Chapter 344: War

“Actually, quite a few other people have registered as well. Even before the Ten Arbiters were established, the Universe Youth Council already existed. However, its influence back then was meagre, and there were also people who registered and never turned up,” Barley said. 

“Those people aren’t considered part of the young generation anymore, I imagine,” Lu Yin added. 

Barley answered, “Yes, but some of them have sealed themselves in ice. As far as the age of their body is concerned, they’re still a part of the younger generation.” 

Lu Yin paid no mind to that bit. He knew of quite a few people on this list, and there were even a few that he personally knew. After studying it for a while, he glanced at Barley. “Is there any way to register all of these people under my name?” 

Barley blinked at Lu Yin in surprise. “Well, um, you are merely representing Ms. Wendy, so your authority isn’t enough for you to do that.” 

Lu Yin was momentarily at a loss for what to do. He’d already forgotten that he was merely a substitute. “Then what about this? Is it possible to register all these people under Wendy’s name?” 

Barley briefly considered Lu Yin’s question. “Of course. Mr. Puyu won’t care about that.” 

“I’m also talking about all the names registered in West San Dios,” Lu Yin said in a low voice. 

Barley’s facial muscles twitched. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Lu Yin nodded. “Don’t let anyone find out.”

“Yes, sir,” Barley answered before moving as if to leave. However, after pondering for a moment, he glanced at Lu Yin with a hesitant expression. 

Lu Yin was confused. “Is there something else?” 

Barley hesitated and then whispered, “I’ve discovered something that I believe I should report to you.” 

“Go on.” Lu Yin looked at Barley.

Barley’s eyes flickered. “I found that Yan Feng has contacted people from the Blazingmist Flowzone’s Blaze Realm concerning whether or not Firesmelt Planet may enter the Blaze Realm.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened. “Where did you hear this?” 

“My battle technique is rather unique, and it allows me to read air vibrations. This makes it possible for me to hear certain things,” Barley explained. 

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and looked Barley up and down. He had a new understanding of this person now. He’d originally assumed that all of the representatives who were his subordinates were just ordinary people, but now, he had discovered that they were far from ordinary—it was just that they knew how to survive. The reason why Barley was sharing this information with him was very obvious. 

“I got it. Thank you for telling me, Barley.” Lu Yin smiled.

Barley hastily replied, “It’s my honor to be able to help you, sir.”

Lu Yin placed a hand on Barley’s shoulder, and Barley’s heart lurched. For some reason, he recalled the pitiful scene of Yan Feng and Bazeer that everyone had seen. Barley’s instincts screamed at him to dodge, but he restrained himself. 

With a smile on his face, Lu Yin patted Barley on the shoulder. “I remember people who do me a favor. I’m just wondering how far you’re willing to go to help me.”

Barley was thrilled. “I’d be delighted to help.”

Barley had originally believed that he had peaked in terms of influence within the Outerverse Youth Council. His innate gift wasn’t unique, and he’d only managed to enter the council after much difficulty and become Wendy Yushan’ subordinate. It was a pity that Wendy Yushan didn’t really care about anything and that she had left everything to Bazeer, who was stronger than Barley. However, he didn’t dare to side with Puyu. If things continued on like they had, he’d forever remain an ordinary representative. 

It might seem like he held a position of honor, but he didn’t wield much influence, and he also had to constantly be mindful of people like Bazeer.

Before Lu Yin arrived, Barley had thoroughly investigated him. The fact that Lu Yin had reached his current heights in less than three years was astounding to Barley and had convinced him to side with Lu Yin. 

Before Yan Feng’s wedding, Barley had decided that, if Lu Yin safely emerged from the crisis unscathed, he’d unconditionally side with Lu Yin in hopes of a better future. To his surprise, Lu Yin’s achievements had gone far beyond his expectations, which made Barley certain in his decision to work with Lu Yin. 

Since Lu Yin was new to San Dios, he didn’t have anyone he could use yet. If Barley showed some willingness and ability to help, he would surely succeed.

