Chapter 373: Fishing In Outer Space

There were a few areas on the Astral River Ark that were reserved as fishing spots. A supervisor escorted Lu Yin to a section called the Yuelong Terrace that was reserved for fishing. 

The Astral River Ark’s stop on the Outerverse bank had been relatively quick this time, so there were only a few people on the massive vessel. This meant that there wasn’t a single other person on the Yuelong Terrace. 

It wasn’t easy to receive the opportunity to fish on the Astral River Ark since one needed to have both a high status and sufficient strength to do so. There were countless incidents of unfortunate powerhouses being dragged into the Astral River every year. 

After donning the fishing equipment, Lu Yin cast a line into the river. Bait wasn’t required when fishing in the Astral River, since one’s star energy was the best bait as the creatures in this river actually ate cultivators. 

As soon as the fishing line entered the river, the fishing rod nearly slipped out of Lu Yin’s grasp. The Astral River’s currents were extremely strong, and it was also filled with an indescribable amount of energy. Its energies could cause fatal injuries or even death to anyone holding onto a fishing rod. 

Lu Yin’s physical strength was greater than Lulu’s and even Grandini’s, but even so, he nearly lost his grip on the fishing rod. This showed how powerful the Astral River’s current was, especially when one considered the fact that Lu Yin was merely fishing and hadn’t even made direct contact with the river. 

In a luxurious room within the ark, Elder Gu De and his son Gu Er watched the Yuelong Terrace while accompanied by a few other experts. 

“He actually held on to it! He truly is the top student of Astral Combat Academy as well as a true Ten Arbiters’ candidate,” someone exclaimed. 

“Even a Explorer wouldn’t normally be able to keep the fishing rod stable! Now, let’s see how long he can keep this up.” 

“I don’t think that he’ll be able to hold out for too long. I’m a Cruiser, and even I can only endure for ten hours at most. It wouldn’t be bad if Lu Yin held out for an hour.” 

“That’s a good estimate, but if he really catches something, then he’ll definitely be dragged into the river.” 

“Sir, should we send someone in to protect him?”

Elder Gu De stared at Lu Yin for another moment before he turned towards Gu Er. “How’s your relationship with that person?” 

Gu Er was about to answer that they were on friendly terms, but then he remembered when Lu Yin had killed him within the trial zones. He also remembered what Lu Yin had said to him at that time, and Gu Er’s expression changed. He had almost forgotten that Lu Yin had threatened to attack Elder Gu De and the Astral River Ark. Upon recalling the incident, Gu Er quickly recounted the incident to his father. 

Elder Gu De frowned. “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

Gu Er honestly answered, “I forgot.” 

Elder Gu De snorted and looked back at the screen displaying the Yuelong Terrace with a frosty expression. Did they already have some enmity with Lu Yin? It was certainly possible. Gu De had offended too many people to keep track of during his tenure as the Astral River Flowzone Envoy, so Lu Yin might actually be an enemy. “Don’t bother protecting him, but keep an eye on him.” 

The people around him immediately acknowledged his orders. 

Lu Yin had actually forgotten his words to Gu Er within the trial zones; otherwise he definitely would not have taken on the risk of fishing in the Astral River. Still, he wasn’t planning on actually fishing—he just wanted to try it out. 

Ten minutes later, Lu Yin suddenly took the fishing equipment off and handed it over to the inspector under the man’s surprised gaze. 

The inspector was speechless. Lu Yin only planned on fishing for ten minutes?! 

Lu Yin was smart. The moment his fishing line entered the river, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to catch anything from the river with his current power level. Trying to do so would be way too risky, so he had merely wanted to try out the experience. 

Gu Er was furious when he was informed that Lu Yin had already stopped fishing. After remembering that Lu Yin was his family’s enemy, his attitude had taken a complete 180. He wanted Lu Yin to die on the ark, but Lu Yin held a very special status, which meant that they couldn’t attack him. Gu Er had initially thought that Lu Yin might get injured while fishing, but he had never expected him to quit after no more than ten minutes. 

