Chapter 366: Wendy’s Promise

The pressure lasted for no more than a brief moment, however. Wendy Yushan eyed the letter that Lu Yin had placed atop her sword blade and realized that she recognized the handwriting; it was Undying Yushan’s. 

“This is a letter that His Majesty asked me to pass on to you. There’s also this card as well.” Lu Yin took out a data chip and passed it to Wendy Yushan. 

This chip contained a treasure of the universe within its databanks: a secret technique. It should be the same one that Lu Yin had received, the Yu Secret Art. It was a secret art, which meant that, if Lu Yin was willing, he could sell it and earn enough to establish more than a hundred Great Yu Empires. If he handed such a thing over to the Hall of Honor, it would be enough to get him at least ten Honor Points, Ten! 

What did ten Honor Points mean? It meant that, so long as he did not die of natural causes, everything and everyone that had anything to do with his death would be thoroughly investigated by the Hall of Honor. They would not allow his death to be in vain, which meant that he essentially could not die in the Human Domain. 

Shui Chuanxiao had betrayed humanity and caused them to lose half of Endless Weave. But even after committing such a crime, his Honor Points prevented him from being executed out right. That showed just how valuable having ten Honor Points would be. 

After passing the chip to Wendy Yushan, Lu Yin could feel his heart bleeding. However, he wouldn’t keep it for himself. This was something that Undying Yushan had left behind for his daughter, and Lu Yin’s conscience would weigh too heavily on him if he secretly kept it for himself. 

“Damn, Seventh Bro, you really gave it to her? I can’t believe you! That’s a secret technique! A. Se-cret-tech-nique!! That thing is worth enough for you to live out the rest of your days without any worries! Even if you killed Nightqueen Yanqing, the Daynight clan wouldn’t make any trouble for you so long as you gave them this technique. And yet, you’re handing it to Wendy Yushan just like that?” the Ghost Monkey shrieked. 

Lu Yin frowned and decided to just block the monkey altogether since he was being too noisy. 

As Wendy Yushan read the letter, something flashed across her eyes, and her fingers trembled slightly. 

This was Lu Yin’s first time seeing such an anguished look appear on Wendy Yushan’s face. Perhaps this was the same emotional state she had been in when she had attacked the Ross Empire. 

After reading the letter, she immediately destroyed it and tightly clenched the chip. Looking up at Lu Yin, her gaze showed disbelief and various other emotions. “Wh- Why are you willing to give me these things?” 

“They’re yours,” he answered simply. 

Wendy Yushan looked down at the chip and then back at Lu Yin. “Do you know what this is?”

“Yes,” he replied.

Wendy Yushan looked surprised. “Do you know how valuable this thing is?” 

Lu Yin became annoyed at that question. He was already feeling terrible over giving it to her, but she kept hounding the matter. “Enough to get me a hundred more women who are more beautiful than you.” 

Wendy Yushan did not get mad at Lu Yin’s words; instead, she looked him up and down. At this moment, she had an incredibly gentle demeanor and even seemed to give off a hint of warmth. She appeared to be touched and simply said, “Thank you.” 

Lu Yin did not mind. “Hurry up and learn it. Don’t let anyone take it from you.” 

Wendy Yushan gazed at Lu Yin earnestly before suddenly grinning beautifully. However, the smile disappeared in the next instant, so Lu Yin completely missed it. “Thank you for everything that you’ve done for the Great Yu Empire and for the Yushan family. I promise that I’ll give you time. As long as you can win against my moves while I am wielding this sword, I’ll marry you.” After that, she turned around and left. 

Lu Yin pursed his lips. In actuality, he had only spoken those words because Wendy Yushan had started to annoy him. He did not actually have any intentions of marrying her since he still had Ming Yan waiting for him back in the Shenwu Continent. 

“Barley!” Lu Yin yelled out. 

Barley immediately ran in, and upon seeing that Lu Yin was completely fine, asked in confusion, “What do you need, Mr. Lu?” 

“I need all the information you have on the Shenwu Continent,” Lu Yin said. 

Barley grunted in acknowledgement and scanned the courtyard. He didn’t see Wendy anywhere, which meant that she had probably gone back into seclusion to train, which was normal for her. This behavior was why many of her representatives were not loyal to her and why Puyu found it so easy to sway them over to his side. 

