moved beside the Sea King’s Trident. He endured the trident’s threatening aura and grabbed it. There was a strangely gentle feeling when his hand made contact with it, and it did not feel as if he had clasped a weapon used to kill. 

Everyone stared at him; Che Han was now only a single step away from becoming the Sea King’s future son-in-law. 

Hai Dashao coldly stared at the arena, not at Che Han and instead focusing his gaze onto Mu Rong and Lu Yin. He did not seem to care whether or not Che Han pulled the Sea King’s Trident out.

Che Han exerted some force and tried to pull the weapon out, but it did not budge at all. He was stunned. He then looked at the ground and strained both legs, causing cracks to appear in the ground, and even a pit formed, extending outwards in all directions. Despite all his effort, the Sea King’s Trident remained embedded in place, and nothing changed within a meter of the weapon. The ground in that area had fully withstood Che Han’s strength.

Lu Yin watched on in amazement, as he had already known that the Sea King’s Trident would not be easily pulled out. 

Che Han exerted his strength again. His physical strength was not weak, or else he would not have wielded a spear as his weapon. However, even after he used all of his strength, the Sea King’s Trident did not move a single inch. Furthermore, it didn’t even quiver. 

Everyone watched Che Han, the same person who had defeated Qin Chen and was now ranked eightieth on the Top 100 Rankings at the minimum. Even this person could not pull out the weapon, which could only mean that this Sea King’s Trident was special. 

“Rumor has it that the Sea King’s Trident is the Sea King’s personal weapon. It has traveled throughout the universe, tasting blood, and countless people want to steal it.This trident itself is an invaluable treasure,” someone at the middle section of the mountain mentioned. 

“I heard that all of the experts under the Sea King have tried to pull out this trident, but not a single one of them has ever succeeded,” someone else added. 

A bystander was puzzled. “Such a rumor exists? If that’s true, then isn’t the Sea King just fooling around by telling them to pull it out as the final challenge of this selection? If even his experts can’t pull it out, then how could these kids succeed?” 

“Hush! Who knows? Look at what happened to that group of pretty boys—they’re all covered in dirt now. It’s pretty obvious that they were toyed with by the Sea King, so maybe the Sea King enjoys playing such tricks.” 

“That shouldn’t be the case. I’ve heard that the Sea King stays in seclusion all year round and doesn’t play around.” 

“It's probably precisely because he’s in seclusion all year round! He must be bored.”

“He can’t be that bored.” 

Big Pao was rendered speechless as he listened to all the discussions taking place around them. “I never thought that the Sea King would be such a person. Lulu, if your Mavis seniors isolate themselves, then will they end up so bored that they’ll want to play around by fooling others?” 

Lulu rolled her eyes. “Of course not! Our seniors are all very serious.”

Big Pao nodded.

“At most, they’ll raise the prices and let everyone feel how difficult it is to earn money,” Lulu continued.

Big Pao was dumbfounded. “Lulu, those words would absolutely infuriate people if they heard it.”

Coco widened her eyes. “So the rise in price for being treated by our Windrift Hall is because of your Mavis family.”

Lulu blinked. “Little brat, what do we have to do with you people raising the price? Don’t blame the wealthy for everything.” 

Coco pursed her lips and then looked at the screen in worry. “Will Brother Lu fight against Mu Rong?”

Lulu was excited at such a possibility. “They better! Then we can see who’s really the unequaled Limiteer in the universe.”

“Mu Rong, Mu Rong, I love you! Mu Rong, Mu Rong, you’re the best!”

“Mu Rong, Mu Rong, I love you! Mu Rong, Mu Rong, you’re the best!”

In the back, the cheerleaders continued performing their job as they excitedly watched Mu Rong on the screen.

Che Han exploded with his full power, and his Fireglass Frost distorted the void. Both of his hands were firmly placed on the Sea King’s Trident as he strained upwards with a growl.

Upon seeing this scene, Lu Yin and Mu Rong exchanged glances, and they felt that something was wrong. If Che Han failed, it would be their turn next, and if they were unlucky, they might actually pull the trident out, which would mean that they would become the Sea King’s son-in-law. As Lu Yin continued thinking about it, he fell into a dilemma and began considering whether he should fight against Mu Rong or just retreat. 

