Chapter 353: What Do You Think?

As he gazed at An Shaohua’s back, Lu Yin sighed in praise. Most people misunderstood the disciples of powerful organizations, thinking that they were nothing but trash who were good for nothing besides waiting for death. However, the reality was that they had received an elite education from a young age that was far more intense than what most people had access to. From that, they developed a mentality and restraint that most could not even understand. An Shaohua was the successor of Watermoon Villa, but he was still very polite to people from the backwater regions of the Outerverse and knew how to remain humble. This was something that was beyond most people from powerful backgrounds. 

The mental resilience that these people had cultivated to achieve their desires was the result of their education, and when that was combined with a personality like An Shaohua’s, it made it that much easier for him to achieve success. Lu Yin admired An Shaohua and would not mind giving him a hand in the future. 

However, there was one thing about them that was quite annoying. These types of people tended to overthink things. Lu Yin had made it very clear that he needed money, but An Shaohua had assumed that Lu Yin was actually referring to the Great Yu Empire’s economy. What a pain. 

Soon enough, Yue Xianzi walked in. 

Lu Yin wasn’t as polite to her. The Frostmoon Sect and Watermoon Villa’s strength were at similar levels, but the Frostmoon Sect was located in the Daynight Flowzone. Lu Yin was no fool and did not expect the sect to abandon the Daynight Family for his sake. Although Yue Xianzi was here to show her goodwill, it would be impossible to hope she would actually help him. 

“Long time no see, Yue Xianzi. Have you been well?” Lu Yin asked casually. 

Yue Xianzi pursed her lips. “Congratulations, Lu Yin.” 

“For what?” Lu Yin was baffled. 

Yue Xianzi forced out a smile. “Congratulations on entering the Outerverse Youth Council.” 

Lu Yin quickly raised his hand to stop her. “Are you trying to tease me? I don’t actually have any real power, and I’m just helping Councilor Wendy handle some matters. I’ll return her seat to her as soon as she’s back.” 

Yue Xianzi sat down in front of Lu Yin and looked at him with a pair of beautiful eyes. “There’s something that I’m quite curious about. Would you answer a question of mine?” 

Lu Yin nodded. “Sure.” 

Yue Xianzi narrowed her eyes. “Bei Qing acted very strangely back in the Shenwu Continent. Do you happen to know why?” 

Lu Yin nearly spat out his tea and coughed. “That’s your business. Why would I know anything about that?.” 

“Is that really the case? I seem to recall that Bei Qing and you spent a lot of time together. And each time after you two met, he acted even more strangely than before. Are you sure that you don’t know the reason?” Yue Xianzi carefully observed Lu Yin with a searching look in her eyes. 

Lu Yin set his cup of tea down with a slightly embarrassed look. “I really don’t know.

“By the way, Yue Xianzi, I remember that you once mentioned that you had twin sisters. Why didn’t you bring them here with you?”

Yue Xianzi’s eyes flashed. She had only understood what had happened with Bei Qing after returning to the Astral Combat Academy. Bei Qing had acted very strangely and said some very odd things. It was impossible for his odd behavior to have nothing to do with Lu Yin. This person must have done something. “Are you talking about Can Xue and Can Mei? Have you taken a fancy to them, Lu  Yin? If so, I can have them warm your bed.” 

Lu Yin was struck speechless. 

“Ooh, warming your bed! Quickly agree, Seventh Bro! It’s a pair of twins who are cold on the outside but warm on the inside!” the Ghost Monkey shouted in glee. 

Lu Yin was developing a headache from how loud the monkey was yelling and immediately blocked it off. He quickly rejected Yue Xianzi’s offer and had some people see her out. 

From that point on, Yue Xianzi and An Shaohua were officially a part of San Dios, and they began managing certain matters of the younger generation under Wendy Yushan’s jurisdiction on her behalf. 

Meanwhile, Lu Yin discovered that Wendy Yushan was about to arrive, which meant that he didn’t have much time left at San Dios. 