The only issue was that Lu Yin was very arrogant and had offended Puyu right after arriving at San Dios. It was very likely that he would die because of that offence. However, after thinking it through, Barley still decided to side with Lu Yin. He didn’t want to remain ordinary forever, and this person might provide him with a means to transcend his limits. 

As he watched Barley leave, Lu Yin’s eyes twinkled; he could use this person for now. An Explorer was slightly weak at the moment, but that was not a problem. Nobody would easily offend a member of the Outerverse Youth Council even if that member was merely a Seeker. 

Lu Yin switched his gadget on, and Huo Qingshan soon appeared on the screen. 

“I’d like to know what His Majesty’s plan for conquering Firesmelt Planet was, Huo Qingshan.” Lu Yin immediately cut to the chase. 

A few days later, on Firesmelt Planet, Yan Wujiu had a sullen expression. Behind him, flames swept through the area as a Cruiser, Yan Chong, approached him. “The young master has sent news that the Blaze Realm is interested in us and will probably agree to us joining them, my lord.” 

Yan Wujiu sighed and bitterly responded, “I never thought that there’d come a day where Firesmelt Planet would be forced to rely on outside support.” 

“It’s all because of Lu Yin. Without him, we wouldn’t have been forced to these desperate measures. Once we have a good standing in the Blaze Realm, we must take revenge!” Yan Chong hissed. 

Yan Wujiu’s eyes flashed with bloodlust. “Lu Yin and the Great Yu Empire. We’re definitely going to take our revenge.” 

At that moment, another figure appeared. “My lord, the Crimson Planet, Zhongan Planet, and Shia Planet have all been sealed off by the Outerverse Youth Council.” 

“What? On what grounds?” Yan Chong was furious. 

“It’s rumored that the Outerverse Youth Council found traces of Corpse Kings from the Neohuman Alliance in those planets, and for that reason, sealed them off right away.” 

Yan Wujiu’s eyes twitched, and he frowned before lifting his gadget. “Have the troops on Crimson Planet, Zhongan Planet, and Shia Planet gather and retreat from those planets.”

However, Yan Wujiu’s orders were rejected; the three planets had already been completely sealed off. 

“Our most powerful troops and ships are stationed on those three planets! With them sealed off, our power level has been reduced by at least half!” 

Yan Wujiu’s eyes shone as he quickly turned his gadget on once again. He was planning on contacting Yan Feng and telling him that he had to enter Blaze Realm right away without arguing for any conditions. This had to happen quickly because something felt off to him. But at that moment, Yan Chong’s device beeped with an alert, causing him to take a look.

However, he became startled at what he saw. “The military on the planets is in chaos. None of the ships can be mobilized!”

Yan Wujiu ignored Yan Chong and stared at his own device. Right now, it was impossible for him to send anything from his device because Firesmelt Planet itself had been sealed! 

A moment later, the flames on Firesmelt Planet seemed to soar as black flames descended, headed straight for Yan Wujiu. 

Yan Wujiu looked at the sky with a stern expression. “So it’s you, Huo Qingshan?”

Above the planet, Huo Qingshan had a cold look on his face as he responded, “Back then, the victor between us wasn’t decided during that battle in the Blaze Realm. Your current power level is 170,000, but I’m still far from that. Would you like to battle with me, Yan Wujiu?” 

Yan Wujiu was absolutely furious. Countless experts from Firesmelt Planet tore through the void and attacked the opposing forces in outer space. Meanwhile, the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons’ captains from the Great Yu Empire, Rocky Auna, Liuying Zishan, and the rest, all attacked. This force included the vice-captains, and each one of them was at the Explorer realm at the minimum. Outside of Firesmelt Planet, dozens of powerhouses engaged in battle. 

Yan Wujiu yelled, “Does your Great Yu Empire truly wish to start a war with us?”

“The war began on the day of Yan Feng’s wedding. By the order of the Royal Regent, we are to eliminate Firesmelt Planet,” Huo Qingshan sternly responded before charging in.

Yan Wujiu yelled and leaped straight at Huo Qingshan. A moment later, a sea of flames erupted, covering the entire planet. The blaze distorted the void and spread far and wide. 

