Chapter 359: Joining Forces

Lu Yin frowned, stepped in front of Yue Xianzi, and stared at Casanova. “It’s an honor to meet one of the Distinguished Five of the Lockbreaker’s Society.” 

Casanova unhappily directed his attention to Lu Yin. “Who are you?” 

“I’m Lu Yin.”

Casanova’s gaze changed, and he started to seriously size Lu Yin up and down. “So you’re the one who displayed Thirty Stacks and matched Arbiter Lan’s record. Lu Yin?” 

Lu Yin smiled faintly. “Yeah.” 

Casanova gasped. “No wonder you’re a Ten Arbiters’ candidate! That was just Twenty Stacks, but it was already rather powerful. You sure live up to the reputation of being the champion of the Tournament of the Strongest.” 

Lu Yin did not reply and only silently looked at Casanova. 

Casanova’s tone changed. “Still, no matter how much of a genius you may be, you cannot obstruct Casanova from chatting with a beautiful lady. Move aside.” 

“Sorry, she’s from the Outerverse Youth Council and also happens to be my subsidiary member.” 

Casanova rolled his eyes and threw the flowers away. He then vanished only to reappear at the edge of the danger zone surrounding the tree-shaped sourcebox. 

His conduct was rather abrupt, and Lu Yin was not really able to follow along. 

Dao Bo forced a smile onto his face. “Brother Lu, don’t bother getting worked up. That’s just how Casanova is. He cannot resist beauties, is distinguished, not obscene at all, straightforward, and candid.” 

Lu Yin felt strange; how was secretly approaching Yue Xianzi not obscene? Also, why were all the people he had met on this planet weirdos? This was Dao Bo’s third time saying something like “pay them no mind.” It seemed like Lockbreakers were much weirder than regular cultivators. 

“Casanova is one of the Distinguished Five, and also twenty ninth on the Top Hundred Rankings,” Yue Xianzi softly said. Although she did not personally know Casanova, she had evidently heard of him before, and her expression gradually became more pleasant. 

Lu Yin now understood how this person had not been harmed after taking his attack backed by Twenty Stacks head-on. It turned out that Casanova was actually an expert in the Top Hundred Rankings, and his placing was even amongst the top thirty. If Lu Yin exploded with his full power, then he might be able to rival someone at the bottom of the list, around eightieth and below. He was still a massive distance away from someone like Casanova. 

Still, there was no hurry. It was just like Casanova had said; once Lu Yin became an Explorer, he would definitely be able to harm Casanova. And Lu Yin was also confident that it would not just be harming Casanova—he might be able to challenge even stronger opponents than this person. 

Lu Yin wanted to try sparring with Wendy Yushan when she returned to San Dios, just to experience what the disparity between them was. 

“It’s impossible. I can’t solve this by myself.” Casanova’s voice sounded from afar, and everyone started to gather around him. 

If anyone from the younger generation could successfully unlock the tree-shaped sourcebox, it would be one of the Distinguished Five. After them would be Dao Bo, but he had already admitted that he held no confidence in doing so during the two days he had been present. Thus, everyone had pinned their hopes on one of the Distinguished Five arriving and saving the day, but Casanova’s words had just destroyed their hopes. It turned out that even he could not unlock this sourcebox. 

Master Jun sighed. “Even you, a two star Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker, cannot unlock this sourcebox. It looks like the sourcebox this time around is too difficult.” 

Everyone felt helpless, though some also became excited. They were the Lockbreakers who were no longer a part of the younger generation, and quite a few of them were at the Perceptive Intermediate level. 

Casanova grinned. “I merely said that I can’t solve it alone. I never said that we can’t join forces to do so.” 

Master Jun’s eyes gleamed. “Are you confident after joining forces?”

Everyone focused on Casanova. 

Casanova’s smile widened. “Of course, I have confidence in the people I’ll choose.” He then looked at the gathered crowd around him. 

Tong Mi'er stepped out first with a passionate gaze as he looked at Casanova. 

But Casanova’s eyes passed right over him as they landed on Dao Bo. “Get over here and stop pretending. I know how strong your Lockbreaking ability is, and as soon as you become an Explorer, you won’t be any worse than the rest of us.” 

