Chapter 446: Lu Yin’s Strength

Not only did the spatial suppression in the Sea King's Dome’s Skyfall Cascade function as a form of protection, but it also made sure that this selection would be fair, as it prevented anyone from bringing out a weapon that could unleash attacks of power levels of over 100,000. For example, Lu Yin himself had no shortage of such weapons.

Lu Yin did not rush up the waterfall. Instead, he took his time to study the situation before dashing up the Skyfall Cascade. 

The moment he started moving up the Skyfall Cascade, his entire body sank. Even Flash Step only allowed him to charge forward a thousand meters. Compared to that, how high was the Sea King's Dome? The top of the Skyfall Cascade could not even be seen, but his speed had been severely restricted. 

Even with Lu Yin’s abnormal physical strength, he could only achieve such results while using Flash, so the others were even worse off. Their speed was much slower than Lu Yin’s, and even though they initially had a headstart on Lu Yin, he had gradually caught up to them. 

One of the participants saw Lu Yin approach and then pass him from behind, prompting him to raise his blade, slash out, and unleash an attack that distorted the void, though it could not pierce it. Lu Yin easily dodged the attack and retaliated with a kick. There was a solid thump when his kick collided with the person’s body. The resulting pressure also released a shockwave that swept across the waterfall, blasting the water apart as it did so, and even ripping a layer of mud off along the shoreline. 

Lu Yin was shocked, as he had actually been countered by attack with battle force. Although it was only four-lined battle force, his opponent had supplemented his battle force covered sword with an unknown innate gift, which was what allowed him to block Lu Yin’s leg. 

Lu Yin’s physical strength was rather high, and he already surpassed a normal Cruiser. The strength of his kick could not be blocked by any random Explorer, but the person in front of him had actually easily defended against his kick. 

Whoosh! The sword covered in battle force swept out once again, this time aiming at the entire space around Lu Yin. 

Those who could qualify for the selection through their personal strength were indeed not simple. This person’s sword might not have reached the same standard as Liu Shaoqiu’s Fourth Sword, but when just power was taken into consideration, it had certainly surpassed the Second Sword, which had an impressive penetrating force. 

Lu Yin enveloped his fingertip with five-lined battle force and lightly tapped out. There was another bang as his finger swept the sword aside, deflecting the sword qi towards the nearby shore. Those watching from the shore were awed by the scene even as they hurriedly retreated. 

The water within the Skyfall Cascade roared, and the others also began to engage in their own battles. 

A chaotic melee broke out involving experts who were nearly strong enough to step onto the Top 100 Rankings. The younger generation’s elites had all converged at this mountain at this moment. A chaotic brawl had erupted on each one of the Skyfall Cascades in every direction.

Qin Chen had already defeated one person and was headed towards the top of the Skyfall Cascade. 

Ling Que was indignantly facing two opponents by himself, seemingly venting his rage at having his paid groupies exposed.

Mu Rong and Lan Yu were battling each other, as Lan Yu had specifically singled Mu Rong out as his opponent.

Lan Dao was battling another person.

The atmosphere of the entire Sea King's Dome was quickly shaken up, and everyone looked at the screens in the sky to watch the intense battles.

There was another bang as the sword was deflected once more. Lu Yin took two steps back, his gaze trembling. The person before him twisted his blade, casually stabbing out yet again. The speed of this attack was so fast that it surpassed the limits of Lu Yin’s eyes; he had to use the Secret Sidestep to dodge it. Otherwise, he would have to directly receive the blade, but it was also an extremely strong attack. 

The nine stars revolved around Lu Yin’s body, and when the sword entered the Cosmic Art’s range, Lu Yin was able to clearly see its trajectory. He brushed the blade aside, dodging the sword and placing his palm against the swordsman’s abdomen as he unleashed a Thirty Stacks, Fortyfold Shockwave Palm. Another rumbling sound erupted as the water exploded forth. This time, the swordsman was sent flying by Lu Yin’s palm. Fresh blood scattered all across the Skyfall Cascade before merging back into the flowing water. 

Many were excited, as Lu Yin had just crossed realms to defeat an Explorer as a Limiteer, and he hadn’t defeated some random Explorer at that. All of the Explorers participating in this selection were Realmbreaker powerhouses themselves and monsters in their own region of the universe. Lu Yin’s victory meant that he had surpassed the level of a monster. 

