Chapter 342: Right And Wrong

Lu Yin arranged for Jenny Auna to be taken in custody and then sent back to Zenyu Star in two days. Her fate had already been determined, and she would live out the rest of her days in the Auna family like a caged bird. Lu Yin definitely would not marry her, and it was now impossible for her to wed anyone else either. 

Without a doubt, Bazeer was guilty, and Lu Yin had already arranged for him to be imprisoned. For Yan Feng, Lu Yin just wanted to be done with him as soon as possible. He hadn’t committed any crime, but rather just held an opposing viewpoint. Thus, Lu Yin could only have Yan Feng be healed and then prepare to deal with this person again in the future. 

There were quite a few people from Firesmelt Planet on Saint Dios, and all of them were locked up without exception. Among them, Lu Yin saw someone he knew: Yan Gang. They had first met during the trials on Earth, and Lu Yin remembered that this person was Yan Feng’s servant and that the two had an excellent relationship. Now, however, Yan Gang didn’t even have the right to participate in the battle since he was still a mere Melder. When he felt Lu Yin’s gaze land upon him, Yan Gang ducked his head, not daring to meet Lu Yin’s eyes for fear that he would be targeted. However, Lu Yin paid him no mind; someone like him was not worth his attention. 

Elsewhere, Mira walked up behind Wen Sansi. “Arbiter Wen.” 

Wen Sansi smiled. “The show was good, and the main character was even better.”

Mira looked up at the Arbiter with a solemn expression. “The fact that he’s able to use Thirty Stacks means that only those two Limiteers can match up to him now.” 

Wen Sansi nodded. “Yes. It means that he’s truly invincible amongst the Limiteer realm and is a true Ten Arbiters’ candidate. Haha! How interesting!” After saying that, Wen Sansi suddenly changed topics. “Give Lu Yin some information about Mu Rong, Mira.”

Mira was confused, but Wen Sansi’s eyes had lit up. He was looking forward to seeing the battle between the two Limiteers. He was extremely curious to find out whether or not the person backing Mu Rong would be able to hold themselves back the moment Mu Rong was defeated.

As a Councilor of the Outerverse Youth Council, Wendy Yushan supervised four Weaves, namely the Frostwave Weave, Grandtop Weave, Lars Weave, and Woori Weave. These four Weaves bordered each other, and all the members of the younger generation in them were under the jurisdiction of the Outerverse Youth Council. There were a large number of issues that had to be handled. 

The Ten Arbiters Council’s network was linked to the Outerverse Youth Council’s network, so Lu Yin was able to login and access the Weaves that Wendy Yushan supervised through the Ten Arbiters Council network. His responsibilities now included these four Weaves in addition to the Innerverse’s Northern Flowzone. 

Each Weave was massive. The total area of the four Weaves was simply unimaginable to the average person. Each Weave contained countless academies, and numerous trials and exams occurred on a daily basis. Just the number of issues that regularly cropped up within the four Weaves were more than enough to give Lu Yin a headache. He wasn’t suited to this kind of work, and just like what he had done with the Northern Flowzone, he was planning on leaving these matters alone. 

What he needed now was the title as well as the influence to undermine Puyu’s power. Everything else took second place to that.

After searching through the network, he suddenly saw a strange piece of news regarding a trial: Some youths from Darkstar Gorge will head to the Woori Weave to take part in a trial in ten days. 

The information didn’t mean much to him, but the mention of “Darkstar Gorge” made Lu Yin think of Puyu, because Puyu had been born in Darkstar Gorge. 

Lu Yin quickly opened the network and started looking for information about Bushtree Planet.

The more he found out, the more excited Lu Yin became. Bushtree Planet was a very strange place. All of its water sources were hidden underground, and its surface was covered with numerous plants. There were no animals there and only lush green vegetation. Some of these plants had developed the ability to attack people while others were rare treasures.

Planets like this one where treasures naturally grew were typically prized. Unfortunately, most of the plants on this particular planet would not live for more than a decade; after ten years, they would slowly wither away. Many scholars had investigated this matter before in hopes of finding out the reason, but they had all failed. Since the plants could only last for ten years, even the rarest plants were rendered useless by this defect. 

For this reason, Bushtree Planet had eventually been abandoned and relegated to being a training ground. 

Precious plants that only had a lifespan of a decade weren’t of much use to powerful cultivators, but they were still effective for Sentinels and even some Melders. In addition, some plants that had gone extinct in ages past would occasionally appear here as well. If one was lucky, they might find a plant that could improve a person’s physique. For this reason, many organizations in the Woori Weave wished to send their young geniuses to train on Bushtree Planet. Unfortunately for them, Puyu was in charge of it.

Lu Yin was struck speechless when he found out that Bushtree Planet was a training ground for Darkstar Gorge even when Wendy Yushan was around. There could only be two reasons why this was possible. Either Puyu had total control over Wendy Yushan, or she did not care about this planet at all. She must never have tried to snatch control of this planet from him, or else it would have become the Great Yu Empire’s training area long ago. 

It was no wonder why Wendy Yushan hadn’t discovered that Lu Yin was a Lockbreaker; there was nothing on her mind other than cultivation. It actually made sense that Bazeer had decided to join Puyu. 

Lu Yin cancelled that training session right away. In other words, Bushtree Planet’s training zone would no longer belong to Darkstar Gorge. He would give it to anyone he wanted. More importantly, he thought quite highly of this planet. Others might only be able to harvest plants that were no more than ten years old, but as long as he had money, he could obtain plants that were a hundred thousand years old. This place was perfect for him! 

A day later, Lu Yin heard a beep from his gadget as he was looking at an introduction to Bushtree Planet. A message had arrived from Mira. 

