Chapter 343: Registered Names

At this point, it was pointless to talk to Jenny since her fate had already been decided. The only thing he could do for her now was to help her have a decent life. She wasn’t wrong; she’d merely been born into the wrong family and stumbled into the wrong situation. For a woman, marrying the person whom she loved was extremely important. 

Lu Yin was reminded of Ming Yan. What would happen if, one day, she was disallowed from marrying him? Just the thought of that situation made Lu Yin feel like he was suffocating. He didn’t want that to happen, because Ming Yan had to belong to him. He wouldn’t allow anyone to come between them. 

Still feeling annoyed, Lu Yin went to Bazeer, who was locked up in prison. He wanted to vent his frustrations upon someone. 

After going through a whole day of treatment, Bazeer’s injuries had somewhat healed, and he had regained consciousness. Upon seeing Lu Yin, he glared hard at him. “I regret not killing you back then.” 

Lu Yin released a minor amount of force and pierced Bazeer’s shoulder. Blood flowed down and stained Bazeer’s clothes red. “There’s nothing that you can do about the past. Are you telling me this, hoping that I’ll kill you?”

Bazeer sneered and bellowed despite the extreme pain. “Kill me? Do you even have the guts to do so? All of the criminal accusations you levied towards me are fake. Lord Puyu has already sent his men to gather evidence of the contrary in the Great Yu Empire. Your accusations will quickly be seen through. If you kill me, Lord Puyu definitely will not let you get away scot-free.”

Lu Yin rubbed his forehead. “You’re really an idiot.” He then pressed a hand against Bazeer’s shoulder. “I wonder… If I exert a bit more force on your old injuries, would it be possible for me to create the impression that you died because your injuries couldn’t be treated?” 

Bazeer narrowed his eyes. “Do you dare to try? Don’t assume that you can do whatever you want just because you’re representing a Councilor in-name. Everyone listens to Lord Puyu, and the status of my injuries has already been reported to him. If you do anything, he’ll definitely find out about it.” 

Lu Yin nodded. “That makes sense. Still, worsening your injuries should be fine. For instance, I can destroy your meridian points.” 

Bazeer’s expression quickly changed, and he glared hatefully at Lu Yin, though he remained silent. 

Lu Yin eyed the prisoner for a while before bursting into laughter while shaking his head. He pulled his hand back and said, “I’m actually quite thankful towards you. Without you, I wouldn’t have been so motivated to cultivate this hard. Look at how much of a difference excellent talent makes: in less than three years, I’ve already surpassed you. But what about you? You’ve cultivated for decades and have a biological innate gift, but so what? You were still defeated.” 

“What exactly is it that you want?” Bazeer sounded grim.

Lu Yin gazed at Bazeer. He didn’t really want anything other than to get some revenge. After all, Bazeer had done something terrible to him back then. However, as Bazeer had said, it was impossible for Lu Yin to do whatever he wanted. Puyu was keeping a close eye on Lu Yin. In fact, Puyu might even be hoping for Lu Yin to do something to Bazeer so that he could use that opportunity to report him to the Ten Arbiters Council and get rid of Lu Yin. 

“Regardless of what happens in the future, you’ll be staying here until those allegations are cleared.” Lu Yin then turned around and left. 

Bazeer heaved a heavy sigh of relief while glowering at Lu Yin’s retreating back. He’d definitely kill Lu Yin some day. 

After leaving the jail, Lu Yin gazed up at the sky. He hadn’t felt any excitement from obtaining revenge, because Bazeer meant nothing to him now. It was no wonder why so many people rushed to take revenge; after all, the intense fury that Lu Yin had felt back when Bazeer humiliated him had long since dissipated after so much time had passed. Now that he had actually achieved his revenge, he was no longer emotional. 

“I expected you to kill Bazeer.” An eerie voice sounded out, causing Lu Yin to get goosebumps. He whipped around and stared right at a person leaning against the wall. It was Puyu. 

“Why are you here?” Lu Yin was on guard. 

