Chapter 346: Position and Privileges

In the Innerverse, Nightqueen Yanqing soon learned of the Frostwave Weave’s military movements as well as the outcome. She was furious, as she had tried to use Yan Feng to humiliate Lu Yin and had even set it up so that there would be an opportunity to kill him at the wedding. It had all been to ruin that person. But who could have predicted that all her effort would be turned on its head and help him soar even higher instead. He had defeated two elite Explorers with his own strength. How had he managed to learn Thirty Stacks? 

It had only been a short while since the Astral Combat Tournament was held, but Lu Yin’s strength had improved from the initial Nine Stacks to Thirty Stacks! His progress could chill anyone. 

Since she was a disciple of the Nightking clan and the younger sister of Nightking Zhenwu, Nightqueen Yanqing knew exactly what being able to use Thirty Stacks entailed. Lu Yin had already climbed to the peak of the universe’s younger generation. He could only be described as an unequalled Limiteer, and he had reached the same level as those freaks. She wanted to deal with this person as quickly as possible, but she had been stopped by her elders. 

Every day that this person was not eliminated was another day that Yanqing could not rest peacefully. 

The war in the Frostwave Weave was no small matter in the Outerverse, but it did not have much of an impact on the Innerverse. Not even the Ross Empire reacted in any significant manner. Even if the Great Yu Empire unified the Frostwave Weave, they would still be a weak power to those in the Innerverse. 

At this point in time, Huo Qingshan and the rest discovered something strange. 

Yan Wujiu had absorbed all of Firesmelt Planet’s flames to increase his strength, so everything on the planet should have been destroyed. However, after everything was said and done, they found a single person who was completely unharmed, sealed within an extremely cold block of ice. This person was Yan Yan, an ordinary Explorer who had been on Firesmelt Planet. He had somehow survived the inferno unleashed by Yan Wujiu, who had a power level of over 150,000. 

“This, this is someone from the Royal Frost Continent!” Xueshan Auna was astounded as he stared at the ice on Yan Yan’s body, specifically looking at a distinct symbol. The symbol consisted of a wreath of five interlocking plum blossoms, and it left Xueshan Auna completely stunned. 

Huo Qingshan was puzzled. “The Royal Frost Continent?” 

Wendy Yushan was also lost, and she looked at Xueshan Auna. 

The Auna patriarch explained, “You all wouldn’t know this, but the Royal Frost Continent is a very powerful hidden force within the Blazing Mist Flowzone. That entire continent is hidden within an isolated space that few can enter, but their power is extremely terrifying. They are definitely not lacking even when compared to the Ross Empire, the Blaze Realm, or the Sylvan Dragon clan.” 

Wendy Yushan frowned. “It’s impossible for me to not be aware of such a power.”

“Princess Wendy, it’s very normal that you don’t know about them as the continent does not allow any outsiders entry. And any who do make their way in will be killed without question. I only unintentionally chanced across a description of this hidden force in a powerhouse’s records, and they described the Royal Frost Continent as having almighty powerhouses, and not just one either. It is the sacred land of ice and snow, and all those who train there will have these five rings of snowflakes on their bodies of ice after they are done. This is the unique symbol of the Royal Frost Continent.” 

Xueshan Auna raised his hand and caused the wind to dance, which carried chilling and frolicking snowflakes within it. “The Blizzard Palm has been passed down in my family, and I’ve always wanted to seek out the Royal Frost Continent’s entrance in order to train there, but I’ve never found it.” 

Wendy Yushan did not ask further; her interest in the Royal Frost Continent was nearly negligible. 

On the other hand, Lu Yin was rather intrigued; the Royal Frost Continent caused him to recall Shenwu Continent. Since this hidden power could rival the three great forces of the Blazing Mist Flowzone, the continent’s power must be even higher than the Shenwu Continent’s. 

Lu Yin searched on the network for a while, but he truly could not find any information regarding the Royal Frost Continent. He thought about it and then decided to use his Honor Points privileges to search again. Only then did he finally find an introduction to the Royal Frost Continent. However, it was only a brief description and had the same information as Xueshan Auna’s explanation. 

