Chapter 451: Tease

Mu Rong’s battle with Zhang Dingtian shocked the onlookers with their sheer strength while Qin Chen’s battle with Che Han shocked them due to the contrasting reputations. Qin Chen was ranked eighty eighth on the rankings, but Che Han was unranked. This meant that a nobody had just created a miracle. Although such an incident did not call the validity of the Top 100 Rankings into question, it showed many just how vast the universe was and that not every powerhouse had a reputation that matched their skills.

There was another matter as well; now that Che Han had defeated Qin Chen, he had replaced Qin Chen at the eighty eighth rank. When the list was updated, those behind Che Han would be pushed back by one, and the person ranked at a hundred would be kicked off of the list. 

“Seventh Bro, I feel like the most miserable person must be the one ranked 100th. No matter whatever happens in front of him, that person will be gone. Don’t you think that they must live a miserable life, day after day?” The Ghost Monkey found it strange. 

Lu Yin looked at Che Han on one of the screens. He had clearly seen the previous battle, and he had also seen a wreath of five interlocking plum blossoms. This Che Han was from the Royal Frost Continent, but Lu Yin had thought that the people there never interacted with the outside world. So why had this person appeared here now? Also, there was no way that this person’s status within the Royal Frost Continent was simple either. 

Five Skyfall Cascades meant the birth of five powerhouses, and everyone looked on expectantly, as this final exchange was the most awaited one. 

Starsibyl’s gaze was deep. She looked at the sky, but it was unknown whom she was looking at. 

Hai Dashao was not satisfied with any of the final five participants, as he had been the most pleased with Zhang Dingtian and Qin Chen. However, they had both been defeated. There was always someone stronger no matter how powerful one became. 

As Che Han walked towards the gate, all of the Skyfall Cascades’ sluice gates rumbled simultaneously. 

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and he raised a hand to exert a bit of force on the gate. The gate released a grinding sound, but it could move now. His eyes narrowed, and he used more strength, trying to force the gate open. Behind the gate were five canals that converged at the Sea King's Trident. Whoever pulled it out would become the Sea King’s son-in-law. 

The true competition to become the Sea King’s son-in-law had begun at this moment.

But everyone seemed to have forgotten that the people who were climbing up the Skyfall Cascades were just those who had qualified through their strength. There was actually still another batch of participants who had qualified through their good looks. The moment the sluice gates opened, the people who were a part of that second group received a notification. They all moved to a teleportation device that was right beside the lake where they were gathered.

Xun Jiong felt excited, as it was finally their turn to take to the stage. He was very confident in his looks, and as long as he received the Sea King's daughter’s admiration, the Xun family’s status in the universe would undergo a tremendous change. He had to put on a good performance, and the thought of the potential future caused his lips to naturally rise into a dazzling smile that could enchant thousands of girls. 

Nearby, Hart Phoenix was a bit nervous since he did not know if he could capture the Sea King's daughter’s heart, what she looked like, or even if his elder brother would blame him if he failed here. Looks could not be changed, though Hart Phoenix was truthfully very handsome. 

Xia Luo was much more relaxed, as he had never intended on marrying the Sea King's daughter in the first place. He maintained his peaceful demeanor, and everything about him was calm.

Many good-looking men were gathered beside the lake. There were a few dozen of them, far more than the number of people who had qualified through their strength. 

Hai Qiqi looked at the screen expectantly while the four maids behind her also looked on eagerly. All of the men on the screen were handsome lads, and the group was visually stunning. 

“Sister Qi, show some mercy with your words. They are very handsome!” one maid was smitten.

The other maids nodded, similarly in agreement. 

Hai Qiqi snorted. “As long as they are unattractive, clear them out. This princess doesn’t care. Who asked them to be ugly and still dare to come out and scare others.” 

The maids felt helpless. 

However, Hai Qiqi and the others continued waiting, but not a single person arrived. Instead, these handsome figures appeared not far from the Sea King's Trident, behind the sluice gates of the Skyfall Cascade. 

Everyone was stunned, including Hai Qiqi. 

What’s going on? Xun Jiong looked around him before suddenly turning to face the other direction. It was then that he saw the Sea King's Trident a hundred meters away from him. He had a bad feeling; where was the supposed competition of their looks going to take place? 