Puyu gazed at Lu Yin, and a cold glint flashed through his eyes. “Why did you cancel Darkstar Gorge’s trial at Bushtree Planet?” 

“Bushtree Planet is located in the Woori Weave and is therefore under my jurisdiction. I can do whatever I want with it,” Lu Yin answered coldly. 

Puyu stared at him. “You’re testing my patience.” 

Lu Yin did not back down. “And you’re testing the patience of the Ten Arbiters.” 

Puyu’s expression changed, and he looked off into the distance. He started to leave, but before doing so, he said, “If you rush ahead too quickly, you’ll tumble to your death.” 

“And if you’re too slow, someone else might crush you,” Lu Yin shot back with a rejoinder. 

He would absolutely not return Bushtree Planet to Puyu. This planet was very important to him; he would personally head there himself at some point. 

Within the Innerverse, there was a place called Gaia's Swamp. There was no way for anyone to escape from that place, and it was known as the prison that existed in the deepest part of the whole universe. 

Shui Chuanxiao was to be imprisoned inside Gaia's Swamp, and it was where he would serve out his sentence of ten thousand years. 

Outside Gaia's Swamp, Nightking Zhenwu was personally escorting Shui Chuanxiao into the prison. With a forlorn expression, the Nightking ruefully said, “A famous commander who can’t help the human race expand its territories can only be jailed in Gaia's Swamp where night and day merge together. What a shame.” 

Someone walked over from behind Nightking Zhenwu and slowly bowed. “He asked for it. Nobody can save him since he betrayed humanity.” 

Nightking Zhenwu lifted his gadget, took a look, and then groaned. He glanced at the man behind him. “You were born on Earth. Do you think that you can deal with Lu Yin?” 

The bowing man was Liu Shaoge, and he was now under Nightking Zhenwu. “Yes, my lord.” 

The corner of Nightking Zhenwu’s lips curled up. “You hold a huge grudge against him. I hope that you don’t die.” 

Liu Shaoge looked up with twinkling eyes. “I will win.”

Nightking Zhenwu nodded. “Then make preparations to leave. I’ll merge my power with you so that you’ll be able to temporarily use my abilities. This will ensure that you’ll be powerful enough to contend with experts at the bottom of the Top Hundred Rankings. It should also be enough for you to win against Lu Yin.” 

“Yes, my lord,” Liu Shaoge answered as his eyes lit up.

For the next two days, Lu Yin strolled through San Dios, which also gave him a better understanding of the Prairie Flame Continent. The mainland was huge and had once given birth to a large number of experts. However, ever since the Outerverse Youth Council had designated this location as their headquarters, the continent had basically been colonized. Many experts who rebelled against the Council were killed, and the rest could only submit to San Dios, much the way they would towards a god. 

This continent had essentially become a doorman for San Dios. 

There were no restrictions outside of San Dios, and anybody could request entrance, but only those of the younger generation could actually enter. This was the reason why no experts from Firesmelt Planet had appeared at Yan Feng’s wedding. 

In this way, San Dios had ensured that the status of the younger generation would be upheld here. Perhaps this was the reason why the Ten Arbiters Council had been able to do so well in the universe; once all of the youths banded together and gained a certain amount of influence in the universe, they had gained a stable way to climb up the ladder of power. 

As of now, there were only five Councilors in the Outerverse Youth Council. East San Dios only had Puyu and Wendy Yushan. 

Wendy Yushan wasn’t very suited to wielding authority. No matter how lazy Lu Yin was, he would still at least look through all of the information that he needed to verify. Wendy Yushan, however, had basically handed everything over to Bazeer, which basically meant that she had given all of her authority to Puyu. She was dumb. At least, that was what Lu Yin thought of her actions. 

“You’ve been going over that information for two days already, Seventh Bro. Didn’t you say that you weren’t going to bother with it?” the Ghost Monkey asked. 

Lu Yin could feel a headache coming. “I don’t have a choice. Who knows what Puyu’s already done to the four Weaves?” 

“You should get someone to manage things for you,” the monkey replied. 