Lu Yin tapped on it and took a look. His expression quickly turned to shock. What was Mira trying to do? Why had she given him information about this person? 

Within the universe, there were quite a few geniuses who were considered Ten Arbiter candidates. However, most of these titles were merely words of praise and nothing more than that. It was just like how Lu Yin had been referred to as a candidate purely because he had comprehended five-lined battle force. At that time, he had only been about as powerful as Han Chong and the others at that level—he would have been no match for Tian Hou. However, among these people praised as candidates, there were a few who were eventually truly acknowledged to actually have such capabilities. 

Mira had sent Lu Yin information about one such person: Mu Rong. He had been viewed by the Ten Arbiters Council as a genius with a powerful innate gift. Out of everyone in the entire younger generation who was below the Explorer realm, he was most certainly the most powerful. A certain member of the Ten Arbiters had even called him invincible among the Limiteer realm. 

The Astral Combat Tournament and Tournament of the Strongest had allowed Lu Yin’s name to spread throughout the entire universe, giving him a glorious reputation. Mu Rong, on the other hand, was not very well-known to the public, but all the top organizations were aware of him. This person had never lost in a battle against one of his peers. 

Every once in a while, there would be a genius who stood a whole head above the rest of their generation, and Mu Rong was one of them. 

Lu Yin had not earned the right to know of him in the past. Even after he was crowned champion of the Tournament of the Strongest, those in the know still had not thought that he would be a match for Mu Rong. However, the moment Lu Yin used Thirty Stacks, he had gained the right, for he had matched the record that Arbiter Lan had set back when he was a Limiteer; with his accomplishment, Lu Yin had finally, truly become a candidate to become a future Arbiter. 

Lu Yin sighed. Would Mu Rong be his enemy? Among the true candidates, there was Mu Rong, Ye Xingchen from the Cosmic Sea, and… who else? He’d finally stepped onto this level, surpassing Liu Shaoqiu and officially being noticed by the Ten Arbiters. 

Lu Yin mused to himself that it had definitely been a good idea to increase his strength before coming to San Dios. Him being able to use Thirty Stacks had caused a huge shift in his position. 

“Mr. Lu, Ms. Jenny would like to see you,” a maid informed him respectfully from behind. 

Lu Yin frowned. “I don’t want to see her.” 

“Um, Ms. Jenny has said that she’ll commit suicide if you don’t go and see her,” the maid explained anxiously. 

Lu Yin snorted and thought it over. “Lead the way.” 

While he didn’t care for Jenny Auna, his relationship with her family would grow troublesome if she died because of him. It was not worth getting into more trouble because of a woman who he didn’t even care about. 

When he arrived, he saw Jenny Auna leaning against the wall with an ashen pallor. The moment she saw Lu Yin, a bone-deep hatred flashed within her eyes, but it quickly disappeared. It was instantly overwritten by a pleading expression. “Please, please let me go!” 

Lu Yin stared at her coldly. “Are you aware that I nearly died because of you?” 

Jenny Auna shook her head. “I didn’t know that, but all I want to do is to marry the person I love. Is that wrong?” 

Lu Yin’s heart jolted, and he went quiet as he studied Jenny Auna’s mournful face. It’s true that she only wants to marry the person she loves. Is that wrong? The person in the wrong was the other person, not her. From the very beginning, she had never admitted to any wrong-doing. All she had done was agree to what had been asked of her. She was actually very pitiful. 

All the dissatisfaction and annoyance that Lu Yin felt towards her evaporated in an instant. She had not actually wronged him at all. It was not wrong for a woman to marry the person who she loved. It was just a pity that she had been born into the wrong family. 

“You’re not wrong, but you fell in love with the wrong person.” Lu Yin’s tone turned softer when he spoke to her this time. 

Jenny Auna closed her eyes. “Firesmelt Planet and the Great Yu Empire are not enemies. I like Yan Feng, so what’s wrong with that? The only wrong that happened is that my family promised me to you. Can you really say that you like me, Lu Yin? I can tell that you’ve never liked me. That ring never represented love; it was just a promise between you and the Auna family. In your eyes, I’m just a tool for a political marriage.” 

Lu Yin could not speak. Jenny Auna was actually wrong; she had never been a tool for a political marriage since he had never even considered marrying her. 

“You’ve destroyed a woman’s happiness, Seventh Bro!” the Ghost Monkey exclaimed.

“Father has never cared about my desires and only ever wanted me to marry you. He obviously knows that you don’t like me, but that’s never mattered to him. What he wants is to gain a relationship with you by trading away my marriage. I want to escape and be free of this cage—what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with me marrying someone I love? I never wanted to hurt anyone!” Jenny Auna screamed, looking at Lu Yin in abject despair. 

Lu Yin did not look at her. He had nothing to say because everything that she’d said was true. She had merely intended to take responsibility for herself and marry Yan Feng. She hadn’t even considered whether or not it would hurt Lu Yin, because neither she nor Lu Yin mattered to each other. 

Lu Yin sighed. “Yan Feng never cared about you.” 

Jenny Auna’s tears dripped to the ground, and she collapsed. “I know. I know that the person he wants isn’t me, but I still don’t care. All I want to do is marry him and be free of this cage, even at the cost of my own life.”

Lu Yin did not know what to say. Men and women had different principles, with the former being more rational and the latter being more emotional. The issues that they suffered were similarly different.

However, he could not let Jenny Auna do as she wished. “Go back. If it’s possible, I’ll have Xueshan Auna allow you to live in a good place so that you can become an ordinary woman and live a simple life.” 

Jenny Auna began to cry silently while clutching her head.

Lu Yin turned around and left.

“Wait.” Jenny looked up at Lu Yin’s back and whispered, “I never wanted to hurt you.”

Lu Yin did not stop as he left the room.

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