Chapter 367: Setting Up

Puyu shrugged. “I’m sorry Representative Lu, but your suggestion is unrealistic and can’t be carried out. We won’t waste resources on an impossible plan.” 

Lu Yin took a deep breath and looked at Puyu gravely. 

Puyu smirked. He wasn’t scared of Lu Yin, and besides, the Outerverse Youth Council couldn’t be swayed by a single person’s power level. There were supposed to be five councilors in East San Dios, and a plan would only be approved if three councilors agreed to it. There were only three people here at present, so even if Lu Yin joined forces with Liu Shaoge, he wouldn’t be able to do anything here. It wouldn’t matter even if Wendy Yushan showed up, as the two of them shared the status of a single councilor. 

“Representative Lu, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave.” Puyu smiled. 

Lu Yin answered, “Please wait a moment, Councilor Puyu.” He then spread out his map of the 

Outerverse and gave Puyu a sincere look. “I was too inconsiderate when handling the matter of Bushtree Planet, and I hope that Councilor Puyu won’t blame me for it.” 

Puyu smiled. “Oh, Representative Lu, are you going to return Bushtree Planet to Darkstar Gorge as a training ground?” 

Lu Yin shook his head. “Councilor Puyu, I have already given my order, so I can’t take it back.” 

Puyu’s gaze turned cold. “If that’s the case, then there’s no point in discussing this any further.” 

Lu Yin anxiously continued. “However, I can give Councilor Puyu another training ground that’s even better than Bushtree Planet.” 

Puyu turned around and looked at Lu Yin curiously. “I’m interested to hear more about your proposal.” 

Lu Yin pointed to a corner of the map. “Shuta Planet in the Woori Weave” 

Puyu’s eyes gleamed; he had heard about Shuta Planet before. The planet produced strange metal creatures and was even a source of polarium. It truly was a great training ground as one could not only increase their power during a trial, but also gain some riches. “Representative Lu, Shuta Planet belongs to the Nine Allied Nations of the Darkmist Weave, correct? 

Lu Yin answered, “Of course not. This territory originally belongs to the Woori Weave—it’s just that this planet has been taken over by the Nine Allied Nations. However, it still belongs to the Woori Weave.” 

Puyu frowned. He was very attracted to this plan, but he was also worried since he wasn’t in charge of the Darkmist Weave. 

“Councilor Puyu, the Council of the Ten Arbiters wasn’t established to fight for territory. We are only here to oversee the younger generation in name, so that’s the only thing we need. Shuta Planet still officially belongs to the Woori Weave, and since I’m the person overseeing the Woori Weave, I have the right to assign it to Darkstar Gorge as a training ground,” Lu Yin spoke confidently. 

Puyu looked at Lu Yin and then the map. He really couldn’t resist the temptation of Shuta Planet. Polarium was extremely valuable, and more importantly, the loss of Bushtree Planet had caused his reputation in Darkstar Gorge to drop. Furthermore, people were even more unhappy with him after the surprise attack on Darkstar Gorge. If he could use Shuta Planet to salvage his reputation, then he was willing to temporarily make peace with Lu Yin. It would also help assuage the powerhouse who had attacked Darkstar Gorge. 

As for Lu Yin, he could just pass this problem to Liu Shaoge. 

“Alright, I’ll accept Representative Lu’s offer,” Puyu graciously replied. 

Lu Yin heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Councilor Puyu. What about my suggestion during the meeting?” 

Puyu beamed. “That’s no problem at all! I’ll just report it to the Ten Arbiters. However, the details will still be decided upon by the Ten Arbiters, and it’s even impossible for it to be carried out now, so Representative Lu will have to be prepared for such a possibility.” 

Lu Yin didn’t actually care about that suggestion. His main goal all along had been for Puyu to accept Shuta Planet and for Darkstar Gorge to start fighting against the Nine Allied Nations’ forces. This would allow Lu Yin to remove some of the burden that was plaguing the Shenwu Continent, and although such a change wouldn’t make a huge difference, it was still better than nothing. 

