Chapter 345: Unofficial Ruler

Blood filled the screen, but it was quickly burnt away by a sea of fire. All of the pain immediately vanished. This was just the first step of Lu Yin’s plans. He needed to unify the entire Frostwave Weave under his rule, and once that was accomplished, he would set his sights on the other Weaves. 

Lu Yin no longer wanted to be a mere ant, waiting to be sacrificed. He would never forget his near-death experience on Driftcharge Planet. Although they had initially been in the same boat, Zhuo Daynight had been sent off without suffering any injuries while Lu Yin had been tossed onto a doomed planet to be eaten by slaves. That was the difference that one’s backing could make. This was the reality of the universe. 

I will never let such a thing ever happen to me again. Lu Yin clenched his fists as his heart grew cold. 

Barley observed Lu Yin and noticed the change in Lu Yin’s gaze. Barley sighed; he wasn’t afraid that Lu Yin would become too merciless. Rather, he was more worried that Lu Yin might be too kind. War was a very commonplace occurrence in the universe. Many organizations were crushed, and countless people died, all on a daily basis. If Lu Yin was too kind, then his future achievements would be limited. 

Lu Yin was still just a student, and Barley was afraid that he might have bet on the wrong person. But by the looks of it, he hadn’t been wrong in supporting Lu Yin. This war would not only alter the situation in the Frostwave Weave, but it would also be a life changing experience for Lu Yin. This person’s future achievements are sure to exceed everyone’s expectations. 

At the other end of San Dios, Puyu looked down. Lu Yin had made use of his own influence as a representative of the Outerverse Youth Council to seal off Firesmelt Planet’s three most important military bases. This wasn’t a huge issue, but it wasn’t a trivial one either. Puyu immediately sent out orders to have a report generated and sent to the Ten Arbiters Council.

Elsewhere, Wen Sansi and Mira watched a screen that showed the progress of the ongoing war in Firesmelt Planet. 

“He’s pretty ruthless and decisive. That’s good,” Wen Sansi sighed in praise. 

Mira frowned. “Lu Yin made use of his authority in the Outerverse Youth Council for personal gain. That might be a problem.”

Wen Sansi’s lips quirked up. “If the position doesn’t allow for even this small amount of authority, then there would be no reason for anyone to join the Ten Arbiters Council.” 

Mira’s eyes lit up. “I understand, sir.” 

In outer space, near Firesmelt Planet’s main planet, black and red flames collided and tore through space. Huo Qingshan was weaker than Yan Wujiu by tens of thousands of battle power. Technically, he should have been on the losing end. And yet, the two were currently on equal footing. 

Each and every one of their attacks burned the void and reduced it to nothingness. 

“Blazeheart, Blazesword.” Yan Wujiu raised his sword straight up into the sky before slashing down with his flaming blade. His attack destroyed the void and bisected space. It unleashed a boundless sea of fire that even caused the nearby planets to start cracking. 

Huo Qingshan waved his arm, and black flames spread out, accompanied by an indescribable shockwave that went head to head against the Blazesword. Space rippled around the impact like ocean waves. 

“Scram, Huo Qingshan! My Firesmelt Planet has already made the decision to leave the Frostwave Weave. We will never take part in any decision taken by the Frostwave Weave.”

Huo Qingshan’s eyes filled with bloodlust. “You want to join the Blaze Realm.”

Yan Wujiu’s eyes went wide. “How do you know?”

All of a sudden, he felt a chill engulf his back, as if his entire body had been frozen. Snow danced about in front of him, and his expression quickly changed as he shouted, “Xueshan Auna!”

There was a bang, and Yan Wujiu coughed out a mouthful of blood as his entire body froze. Xueshan Auna walked out of the void behind Firesmelt Planet’s leader. 

Huo Qingshan narrowed his eyes. He had never expected Xueshan Auna to make an appearance here.

Yan Wujiu was even more shocked, and he glared venomously at Xueshan Auna. “How despicable!”

Xueshan Auna calmly looked over at Yan Wujiu. “You used my daughter to stir up a dispute within the Great Yu Empire. When it comes to being despicable, you’re no worse than I am.” 