The Royal Frost Continent was hidden in a separate space. The other powers within the Blazing Mist Flowzone, such as the Blaze Realm, had once attacked the continent, yet had failed. What was different from Shenwu Continent’s tragic fate was that the continent was home to multiple almighty powerhouses of the Royal Frost Continent who had acted and had forcibly beat back the other powers. This had allowed them to gain a mysterious reputation as the fourth power of the Blazing Mist Flowzone. Since they did not interact with the outside world, they had been forgotten for thousands of years. 

Not even the Blaze Realm could deal with the Royal Frost Continent, which showed that the continent was not simple. Lu Yin thought about the current matter some more, and then ordered Xueshan Auna and the rest to take Yan Yan back to the Great Yu Empire. 

The aftermath of the war with Firesmelt Planet was very complicated, but Lu Yin did not need to focus on such activities. Right now, he was on a call with Wendy Yushan; it was their first formal meeting even through their screens. 

Lu Yin never expected that his first meeting with Wendy Yushan would be under such circumstances. 

When he first arrived at the Great Yu Empire—no, even before he arrived at Zenyu Star, someone had already mentioned the issue of Lu Yin’s engagement to Wendy. When he finally arrived, he had discovered that there was a Fifth Princess and had learned about her amazing talent, absolute power, exalted position, world view, ambitions, circumstances, and heroism. Then, he had learned that this person was supposed to be his fiancée. 

Out of all the geniuses that had been birthed in the Outerverse, few could equal Wendy Yushan, and all the rumors surrounding her made her seem unsurpassable. Things had even reached the point where even the Great Yu Empire could no longer accommodate her, and her position even surpassed Undying Yushan’s. She was someone who truly stood at the pinnacle. 

Having a marriage contract with such a person put great pressure upon Lu Yin. This matter had also led to him tasting humiliation at the hands of Bazeer, which had been nearly unbearable. In some way, Wendy Yushan had contributed to the matters that led to Lu Yin’s humiliation because of her detached and dismissive attitude and her complete disregard for Lu Yin. 

Sometimes, apathy could cause the greatest harm, which was fully embodied by Wendy Yushan. She herself had never even realized the harm that she had caused Lu Yin, and he did not want to admit it either. Deep down, Lu Yin wanted to forcefully rip off her apathetic demeanor by meeting her face-to-face and personally asking her, “What makes you think that you can back out of this marriage?” 

But now that he was actually in a meeting with her, he was unable to say those words when facing this indifferent young lady. 

Both of them remained silent for several minutes, but then Lu Yin finally spoke. “My condolences.”

Wendy Yushan’s expression was cold, but a sliver of grief shone through the depths of her eyes. The entire Yushan Family was dead, and even their corpses had been taken. However, she still revealed no sorrow. “It doesn’t matter.” 

Lu Yin nodded. He had initially intended to comfort her, but it seemed that that was unnecessary. For her to reach her current standing was proof that her willpower was very firm. “You’re too impulsive.” 

Wendy Yushan’s eyes narrowed. “That’s none of your business.” 

Lu Yin frowned. “I’m the Great Yu Empire’s Royal Regent, so as long as you belong to the Great Yu Empire, you are my concern.” 

Wendy Yushan stared at Lu Yin, and the two locked eyes for quite a while. Then, she coldly replied, “Your power’s not bad, but it won’t be that easy to catch up to me.” 

Lu Yin was especially unhappy when he saw her detached expression. “It won’t take much longer.”

Wendy Yushan’s eyes flickered, and she stared at him with a serious expression. She had no response as Lu Yin had taken less than three years to reach his current level. It was simply mind-bogglingly, but it showed that his innate gift might even surpass her own. If given another three years, what level would he reach? The Top Hundred Rankings? Top Fifty? Twenty? Or even the top ten? She could not make a guess. 