Not too long after, all the information mentioning the Shenwu Continent was delivered to Lu Yin, which meant that he finally knew who had been targeting the continent. 

“Mafioso Planet, Battle Street, the Nine Allied Nations…” Lu Yin skimmed through the provided information regarding all of the different organizations involved with the invasion of the Shenwu Continent. There were about a dozen from the Darkmist Weave who were involved in the matter. 

Back when the Shenwu Continent had first been revealed, it had created a huge disturbance in the Outerverse. The Darkmist Weave had done everything it could to suppress the continent, but it had all been to no avail. With no other choice, it had asked for help from the Innerverse, which had then forced the Shenwu Continent to protect itself with the five sealing planets. These organizations were the ones that had led the movement against the continent. 

“Why is Mafioso Planet listed first?” Lu Yin asked. 

Barley answered with a bit of fear in his voice. “Mafioso Planet is where many of the Outerverse’s assassins gather. The planet is now home to numerous experts who’ve even managed to kill ultra powerhouses in the past. Revenge was taken after those incidents, but compared to the rest of the Darkmist Weave, that planet is quite a terrifying power.” 

Lu Yin understood. “What about Battle Street?” 

“It might be called a street, but it’s actually a string of over a hundred planets that have been connected to form something that resembles a continent. Battle Street offers nothing besides a place to fight. Many people in the Darkmist Weave have nothing to do, so they decided to create this place where they could watch bloody battles of all kinds. For this reason, there are a lot of reckless people who appear there, and mixed in among them are various experts and people with unique backgrounds. It has a huge influence on the Darkmist Weave and has even attracted the attention of some important people from the Innerverse,” Barley explained. 

Lu Yin frowned. Battle Street sounded rather disgusting to him. It seemed like a place that represented the worst parts of humanity.

“The Nine Allied Nations consist of nine filaments, some of which even have Hunters in charge of them. There’s also…” Barley explained the various groups one by one, seemingly very familiar with everything. 

Lu Yin felt a terrible headache developing. These organizations that made up the Darkmist Weave had complex connections that extended into both the border regions and the Innerverse, which meant that it would be impossible to completely destroy them. However, that also meant that the Shenwu Continent would always be contested. A millennium ago, they had invited a powerhouse from the Innerverse to help deal with the continent, just like how they had invited Arbiter Wen Sansi not too long ago. Who knew who would be invited to help out the next time. 

Lu Yin was truly worried that the Shenwu Continent wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. 

“Is there a problem with these organizations, Mr. Lu?” Barley asked curiously. 

Lu Yin nonchalantly replied, “It’s nothing. I just completed a trial on that continent and wanted to learn a bit more about it.” 

Barley nodded and praised, “You truly are the number one of the Outerverse trials. Arbiter Wen was the one who determined those results, which shocked the Outerverse.” 

Lu Yin burst into laughter. It was obvious that he was first, but nobody really cared about the actual results. Long Yun from the Sword Sect, for example, hadn’t appeared at all during the trials. There was also that Wu Shang who might be from the Neohuman Alliance. There were bound to be many other people who had gone into the trials and hidden themselves in the shadows whose goal wasn’t to complete the trial, but rather, to gain control of the continent itself. 

Upon thinking of these people, Lu Yin felt extremely frustrated. He wasn’t afraid that they’d destroy the continent’s defense, but he was worried about the Reverent King, Ming Zhaoshu. The man was very talented and could see the big picture, so it was impossible for him to place all of his hopes on Lu Yin. He might have even teamed up with other organizations-


Lu Yin struck his forehead. Why hadn’t he thought of this earlier? He had tossed Zhanlong Daynight into the Reverent King’s residence, which would have given Ming Zhaoshu an excellent opportunity! 

Lu Yin’s eyes flared as he considered the possibilities. From what he knew of Ming Zhaoshu, not only would the king leave Zhanlong Daynight unharmed, but he would have also found a way to work with the Daynight clan, precisely because the clan wielded a huge amount of power in the wider universe. 

Lu Yin felt extremely frustrated. Back in the Shenwu Continent, he had been so preoccupied with the Daynight clan that he had completely neglected this possibility. How was the Shenwu Continent doing now? Was the Daynight clan cooperating with Ming Zhaoshu? What would happen to Ming Yan once they banded together? 

