Chapter 341: Thirty Stacks

Lu Yin’s expression changed. The sword attack had been launched at him while he was in the middle of attacking Bazeer. The blade was extremely fast, and Lu Yin had nowhere to hide. However, he had no reason to evade it either. He calmly watched the flames approach him before simply raising his right hand and flipping it over rapidly. The inferno disappeared bit by bit until there was nothing left.

Many were stunned, what sort of battle technique was that?

Puyu quivered as well; that had been a lockbreaking method just now. How was this person’s lockbreaking ability so skilled already?

Mira was also stunned, as she had never expected Lu Yin to be so proficient in his lockbreaking. 

Even Wen Sansi was astonished. He had met many genius Lockbreakers, but Lu Yin’s aptitude for the subject was particularly impressive. Although he had not been a Lockbreaker for very long, he could already dissolve his opponent’s battle technique in the midst of battle. 

Yan Feng’s talent was far too inferior to Lu Yin’s. Even though he was a genius from the Firesmelt Planet who enjoyed exceptional advantages and had trained in a protected environment, those advantages only allowed him to barely touch the Top Hundred Rankings. However, Lu Yin’s strength had already firmly entered that level. According to Lan Si, Thirty Stacks even gave him a chance of defeating those at the bottom of the list. 

The strengthening fruit’s repeated upgrades meant that Lu Yin could now completely turn his nose up at the masses. He did not believe that any Limiteer was a match for him now, including even the Ten Arbiters when they were Limiteers.

Yan Feng’s sword was easily shattered by Lu Yin, and his right shoulder was also struck, sending him flying just like Bazeer. 

Whether they were watching this take place on a screen or live in-person on San Dios, everyone was stunned. A Limiteer named Lu Yin was not merely displaying his strength as a Realmbreaker, but he had also defeated two genius Explorers at the same time. This was a scene that was almost impossible to witness in the Outerverse, and yet, it had just occurred. 

The difference between the Innerverse and Outerverse was too clear, but even if he were from the Innerverse, Lu Yin’s results would still be staggering. 

A short distance away, Jenny Auna trembled and stared at Lu Yin in fear. Why had everything turned out like this? This was supposed to be her most blessed day when she should be basking in happiness! But then, this person had appeared to ruin her life! No, she could not allow this to happen! As soon as she made up her mind, she leaped to attack Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s eyes froze; this woman had gone crazy! He flicked a finger and pinned Jenny Auna to the wall. “This wedding has not been recognized by the Auna family and is henceforth to be cancelled immediately!” 

Jenny Auna’s face turned deathly pale. “Lu Yin, this is my personal matter. How can you cancel my wedding?”

Lu Yin squinted, activated his gadget, and then dug out Xueshan Auna’s certificate. “Your father, family head Xueshan Auna, has asked me to escort you back to your family. Due to this marriage not being approved by the Auna family, you are not allowed to make decisions in your own matters.”

“Either way, it’s not up to you!” Yan Feng pathetically rose up in the distance. He stared at Lu Yin with a ferocious expression. “You disrupted my wedding, and I, Yan Feng, will kill you!” He fully unleashed his power, and Bazeer snarled as he similarly erupted with all the strength of his Star Devouring Bear. 

On Firesmelt Planet, Yan Wujiu’s eyes were filled with killing intent. San Dios did not allow outsiders within its borders and only accepted youths. Otherwise, he would have personally gone long ago to slaughter Lu Yin. When he looked at Lu Yin, he felt a premonition of fear, as if Firesmelt Planet would be ruined at this kid’s hands. Feng’er, this child must be killed. 

Yan Feng and Bazeer acted simultaneously, both launching vicious attacks at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin turned around and raised his right hand. He clenched his fist and then loosened it, releasing a powerful strength that distorted the void. As everyone in San Dios and the countless spectators staring at their screens watched on, Lu Yin displayed a stupendously horrifying strength. “Thirty Stacks, Fortyfold Shockwave Palm.” 

