Chapter 453: Lu Yin And Faceless

Lu Yin was certain that the Sea King’s Trident would not be easily pulled out, or else the competition might be upended by a freak accident. Ever since he had been swallowed by the storm, Lu Yin’s cautious nature had returned. He would let the others go first while he stayed back, which meant that he could try after verifying that there was no danger. He was not too interested in pulling out the trident itself; it was merely his curiosity that was driving him to stay.

He truly did not want to become the Sea King’s son-in-law; Ming Yan was still waiting for him!

So, under the countless gazes of the Sea King’s Dome, a strange scene appeared around the Sea King’s Trident. Three participants fought while the other two watched.

“What’s going on? Mu Rong, go on and defeat that Lu Yin to become the true unequaled Limiteer!”

“Go on, fight, Lu Yin! Don’t be scared!”

“I’ll be damned! Bastard, who are you saying is scared?” Big Pao rolled his sleeves up and stared at the nearby man.

The man rolled his eyes. “Of course it’s Lu Yin! He doesn’t even dare to move! He can’t even compare to Ling Que.”

Behind them, Ling Que overheard the conversation since he coincidentally happened to be passing by, but he had somehow been implicated in the current situation. However, this Lu Yin really did appear to be scared; he should at least make a move!

“Which of your eyes saw that Lu Yin doesn’t dare to act? He’s thinking of countermeasures, unlike a stupid bull like yourself who would just recklessly charge ahead. Who knows how many times you would have died by now if you were there!” Big Pao raged. 

The man was speechless. “What stupid bull?”

“Alright, don’t mind the details,” someone urged, who was Lulu.

The man was stumped. “You two must be together.”

“Mu Rong, Mu Rong, I love you! Mu Rong, Mu Rong, you’re the best!”

“Mu Rong, Mu Rong, I love you! Mu Rong, Mu Rong, you’re the best!”

The cheerleaders suddenly burst out with an energetic cry, drowning out all the other people’s clamor. Many stared at the cheerleaders blankly. Why had they started shouting again? How professional!

“Lu Yin looks to be quite apprehensive of Mu Rong,” Little Pao said gravely.

Michelle’s face had a complicated expression. “Mu Rong is very strong. When my sister just graduated from the Astral Combat Academy and became an Explorer, Mu Rong was only a Melder. They fought, but their battle ended halfway with no clear outcome. My sis said that it’s very difficult to defeat Mu Rong.” 

Zora was shocked. “Are you saying that Mu Rong as a Melder was able to compare to an Explorer?”

Michelle nodded.

The crowd was speechless. “Hold on, a Melder fighting against an Explorer? Why does that sound familiar?” Little Pao muttered.

“The border warfront, Lu Yin,” Meng Yue replied.

Michelle was taken aback, and she looked at Lu Yin again. She had also forgotten that this person had fought at the border warfront, where he had exchanged blows with an Explorer while still at the Melder realm. Lu Yin had even repelled Zi Tie, an astral beast with a robust defense. Her sister, Mira had mentioned this to her before.

The others also remembered that Lu Yin had accomplished such a feat once it was brought up.

The crowd looked at Lu Yin, as they had all forgotten Lu Yin’s past glory after being intimidated by Mu Rong’s reputation. Lu Yin’s battle results were not inferior to Mu Rong’s in the slightest. 

When the two were directly compared, it also became clear that the number of years that each had spent cultivating were quite different. These two were true geniuses. 

Cheng Wu, Che Han, and Faceless’s battle became even more ferocious, and all three had left the ten-meter radius of the Sea King’s Trident by now.

The area covered by Che Han’s Fireglass Frost widened even more, and it had already reached Mu Rong’s feet. This had been done intentionally, as he wanted to drag Mu Rong and Lu Yin into the fray. 

Cheng Wu was not concerned about the two he was currently fighting; he was more worried about Mu Rong. That person made him feel uncertain about things.

When he felt the frost creep beneath his feet, Mu Rong stepped forward, approaching within ten meters of the Sea King’s Trident, and continued moving forward. 

Everyone’s attention was immediately drawn to him when he neared the Sea King’s Trident, but Lu Yin made no sign of moving to stop him. 

Countless in the Sea King’s Dome had already sworn at Lu Yin, as they believed that Lu Yin was terrified to fight against Mu Rong.

Zhang Dingtian looked at the screen. He knew Lu Yin, and he felt that Lu Yin must have his own misgivings. 