Lu Yin was well aware that he was not the right person for this job, but who else could he ask to do it? The person had to be someone he trusted absolutely, but there wasn’t anyone who fit the bill. 

All of a sudden, Lu Yin recalled the people who had participated in the Outerverse trials in the Shenwu Continent with him. Where were they now? 

With this in mind, Lu Yin immediately found a subordinate council representative. 

The person who appeared before Lu Yin was Barley, an Explorer with a power level of 23,000. He had been born in the Grandtop Weave and was one of Wendy Yushan’s representatives. 

“Were you looking for me, Mr. Lu?” Barley respectfully inquired.

Lu Yin grunted in response. “There should have been some people who passed the Outerverse trials, so why don’t I see anyone listed here?” 

Barley answered, “They merely registered themselves. Most of the disciples from the Innerverse take part in the trials to demonstrate their abilities and attract the attention of the Ten Arbiters. Few of them actually come to San Dios. Of course, there are some who did come, but they were all either grabbed by Councilor Puyu or went to West San Dios.” 

“So you’re saying that none of them are here?” Lu Yin frowned.

Barley wryly answered, “Yes. After Councilor Wendy Yushan went missing, the remaining trial takers who joined San Dios chose not to come here.”

Lu Yin was at a loss. Those who had managed to pass the trials were definitely not people to be trifled with, and most of them had good connections. If he managed to handle them properly, then they’d definitely be able to help him with a lot of things. Puyu really did work very efficiently. 

“By the way, which names are registered under us?” Lu Yin asked as he looked at Barley.

Barley had a strange look in his eyes. Those whose names were registered here usually weren’t required to come to San Dios. This was an unspoken rule, so even Puyu hadn’t looked at the list. This was because nobody could force the people on this list to do anything since they all had strong connections. However, since Lu Yin wanted to see the list, Barley did not reject and brought the list out.

When Lu Yin took a look, his eyes lit up. This list was quite interesting. There were people such as Yue Xianzi, Zhuang Shaohua, and a few others whom he already knew. There was also somebody called Hui Chuan, who had come from the Beast Tamers Flowzone’s Divine Grade Hall, just like Kuang Wang. There was another person called Zhan Jin who’d been born in the Blaze Realm, as well as Tieshan Daynight and some others. There were about three or four people from the Daynight clan. 

“All of these people registered here?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Barley quickly answered, “Yes. They all passed the trials, but none of them came here.”

Lu Yin sighed. These people all had strong connections and backgrounds, which meant that they were not individuals who could be provoked. Even Puyu didn’t dare to meddle with them, so who was Lu Yin to try?

“Are there any more?” Lu Yin asked.

Barley showed him another list. “These are the trial takers who registered under Puyu’s name.”

Lu Yin took a quick look. “Who is Wen Qing’er?”

“She’s a disciple from the Erudite Flowzone’s Wen Family. She’s said to be Arbiter Wen’s cousin,” Barley replied.

Lu Yin was shocked, but then he continued looking through the list. Yan Hua, a disciple from the Sword Sect. Lucina, a First-Grade Hall disciple from the Beast Tamers Flowzone. Ah-Fan… huh? Oh, so he’s a student from the Northern Flowzone’s Shangwu Academy. After skimming through the list, Lu Yin continued staring at it. The names registered here were ones with great value. 

The reason why the Ten Arbiters Council held so much power in the Human Domain was not only because of the Ten Arbiters’ terrifying battle power, but also because they had the support of young people with powerful connections, such as those on this list. If anyone provoked the Ten Arbiters Council, then it would also implicate the benefits of countless people. These organizations would definitely not take such a matter lying down. 

Lu Yin had the feeling that the Ten Arbiters Councils was another avenue for the great powers of the universe to hold their contests. If he managed to gain a high status in the Council, then he’d gain access to things far beyond his current imagination. 

The reason why these people had registered their names with the Outerverse Youth Council at all was in preparation to vie for power in the Council in the future. It was obvious that this was an act of foresight, but this also showed the importance of the Ten Arbiters Council.

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