“Seventh Bro, you’re very smart. The Astral River isn’t something that you can consider fishing in for now,” the Ghost Monkey said. 

Lu Yin returned to his personal spacecraft since it was the only place where he felt safe and secure here, especially since Elder Gu De was nearby. He was even a Hunter. Lu Yin was slightly concerned that Elder Gu De might try to attack him, but fortunately, his spacecraft could withstand a Hunter’s attack, which gave Lu Yin a tremendous sense of relief. 

“Monkey, when do you think I’ll be able to risk fishing in the Astral River?” Lu Yin asked out of boredom. 

The monkey thought about it before answering, “You’ll need to be at least at the Explorer realm, I think. With your crazy strength, you’ll be able to defeat ordinary Cruisers as soon as you become an Explorer. At that moment, you should be able to hold your own against the Astral River.” 

“Ye Xingchen is already adventuring in the Cosmic Sea. I’m still a ways behind him,” Lu Yin said. 

The monkey disdainfully retorted, “That’s impossible! How could a mere Limiteer explore the Cosmic Sea? Even the Ten Arbiters weren’t able to do that, so there must be some special reason why he’s able to survive in the Cosmic Sea. It’s just that we don't know what it is yet.” 

Lu Yin realized that the monkey was right; Lu Yin was on the same level as Ye Xingchen, but he couldn’t even protect himself from the Astral River. Thus, for a Limiteer to survive in the Cosmic Sea, there must be some unique circumstance behind it. 

It was a shame that Lu Yin couldn’t contact his family. Otherwise, he would ask them about it. He also wondered how Big Sis and the others were doing in Leon's Armada. 

In a distant corner of the universe, the Cosmic Sea was violently surging as normal, claiming countless lives. 

This dangerous place should have been completely silent, but laughter could be heard in a dark corner of a certain strait. 

“Big Sis, congratulations on extinguishing the Skywolf Battlegroup!”

“Congratulations, Big Sis!” 

“Congratulations, Big Sis!”

There was a bang, and an energy wave calmed the surging straits, causing the Cosmic Sea to enter a rare state of calm. “Bring me some alcohol.”

“Captain, stop drinking. You always end up beating people when you drink too much.” 

“That’s right, captain, you shouldn’t drink anymore.”

“Shut up! Keep drinking!” A tremendous roar tore the sky apart and split the strait in two.

In a certain corner of the deck, You Ling stared out at the sea with a complicated expression in his eyes. 

“Thinking of Little Yin?” a melodious voice asked from behind.

You Ling turned around, and his eyes narrowed. “Big, Big Sis, your looks have changed again.” 

An exquisite beauty was standing in front of You Ling. She was very alluring, but she had an extremely thick waist, which sharply contrasted with her beauty. 

“Let it change. It changes several times a day. Such a pain!”

You Ling smiled bitterly. “There’s nothing that you can do about it now. It’s all because you didn’t learn that skill properly, so now, your appearance constantly changes. It would actually be strange if it stopped changing one day.” 

“Are you thinking of Little Yin?” Big Sis asked once again after taking a sip of alcohol.

You Ling nodded. “Little Yin has never received any help from our family, and he’s reached his current position through his own power, but he also has countless enemies.” You Ling then looked at Big Sis. “Let’s bring Little Yin back! Or let’s at least announce that Little Yin belongs to Leon’s Armada.” 

Big Sis swallowed a large mouthful of alcohol. “No.” 

“Why?” You Ling asked. “At first, we sent Little Yin to Earth because we were unable to protect ourselves. Although it was also to set up for him to investigate the Great Yu Empire, it was mainly to ensure his safety. Now that we’ve returned to Leon’s Armada and the captain has acknowledged Little Yin, why can’t we announce it to everyone?” 