“Seventh Bro, that brat’s about to touch the Sea King’s Trident!” the monkey said.

Lu Yin still remained motionless, but that was because Cheng Wu’s clock had appeared and was about to smash into Mu Rong.

Mu Rong was only a meter away from the Sea King’s Trident when the clock rammed into him.

There was a loud crash, and Mu Rong was forced to retreat as he turned to look at Cheng Wu. 

Cheng Wu had a gloomy expression. “Kid, you should do things in an upright manner. You can only touch the Sea King’s Trident after you defeat us.” 

This sentence infuriated Ling Que who was watching through the screens. “Shameless!”

Mu Rong’s eyes flashed, and he casually waved the wooden flute in his hand, tearing the frost in front of him apart. “Alright.”

His competitive spirit had been triggered, as defeating any of the three people in front of him would land him firmly within the Top 100 Rankings. Although he was not concerned about his reputation, he should do something for that person, as that person had always been protecting him. Among the Ten Arbiters, that person kept too low a profile, and did not have many geniuses working under them. The reason why Mu Rong had participated in this selection was precisely because of this matter: he wanted to improve that person’s reputation. 

Mu Rong entered the battle and faced the three Explorers who were each within the Top 100 Rankings. He did not back down in the slightest, especially when his wooden flute tapped against the clock. The impact actually caused Cheng Wu to take a step back. Cheng Wu’s view of this person completely changed in that moment; Mu Rong actually possessed the ability to break through his defense. 

Since Mu Rong possessed such strength, then what about the other Limiteer still on the sidelines?

Cheng Wu glanced towards Lu Yin, feeling that he was a chaotic wildcard in the current situation.

Lu Yin was watching this battle royale from the distance with no intention of intervening. However, when he saw Cheng Wu gaze over, he knew that something was amiss. Sure enough, the very next moment, the clock was crashing towards him. 

“Either fight or scram!” Cheng Wu’s voice reverberated throughout the Sea King’s Dome.

The monkey’s voice rang out in Lu Yin’s ear. “Who’s this? Seventh Bro, smash him!”

Lu Yin released a breath. Pathetic, I couldn’t even manage to escape in the end.

There was a crash as the large clock slammed firmly into the ground, causing the earth to split asunder and the waterway to shatter. Lu Yin kicked out with one leg and sent the clock flying back. The next moment, the tip of a blade flew at Lu Yin as Faceless had also decided to act against him, even going so far as to leave the mayhem to attack Lu Yin.

Lu Yin felt that such a move was strange, but he had no time to ponder it over any further.

The Sea King’s Dome was in high spirits at this moment, as the competition had reached its boiling point.

Michelle and the others never imagined that Lu Yin would not end up facing Mu Rong, but rather Faceless.

Amongst the five remaining participants, Faceless’ strength was second only to Cheng Wu’s, which meant that he was terrifyingly powerful. Could Lu Yin even exchange blows with such an attacker?

Lu Yin himself was uncertain, but he had his Fatesand, so he was confident that he would not be defeated that easily. As he watched Faceless slash out with his blade, Lu Yin didn’t dare to be careless, and he released the Fatesand in his heart. However, he did not allow it to appear in front of everyone as instead kept it concealed within his clothes. He hadn’t been forced to reveal it quite yet. 

Without the Fatesand suppressing his physical body, Lu Yin’s power increased significantly and quickly reached the same level where he had shattered the Xun family’s Gear Construction Technique. He stepped to the side and evaded the blade before quickly retaliating with a strike, blasting the void in the direction of Faceless with a Spacerender Palm.

Faceless’ long blade swept over to defend him from the palm. There was a bang, and an enormous strength forced Faceless to take a step back. He stared at Lu Yin in shock, evidently frightened by his monstrous physical strength.

The Mavis family was famous for their strength, but even before Lu Yin had met Mister Mu, his physical strength had already far surpassed Lulu’s. Now, after releasing the Fatesand in his heart, not even Lu Yin was sure how powerful he was.

Lu Yin was someone who was so strong that he could even harm himself if he did not control his strength, which was a bit ridiculous.

Faceless sliced out with his blade again, causing the void to quiver, as if the blade was tearing through it. The tip of the large blade streaked past Lu Yin’s head and into the sky, slicing the clouds in two. 