Xia Luo was astonished, but he merely blinked as his lips rose up in a smile. Interesting.

The handsome man who Lu Yin had encountered on the ship while they were sailing to the Sea King’s Dome’s felt his heart sink, and his face slowly paled. He was not stupid, and was a horrible premonition surfaced in his heart. 

These pretty boys had appeared in a very awkward location: right between the Sea King's Trident and the five freaks who had just passed through the sluice gates. The freaks’ target was precisely the Sea King's Trident, and what would they do to get to the trident? Clear out all obstacles. In other words, the group of eye candy was about to face off against the five freaks. 

“Wha- what’s going on? Are we supposed to try to pull the Sea King's Trident out as well? Is this a joke?” someone shouted, as he was just a mere Sentinel. His difficulty lay in not whether or not he could pull out the Sea King's Trident, but rather whether he could even hold it. 

Many of these pretty boys did not have a deep cultivation. Of course, there were those who were slightly stronger, such as Xun Jiong, who was a Limiteer, and an elite Limiteer at that. However, the word “elite” was only in reference to average cultivators, not the people currently in front of them. Who were they? Freaks! Freaks among freaks! 

Hart Phoenix took a deep breath; the Undying Bird family did not shy from battle, even against a monster like Lu Yin. 

“Brother, what’s happening? Wasn’t it agreed that I could pick a handsome man? Why did things change?!” Hai Qiqi shouted into her gadget. 

At the edge of the Skyfall Cascade, Hai Dashao pursed his lips and instantly disconnected without even replying. What a joke! How could a super powerhouse such as the Sea King select a son-in-law based purely on their physical appearance? Being attractive without having any power was no different than being a straw bag. Even if he was nothing more than a manservant for Qiqi to order about and enjoy, such a person had to have some power. Otherwise, their family would become a laughingstock! 

Starsibyl was not surprised, and she interestedly looked at the group of handsome men gathered beside the Sea King's Trident. It went without saying that when these people all stood together, it was indeed rather pleasing to a female’s eyes. 

Countless people in the Sea King's Dome were also stunned, as the scene had changed too drastically, to the point where they could not even accept the situation. How badly did the Sea King hate handsome people for him to have prepared this trick for them? However, countless people were cheering at this moment, especially the men. No one would feel good if one of these good-looking people became Sea King’s son-in-law just based off of their looks. After all, what use did a pretty boy have? Many people preferred for one of the five monsters to be chosen. 

Big Pao nearly set off firecrackers in celebration, as his confidence in his own looks had been trampled upon during the verbal lashing he had received at the entrance of the Starfall Sea. But now that these handsome men had been made fools of, he was extremely happy. 

Michelle and the rest were all stunned as well. The Sea King truly knew how to fool around, and these pretty boys’ must have reached the pits of despair now. 

Indeed, the current Xun Jiong felt a little hopeless, as the Xun family regarded this competition for the Sea King’s son-in-law quite highly. As long as he was selected to become the Sea King’s son-in-law, the Xun family would be able to break away from the Daynight clan’s clutches. However, all of these hopes were dashed with this development, as one figure slowly walked over: Lu Yin. 

A smile crept onto Lu Yin’s face when he saw Xun Jiong. It almost felt fated that they would meet, even in distant areas of the universe. 

There was a cry as a dashing man suddenly charged towards the Sea King's Trident, his gaze firm. He was one of the rare Explorers in the group of pretty boys, and as long as he pulled out the spear, he would become the Sea King’s son-in-law. Thus, in his mind, there was no need to compete against those freaks. 

Quite a few others came to their senses and hurriedly rushed over as well. 

However, right when they drew close to the Sea King's Trident, the atmosphere suddenly became incomparably heavy as the void distorted visibly. The group of handsome people who had charged forward were thrown backwards by an invisible attack, and countless wounds appeared on their bodies that perfectly resembled gunshot wounds. 

Everyone shivered with fright, as the Sea King's Trident was not something that could be easily pulled out. 

Hundreds of meters away from the Sea King's Trident, Faceless, Che Han, Mu Rong, Cheng Wu, and Lu Yin stood in five different directions. Each took one side as they faced both the Sea King's Trident and the stunning men. 

