Chapter 444: Beautiful Cheerleaders

Once Lu Yin determined the direction he needed to go, he started moving towards the bottom of the southeastern Skyfall Cascade. The entirety of the Sea King's Dome had jumped to life, and everyone stared excitedly at the screens in the sky, wondering what sort of powerhouses would appear in this selection. Some even vaguely recall that there had previously been a Sea King’s son-in-law selection event that had been held a long, long time ago.

There was more than just one giant screen in the sky, as many other screens were floating up there, revealing every single section of the Skyfall Cascades. The event had become a grand festival that only the Sea King's Dome could host.

At the same time, at the peak of the Sea King's Dome, a tall, slender woman appeared, dressed in cotton blue clothes, and looked down. She was the Sea King's daughter, Hai Qiqi, and there were four maids following behind her. 

“Sister Qi, it’s about to begin,” one maid said rather excitedly.

Another maid softly asked, “Sister Qi, do you want to meet those handsome lads first?”

The other maids were looking forward to that event.

Hai Qiqi had a calm demeanor. “We’ll see. This time, one has to be selected. If not, I truly won’t be able to leave.”

“Right, Sister Qi, since you must choose one, pick an extremely good-looking one who’s easy on the eyes! Don’t bother with those strong, courageous ones since no one would dare to harm Sister Qi anyway.”

“Yes, if you truly want someone powerful, why look any further than the first thirty of the Top 100 Rankings? Those people are much stronger.”

Hai Qiqi’s eyes lit up as she looked down.

In one section of the Skyfall Cascades, Hai Dashao and Starsibyl were still in the same place. 

Above the middle section of the mountain, there was a beautiful lake where everyone who had qualified through their good looks had gathered. Xia Luo, Xun Jiong, and Hart Phoenix were all there, watching the screens.

About half-way up the mountain, Lulu, Big Pao, Little Pao, and the rest of the group gathered near a steep cliff along with a huge pile of snacks, ready to enjoy themselves.

Everyone believed that the selection process for the Sea King’s son-in-law had simply started earlier than planned.

However, when Lu Yin arrived beneath the Skyfall Cascade, he found that the area was sealed off and that he could not enter. This meant that the selection had not yet actually begun.

Someone else had arrived before Lu Yin. He was a gentle-looking man who had arrived at the Sea King's Dome a month before Lu Yin’s group. The ships had made several roundtrips, and Lu Yin’s group was among the last to arrive.

There were a total of five names for each Skyfall Cascade. From this, one could guess that there were about twenty five people spread throughout all five Skyfall Cascades.

To be able to qualify through strength, one’s power had to rival a Cruiser’s. There were extremely few such people in the universe who met that criterion power while still being under twenty five years of age. 

According to the rankings of the participants’ strengths, those who were on the Top 100 Rankings were the best. Those who were on the list and younger than twenty five years old were extremely rare, and the only known person to meet those requirements was Qin Chen. Someone had said that Northgate Lie had also appeared for this selection, but he was older than twenty five, so he was not eligible to participate. 

Ling Que closely followed behind those in the Top 100 Rankings; although he was just a Limiteer, he was an absolute freak, and his true battle strength surpassed that of a normal Cruiser. He could even rival an expert on the Top 100 Rankings, which meant that Ling Que had also reached that level. However, only an actual battle would be able to reveal the difference between Ling Que and Qin Chen. 

Below them were the genius Explorers who were under twenty five and who barely could match the strength of a Cruiser.

There were not that many Realmbreaker Explorers who were younger than twenty five in the entire universe, but the person in front of Lu Yin seemed to be one of them.

The man’s eyes revealed a hint of hostility when he saw Lu Yin. He was an Explorer, but people did not see him as this Limiteer’s equal. No one would accept such treatment, and this man longed to fight against Lu Yin and prove himself.

Lu Yin stood in the water, and his gaze trembled when his domain sensed a powerful strength approach from a thousand meters behind him. A short man slowly walked over; he was another Realmbreaker Explorer.