Mu Rong reacted faster. He took the initiative to rush into the distance, clearly planning on withdrawing from the competition. 

Lu Yin cursed under his breath and headed in another direction, as he had to leave the area before Che Han completely failed.

However, even though their thought processes were correct, their goal could not be achieved. There were two loud bangs as both Lu Yin and Mu Rong were sent flying back at the same time. They had been blasted backwards by an attack. 

Lu Yin retreated a hundred meters as an intense pain blossomed in both of his arms. The very moment he had tried to leave, a shadow had flitted by, moved in front of him, and then released a ferocious attack. Fortunately, he had reacted quickly and blocked it with battle force reinforced arms. Otherwise, that strike would have directly landed on his face. 

Even with the support of his battle force, his physical body had nearly crumbled from that powerful attack. Lu Yin looked up and saw a furious young man. 

On the other side of the arena, Mu Rong was in the same predicament as Lu Yin. He had similarly been pushed back by an attack, also by that same youth.

These two unequaled Limiteers who were still a part of the younger generation had been simultaneously sent flying by the same youth, which shocked them both. This person was terrifyingly powerful. 

At the middle part of the Sea King’s Dome’s mountain, someone cried out, “It’s Hai Dashao! Hai Dashao made a move!” 

No one had expected Hai Dashao to suddenly appear at this critical final juncture. 

Michelle and the rest were stunned, as this person was Hai Dashao, someone who had been famous for a long time. He was ranked seventh in the Top 100 Rankings and was one of the youths closest to the Ten Arbiters’ strength. It was no wonder why he had been able to easily repulse fling Mu Rong and Lu Yin back, as he was strong enough to casually crush the both of them. 

“Who are you?” Lu Yin asked as he looked at the youth.

The youth clasped both of his hands behind his back. He glanced at Lu Yin and Mu Rong before settling his gaze on Che Han. 

Che Han was heaving, but he still had not been able to pull out the Sea King’s Trident. He grudgingly released both hands, visibly disappointed.

“Give up. If you can’t pull it out, you just can’t. You can leave now,” the youth spoke arrogantly.

Che Han frowned. “Why?”

The youth remained arrogant. “Destiny is determined by the heavens, and this destiny does not belong to you.”

Che Han was not satisfied by that answer as he continued to look at the Sea King’s Trident, but in the end, he gave up. He had tried his hardest, but just like what this person had said, if he couldn’t pull it out, then he couldn’t pull it out. There was no use in trying to force things. 

The youth watched Che Han leave and then turned to look at Lu Yin and Mu Rong, his gaze gradually turning colder. “You two, what do you take this selection for? A game that you can join and leave when and however you wish?” 

Mu Rong calmly asked, “Are you Hai Dashao?”

Lu Yin was shocked. Hai Dashao? The one ranked 7th in the Top 100 Rankings?

Hai Dashao held his head high. “Since you know it’s me, then behave yourself and go pull out the trident. Otherwise, you won’t need to leave the Sea King’s Dome. No one can save you.” 

“Why can Faceless withdraw, but not us?” Lu Yin couldn’t help himself from asking.

Hai Dashao’s lips lifted. “My word is the law here. If you’re not happy with it, you can just challenge me.” 

“Seventh Bro, this bastard’s too arrogant! But you should also know your limits. It’s not that I’m looking down on you, but I really don’t think you should fight this guy until after you become an Explorer,” the monkey cautioned. 

Lu Yin had no choice, as even revealing his Fatesand would not be enough to withstand the seventh in the Top 100 Rankings. Hai Dashao was a Realmbreaker, and he might even be strong enough to defeat Hunters. There was not too much of a difference between facing him and Feng Mo. 

Mu Rong did not hesitate. He immediately turned around and started walking towards the Sea King’s Trident. He understood Hai Dashao better than Lu Yin, and he knew that there was no point in talking to him. One just had to follow this person’s instructions, as Mu Rong would not be able to leave the Sea King’s Dome even if that person came. 

