Chapter 351: One Slash

Lu Yin smiled bitterly. “That’s right. This isn’t my first time interacting with Councilor Puyu. In the past, I received a mission from my mentor that required me to go to Gigastar Planet in the Butterfly Weave. During that mission, I coincidentally met and interacted with a person who had been dispatched by Councilor Puyu to that planet. During that time, I mentioned that the person looked very similar to a Neohuman Alliance’s Corpse King, which perhaps caused Councilor Puyu to take greater notice of me.” 

Wen Sansi’s eyes trembled. “The Neohuman Alliance? Who?” 

“It was just a joke. The universe is so large, and there are so many techniques. There should be quite a few people who appear similar to those people.”

“Which one?” Wen Sansi repeated, as a boundless frost arose from the depths of his eyes. 

Lu Yin put on an expression as if he were trying to remember a face. “Someone called Vulture.” 

Wen Sansi nodded and retracted his gaze. “So it’s like that. He is indeed rather biased against you, and anyone implicated with the Neohuman Alliance will have committed a great offense. Lu Yin, do not recklessly spout such words in future.” 

Lu Yin nodded to indicate his understanding. 

“Right, the Outerverse has recently had some problems with pirates running rampant. Start tracking these events, and if possible, try to coordinate with some of the various powers to eliminate them.” 

Lu Yin nodded and then quickly left. 

Wen Sansi remained in the same place as his eyes widened. An indescribable pressure suddenly enveloped the entirety of San Dios. The Arbiter was like the master of heaven, overlooking the entire area. He could instantly observe Lu Yin, Mira, Puyu, many others, and Vulture as well. 

No one could sense this pressure; even Puyu could only barely feel his heart become slightly stifled, but it was so minor that he paid it no heed. 

Wen Sansi closely observed Vulture with his sparkling eyes. He then quickly withdrew his gaze. His face sank, as it turned out that Vulture was indeed a Corpse King from the Neohuman Alliance. Wen Sansi had originally paid no attention to this person, and the Corpse King was quite brilliantly disguised. He had assumed that Lu Yin had been spouting nonsense. In fact, the main reason why he had done this was because of his mentality that preferred being overly cautious to risk missing something; unexpectedly, he had discovered something. 

Why was a Corpse King from the Neohuman Alliance following Puyu? What relationship did the two of them have? Wen Sansi considered the situation carefully and elected to not act immediately. He finally stood up and left San Dios. 

Puyu’s status was not insignificant, and even if Vulture was a Corpse King from the Neohuman Alliance, there was no evidence to show the two were colluding. This meant that Puyu could just claim ignorance, ending the matter with Puyu being punished for being a poor supervisor with only Vulture being captured. Wen Sansi had thus chosen to not act; he would head towards Darkstar Gorge to investigate this matter further and see if Puyu had been hoodwinked. Otherwise, it was possible that the entire Darkstar Gorge was a foothold of the Neohuman Alliance. 

Wen Sansi’s expression grew cold. If it was proven that Puyu had colluded with the Neohuman Alliance, no further evidence would be required, and the Councilor would be directly eliminated. 

Lu Yin raised his head and released a pent up breath. For the sake of diverting Wen Sansi’s attention, he had to reveal this trump card against Puyu. This nail in Puyu’s coffin had been left unhammered for a long time, and he felt that it was a pity that it had to be used so soon, especially since releasing this information early would likely mean that Puyu would not be implicated. However, it was still enough to force Puyu to back off. Nothing was more important than dealing with the Neohuman Alliance. So, for now, Wen Sansi’s attention should be completely focused on Puyu and Vulture. 

Lu Yin wondered how Wen Sansi would handle the situation. If Lu Yin were handling this situation himself, he would not publicize anything until after he determined whether or not Puyu was innocent. 

However, Puyu’s future no longer seemed as bright now that he had drawn one of the Ten Arbiters’ attention. 

It was still a pity that such a great trump card had been used up. 

Lu Yin stopped screening the Ghost Monkey off, and the astral beast didn’t make any noise this time since it was already accustomed to such treatment. 

“Monkey, have you heard of the Cosmic Sea?” 