The eye candy looked like a herd of sheep that was surrounded by tigers, their eyes filled with helplessness. 

Truthfully, there were some powerhouses who were both attractive and powerful, such as Ling Que and Mu Rong. However, the truly powerful ones could not be bothered to qualify through their looks, and they had all barged up the Skyfall Cascades. This meant that the visual disparity between the handsome group and the monstrous five was not too great. 

Their backs were to the Sea King's Trident while in front of them were the five freaks. This was an inescapable situation. 

Lu Yin felt his respect for the Sea King increase by a thousand points, and he really wanted to see him. He was very curious about how ugly the man had to be, for him to come up with such a twisted prank for these poor, pretty fools. 

“Seventh Bro, go on! Hehe. It must feel great to bully these delicate sheep.” The monkey urged with a strange laugh. 

Lu Yin’s lips quirked up as he stared at Xun Jiong. Then, he charged forward ferociously. His action was like a starting gun, and the other four all suddenly acted as well. In that instant, the crowd watched on as a disturbing scene unfolded. It was as if adults were ganging up to beat up little kids. Aside from a limited few who could endure a few strikes, the majority of the handsome men were directly sent flying. 

Lu Yin grabbed for Xun Jiong, whose eyes shrank. He had not brought the Gear Construction Technique’s unique metal with him, so he could not exchange even a single blow with Lu Yin. “Brother Lu, please, everything was Xun Tao’s schemes. The whole matter was entirely unrelated to me. Please show some mercy to me for the sake of the Xun family’s reputation.” 

Although the Sea King’s son-in-law selection was not being broadcasted across the entire universe, if the scene of him being swatted into a sorry state was recorded and spread, it would still be a blemish in the future. Xun Jiong believed that he was destined for loftier accomplishments, and there was no way he was willing to carry such a humiliation on his record. 

However, Lu Yin did not bother answering him. Instead, he gruffly grabbed Xun Jiong’s shoulders and exerted some force through his palms. The sounds of breaking bones came out from Xun Jiong’s shoulders, and he glared at Lu Yin with vengeance in his eyes as he lashed out with both palms. The star energy within Xu Jiong’s hands morphed strangely, forming an abnormal round shape that suddenly exploded. This was the Xun family’s Gear Construction Technique, which focused on expanding from a small size to a powerful attack through the assembly of refined star energy. 

Xun Jiong’s power was pretty decent for a Limiteer, or else he would not have been qualified to participate in the Outerverse’s trial in the past. However, the current disparity between him and Lu Yin was too great and his attack could not harm Lu Yin in the slightest. Lu Yin withstood the attack with just his body and his battle force. Then, he squeezed Xun Jiong’s shoulders tighter until the Xun family heir was howling in grief as his shoulders broke. 

Lu Yin released him with a casual slap, sending Xun Jiong flying across the area and crashing into the ground near the Sea King's Trident. 

Lu Yin had thought things through, and he knew that openly killing Xun Jiong would provoke the Xun family. They were powerful, and he was unwilling to create a mortal feud with them. The hatred that he felt for Xun Jiong was not enough to push Lu Yin to kill the young man. However, if this person died from the Sea King's Trident, then it would not be Lu Yin’s fault. Although the Xun family would still blame him, he would also have his own justifications to fall back upon. 

Xun Jiong felt half of his body go numb, but he could not escape. He could only look on, helpless, as he flew towards the Sea King's Trident, only to be sent flying again after approaching within ten meters of the Sea King's Trident. Xun Jiong spat out a mouthful of blood and crash landed in a distant canal, his status unknown. He fell into one of the Skyfall Cascades, and after the stream carried him along, he would eventually be found at the lower levels of the waterway. 

Atop the Sea King's Dome, Xun Tao and the rest glared furiously at Lu Yin before rushing for the lower regions of the mountain to look for Xun Jiong. 

“Lu Yin, it’s been a long time!” A golden colored Undying Bird soared behind Lu Yin right after he sent Xun Jiong flying. Hart Phoenix had never given up on his desire to challenge Lu Yin, and even in these current circumstances, he wanted to battle and prove his ambition. First, he wanted to satisfy his personal desire to fight Lu Yin, and secondly, the Sea King's daughter might even be fond of people with blazing determination.

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