“By the way, Representative Lu, do you remember that a person attacked Darkstar Gorge?” Puyu suddenly asked, staring at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin looked surprised. “The attack on Darkstar Gorge? Councilor Puyu isn’t suspicious of me, are you?” 

Puyu chuckled. “Of course not. It’s just that Representative Lu is very worldly, and I just wanted to ask.” 

Lu Yin sighed. “Councilor Puyu, I’m merely a student. How could I know someone so powerful? Haha.” 

“Haha, then forget about it. Goodbye.” 


Lu Yin’s smile faded away as he watched Puyu leave the tower. He hoped that Darkstar Gorge would attack the Nine Allied Nations. Since the Nine Allied Nations definitely wouldn’t be able to hold out against Darkstar Gorge, he was hoping that Mafioso Planet and Battle Street would be embroiled in the brewing war. 

Outside the tower, Liu Shaoge had a strange gaze as he watched Puyu happily walk away. He had purposefully opposed Lu Yin after receiving Lu Yin’s instructions to do so, all in order to help Lu Yin handle Puyu, but what was he looking to achieve through all these maneuvers? Lin Shaoge couldn’t understand what Lu Yin was thinking. He turned around to look at the tower and coincidentally met Lu Yin’s gaze. The two youths glanced at each other for a moment, and then, both turned to look at Puyu; he wouldn’t stay happy for long. 

Shuta Planet was extremely important to Puyu since it could help salvage his reputation with Darkstar Gorge. That same night, Darkstar Gorge immediately contacted the Nine Allied Nations, informing them that Shuta Planet had become Darkstar Gorge’s designated training ground. 

This announcement caused the Nine Allied Nations to erupt with fury. 

“We have fought with the Woori Weave over Shuta Planet for so many years, and now, Darkstar Gorge is trying to rely on the Outerverse Youth Council to force us to give up Shuta Planet? Impossible!” 

“The Outerverse Youth Council only has the authority to oversee the younger generation. They can’t interfere in territorial disputes. How dare they ask us to give up Shuta Planet!” 

“We won’t agree. Darkstar Gorge is clearly trying to steal Shuta Planet away from us.”

The Nine Allied Nations’s reaction was something that Darkstar Gorge expected. Puyu knew that a mere order from the Outerverse Youth Council wasn’t enough for him to gain control of Shuta Planet; however. the Nine Allied Nations were right as well. The Outerverse Youth Council didn’t have the authority to determine the training grounds of each major force, and in the past, he had only gotten Bushtree Planet by relying on Darkstar Gorge’s military power. 

He knew that this was the only way to gain Shuta Planet, but then, Puyu suddenly thought of something. Was Lu Yin deliberately trying to make him fight for Shuta Planet so that he could report him to the Ten Arbiters? 

The possibility frightened Puyu, so he immediately changed his command and used Lu Yin’s name to issue the order that declared Shuta Planet as a training ground for Darkstar Gorge. 

Lu Yin was the person in charge of the Woori Weave, and Shuta Planet was a part of the Woori Weave, so nothing could go wrong if he issued the order in Lu Yin’s name.  

Puyu smirked as he looked at the objection video that had been sent by the Nine Allied Nations. Keep objecting, whatever you do will only affect Lu Yin and not cause any problems for me. 

On the other hand, Barley was very anxious and immediately went to look for Lu Yin to report the incident. “Representative Lu, we have to stop this issue from blowing up! We don’t have the right to involve ourselves in territorial disputes! This will become a huge problem if word of it gets out!” 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Puyu wasn’t stupid and had pushed all of the blame onto Lu Yin. “Barley, publicize my suggestion that Shuta Planet should be made into a public training ground. This is being done in hopes that other parties will similarly provide other training grounds for the younger generation to enhance the power of the Human Domain’s youths and contribute to developing the strength of our future generations.” 

Barley blinked in confusion. “Suggestion? Encourage? Developing the Human Domain?” 

