Chapter 374: The Power Of Lightning

Lu Yin’s scalp went numb. The feeling from this attack meant that this person was a Cruiser—no, a Hunter! A Hunter was attacking him. 

With a clang, the spacecraft released a deafening sound as Lu Yin felt his head ring. He looked up, and instantly saw an old man standing high above him in space. 

The old man had a furious, venomous look in his eyes as he stared at Lu Yin. “Undying Yushan stole all of my limbs, so you’ll pay the price in his stead!” 

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank as the spacecraft immediately suffered another round of attacks, releasing a sharp, keening sound. 

Thankfully, an Aurora spacecraft was able to withstand attacks from a Hunter once it reached the blackhole grade. Lu Yin wasn’t the least bit worried that the spacecraft would be damaged. 

The old man snickered. “It’s just a blackhole grade spacecraft. Do you seriously think that it can withstand attacks from someone truly powerful? It looks like I’ll have to remind you that battle techniques exist in this universe!” After saying that, the old man used his star energy to form not just one, but multiple palms that started continuously bombarding the spacecraft. 

A blackhole grade Aurora spacecraft’s ability to withstand a Hunter’s attack was something that only applied to the average Hunter. When a true elite took action, such a spacecraft wouldn’t be able to block their attacks. As the old man had said, there were still battle techniques that he could use. 

The image of myriad palms filled Lu Yin’s vision as they smacked against the spacecraft. While the spacecraft could withstand the abuse, Lu Yin was not as sturdy. He coughed a mouthful of blood up onto the screen and loudly shouted, “I’m a member of the Lockbreaker Society and a part of the Ten Arbiters Council, old man! Are you sure that you want to kill me?”

The old man chuckled maniacally. “I don’t have any limbs, and I can’t regenerate them either. I’m just a dead man walking. If it weren’t for the fact that Wendy Yushan’s too powerful and that I’m not completely confident in my chances of killing her, I would have taken her down with me a long time ago. But it’s not too bad if I take you down with me instead!” 

The blood drained from Lu Yin’s face. There was nothing that he could do against a Hunter. Even if this old man was the weakest Hunter, he would still be able to kill Lu Yin without a problem. 

“How did you know that I’d be here?” Lu Yin shouted.

The old man snickered. “You’re still trying to weasel information out of me even when you know that you’re about to die? I’m going to make sure that you die with a ton of questions that you wish you knew the answers to!” After that, berserk star energy filled the area and ruthlessly attacked the spacecraft. After being attacked so many times, the spacecraft was finally unable to resist any longer and cracked. Lu Yin looked stricken—was he really going to die here? He hated this feeling. An old man wanted to die with him? This was bullshit! 

“Think of something, Seventh Bro! I don’t want to die yet!” the Ghost Monkey screeched. 

Lu Yin coughed up another mouthful of blood. His physical body was on the verge of giving out, and he could already feel the vacuum of outer space trying to pull him outside. 

“Hurry up and use Ancestor Wushang’s Skin! A Hunter can’t handle its pressure!” the monkey yelled. 

However, Lu Yin could no longer hear anything. He’d lost control of his senses, and blood was pouring out of all of his body’s orifices. His body and the spacecraft were akin to toys that could only wait for the old man to deliver the final blow. 

The old man arrogantly exclaimed, “Your death will allow my descendants to prosper for a long time. Die!” After that, star energy shot through the void, letting out a crackling, thunderous rumble as it moved in to destroy Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin watched the spatial tears shred the area outside the spacecraft, but when he saw the lightning, he remembered something. He lifted his hand, causing his die to appear. He then activated the innate gift of lightning that he had borrowed from the rabbit and used it to sweep across the space in front of him, aiming deep into the dark depths of outer space. 

Everything fell completely silent, and the old man’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at Lu Yin in disbelief. How was such a thing possible? How had he been killed by a streak of lightning? This lightning bolt’s power level was definitely over 200,000. But how could this kid have such a powerful thing? The old man would never know the answer, because he died as soon as the lightning struck him. His body flew away into the nether, nobody knowing where it might land. 