Big Sis grinned. “Little Yin can’t be connected to Highsage Leon. That man’s too unreliable. I’m different, but I still won’t allow Little Yin to be connected to pirates.”

You Ling was annoyed. “Big Sis, please stop saying that! That’s the reason why you had a falling out with the captain in the first place.” 

Big Sis spat out the alcohol in her mouth. “These pirates only look at short term gains, but they don’t have a long term future in store. That old fart is short sighted. I won’t allow Little Yin to go down this path.” She then turned around and left. 

The surface of the sea started raging once again, and You Ling grew worried. He knew that Highsage Leon had heard Big Sis’ words. Fortunately, they didn’t fight over the matter. Otherwise, Big Sis and the others might have been chased out of the armada once again. 

It seems like Big Sis is still angry that Highsage Leon sent pirates over to help Little Yin since that clearly revealed Little Yin’s connection to the pirates. You Ling had also participated in that incident as well, and this was Big Sis’ way of also warning him. 

The Astral River Ark needed one and a half days to cross the Astral River, but after Lu Yin finished his fishing adventure, no one from the ark bothered him again, but Lu Yin also didn’t pay much attention to this slight. 

Once the ark touched down on the Innerverse, Lu Yin programmed his route into his ship and directly headed towards the Northline Flowzone. 

Elder Gu De wanted to eliminate Lu Yin here and now, but it was too risky due to Lu Yin’s very special status. Hence, the Astral River Flowzone Envoy could only watch on as the youth left, not doing anything. 

Upon entering the Innerverse, Lu Yin emerged in the Blazing Mist Flowzone, which was near the Northline Flowzone. 

He hadn’t noticed it during his previous trip through the Innerverse aboard the warfront warship, but this time, Lu Yin noticed that the Blazing Mist Flowzone’s temperature was much higher than the Outerverse’s. He wondered if it was because of the difference between the Innerverse and the Outerverse or if the temperature was a unique phenomenon of the Blazing Region. 

There had been a few spacecraft around Lu Yin when he first moved away from the Astral River, but he soon left them all behind since his spacecraft was extremely fast. It was so incredible that its speed left many people surprised. 

Lu Yin’s spacecraft soon disappeared into the stars, 

According to the coordinates that he had received, he would soon reach the Astral River tributary where the Blazing Mist and Northline Flowzones intersected. At that point, he would have to board another ark in order to cross the tributary. That vessel would be considerably smaller than the Astral River Ark but still much larger than any personal spacecraft.


Although there were only a few arks along the tributary, Lu Yin could use the network to determine the current location of each ark in order to better plan his route. 

According to his route, he had more than five hours to go before he reached the edge of the tributary, and an ark would arrive two hours after that. Only then would he be able to board the ark and cross into the Northline Flowzone. 

The scheduling was pretty similar to his initial estimation. 

If not for his current status, he would still be stuck exploring the Outerverse and wouldn’t have even had a chance to enter the Innerverse. 

In the direction that Lu Yin was heading along, there was an old man on a star who suddenly lifted his head. The man was completely unaffected by the burning star. “You’ve finally arrived. Undying Yushan paralyzed my limbs, so I’ll take the life of his heir as revenge.” 

Lu Yin was busy reciting the Stonewall Scriptures in his personal spacecraft while considering all the things that he would have to do upon arriving at the Northline Flowzone. Actually, there wasn’t too much that he needed to do; he simply needed to witness the Northgate Platform competition, which didn’t even mean anything to him. 

As far as Lu Yin was concerned, there was still San Dios, the Great Yu Empire, and many other responsibilities that needed his attention. The more he thought about all the things on his plate, the more Lu Yin felt like he had too many priorities and that he shouldn’t be wasting his time in the Northline Flowzone. 

His heart beat suddenly started racing as he felt the portent of an imminent threat. 

Beep, beep, beep

An alarm rang out within the spacecraft as a flash of light appeared before Lu Yin’s eyes. A star shattered, and an enormous hand stretched towards his spacecraft.

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