This was a battle between Hunters who were able to destroy the void.

Countless people quivered in terror down below on Firesmelt Planet as they watched the burning sky. The fire, blood, shockwaves, and remnant attacks from the battles breaking out everywhere left them cowering in fear. This was Firesmelt Planet’s doomsday, and all of its experts died pitifully. 

Yan Chong was enraged. He did everything he could to block Liuying Zishan’s attacks, but his eyes turned bloodshot as he became extremely vexed. His battle power exceeded Liuying Zishan’s, but why couldn’t he win? It was because the Flash Step technique that Undying Yushan had passed down to the Thirteen Squadrons was a movement-type battle technique that was too much for Yan Chong to handle. 

Even further away, on a planet near Firesmelt Planet that was meant to protect it, Da Lei killed a Limiteer from Firesmelt Planet. He was surrounded by other members of the Great Yu Empire’s Thirteen Squadrons, and enraged shouts filled the air. 

Firesmelt Planet’s warships had all been sealed away, and many areas were being bombarded by explosives from the Great Yu Empire’s warships. Numerous powerhouses had already died in the attack. 

Firesmelt Planet was a powerful force that was second only to the Great Yu Empire within the Frostwave Weave. While its main headquarters consisted of just a single planet, it housed a large number of powerhouses on that planet. On this day, however, this planet would be the grave for all of them. 

This was the plan that Undying Yushan had come up with in the past to eliminate Firesmelt Planet. He had spent many careful years ironing out all of the details, and his plan was flawless. 

On Crimson Planet, Firesmelt Planet’s army stirred, eager to join the battle. 

Lu Yin, who was standing in the front courtyard of San Dios, calmly watched the screen. With merciless eyes, he ordered, “Kill all who oppose us.”

One sentence. Five words. That was all it took to sentence countless people to death.

There was no way for Firesmelt Planet to win against the Great Yu Empire in a head-on fight. In the past, Lu Yin hadn’t understood why that was so. Now, however, he had a deep understanding of how powerful the Great Yu Empire truly was. Undying Yushan was a successor of the “Yu” surname of the Seven Courts, which was one of the Three Dark Hands. The battle techniques that he had passed onto the Great Yu Empire were not something that any other organization in the Outerverse could equal. 

Even with Lu Yin’s current strength, Flash Step was still as powerful as ever. It was evident how terrifying this movement technique was, as it allowed many experts from the empire to challenge enemies who were more powerful in terms of raw power level. 

Besides, Undying Yushan had given his squadrons more than just the Flash Step technique; there were other battle techniques as well, and they were all skills that were out of reach of any ordinary organization in the Outerverse. Firesmelt Planet was way too weak in comparison to the Great Yu Empire. 

The entirety of Firesmelt Planet was stained red. Countless organizations that were subservient to Firesmelt Planet coldly watched on. Nobody in the Frostwave Weave could stop the Great Yu Empire right now. Although the empire had been weakened by the Ross Empire in the past, it was even more terrifying that they had been able to stand up against the Ross Empire at all. Nobody could have imagined such a thing. 

Lu Yin quietly watched the screen and then moved behind Barley. 

“Just a word from you started a whole war, Seventh Bro,” the Ghost Monkey commented in a complex tone. 

Lu Yin appeared to be deep in thought as well. War brought calamity, suffering, death, and the loss of emotion with it. It was the most evil word in the universe, but today, he was the one who had initiated it. 

Firesmelt Planet was doomed. The plan that Undying Yushan had come up with was truly perfect, and at the moment, Firesmelt Planet could only utilize about 30% of its true might. It was already completely certain that they would be defeated here.

The Blind Monk and Peach hadn’t even taken part in this war. 

What followed Firesmelt Planet’s defeat would be numerous people becoming homeless and countless families being broken. 

Lu Yin hated this, but what else could he do? This war was inevitable. If he hadn’t done anything, then Firesmelt Planet would have joined the Blaze Realm, putting great pressure on the Great Yu Empire. At that time, the people in trouble would have been the people of the Great Yu Empire.

There was no right or wrong in this war; the only thing that mattered was which side was stronger.

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