Lu Yin did not dare to let himself be struck by this blade, as whatever part of his body that wasn’t protected by Fatesand would likely be cut. After all, this person was ranked seventy second on the Top 100 Rankings, which was higher than both Northgate Lie and Qin Chen, and Lu Yin did not want to become a disabled cripple. He lunged forward to directly suppress Faceless with a Thirty Stacks Fortyfold Shockwave Palm. 

Faceless’ blade spun around and sliced up from below. He did not use the tip this time; instead, he gathered all of his force onto the edge of the blade, which made it feel even more ferocious than before. Lu Yin used his powerful body to forcefully avoid it through the void. He moved his body through pure force, and even though it looked like he had only moved a small distance, the degree of difficulty was so high that even Mu Rong might not even be able to duplicate the feat. 

After successfully evading Faceless’ blade, Lu Yin’s palm directly connected with the ugly Explorer’s abdomen at full force. Faceless was about to move again, but his expression became one of shock, and he paused. Then, his body was sent flying, and he was blasted towards where the Sea King’s Trident was stuck into the ground.

Countless were stunned at this scene, as Lu Yin had actually repelled Faceless.

Cheng Wu also never expected that Lu Yin could display such strength; his power had wildly surpassed Cheng Wu’s imagination.

Mu Rong was even more shocked, as this person’s physical body was just too powerful.

Lu Yin remained standing in the same place, also with a confused expression. Faceless’ strength should not have been sent flying that easily, and he definitely should not have been injured that severely. However, Lu Yin suddenly thought back to the sensation he had felt when his palm had made contact with his body. Under his palm, Faceless’ body had let a familiar power seep out. Although it had only been for a moment, Lu Yin was certain that he had felt that power before. But what exactly was that force? 

It felt both familiar and foreign to him. He had experienced it before, but at the same time, he could not recall it at all.

From the moment he had first obtained a formcast model on Earth, Lu Yin had cultivated for about four years. That was not a long time, and so, Lu Yin believed that he should be able to remember everyone who he had fought again as well as all the forces and energies that he had experienced before. This force gave him a familiar feeling, and he had definitely felt it before, but where exactly?

From afar, Faceless crashed towards the Sea King’s Trident before flipping around in midair. He redirected the excessive force into the ground, and even after embedding his blade into the ground, he continued sliding in the same direction for another ten meters before finally coming to a stop. He looked up, and a trickle of blood stained his lips as he gazed at Lu Yin in amazement. This gaze was not due to Lu Yin’s strength, but because he had encountered something unexpected. 

Without any hesitation, Faceless charged towards Lu Yin with extreme speed, raising his blade to slice out in a straightforward manner. However, through the void, Lu Yin could feel that the power of this attack did not even reach a third of the previous, so he did not dodge. His five-lined battle force burst forth, and one of his hands grabbed the back of the blade while the other pressed against Faceless’ abdomen. Just as he was about to attack Lu Yin’s opponent spoke. “What is the purpose of your presence here? Have you been sent on a new mission?” 

This sentence caused Lu Yin to stop the Thirty Stacks that was about to erupt out, and he reduced it to a normal attack to push Faceless away. He kicked out, and Faceless was once again kicked far away. 

Many of the onlookers were stunned, as the expert ranked seventy second on the Top 100 Rankings was currently being suppressed by a Limiteer. 

Hai Dashao frowned and found the matter strange; the strength that Lu Yin displayed should not be enough to accomplish such a thing.

Starsibyl’s eyes also flickered with a trace of puzzlement.

Northgate Lie’s eyes were even wider, and he was in disbelief at seeing Lu Yin actually fight against Faceless. Even after enjoying Northgate Taisui’s guidance, Northgate Lie could at most rival experts ranked at around eightieth on the list. Faceless definitely surpassed him, so did this mean that Lu Yin was really that strong?

Ling Que was even more incredulous, but the facts were right in front of him. He had been defeated by Cheng Wu, and after Lu Yin defeated Faceless, he would surpass Ling Que’s own reputation. This also meant that Ling Que would step onto the Top 100 Rankings after Lu Yin, which was unacceptable. Get it together, Faceless!

Finally, Lu Yin remembered where he had encountered that force before: it was death energy. Lu Yin had once rolled six pips: Possession and then Possessed the body of a member of the Specter Clan, and that experience had familiarized him with death energy. It was no wonder why he had not recalled it until now; it was not his own strength. 

Since it was death energy, Faceless’ identity was now obvious: he was from the Specter Clan.

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