Che Han could not pull out the Sea King’s Trident, so Mu Rong probably couldn’t either. He just had to go through the motions. 

Lu Yin did not say anything else, and he headed for the trident as well, just to keep up appearances. 

Hai Dashao’s eyes narrowed, though he did not expect either of these two to be able to pull the trident out. Still, the Sea King was entitled to a certain amount of prestige, and this selection would become a joke if people could just leave whenever they wished to. Even if it was just for appearance’s sake, things had to be done properly. 

Mu Rong gripped the Sea King’s Trident with both hands, and his eyes went wide as he exerted his full strength to pull upwards. Since Hai Dashao was right there, Mu Rong could not pretend and hold back his strength. 

Everyone watched on nervously.

Quite quickly, Mu Rong let go of the weapon. “I can’t pull it out.”

Hai Dashao snorted and looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin had no choice. He slowly walked over to the Sea King’s Trident. He gripped the shaft of the weapon with his right hand, but unbeknownst to him, the moment he made contact with the trident, the awakened Fatesand that was hidden in his clothes quivered slightly.

As he looked at the Sea King’s Trident, Lu Yin felt that even if he could not pull it out, it would still be fine as long as he could get a slight sense of the Sea King’s weapon. Just as he was thinking about it, and right before he was about to grab it with his left hand, there was a tearing sound as the Sea King’s Trident left the ground. 

At this instance, the Sea King’s Dome went completely silent. It had never been so quiet before. 

At this time, deep within the Sea King’s Dome, a pair of eyes opened, and there was profound shock within them. 

At this point, Hai Dashao’s mind was a mess.

At this moment, Hai Qiqi fell into despair.

At this instance, Lu Yin felt stunned. What was this? What was going on? The Sea King’s Trident had been pulled out? He blankly stared at the ground; he had not even used any strength! He must have been in the wrong position when pulling the trident out. As he thought about it, he looked at Hai Dashao. “Could you insert it in again? Then I’ll pull it out again.”

In that instant, the Sea King’s Dome burst into an uproar, the clamor even reaching the clouds. 

Feng Mo, the Bo Duo, Xun Jiong, Northgate Lie, and rest were all completely stunned.

Michelle, Big Pao, Little Pao, Lulu, and the rest were similarly speechless.

“Seventh Bro, congratulations,” the monkey said. 

Lu Yin clenched the Sea King’s Trident, feeling like he had been cheated somehow. How could everyone else have failed to pull it out, but then he had succeeded without using any force? This whole thing must be a scam! He truly had not used any strength. 

Not far away, Mu Rong and Che Han both stared at Lu Yin, feeling as if he had just taken credit for all of their hard work. 

Beside the Skyfall Cascade, Starsibyl stared deeply. 

“So about that, could you please put this back, and I’ll try to pull it out again?” Lu Yin asked carefully and nervously. 

Hai Dashao stared at Lu Yin, the shock evident in his eyes. Others might not know how difficult it was to pull out the Sea King’s Trident, but how could he not know? After all, he himself could not pull it out! His father had mentioned that this was unrelated to one’s strength, which meant that this kid’s body possessed something that others did not. 

“Uh, I’m talking to you. Actually, Che Han or Mu Rong was probably the one who pulled it out, but it was just delayed and ended up in my hands.” Lu Yin tried to explain what had just happened, but even he could not quite believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“You don’t want to marry my sister?” Hai Dashao asked coldly, and with a rather nasty attitude.

Lu Yin felt embarrassed. “It’s not that. It’s just that this is a mistake.”

Hai Dashao sneered before waving a hand and causing all the screens in the sky to disperse. He stepped forward and appeared right before Lu Yin. “Come with me to see Qiqi.”

And with that, he grabbed Lu Yin.

Lu Yin wanted to resist the young man, but he gave up after hesitating for less than a second. He could not resist even if he wanted to, so he allowed Hai Dashao to grab his shoulders and pierce through the void, the Sea King’s Trident still clasped in Lu Yin’s hand.

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