The main reason why he had wanted to come to San Dios in the first place was Jenny Auna and Yan Feng’s wedding, and he had also wanted to find out why his family had told him to try to join the Outerverse Youth Council. And now, he had successfully interfered with the wedding, dealt with Firesmelt Planet, and his family had returned to the Pirate King’s regiment and no longer seemed to need him to do anything. In other words, he was now free. 

Since Wendy Yushan was on her way over to San Dios, the Great Yu Empire would need someone leading it. Lu Yin thought things over and decided that he should return to the Great Yu Empire to unify the Frostwave Weave. 

Having control over an entire Weave would be quite an impressive feat. 

More importantly, when the Great Yu Empire managed to save up some money, he’d be able to improve his strength. He would reach the Explorer realm soon, and then, he would be able to travel through space without a spacecraft. This was what Lu Yin wanted the most right now: money. What he lacked the most was also money. 

Sometimes, things came the moment one thought about them. Just as Lu Yin was puzzling over how he could earn more money, the Lockbreaker Society announced that an internal trading event would soon be held on the Violent Ape Planet. 

The Violent Ape Planet was located in the Vastdearth Weave, and it was a very young planet that had no indigenous civilizations. The planet contained nothing but countless species devoid of sapience. The rulers of these mindless creatures were the Violent Apes, which looked like apes that reached a height of a hundred meters. They were extremely violent and very strong. Each Violent Ape had a power level that matched a Limiteer’s, and some of the stronger apes even had power levels that exceeded ten thousand. 

The foremost organization of the Vastdearth Weave, the Vastdearth Sect, had once wanted to capture the Violent Apes and raise them as frontline warriors for their wars, but their endeavors ultimately failed. The creatures were far too violent and could not be tamed. 

Half a month ago, a large spacecraft had accidentally landed on Violent Ape Planet, and the passengers had discovered a tree-shaped sourcebox that gave off a mysterious bloodlust. Even Explorers were unable to approach the strange item. Word of this strange phenomena then spread throughout the universe until it gained the attention of the Lockbreaker Society, which immediately sent a few Lockbreakers to head towards the planet with the intent of unlocking the strange sourcebox. 

This was not an uncommon occurrence. Sourceboxes with no owners would frequently attract a number of Lockbreakers. The gatherings often turned into a trade event, and anyone who was capable of unlocking the sourcebox would be able to sell the recovered item for an astronomical price. 

The Vastdearth Weave wasn’t very far from San Dios, so Lu Yin did not hesitate to immediately set out. He was in dire need of money, and if he was able to get more, he would surely be able to beat up Ye Xingchen and the other top Limiteers without a problem. 

Lu Yin had planned on traveling alone, but to his surprise, Yue Xianzi followed him. One after the other, two personal spacecraft made their way towards the Vastdearth Weave. 

He switched his communication device on and asked her, “Why are you following me, Yue Xianzi?” 

“Lockbreaking seems very interesting, so I’d like to learn more from you,” she answered. 

“Right.” Lu Yin closed the connection and turned his gadget off before glancing behind him at the personal vessel closely following behind him. Both of the spacecraft were radiant-grade Auroras and could reach similar speeds. 

After ending the conversation with Yue Xianzi, Lu Yin contacted someone else: Meng Yue, the young master of the Vastdearth Sect. 

Lu Yin and Meng Yue weren’t very close, but they were both students of Astral-10, and Lu Yin wanted to learn more about Violent Ape Planet. 

“Lu Yin?” Meng Yue was baffled when he saw that Lu Yin had contacted him. The two of them hadn’t interacted much, and the most that they had ever spoken was during the entrance exam for Astral-10, when he had been defeated by Lu Yin. 

“There’s something that I’d like to ask you. You’re the successor to the Vastdearth Weave’s Vastdearth Sect, right?” Lu Yin asked. 

Meng Yue made a sound of acknowledgement. “Yes. What’s up?” 

“Are you familiar with the Violent Ape Planet?” Lu Yin asked. 

Meng Yue was surprised. “The Violent Ape Planet? How’d you hear about that?” 

“A sourcebox appeared there, and quite a few Lockbreakers are headed there to unlock it. I’m going over as well.” Lu Yin got straight to the point without hiding anything. 