“Hahaha, the winner is the one with the final say. There’s nothing that I can do about that! However, do you two really think that you can kill me? That’s impossible!” Yan Wujiu howled madly. He waved his hand and unleashed a wave of flames towards Firesmelt Planet that were intense enough to burn the void. The next moment, the planet blazed intensely, and its flames burned even hotter. 

Down below on Firesmelt Planet, Yan Chong was battling with Liuying Zishan when he saw what Yan Wujiu had done. He was shocked to the core and cried out, “You can’t do this, my lord! Everyone will be burnt alive!” 

Liuying Zishan immediately fled from Firesmelt Planet. 

Huo Qingshan and Xueshan Auna exchanged glances and then attacked at the same time. However, they were forced backwards by an even more powerful flame. 

“This is bad! Yan Wujiu is absorbing the forbidden flames of Firesmelt Planet. He’s going to destroy the entire planet to increase his strength!” Huo Qingshan had a glum look. 

“We need to stop him!” Xueshan Auna sounded anxious.

However, it was already too late. Firesmelt Planet had transformed into an ocean of flames. Yan Chong had been burnt to death amidst his ear-splitting howls along with numerous other people on the planet who didn’t even have the chance to scream. 

Countless lives had been lost on just one planet. It was a terrible tragedy. 

Yan Wujiu soared into the sky as the flames surrounding him increased in temperature. The void kept collapsing around him, unable to handle the heat. “You forced me to do this! Die! I swear that I’ll definitely get revenge!”

After saying that, he aimed his sword at Huo QIngshan and Xueshan Auna. 

Meanwhile, back on San Dios, Lu Yin became increasingly worried. Yan Wujiu had been incredibly merciless and killed all of his own people just to grasp a chance to escape. It would be an absolute calamity if he was not killed today. 

Yan Wujiu’s brutal actions shocked even Wen Sansi. “He’s not suited for the Human Domain. His value would be brought out the most at the border or at Gaia's Swamp.” 

“Can the Great Yu Empire stop him?” Mira asked. 

Wen Sansi shook his head. “With their abilities, those two aren’t capable of that.”

Mira frowned. Yan Wujiu was way too cruel, to the extent where even she felt a chill crawl down her spine from witnessing his actions. 

Within a room in San Dios, Yan Feng’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at his screen. “Escape, Father! Escape, and we’ll still have a chance to take revenge!” 


The sea of fire exploded in space, and Yan Wujiu forced Huo Qingshan and Xueshan Auna back with a single attack. He looked behind himself with a regretful expression and then fled. He would not continue this battle, for the power that he had gained from destroying Firesmelt Planet would not last for much longer. It was just a planet, after all, and all it could do was supply him with enough energy to contend against two experts. Escaping, however, would not be difficult. 

All of a sudden, something flashed through the void at extreme speed. Even with Yan Wujiu’s abilities, he couldn’t evade it. An attack sliced through his abdomen, and his flaming sword crumbled, disintegrating into nothingness. 

The sudden reversal shocked quite a few people watching. Yan Wujiu let out a miserable cry as the terrifying flames that had formed with the help of Firesmelt Planet quickly died down. He glared in front of him and saw a girl walking out of the void, eyeing him coldly. 

Upon seeing her, many felt surprised. It was Wendy Yushan. 

On San Dios, Puyu’s eyes grew large; Wendy Yushan had returned.  

Wen Sansi was bewildered as well, not having expected her to appear at such a time. 

Lu Yin himself was stupefied as well, but his emotions soon became that of delight. The girl’s timing was impeccable, but would she be able to stop Yan Wujiu? The disparity between them in terms of power levels was huge, but if she worked together with Huo Qingshan and Xueshan Auna, it might be possible for them to kill him. 

Waves of heat burned through space. Yan Wujiu glared venomously at Wendy Yushan. “It’s you, bitch? You wanna die?” 

Wendy Yushan’s eyes remained cold the entire time. “Your power is already weakening. Your time is up, Yan Wujiu.” 

“I’ll at least take you down with me!” Yan Wujiu howled as he charged towards Wendy Yushan while wielding his broken blade. 

With her battle power, Wendy Yushan was not capable of contending against Yan Wujiu. After all, Yan Wujiu’s power level was over 150,000. However, Huo Qingshan and Xueshan Auna wouldn’t let him get away again. Since Wendy Yushan’s sudden attack had destroyed Yan Wujiu’s boosted flames, the two could now restrain him. 