That streak of lightning that Lu Yin had just used came from the terrifying rabbit that he had encountered on Savage Ape Planet. It had rendered a nine-headed Savage Ape unconscious with a single stomp on the head, and that ape had had a power level of over 200,000. That meant that the rabbit’s power level must be unimaginable in comparison. Even though Lu Yin had only borrowed a tiny bit of that lightning, it was still enough to instantly kill a Hunter. 

Lu Yin heaved a heavy sigh of relief and felt a sudden wave of dizziness overcome him. There was a rattle as his spacecraft shattered, finally unable to hold on after suffering the Hunter’s barrage of attacks. Lu Yin was now directly exposed to the vacuum of space. 

This was not Lu Yin’s first time being directly thrown into outer space after escaping from a threat that could end his life. Last time, he had luckily been saved by Madam Nalan, but this time, there weren’t any nearby spacecraft that could help him. 

He closed his eyes in despair, knowing that things were over for him. He’d thought that his safety had been assured due to his status and various titles, but when someone who didn’t fear death came for him, all of that became worthless. Power was the ultimate basis of everything. 

At that moment, Lu Yin regretted not earning more money to increase his power. 

However, it was now too late for regret now. Lu Yin took in his last surroundings. So this is what space feels like… As the last scrap of air from the spacecraft dissipated, he found it hard to breathe. Then, he felt a building pressure within his body, which seemed like it was liable to erupt at any moment. This would be the last scene he saw in his life. 

A Limiteer would definitely die if they were exposed to outer space like this. Of this, there was no doubt. 

After waiting for a while, Lu Yin found it strange as he seemed to be… okay? 

He raised his hand and looked at the lines on his palm. He could still see them very clearly. While there was a huge pressure differential between his body and outer space, he hadn’t exploded, and although he wasn’t breathing, he was still alive. Was he actually able to survive in outer space? 

He was astonished. Why? Was it because his body was incredibly strong? That was the only explanation that he could come up with. 

The monkey had no response to any of this. Lu Yin looked around and found that there was no end to the dark space around him. There were only distant cosmic bodies, emanating soft rays of light. 

Although he wasn’t dead, his movements were rather slow, and his ability to use star energy was heavily restricted. If he could use 100% of his abilities when he was on a planet, then in space, he couldn’t even use 10% of his strength. 

I wonder how long I can stay alive for, Lu Yin bitterly thought to himself. 

There were disadvantages to a spacecraft being too advanced. His spacecraft had moved far too quickly, and the rest of the vessels were far behind him. He hadn’t even had an opportunity to call for help. 

If he’d known that this would happen to him, he would have kept a set of universal armor in his cosmic ring. That would be much better than leaving his body completely exposed like it currently was. 

There were all kinds of strange phenomena throughout the universe. Who knew if his body would be able to withstand those things. 

Perhaps it was due to the fact that Lu Yin was pretty lucky, but he soon saw a spacecraft speeding over in the distance. Lu Yin was thrilled and immediately used his star energy to create the universal distress symbol. However, the spacecraft completely ignored him and simply sailed on past him. 

Lu Yin was at a loss. The spacecraft was traveling incredibly quickly while he was moving incredibly slowly. It was impossible for him to catch up. 

Right after that, some more spacecraft flew past, but not one of them moved to help him. 

Many knew that, when traveling through space, it was better not to seek trouble. Few people would take the initiative to help others. The concept of showing gratitude was nonexistent in the universe, and many pirates used similar methods to lure in unsuspecting travelers. This caused most people to be on guard during interstellar travel. 

Lu Yin stood no chance if things continued the way they were. After pondering things over for a long time, he decided on his next move. 

Star energy swirled around the tips of his fingers and formed tiny, string-like structures that extended into the distance until he was no longer able to control them. He then did his best to weave the strings together into a star energy web, of which he sat in the center, like a spider. As long as a spacecraft flew past and touched a string, he would be towed along. 

Lu Yin was gambling everything on his luck now. Would he die of hunger first, or would he run into a spacecraft? 