Lu Yin nodded. “That’s right, this is just my suggestion. I never specified that Shuta Planet must be the training ground for Darkstar Gorge. However, I won’t reject them if Darkstar Gorge wishes to train there. It’s as simple as that.” 

Barley thought about Lu Yin’s response for a moment and then promptly understood Lu Yin’s intentions. As long as Lu Yin didn’t confirm anything, no one would be able to blame Lu Yin for this matter. At most, people would complain about him, but the Council wouldn’t be able to punish him. After all, he was just giving a suggestion for the greater good of humanity. 

After Barley left, Lu Yin immediately contacted Huo Qingshan and ordered him to open up some of the more renowned training grounds in the Great Yu Empire to all members of the younger generation in Frostwave Weave.  

He had to lead by example so that no one would question his reasons for issuing such an order. This way, people would at most think that Lu Yin was being inconsiderate. 

Puyu was placed in a different situation altogether. Darkstar Gorge had already started threatening the Nine Allied Nations, so they couldn’t back down anymore. If they did, they would be humiliated. However, Lu Yin had never planned to use this incident to deal with Puyu; he only wanted someone else to share the Shenwu Continent’s burden. 

Puyu soon learned of Lu Yin’s orders, and he didn’t get angry about the matter. His only goal had been to verify that Lu Yin wasn’t trying to trick him. Besides, Lu Yin was the one being cursed by everyone, so the only thing left for Puyu to do was take over Shuta Planet and make it the new training grounds of Darkstar Gorge, replacing Bushtree Planet. 

Lu Yin's orders were soon publicized. Although the Outerverse Youth Council wasn’t a threat to the stronger Weaves, the Council of the Ten Arbiters that was supporting them was too powerful. This caused any order given by a representative or councilor of the Outerverse Youth Council to always create a huge commotion. However, this time, Lu Yin’s orders didn’t just create a stir—they created mass outrage. This was especially true of the Nine Allied Nations. At the moment, they hated Lu Yin to the core. 

“How could that bastard take Shuta Planet away from us? Encourage? Encourage his head! Why didn’t he make Saint Dios a training ground instead?” 

“This is too much! Let’s lodge a complaint to the Ten Arbiters Council in the Innerverse.” 

“There’s no point. He’s only suggesting and encouraging. There’s no use trying to lodge a complaint against him.” 

“The Great Yu Empire has already given up a few planets to be used as public training grounds. Lu Yin is such a bastard. Who the hell would go to train in the Great Yu Empire? That bastard!” 

The Nine Allied Nations was filled with people throwing insults at Lu Yin. However, none of their insults meant anything to Lu Yin. He didn’t care about the Nine Allied Nations, or even the rest of the Darkmist Weave. The Weave was the enemy of the Shenwu Continent, and since he was planning to take control of the Shenwu Continent in the future, he would eventually become enemies with them anyways, It didn’t matter if they hated him now. 

Furthermore, his new identity as a part of Leon's Armada gave Lu Yin a huge boost in morale. Although the Pirate King, Highsage Leon, was erratic, and his behavior caused him to have even more enemies, it was undeniable that he was an extremely strong backer. This gave Lu Yin the confidence to oppose even Nightking Zhenwu without worrying about the Daynight clan. This was the power that Highsage Leon’s name held. 

Just like what Highsage Leon had said, “Do what you want. I’ve got your back.” 

Nevertheless, the Nine Allied Nations were soon too busy to continue insulting Lu Yin as Darkstar Gorge had already sent their troops to Shuta Planet as preparatory scouts. This move caused the Nine Allied Nations to become outraged, and they definitely couldn’t allow such actions to occur. Still, they were quite clear about Darkstar Gorge’s power. They were a major force with powerhouses whose power levels exceeded 200,000, which was something that the Nine Allied Nations didn’t have. 

In the end, they could only contact the other forces that they were allied with, such as Mafioso Planet and Battle Street, and attempt to oppose Darkstar Gorge together. Of course, they would have to pay a heavy price for such an alliance.

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