In that instant, everyone who witnessed the scene felt numb. Thirty Stacks was something that normal cultivators could not even comprehend, and they would not even be aware of how strong it was. Only a rare few understood, such as Wen Sansi. He instantly stood up in his study, thoroughly stunned.

In the past, many experts had been given the title of a Ten Arbiters’ candidate, such as Liu Shaoqiu, Nightqueen Yanqing with her Nightking body, and even Zhanlong Daynight. However, only a few were truly recognized by the Ten Arbiters themselves. Those few people were the ones who could rival the Ten Arbiters’ strength within the same realm, such as Ye Xingchen from the Cosmic Sea. These few elites were true Ten Arbiters’ candidates, and even Liu Shaoqiu fell short of reaching that standard. 

Lu Yin had once been at the same level as Liu Shaoqiu, and had been given the title of “Ten Arbiters’ candidate” as a form of praise and encouragement, but not as a form of true approval. The moment he displayed Thirty Stacks, however, his status completely changed. He had met Lan Si’s achievement as a Limiteer, and now, he truly rivaled the Ten Arbiters when they had been Limiteers. He had become a true Ten Arbiters candidate, one of the select few.

The strength of Thirty Stacks was terrifying, which Yan Feng and Bazeer were experiencing first hand. It carried an indescribably overpowering strength within it, which Bazeer had once experienced from a powerhouse in the Top Hundred Rankings. Lu Yin’s current strength easily rivaled that ranked powerhouse. 

Yan Feng and Bazeer were both struck by a single palm and flew away, severely injured. The impact caused them to crash to the floor like puppets with their strings cut. 

The masses couldn’t even react. Lu Yin was merely a Limiteer, and yet, he had thoroughly smashed the combined force of two elite Explorers. It was like something out of a fantasy novel, and those from the Outerverse in particular could not imagine how a Limiteer had obtained such strength. 

Off in the distance, many from great powers from Innerverse looked at one another in shock. The current Lu Yin gave them the impression of an unequaled Limiteer, something that had only appeared once before. That person was called Mu Rong, and he had been recognized as an unequaled Limiteer. 

In San Dios, such occurrences rarely happened, as no one dared to be violent in San Dios. Lu Yin could actually be considered the first person to do so.

Puyu finally could not contain himself any further and looked apprehensively at Mira. He then stepped out. “You’re Lu Yin, right?” 

Lu Yin looked right back at Puyu. “Are you Puyu?”

A chilling look flashed through the Councilor’s eyes. “This is Yan Feng’s wedding.”

“Which is invalid,” Lu Yin bluntly replied.

Puyu’s eyes instantly turned frosty. “This wedding was approved by my San Dios.”

Lu Yin laughed and raised his head. “And San Dios is represented by you alone?”

“What did you say?” Puyu was furious, as no one had spoken to him in such an insolent manner in a long time. Even when his status as a Councilor was disregarded, he was still ranked thirteenth in the Top 100 Rankings, and could easily crush many others.

Lu Yin sneered, as this person had pitted himself against Lu Yin since a long time ago; they were completely incompatible, so there was no need to worry about offending him. Lu Yin did not see the Neohuman Alliance member he had fought in the Umbral Butterfly Weave, which caused him to involuntarily frown. Had he been discovered? That would be bad, as he intended for that reveal to be the final nail in Puyu’s coffin. 

“Puyu, you are a Councilor and not some elder of her clan. The matter of a mere wedding should not concern you so much.” Mira stepped out in front of Lu Yin, giving Puyu a teasing look.

Puyu’s eyes narrowed. San Dios only allowed the younger generation to enter. Thus, after Yan Feng and Bazeer had both been defeated, nobody aside from Puyu himself was Lu Yin’s opponent. But he was being impeded by Mira, which meant that his chance to kill the brat had already passed. Wen Sansi was also closely watching this place, so there was no need for him to complicate matters. 

“I just can’t put up with it anymore. Lu Yin, is this the code of conduct that the Astral Combat Academy taught you? To ruin the wedding of two lovebirds?” Puyu loudly berated. 

Lu Yin frowned. “Are you blind? Can’t you see this certificate?”