Dao Bo smiled and stepped out. “Please take care of me, Brother Casanova.” 

Casanova sneered. “After you become an Explorer, there won’t just be the Distinguished Five in the society. Also, I won’t have to take care of you anymore.” 

Then, he looked up and pointed. “Xi Qi, come over here.” 

No one felt that this was unexpected either, as everyone was aware of Xi Qi’s lockbreaking abilities. She was a five star Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker, which placed her on the same level as Dao Bo. Although the vulgar fish that accompanied her annoyed people to no end, her ability could not be denied. 

“Brother Casanova, it’s been quite a while,” Xi Qi greeted as she walked over. 

Lu Yin’s brows jumped as he subconsciously looked at the fish, just like many others. Casanova’s luck was about to run out. 

As expected, the fish opened its mouth, lazily raised its fin to point at Casanova, and said, “Two-legged beast, you are very ugly.” 

That single sentence created an awkward silence. 

Many people looked at Casanova, who was not ugly; on the contrary, he was quite dashing. 

Casanova’s face darkened, as this was not his first time encountering the fish. Because of his name, the fish called him ugly every time they met, which was rather obnoxious.

Casanova barely held himself back from retorting when he saw Xi Qi’s regretful expression and instead snorted. Xi Qi immediately apologized. 

The fish looked at the sky. “Ugly is ugly. You can’t hide the facts.” 

Casanova’s mouth distorted as he irritably shouted, “You worthless fish! You’re the ugly one! Everyone knows that I’m the handsome one.” 

The fish yelled back in an exaggerated manner, “There’s never been a connection between you and the word ‘handsome’ throughout your entire life. Wake up! You’re hideous! Truly monstrous looking.” 

Casanova was about to retort back, but he was stopped by Dao Bo, who urged, “Brother Casanova, lockbreaking is more important. Ignore the fish.” 

Casanova’s chest heaved, and he snorted again before looking at the tree-shaped sourcebox. “Let’s go. It’s time to do some lockbreaking.” 

“Brother Casanova, will three people be enough?” Xi Qi asked. 

Casanova was now in a bad mood. “We can at least give it a try.” 

“Brother Casanova, could I take part in this attempt?” Tong Mi'er walked out, seemingly with high expectations. 

Casanova shook his head. “You don’t make the cut. Even though you’ve comprehended a domain, you’ve barely grasped it. If you can’t even protect yourself, there’s no need to mention you trying to help us.” 

“Then what about me?” Lu Yin walked out and looked at Casanova. 

Many were flabbergasted. Although they were amazed by Lu Yin’s fighting strength, they did not know how his lockbreaking ability compared. 

Tong Mi'er sneered. “Brother, you’re just a two star Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker. Your level’s far too low, so just step aside and watch.”

Casanova looked at Lu Yin with some interest. “A two star Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker isn’t good enough.” 

Lu Yin took another step out. “One’s ability is not just their registered information, but also what one can actually do. You can test me.” 

Casanova shook his head. “There’s no need to test you. You’ve only recently comprehended a domain as well. If it was Dao Bo, then I would not have been able to step that close to that beautiful lady. Your domain, comparatively speaking, is not much better than that of the person before.”

Lu Yin raised his hand and brought out the Giant Emperor’s third eye. “And with this?” 

Many cried out at the sight of the lockbreaking tool, and even Casanova was shocked. “You actually have a lockbreaking tool!” 

Lu Yin nodded. “A lockbreaking tool as well as a domain. I can see what many others can’t.” 

Dao Bo looked at Casanova. “I can vouch for Lu Yin’s abilities.” 

Casanova nodded. “Alright, you can join, but don’t be a burden. I’ll warn you now: I’m not responsible for saving you. You better go and lick Master Jun’s boots so that he’ll watch over you.” 

Lu Yin smiled. Although his lockbreaking experience was lacking, he was confident that he was not inferior to Casanova in any way. This was because he could see star energy much more clearly due to the combination of his Cosmic Art, domain, and lockbreaking tool. Out of everyone present, even Master Jun, Lu Yin was confident that no one could perceive the star energy more clearly than him. It would not be a problem for him to keep himself safe. 