Right now, Yan Wujiu was even weaker than his state at the beginning of the battle, and he soon found himself at a disadvantage. Before long, he was gravely injured, and his blood was scattered across space.

Nobody pitied him. Although the Great Yu Empire had started a war against Firesmelt Planet, they had never planned to commit genocide against its people. However, Yan Wujiu had destroyed the entire planet purely for his own benefit, causing the deaths of countless people. The amount of damage that he’d caused far exceeded that of the Great Yu Empire. 

Under the combined attacks of fire, ice, and Wendy Yushan’s Ten Thousand Swords as One, Yan Wujiu’s blood leaked out into outer space, and he died. A Hunter with a power level of over 150,000 had just died so simply under the gazes of numerous people. 

For the Innerverse, the death of a single Hunter wasn’t anything special. However, the same could not be said for the Outerverse. Each Weave only had a small number of Hunters, and there were far fewer with power levels over 150,000. 

The confirmation of Yan Wujiu’s death meant that no one in the Frostwave Weave would be able to contend against the Great Yu Empire anymore It was now certain that the Great Yu Empire would be able to unify the Frostwave Weave. 

In East San Dios, Lu Yin let out a sigh of relief and unclenched his fists. There were no longer any opponents standing against him in the Frostwave Weave. 

“The Great Yu Empire has now taken over the Frostwave Weave! That makes you the unofficial ruler of the Frostwave Weave. Congratulations, Seventh Bro!” the Ghost Monkey exclaimed in excitement.

Lu Yin’s lips curved up. Unofficial ruler? That sounded pretty good. The person who should rule the Weave was Wendy Yushan, but given her cultivation-obsessed personality, it was impossible for her to establish any real power. That meant that he would hold the true authority. 

Behind him, Barley bowed. “Congratulations, Mr. Lu.” 

Lu Yin waved him away. “I’ll need your help in dealing with the aftermath. I’m sure you know what’ll need to be checked at the three military planets that were sealed off.” 

Barley hastily answered, “Of course, sir. Even if Firesmelt Planet wasn’t actually working with the Neohuman Alliance, they still developed weapons forbidden by the Human Domain. Their condemnation is guaranteed.” 

Lu Yin nodded in satisfaction. 

Elsewhere, Wen Sansi turned his screen off and smiled. “It’s getting more and more exciting every time. Lu Yin really doesn’t disappoint. The fact that he has gained control of the Frostwave Weave is definitely not good news for quite a lot of people.” He glanced over at Mira and then asked, “Do you think that he’ll stretch his hand out towards other Weaves?” 

Mira thought it over and seriously answered, “Yes.”

Wen Sansi burst into a fit of laughter. “What an ambitious guy!”

His gadget suddenly beeped, and Wen Sansi glanced at it. “Puyu’s looking for me. He’s saying that Lu Yin overstepped his authority in the Outerverse Youth Council to meddle in a Weave’s internal issues and that he started a war for his own benefit.” 

“Puyu is even more ambitious than Lu Yin. Even when Wendy Yushan was around, he essentially wielded all of the power of East San Dios. Although there’s no real evidence, the deaths of the other Councilors from East San Dios might be related to him,” Mira said. 

Wen Sansi nodded. “He needs to be stopped, but Lu Yin needs to learn his place as well. One can have ambition, but not too much. He might get out of control as a result of this matter.” He then rapped his fingers against the table. A while later, he told Mira, “Let Puyu investigate for now. You can supervise him and allow Lu Yin to suffer a little, but don’t let Puyu win.” 

Mira politely acknowledged his order and left. 

There needed to be balance when it came to power. It would not do to overly side with one party, nor would it do to leave things be. Wen Sansi’s main worry was that Puyu currently had too much influence, and the Arbiter wanted to make use of Lu Yin to balance out Puyu’s influence. However, the Arbiter was also worried that Lu Yin might go out of control if he wasn’t restrained. It wouldn’t be impossible to resolve this matter, but it would definitely be troublesome. For Wen Sansi, if he lost control over two youths, there would be more trouble for him to deal with, and he disliked trouble.

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