“Obviously.” The monkey’s tone was not friendly. 

“Tell me more.” 

The monkey snorted. “Not in the mood.” 

“Alright, then I’ll ask and you answer.” Lu Yin paused before questioning, “Who are the strongest powers of the Cosmic Sea?” 

“The Four Pirate Crews.” 

“Amd the strongest amongst them?” 

“Each has their own merits, but the strongest individual power level should be that freak, Highsage Leon.”

Lu Yin’s eyes sparkled. “If I told you that I’m under Highsage Leon, what would you say?” 

The Ghost Monkey sneered. “You? Seventh Bro, I don’t mean to look down on you, but Leon's Armada almost never accepts any Limiteers unless they are exceptionally gifted. Even then, it’s difficult for them to be valued by Highsage Leon since he doesn’t care about geniuses. Even those who can match up to Liu Shaoqiu or Starsibyl would be unhesitatingly rejected if they tried to enter his crew.” 

“How do you know so much about Highsage Leon?”  

“One has to know about the Pirate King, Highsage Leon, to understand the Cosmic Sea. His might is incomparable, and he is famous throughout the entire universe. Even our Astral Beast Domain fears him greatly, and the influence brought about by his existence isn’t inferior to the Third Nightking’s at all, so you can just imagine how terrifying he is. Otherwise, how else could he have become the Pirate King of the universe that can upset so many powers?” 

“Has he upset a lot of organizations?” 

The monkey sniggered. “You haven’t heard? There’s a common saying in the universe—give whatever the Pirate King wants to him if you have it, and go steal it for him if you don’t. Whatever he wants, you better give it to him even if it’s unrelated to you.” 

Lu Yin was fascinated even as his spirits soared. How assertive and unscrupulous! But he liked this sort of bearing. 

“Right, why did you suddenly bring this up?” 

“I’m part of Leon's Armada.” 

The monkey was not amused. “Stop bragging. Leon's Armada doesn’t bother with geniuses.” 

“Have you forgotten Ye Xingchen? Rumor has it that Leon's Armada wants to personally recruit him.” 

The Ghost Monkey mockingly replied, “Seventh Bro, don’t blame me for bringing you crashing back down to reality. Although you happen to seem to be in the same category as Ye Xingchen, you can’t compare to him at all as far as others are concerned. He’s created a reputation for himself in the Cosmic Sea and is much stronger than you. Let me put it in another way—if the Sword Sect wanted to entice you, then they would give you a position similar to Liu Shaoqiu’s. But if they wanted to entice Ye Xingchen, then they would have to give him an elder position instead of a disciple’s, despite the fact that he’s also just a Limiteer. Do you understand now? Some things can’t be measured just by power level, and this shows the influence of those from the Cosmic Sea.” 

Lu Yin looked at the skies. Yes, the Cosmic Sea is the place where true powerhouses go to make a name for themselves. He hoped to go there one day and be able to personally meet the Highsage Leon, his boss. 

In the Outerverse’s Adonis Weave, there was an area of darkness where countless stars appeared to be suspended, like an interstellar gorge. This was Darkstar Gorge, the greatest power in the Adonis Weave. This was also where Puyu had been born. 

Darkstar Gorge was rather overbearing in how it handled its business, and it had already unified the Adonis Weave. More recently, it had used Puyu’s influence to gain control of some resource-rich planets in other Weaves, such as Bushtree Planet in the Woori Weave. After Darkstar Gorge had taken that planet over, it had been treated as their personal training ground. 

At that moment, a figure appeared in Darkstar Gorge, raised a long blade, and then suddenly chopped down. The famous blockade line of the Adonis Weave in Darkstar Gorge was severed. One single slash had sliced the stars apart and bisected this region of the universe, wrecking multiple fleets in the process. This singular, indescribably powerful slice was so overwhelming that even the Explorers there stood no chance of resisting it, and some Cruisers and even a Hunter had been caught by the blade. 

This attack was shocking and stunned the entire Adonis Weave—no, it had stunned the entire Outerverse. 

Darkstar Gorge was thoroughly frightened by this one slash.  