This man was not even one meter tall in height, which astounded the onlookers. Lu Yin had seen someone like this before, as there had been a student named Parlie during Earth’s trial with a similar stature. Lu Yin recalled that Parlie had come from Planet Third Gravitas. Also, the blind monk of the Great Yu Empire’s Thirteen Imperial Squadrons was also from Planet Gravitas and was similarly very short. 

Lu Yin paid great attention to the newcomer’s physical strength, which seemed to be rather abnormal. Unfortunately, Lu Yin did not dare to fill his eyes with star energy while in the Sea King's Dome, or else they would be overwhelmed. Even if he could not see this person’s rune lines right now, he could still sense his extraordinary strength. With Lu Yin’s domain, he could tell that this person’s heartbeat was special. 

For a person to approach a Cruiser’s strength at his age was no simple no matter what realm they had reached. To the other two, Lu Yin was the most unusual, as he was just a Limiteer. This meant that Lu Yin’s strength had crossed two great realms, which even included the space-exploring realm. 

Beneath the northeastern Skyfall Cascade, quite a few people had appeared. They kept some distance from one another, and they actually seemed mutually afraid.

Suddenly, a hubbub was heard. “Ling Que, Ling Que, I love you! Ling Que, Ling Que, you’re the best!”

“Ling Que, Ling Que, I love you! Ling Que, Ling Que, you’re the best!”

“Ling Que, Ling Que, I love you! Ling Que, Ling Que, you’re the best!”

The voices had started cheering rather abruptly, which shocked many, including the nearby Northgate Lie. He watched on with an ugly expression as a group of gorgeously dressed girls appeared. They seemed to be the ones who had suddenly started cheering.

Ling Que appeared, elegantly stepping out from the void. He casually waved a hand, and his Que's Mighty Slash revolved around his body and raised a gentle breeze. The wind split the seawater apart, and it looked as if it were heralding his arrival. 

The Lingling clan’s innate gift was enough to cause even the Daynight clan to fear them, and Ling Que perfectly represented the embodiment of heaven and earth in one body. Not only were his looks exquisite, but he was also incomparably powerful, making him the dream of countless girls. 

After the Daynight Feast, his reputation had grown extravagantly, and his group of beautiful female cheerleaders had also been expanded.

Ling Que himself was not disgusted by their presence; on the contrary, he seemed to rather enjoy the girls’ cheering.

Beneath the originally solemn Skyfall Cascade, a scene of cheering groupies appeared right where a battle was about to break out, completely destroying the previously heavy atmosphere. Ling Que placed his hand up to his lips and blew them a kiss. The cheerleading group screamed in ecstasy, and they fainted one after another. 

Countless people felt their heads hurt.

At the peak of the Sea King's Dome, Hai Qiqi looked on blankly. This works too?

Hai Dashao had an ugly face. “What does this person think this selection is? The Lingling clan is too preposterous.”

Starsibyl smiled faintly. “They are a top clan, after all, so some unique characters are to be expected.”


Watching from atop the cliff, Big Pao felt jealous. “This scoundrel must have spent money to hire his own personal cheerleading squad. Hmm, shall we hire a group for Brother Lu too?”

Coco got excited. “Yes, we should! Let’s go hire a group, that sounds like fun.”

Lulu waved the Sea King’s token. “I’ll pay.”

“You can’t get reimbursed for this,” Michelle said indifferently.

“Why not?” Lulu was stumped.

Michelle begrudgingly answered, “As soon as the selection starts, that token becomes useless.”

Lulu snorted. “It’s fine. Then just go and hire them. I don’t lack money, so go and get some pretty ones.”

“Aren’t there some readily available? Let’s go get that group,” Big Pao pointed at the cheering groupies behind Ling Que.

Lulu waved generously. “Go.”

Michelle felt her head hurt. She had a feeling these people were about to stir up trouble, and she only hoped that Ling Que would not be offended.