“You’re the Lockbreaker Seventh Bro?” She changed topics.

Lu Yin nodded. He did not feel awkward for tricking her back then since their interests had been different. 

“Your talent for lockbreaking is impressive.” 

“That’s for sure.” 

“I’ll return to East San Dios in a while. Be careful of Puyu.” And with that, she disconnected the call.

Lu Yin gathered himself. This woman was no fool, but her capabilities aside from cultivation were simply too lacking. Once she returned, his own position would return to being a representative, just like Barley. 

Ding! Lu Yin looked down at his gadget and then back at Barley. “Take good care of things when handling the matter with Firesmelt Planet.” 

“Yes, Representative Lu.” 

Lu Yin left the courtyard and headed for the Council headquarters, which was located on San Dios’ highest tower. The Council’s meeting room was also there, and it was the place that housed the highest authority. Mira was waiting there for Lu Yin. 

The fact that Lu Yin had used the Council’s authority to intervene in a war for his own personal gain was a weakness that Puyu would never allow to slip through his fingers. It was probably this matter that had prompted Mira to summon Lu Yin. However, he was not worried at all since Wen Sansi had come to San Dios specifically to restrict Puyu, and the Arbiter could not remain at East San Dios forever. The true counterbalance against Puyu was Lu Yin himself, so nothing would happen to him. At the most, he would receive a slap on the wrist. 

And Lu Yin was willing to take on this risk in order to unify the Frostwave Weave. 

Before long, Lu Yin entered the council tower and raised his head. The peak in front of him was the highest point above the Ablaze Mainland, and this place represented the extreme authority of the Council. The view must be good from up there. 

Mira was standing at the top, her back towards Lu Yin as she stared into the distant sky. Even the clouds were below San Dios, so she only saw a boundless sea of clouds and the seven moons. 

She coldly said, “Arbiter Wen has ordered Puyu to investigate the matter of you using the Council to intervene in the Frostwave Weave’s war. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”  

Lu Yin was not accustomed to this new icy attitude from her. “Representative Barley has investigated Firesmelt Planet for a long time. He has discovered that they have been producing weapons banned by the Human Domain. Hence, with the excuse of investigating their relationship with the Neohuman Alliance, the Firesmelt Planet’s three military planets were sealed.” 

Mira turned around and smiled at him. “I’m not stupid, and Arbiter Wen’s no fool either. Your reasons are too basic.”

Lu Yin did not reply. 

“But in the universe, strength is an indisputable truth. Thus, no one really pays any mind to the so-called ‘reason.’ You should be able to enjoy the benefits of whatever position you are given.” 

Lu Yin’s brows jumped. “Is this Arbiter Wen’s intention?” 

Mira smiled and walked beside Lu Yin, causing a fragrance to waft over him. “Arbiter Wen’s intention is simple. You’ve gone overboard, so your status of acting councilor will be stripped for the duration of Puyu’s investigation.” 

Lu Yin shrugged. “Give my thanks to Arbiter Wen for not pursuing this matter any further.” 

Mira giggled. “The acting councilor position has been stripped, but you are still Wendy Yushan’s representative. She will return soon, so you must work hard to stabilize your own position.” 

Lu Yin’s lips lifted into a smile. “Thank you, Senior Mira, for the reminder. I’ve made suitable arrangements for myself. After all, all the councilors of the Council of Astral Academy are also members of the Universe Youth Council.” 

Mira was stumped, as she had forgotten that Lu Yin also held that position. She had originally wanted to follow through on Arbiter Wen’s intention and temporarily kick Lu Yin from the circle of authority, forcing him to take a backseat. However, his position as a part of the Council of Astral Academy meant that his position was higher than any other representative, and he could even converse with Wendy Yushan as an equal. If this was the case, then how could he ever be pushed out of the circle of authority? 

Even if Lu Yin did not have the identity of an acting councilor, with Lu Yin’s value and his identity as a member of the Council of Astral Academy, there would always be someone willing to obey his orders.

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