Compared to the vastness of space, the area that Lu Yin’s star energy web covered was minuscule. Lu Yin’s entire fate hinged on pure luck, but it was the only thing that he could do in this situation. 

Two more spacecraft flew past. They were too far away, and his star energy couldn’t reach where they passed. Lu Yin waited there nervously, hoping that he’d be lucky. 

Meanwhile, a spacecraft was traveling through outer space at high speeds. It seemed normal, but if one looked carefully, they would notice a splatter of blood on the inside of one of the transparent pieces of metal that acted as a window on the spacecraft. 

Within the spacecraft, an emotionless young man with a cold look in his eyes wandered about, carrying an ordinary looking blade in his hand. Blood ominously dripped off of it. 

Bang Bang!

A gun formed from star energy was fired, and both metal bullets and beams of light mercilessly blasted at the man. However, neither form of attack had any effect on the man beyond tearing some of his clothing apart. 

The man slashed about with his blade and another round of heads fell down. Headless bodies tumbled to the floor as the blood pooled into a scarlet stream. The man calmly stepped in the blood and continued forward, leaving bloody footprints behind. 

The stench of blood eventually spread throughout the entire vessel.

Within the pilot’s room, about ten people were gathered together, watching the man’s inexorable progress on a screen while trembling in fear. “Who is he? Why is he killing us?” 

“Is he from the Blaze Realm? But that’s impossible. They don’t even know that we exist!” 

“Whatever happens, Paige cannot die!” a middle-aged woman shouted in a determined voice as she glanced at a young man trembling in the corner. 

Everyone else glanced over at him with complex emotions in their eyes. 

“Paige is the representative of the Gasfire Alliance. As long as he’s alive, we’ll definitely be able to go against the Blaze Realm. But the moment he dies, the Gasfire Alliance will fall apart,” she stated resolutely. 

“That’s enough. We’ll protect him even if it means our death,” someone else said. 

Soon enough, the young man was forced to put on a set of universal armor. A middle-aged man crouched in front of the youth and bitterly said, “Live on, Paige! You are the foundation of the Gasfire Alliance. As long as you are alive, we’ll be able to hold out against the Blaze Realm.” 

The young man called Paige looked absolutely terrified. “W-Will I ever be able to live a normal life?”

Everyone around him fell silent. 

The middle-aged woman appeared sorrowful. “I’m sorry, but you carry the hopes of the older generation. You are the true successor of the Blaze Realm, and your very existence is the entire reason why the Gasfire Alliance has the motivation to keep resisting them. Remember this: everyone will do everything in their power to protect you because you are the most important one out of all of us. Always remember this!” 

With a bang, the sturdy metallic door to the pilot’s room was kicked from its frame, and the young man who was like an Asura walked in. He looked about the room, his emotionless gaze flitting past everyone until his eyes finally landed on Paige. 

The middle-aged woman’s heart skipped a beat. So he really is here for Paige. But who in the world is he? If this man was from the Blaze Realm, then it didn’t make sense for him to be here. Instead, they would have sent some ultra-powerhouse after them. 

“Who are you? Why are you killing us?” someone shouted. 

The young man’s reply was to lift his sword and sweep out with it. The middle-aged woman gritted her teeth and waved her hand, causing flames to spring up that tore through the void. She was an Explorer, but her efforts were futile. The young man cut through her flames with a single stroke, and the blade even continued on to sink into the person closest to him, cleaving the other man in two. 

The aura of fear in the room became even more palpable. 

Paige went pale and hid in fear. 

The middle-aged woman had a bitter expression. She was an Explorer, but she couldn’t even fight back at all. Where had such a monster come from? 

The blade continuously flashed as it slashed about the room. Even though the middle-aged woman stood in his way, the young man continued attacking everyone else. Blood, decapitated bodies, and dismembered limbs filled the room, creating a scene straight from hell. 

The thick stench of blood was enough to cause one to puke. 

The young man slowly stepped closer to the middle-aged woman and Paige, who was behind her. They were the only two left alive.

Blood continued flowing across the floor.

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