At the northwestern Skyfall Cascade, Qin Chen had appeared. As an absolute genius under the age of twenty five, and one who was in the Top 100 Rankings as well, he was like a firefly in the dark; he would shine no matter where he went. This was especially true since his ranking was not at the tail end, so he had many admirers. Although he did not have as many as Ling Que, he still had quite a few supporters. Hai Dashao also had quite a decent impression of Qin Chen since this person acted with principle and was honorable. 

Qin Chen’s appearance also made the other competitors at the northwestern Skyfall Cascade raise their guards, and they glanced at each other, mutually coming to a decision. 

At the southwestern Skyfall Cascade, Mu Rong slowly arrived with his wooden flute. He seemed to be very calm, and there was no hint of a powerhouse’s aura on him at all. Even when he appeared beneath the Skyfall Cascade, he did not attract much attention. On the other hand, Lan Yu attracted a great deal of attention. Although his status was not as great as Qin Chen’s, and nor was he someone on the Top 100 Rankings, he received more attention than others just because he was the Divine Fist Arbiter’s younger brother. 

Lan Dao, who was standing behind Lan Yu, did not draw much attention. 

However, when the two of them arrived beneath the Skyfall Cascade, Mu Rong’s eyes swept past Lan Yu and instead looked straight at Lan Dao, a trace of astonishment appearing in the depths of his eyes as he did so. 

The northern Skyfall Cascade was the most peaceful, as there were no famous powerhouses there. The location also had the fewest number of people present. Only four were waiting there, and only one of those four could attract any attention from the spectators. This man wore a mask. It was impossible to determine his age without seeing his face, but in order to qualify for this selection, he had to be younger than twenty five and possess a strength that rivalled a Cruiser’s.

All of the participants who had qualified for the selection through their strength appeared beneath the five Skyfall Cascades. Although some were not as well-known as Lu Yin, Qin Chen, and some of the others, they were definitely influential in the area of the universe that they had come from. 

Countless people in the Sea King's Dome were watching this selection’s battle, and each of the participants had their own supporters. 

Feng Mo stared coldly at Lu Yin’s image on the screen. Bo Senior had rushed over to the Sea King’s Dome some time ago and was standing beside him. The two did not speak, but both had made their own preparations. As soon as Lu Yin left the Sea King's Dome, it would be time for them to take action. Big Pao and Little Pao would not be able to run either, as Bo Junior was focusing his attention on them. 

In another part of the Sea King’s Dome, Northgate Lie had not expected to run into Lu Yin here. He had followed Northgate Taisui and trained under his wing for several months. He believed that his power had improved by leaps and bounds to the point where he was confident in being able to defeat Qin Chen. Unfortunately, Northgate Lie was too old, so he could not participate in the selection. However, as soon as it ended, he could still challenge Qin Chen.

There were a total of five people beneath the southeastern Skyfall Cascade. Aside from Lu Yin, the others were all Explorers. 

Lu Yin did not recognize any of the others, but they all immediately recognized him. When he had arrived at the Sea King's Dome three days earlier, all of his information had already been distributed.

This was the disadvantage of being too famous, as such people would often be targeted since defeating such a person would bring the challenger enormous prestige.

There were still more than ten hours before the next day arrived, and Lu Yin silently stood beside the surface of the sea and waited for the moment dawn broke. The rest did the same, and no one interacted with anyone else during this time.

No one could sleep well in the Sea King's Dome that night, as they all accompanied Lu Yin and the other participants as they waited for the next day.

At the northeastern Skyfall Cascade, at the shore a thousand meters away from Ling Que, the female cheerleaders spared no effort in their praise, filling the area with a raucous noise. Of course, some liked to watch these young girls dance, as it gave the scene a youthful feeling.

Then, Big Pao, Lulu, and Coco suddenly appeared.

“Senior Big Pao, is this really possible? If they truly support Ling Que, we can’t buy them over with money.” Coco was worried.

Big Pao slapped his chest. “Relax, Junior, this Senior is experienced! What you’re saying is impossible. How could there be so many girls that would willingly wander around the universe just to follow a man? He’s no sweetheart of the masses—he’s just a pretty boy.”

Lulu nodded. “I feel the same way. Senior, go on and slap them with money.”

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