If it weren’t for the fact that he did not understand the tree-shaped sourcebox, he would have already made a move. 

Tong Mi'er was not satisfied with this outcome, and he hatefully glared at Lu Yin. He wanted to see just how this person was more qualified than him. Although a lockbreaking tool was important, its efficacy depended greatly on who possessed it. 

“Hold up, two-legged beasts. Lord Fish realized it just now, but is that the toy that you want to deal with?” The fish atop Xi Qi’s head raised its fin and pointed at the tree-shaped sourcebox. 

Casanova could not even be bothered to respond to the fish. 

Xi Qi replied, “Yes, help us by looking.” 

The fish disdainfully answered, “There’s nothing to look at! There’s no use. The few of you won’t be able to succeed. Leave quickly!”  

“Why?” Xi Qi asked. 

The rest looked at the fish as well. 

Its beady eyes swiveled around, and it seriously replied, “Because this sourcebox has preserved the strength of the predecessors. Once it’s unlocked, a calamity will befall this place.” 

Many people were stunned by its words, and Casanova’s brow furrowed as well. Only a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker could go against the strength of the predecessors, as that was not something that a typical person could deal with. 

In the sky, Master Jun frowned. The fish’s claims shouldn’t be the case, since if this sourcebox truly carried the strength of the predecessors, then the Lockbreaker Society would not have allowed it to be a training experience for the younger generation. Yet he had also heard that this fish could see things that normal people could not. 

“Seventh Bro, it’s fake! I dare to claim that this despicable fish is lying! It’s intentions must be to unlock this thing itself after we leave,” the Ghost Monkey said with absolute certainty. 

Lu Yin looked at the fish and then at everyone’s solemn expressions. He then said, “This sourcebox should not contain the strength of the predecessors, or else the Lockbreaker Society would not have encouraged us to come here and unlock it. They must have sent Boundless Advanced Lockbreakers here before us.” 

His words received much approval. 

The fish, however, became infuriated. “This two-legged beast! Don’t lie through your teeth! Would Lord Fish ever hurt you? Let me tell you something. This tree was planted by the predecessors, and it has naturally preserved their strength. What do you know, you fool?” 

Lu Yin did not bother with the fish, and instead looked at Casanova. “We can contact some seniors in the society and ask them about this matter.” 

Casanova nodded and was about to move. 

The fish was unhappy. “Go ahead if you guys want to die. A bunch of idiotic two-legged beasts. Go, go, go on!” 

Everyone felt strange; the fish was clearly trying to frighten them. 

Xi Qi immediately apologized. 

Casanova ruthlessly glared at the fish, but then he stepped into the sourcebox’s danger zone. Dao Bo and Lu Yin closely followed behind him as Xi Qi tried to pacify the fish. Then, she also stepped within the sourcebox’s area. 

The fish angrily glared at Lu Yin, as it loathed this two-legged beast. There was a detestable aura on the human’s body, and his mouth was repulsive as well. 

The four Lockbreakers activated their gadgets to record their attempt as they stepped into the area, ready to begin their lockbreaking attempt. Their expressions turned serious, and the fish even stopped talking as it began to desperately scan around itself. 

“Everyone, approach the sourcebox with your own abilities, but listen to my commands,” Casanova said solemnly. He took the lead and began making his way towards the sourcebox. He walked steadily, and his path was practically a straight line. 

Dao Bo stayed rather close to Casanova as he also slowly made his way forward. 

Xi Qi’s expression was more solemn, and her demeanor changed. Her mien became completely different from before. The fish no longer spouted curses, and it instead started whispering in her ear as it steadily guided her forward. 

Lu Yin revolved his Cosmic Art and looked at the trio ahead of him. He could see that Casanova was walking a straight path, but his tempo changed as he moved; sometimes, he went quickly, and at other times, slow. The experienced Lockbreaker was avoiding the capricious changes of the energy wave quite nicely, and he was very confident as he led the way.

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