News of this slash that had split Darkstar Gorge quickly spread out, and Puyu shuddered uncontrollably as he learned of the incident. Who was this terrifying as to wield such power? Darkstar Gorge was considered a great power throughout all seventy two of the Outerverse’s Weaves. Even an almighty powerhouse with a power level over 200,000 would not be able to avoid a tragic end if they faced off against Darkstar Gorge. 

But this slash had been nothing more than a warning. 

When Lu Yin learned of the matter, he knew that this was Highsage Leon’s gift to him, but it was far too great a gift, to the extent that Lu Yin really couldn’t accept it. This slash had actually split the universe! This sort of power was horrifying and was something that Lu Yin truly could not fathom. 

For Wen Sansi, this slash told a completely different story. 

As soon as he discovered Vulture’s identity, he had started making his way to Darkstar Gorge, but he had been one step too slow and did not meet the person who had divided Darkstar Gorge. However, when he arrived, he could still sense their strength and the power of that blade. 

Wen Sansi’s face turned solemn; this slash had clearly been launched by someone whose power level surpassed 200,000. Who was this formidable? Had this been just a warning to Darkstar Gorge? Darkstar Gorge had its own almighty powerhouse whose power level was higher than 200,000, but a number was, in the end, just a number. Wen Sansi could tell that this slash definitely exceeded the power of Darkstar Gorge’s almighty powerhouse. 

“May I dare ask, has Arbiter Wen come to visit?” An aged voice rang out from the distance as an elder stepped out of the void, revealing a kind face towards Wen Sansi. 

Wen Sansi was respectful. “So it’s Elder Wu. I entered Darkstar Gorge of my own accord, so I hope that Elder Wu takes no offense.” 

Elder Wu was the Darkstar Gorge’s almighty Enlighter powerhouse whose power level surpassed 200,000. He was a famous Outerverse powerhouse. Puyu had been taught by him, and even the Ten Arbiters had to treat such an expert seriously as all such beings were extremely powerful. 

Elder Wu smiled at Wen Sansi. “Arbiter Wen speaks too seriously. It is Darkstar Gorge’s blessing to be able to host Arbiter Wen.” 

Wen Sansi exchanged some pleasantries with the elder and then looked towards the region of the universe that had been sliced in twain. Elder Wu also looked at the damaged area and solemnly said, “I admit that I cannot duplicate what this slash accomplished. When did the Outerverse have such a person? And this seems to have been a warning to our Darkstar Gorge.” 

Wen Sansi nodded. “Elder Wu, has your Darkstar Gorge offended anyone recently?” 

Elder Wu shook his head. “Darkstar Gorge has always stood apart from worldly affairs, so it should not have offended such a powerhouse.” 

Wen Sansi suddenly realized something: pirates had attacked the alliance of Outerverse powers who had petitioned for Lu Yin’s removal. Then, Darkstar Gorge was warned with this slash. Could it all have something to do with Lu Yin? The Arbiter racked his brain, recalling all the information he knew about Lu Yin, and his eyes narrowed. That person had taken a mere three years to meteorically rise to his current position, which was something impossible even for a crazy genius like Liu Shaoqiu. Was this young man truly only supported by the Great Yu Empire? 

Impossible. Wen Sansi immediately rejected that possibility. There was definitely someone else behind Lu Yin, and this slice had very likely come from that someone who was calling the shots for Lu Yin. They had delivered this warning to Darkstar Gorge, or rather, to Puyu.  

The power behind Lu Yin must be extremely terrifying if they were able to mobilize an almighty powerhouse with a power level over 200,000. It must be known that, even for a power at the same level of the Blaze Realm, almighty powerhouses were existences that were treated like strategic weapons and would not be sent out easily. It went without saying that such an expert would not lend a hand to a youth of the younger generation. Hence, if such a powerhouse could actually be mobilized at will, the power behind them must be truly terrifying. 

“Has Arbiter Wen thought of something?” Elder Wu inquired. 

Wen Sansi smiled mysteriously. “I was only thinking about the almighty powerhouses who have recently entered or left the Outerverse. I hope to glean some clues from those records.” 

Elder Wu had a grave expression. “Thank you, Arbiter Wen, for caring about the safety of Darkstar Gorge.”

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