Meng Yue fell silent. “You’d best be careful. Quite a few of the experts from our sect died there.” 

“What happened?” Lu Yin was curious. 

“I don’t know all the details, but the Violent Apes on that planet are incredibly fierce. While they lack the tactics and intelligence that astral beasts at the Explorer realm and above possess, their offensive and defensive abilities are both very formidable. There’s even a Violent Ape with a power level that’s over a hundred thousand that’s been sighted there. If not for the fact that the apes aren’t intelligent at all, the planet would be extraordinarily dangerous. You can think of it as your Frostwave Weave’s Firesmelt Planet,” Meng Yue answered in a serious manner. 

“I see. Thank you very much.” Lu Yin said. 

Meng Yue made a sound of acknowledgement and ended the call. 

Lu Yin set his gadget down. The universe was an incredibly miraculous place where intelligent beings could cultivate and travel through space. Even non-sapient creatures could cultivate, though the way that they displayed their power was different. They definitely couldn’t tear through the void to move around and had no desire to explore outer space, but they were by no means weak. This trip would definitely be dangerous. 

It would take the two radiant-grade spacecraft about seven days to reach the Vastdearth Weave from San Dios. If he was using a regular spacecraft, then it would have easily taken him two or more months. The distance was considerable. 

The spacecraft kept changing routes throughout the journey, and by the time the two of them finally entered the Vastdearth Weave, nine days had already passed. 

Thankfully, during these nine days, the sourcebox had not been opened yet. 

Given the skill of the Lockbreakers in the Outerverse, it would not be an easy task for them to open a sourcebox that the Lockbreaker Society had acknowledged as difficult. It would probably take someone from the Innerverse to succeed. 

“You’re a two star Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker so you won’t be able to do much here, will you?” Yue Xianzi asked in a rather polite tone. However, Lu Yin could tell that she was mocking him. 

“It’s been nearly three years since I started cultivating, and remember, I was just a regular person when I started. What do you think of that?” Lu Yin stated. 

Yue Xianzi was rendered speechless. That speed was something that even absolute geniuses from huge families like the Daynight clan could not match. This was also the reason why the Frostmoon Sect wanted her to develop a close relationship with Lu Yin. He was absolutely extraordinary. 

“Cultivation isn’t the same as Lockbreaking,” Yue Xianzi stubbornly retorted. 

Lu Yin grinned. “It took me about a year and a half to become a two-star Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker, and I started out as an ordinary cultivator. What do you think?” 

Yue Xianzi rolled her eyes. “You’re just lucky.” 

“During all the times that I attempted to open a sourcebox, I have yet to fail. What do you think?” Lu Yin said. 

Yue Xianzi suddenly found herself hating those four words: “What do you think?” Every time Lu Yin said them, it felt as if he was mocking her, but she could say nothing in response. It was incredibly annoying. 

“Even I’m astonished that you managed to achieve so much. Are you proud of yourself, Seventh Bro?” the Ghost Monkey asked in an exaggerated manner. 

Lu Yin burst into laughter. “Of course I am. I’ve done well, so I should be proud of myself.” 

“Alright, you stay proud of yourself, but don’t forget that everything that you’ve achieved keeps raising you higher on the Celestial Vanquisher's List. That Thirty Stack technique that you showed during the wedding is going to push you much higher on that list. You’re going to be a prime target in the Human Domain.” The monkey snickered after saying that. 

Lu Yin was left speechless. The monkey’s words had instantly put him in a terrible mood. The Celestial Vanquisher's List would always be an issue for him, and it would certainly mean quite a bit of trouble. 

With a boom, the spacecraft jostled as it crossed into the outer edge of the atmosphere, blossoming into a ball of fire that hurtled towards the ground. 

Not much later, the spacecraft created a huge crater in the ground. 


The hatch opened, exposing Lu Yin to the sweltering heat outside the spacecraft. He made his way outside where he saw a blue sky and a flock of strange-looking birds flying away. As they left, they released blasts of hot air that distorted the air.

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