Suddenly, the atmosphere became incomparably heavy, as someone had activated their innate gift of gravity. The water running down the Skyfall Cascade was pushed aside in every direction as Lu Yin turned around to see the short man staring at him from the distance. The man pressed both of his hands against the Skyfall Cascade, and Lu Yin’s body became even heavier. The current gravitational force he was experiencing was no less than 200 times that of normal gravity, and the stream beneath Lu Yin’s feet had already been swept dry. 

200 times regular gravity was enough to surpass the upper limits of the strength of an Explorer, but it did not have much of an effect on Lu Yin. His physical body was just too powerful. But right when he was about to break free, he felt a chill brush past his ankles. The stream seemed to gain a life of its own as it formed a chain that was linked together in an odd fashion, and it extended all the way back to the bank of the Skyfall Cascade. 

Someone had restrained Lu Yin from within the stream. 

Lu Yin expanded his domain, but he felt no one near him aside from the short man. He looked towards the man, who seemed pleased with himself. He then flicked his fingers and shot out a miniscule piece of metal that struck Lu Yin’s leg. As soon as it made contact with his leg, it immediately began to morph into shackles that chained themselves to him.

Lu Yin’s eyes trembled, and battle force erupted around his entire body. Bang! The chains broke off, but each one of the snapped off chain pieces twisted around in midair, almost as if they were alive. 

“There’s no need to struggle. You can’t escape from the combination of the Xun family’s Gear Construction Technique and the gravity imprisonment,” the short man barked as he leaped at Lu Yin with a raised palm. The black air within the man’s palm distorted, as he had converged a tremendous amount of gravitational; force within his palm. The power of this gravity palm was enough to cause the void to warp as he slammed his palm towards Lu Yin’s forehead. 

If this strike landed, Lu Yin would be severely injured, even with his absurd defense.

Many people throughout the Sea King's Dome cried out in alarm as they watched this scene unfold.

Even Big Pao and the rest grew nervous. Although they were confident in Lu Yin’s strength, everyone who was participating in this selection was not simple. Each one was a gifted genius who had surpassed countless peers of the same generation. Even when considering students from the Astral Combat Academy, only ex-Realm Masters who had graduated and become Explorers could compete against these people. 

As the attack approached him, Lu Yin had many methods at hand to neutralize the attack. He could even use his Fatesand to block it, but he didn’t. The short man’s words had angered him; the Xun family was actually backing him, and they were trying to use this person to deal with Lu Yin.

Lu Yin shifted the grain of Fatesand around his heart, and his true physical strength momentarily erupted, combining with his battle force. All of the chains were broken in an instant, and even the tremendous gravitational force could not withstand his strength. The water was swept back by Lu Yin’s pure strength, causing visible ripples in the distance. Lu Yin raised a hand and grabbed the short man’s palm, casually squeezing the gravity within it into nothingness. 

The short man’s pupils shrunk in fright, and his face turned deathly white. “How is that possible? How can you break through the Xun family’s Gear Construction Technique?”

Lu Yin replied coldly, “You think too highly of the Xun family.” He then exerted the full strength of his hand, and a sharp crack rang out in the air as the short man’s wrist was snapped. The man howled in grief even as he tried to release his gravity field so that he could make a desperate escape. However, Lu Yin was holding onto him tightly, and he could not escape at all.

“So, who are you in the Xun family? Why are you trying to deal with me?” Lu Yin’s voice was filled with a killing intent. 

The short man gritted his teeth. “I’m not related to the Xun family, but they looked for me just a few hours ago and asked me to deal with you. The Xun family’s Gear Construction Technique is famous throughout the universe, and I really wanted to learn it.” 

Lu Yin stared at this man and could tell that he was not lying. He kicked out with a foot and sent the short man flying. After smashing many trees apart, he finally crashed onto the Skyfall Cascade’s shore. The man was left embedded deep into the ground with fresh blood flowing down from his lips and his arm bent at an impossible angle. 

This person was badly injured from Lu Yin’s attack, and he had only survived because he had been shown mercy.

Many people had heard the short man’s words and were shocked to realize that the Xun family had acted against Lu Yin. The Gear Construction Technique was unique, so no one would believe that it wasn’t the Xun family. Lu Yin had somehow offended even the Xun family. 