At this moment, Lu Yin had the same outlook as a gambler who was about to lose everything. In his eyes, every man was his love rival, including Zhanlong Daynight. 

Would Zhanlong Daynight fall in love with Ming Yan? Would someone else from the Daynight clan fall in love with Ming Yan? Would Ming Zhaoshu use Ming Yan to make another deal?

Lu Yin paced back and forth, feeling incredibly agitated. He should have killed all of those Daynight clan members at the start. Then, he wouldn’t be dealing with this mess now. 

As he gazed at a map of the Darkmist Weave, Lu Yin kept scanning it back and forth, trying to come up with a solution. 

Barley didn’t dare to speak up and waited quietly. 

“Oh? Barley, why’s this area circled?” Lu Yin asked as he pointed at a corner of the Darkmist Weave. 

Barley answered, “That’s the Nine Allied Nations’ territory, but it used to belong to the Woori Weave. Organizations from the Woori Weave often show up there to cause trouble in that region, trying to take it back. It’s rather chaotic there.” 

“It’s such a small zone, so why aren’t they willing to let it go?” Lu Yin asked curiously. 

Barley chuckled. “That zone is actually huge, Mr. Lu, and there’s also a planet there known as Shuta Planet. It’s a unique planet with indigenous metallic lifeforms. A portion of them are made from polarium, so it’s an area that’s very suited for trials and a great place to get rich. That’s why organizations from the Woori Weave and the Nine Allied Nations keep fighting; because of that Shuta Planet.” 

Lu Yin lit up. “Polarium? Isn’t that one of the primary production materials for universal armor?” 

“Yes,” Barley answered. 

Lu Yin’s eyes sparkled at that bit of news. Trials, polarium, getting rich… The gears in his brain whirred until, eventually, his gaze landed on a different corner of the Outerverse: Darkstar Gorge. 

Since I stole Bushtree Planet from you, Puyu, I’ll give you Shuta Planet in exchange, he thought to himself as his eyes lit up. 

Wendy Yushan went into seclusion the moment she reached San Dios. Lu Yin knew that she was in a hurry to learn the Yu Secret Art. Everyone else thought that her behavior was normal, and Lu Yin continued to work in her stead. 

In a tall tower in San Dios, Puyu, Lu Yin, and Liu Shaoge sat together as they discussed some trivial matters. 

Lu Yin had a clearly annoyed expression. Most of the proposals that he’d brought up were rejected by either Puyu or Liu Shaoge, which put him in a rather difficult position. 

Puyu smirked. This was exactly the situation that he wanted to see. With Liu Shaoge around, Puyu would be able to put Lu Yin back in his place without needing to do much. Liu Shaoge had Arbiter Zhenwu’s backing, so Puyu was certain that the organizations backing Lu Yin wouldn’t dare to attempt anything. However, it would be best if those organizations did make a move, as then, the Daynight clan would have an excuse to retaliate and take Lu Yin out. 


Lu Yin slammed the table and glared at Liu Shaoge, furious. “You’re dead-set on going against me, aren’t you? You’re saying no to everything I bring up!” 

Liu Shaoge smiled lazily. “I just want us to find a better solution. For instance, you mentioned that the various large organizations can establish their own internal youth councils and nurture their members until they’re able to enter the Outerverse Youth Council. It’s a good idea, but it won’t work for now, which is precisely why I said that it won’t work.” 

Lu Yin’s eyes seemed to spark with flames as he snorted, though he remained silent.

Puyu smiled and raised his hand to stop the two. “That’s enough. We’re all working for the Ten Arbiters, so let’s calm down and end things here.”

Liu Shaoge grinned at Lu Yin and then turned to leave. 

Just as Puyu was about to leave, Lu Yin suddenly stopped him. “Please wait, Councilor Puyu.” 

Puyu looked at him in confusion. “What is it, Representative Lu?” 

Lu Yin spoke in a low voice. “I don’t expect all the things that I brought up to be implemented immediately. I merely wanted them to be brought up to the Ten Arbiters. Please agree to it.” Only proposals that were approved by more than half of the acting councilors could be sent on to the Ten Arbiters. 

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