Puyu was enraged once more, as this Lu Yin simply refused to give him any face. “Alright, you are a member of the Council of Astral Academy that similarly represents the Ten Arbiters, but what you are doing tarnishes their reputation. I, Puyu, will not bother with this anymore since someone will deal with you in future.” He then glanced at the pathetic looking Bazeer, and a trace of light glinted in his eyes before he left. 

Jenny Auna was similarly pinned to the wall by Lu Yin’s energy and could not escape. She stared desperately at Puyu’s departing figure and the severely injured Yan Feng. Today should have been a day of great jubilation for her, but it had ultimately turned to one of pure grief.

Lu Yin surveyed everyone around him. “All those who are not subordinates of Wendy Yushan can leave now. From now on, I, Lu Yin, will temporarily represent Member Wendy and wield her authority in the Outerverse Youth Council. Are there any objections?”

There were five others aside from Bazeer and Yan Feng who were subordinate representatives under Wendy Yushan. Each one was an Explorer, and they were also a bit older and could barely be considered part of the younger generation anymore. At this moment, each one of them glanced at Lu Yin, feeling a little lost.

They did not know who to choose, as they had previously agreed that while they would not aid this youth, they also would not be excessive in moving against him either. This was also the reason why they had not joined forces with Bazeer and Yan Feng to deal with Lu Yin; they did not want to offend anyone. Still, they were not yet convinced that they had to acknowledge their allegiance to this new person.

Mira stepped forth in a timely manner. “Arbiter Wen has ordered that Lu Yin will temporarily take over Wendy Yushan’s duties. Are there any objections?”

“We pay our respects to Representative Lu.” The five Explorers bowed together.

Lu Yin nodded and smiled. Fortunately, he had greatly improved his strength; if he had directly come to San Dios from the Great Yu Empire as soon as he heard about the wedding, he would have been suppressed by Yan Feng and Bazeer. Not a single one of these people would have given in to him at that time, but it was different now. He had single-handedly defeated Yan Feng and Bazeer. His power trumped the others, and no one in San Dios was his match aside from Puyu and the other three Councilors.

This was the most important point that allowed him to represent Wendy Yushan. No matter what was said, power was always the determiner.

The wedding should have been a prime opportunity for many powers to make a move against Lu Yin, but it had been turned upside down by his absolute power. Additionally, he had not relied on anyone else. This matter spread out, and with it, Lu Yin’s fame increased once again. 

At first, he had just been an Astral Combat Academy student who had participated in the Astral Combat Tournament. Then, the Tournament of the Strongest had propped him up as a mighty figure of the Human Domain. And now, this battle had completely cemented him as one of the true Ten Arbiter candidates and was enough to give him a reputation as someone unequaled within the Limiteer realm. 

Limiteers were not exclusively members of the younger generation, as there were many older experts who stayed in the Limiteer realm and never broke through. Some of them even had absolutely monstrous innate gifts, but could never break through to the Explorer realm. Thus, there were fearsome geniuses among the older generation of Limiteers as well. 

Even Lu Yin winning the Tournament of the Strongest had not been enough to qualify him as an unequaled Limiteer, though no one would ever admit to that. Today, he had received universal approval for this title because he had matched one of the records set by one of the Ten Arbiters while still within the Limiteer realm. The Ten Arbiters were synonymous with being unequaled. Thus, to match one of the Ten Arbiters was equivalent to being unequaled.

“Congratulations, Representative Lu.” Mira beamed at him.

Lu Yin smiled back. “If you had not helped me by obstructing Puyu, then today would have been quite worrisome.”

Mira smiled. “Thank Arbiter Wen, I wouldn’t have helped you otherwise.” She then left, leaving only a slight fragrance in the air.

Lu Yin muttered to himself. Arbiter Wen, huh? It seemed like this person was trying to rope Lu Yin onto his side. He would eventually have to pick one of the Ten Arbiters, but who should he pick? Both Lan Si and Wen Sansi had expressed goodwill towards him so far, while Nightking Zhenwu was definitely an enemy. It was an agonizing choice to consider.

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