Lu Yin looked up, and a deep-seated hatred appeared in the depths of his eyes. He would remember the enmity of this Xun family. If memory served him correctly, they were friendly with the Daynight clan, so it was impossible for him to be friends with them in the first place.

“Seventh Bro, this Xun family is too spiteful! When we meet them in the future, we’ll need to teach them a lesson.” The monkey was indignant, and Lu Yin grunted in agreement

Since the Skyfall Cascade’s flow was no longer being restricted by gravity, the current quickly resumed. 

As he watched the water flow by, Lu Yin felt his hatred for the Xun family grow, but he was also astounded at their Gear Construction Technique at the same time. If he had not released a portion of his true physical strength, then he would not have been able to break free even with his battle force. Their technique lived up to its well-known reputation. He would need to be careful of them in future, as they had complex methods. 

Xun Tao had an ugly expression as he watched this scene from the middle of the mountain. Trash, he actually lost like that. 

Above the middle part of the mountain, around the lake, Xun Jiong had a similarly unhappy look—not because of the short man’s loss, but because Xun Tao. That idiot had directly intervened, affecting the Xun family’s reputation and exposing the entire family. Lu Yin did not even fear the Daynight clan, which meant that he had some backing. This matter might invite future troubles for the now exposed Xun family.

“Your Xun family’s the exact same as before, plotting against others behind their backs. How despicable!” Hart Phoenix ridiculed Xun Jiong.

Xun Jiong had an ugly look on his face as his gaze swept across the room. The people gathered in this place were all those who had qualified through their looks. While most of them had some background, most of them could not compare to the Xun family. After all, their family enjoyed the backing of the Daynight clan. Aside from Hart Phoenix, there were few others who dared to ridicule Xun Jiong. 

“I heard that you lost to Lu Yin in the Astral Combat Academy before. And now you’re standing in opposition to him again. Is this a tradition of your Phoenix family?” Xun Jiong coldly replied.

Hart Phoenix sneered. “My Phoenix family can accept victory or defeat, but we won’t stab others in the back, unlike your Xun family. You actually like to get others to do your dirty work, but you still failed! Haha.” 

Xun Jiong had no comeback to that.

In another part of the gathering, Xia Luo smiled at Xun Jiong. He did not know how Lu Yin had offended another great family once again. Although this family did not participate in disputes between great powers that much, they were very troublesome. Their Gear Construction Technique had many applications and held great potential. And just like what Hart Phoenix had said, they were well practiced in plotting in the dark, and they had to be guarded against if they were one’s enemies. 

At the bank of a Skyfall Cascade, Hai Dashao looked at Lu Yin on the screen, appearing to be deep in thought.

“What do you think of that person?” Starsibyl suddenly asked.

Hai Dashao indifferently replied, “A show-off.”

“You don’t like him?” Starsibyl looked at Hai Dashao, her eyes gleaming.

Hai Dashao clasped his hands behind his back. “He has nothing to do with me, and I can’t say whether or not I like him. However, all of these people are merely youths, and being a show-off is better than remaining too deeply hidden.” He then paused for a moment before saying, “I recall that he defeated the Cosmic Hou. Those creatures can’t be defeated through just strength. This person’s techniques are strange.”

Starsibyl smiled. “Reserve your judgement for now. He might just end up bringing you a surprise.”

Hai Dashao did not think so. Lu Yin was undoubtedly powerful, as shown by the fact that his physical strength could even tear through the Gear Construction Technique, but so what? At best it would allow him to rival those at the bottom of the Top 100 Rankings. Hai Dashao looked towards the northeastern Skyfall Cascade, where Ling Que and another person were competing. That other person was Cheng Wu, ranked sixty ninth in the Top 100 Rankings. He was the strongest participant out of them all and also the one most likely to pull the Sea King's Trident out.

There was just too great a disparity between Lu Yin and Cheng Wu.

However, Ling Que was the most pitiful. He would not be able to even reach the top of the Skyfall Cascade. Even until now, he was not even aware of Cheng Wu’s existence.

As he thought of this, Hai Dashao looked at Ling Que with interest. Compared to Lu Yin, Hai Dashao was much more interested in Ling Que, as the Lingling clan’s innate gift was too strong. If not for their sparse numbers, their clan definitely would have surpassed the Daynight clan. It was a terrifyingly powerful clan. 

Only a few knew that, among the Ten Arbiters, there was also one from the Lingling clan.

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