Chapter 340: Tyranny

San Dios had five arched entrances that were guarded by five powerhouses. Anyone who wanted to enter it had to pass through one of these arched doorways, as even space-exploring powerhouses were unable to enter the floating city by traveling through the void. This was because the guards were not from the Outerverse Youth Council, but rather, were experts employed by the Council. In other words, they were direct subordinate troops that were not necessarily part of the younger generation. 

San Dios represented the Outerverse Youth Council, but more importantly, the Ten Arbiters Council as well. Not just anyone could barge in, as that would cause the Council to lose face.

Lu Yin tore through the void and was just about to charge inside San Dios when the guard stationed at the Wendy Yushan’s arched entrance widened his eyes and raised a hand to shake the void. Lu Yin was forced out, and he cautiously stared downwards. 

“Who are you, and how dare you trespass in San Dios?” a middle-aged male barked threateningly at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s heart leaped as this person’s power was very strong; he was at least at the Cruiser realm. Lu Yin did not want to delay any more, as Yan Feng and Jenny Auna were only a few steps apart.

Lu Yin thought quickly, activated his gadget, and then showed the guard his screen. “Look carefully. Am I qualified to enter?” 

The male looked at Lu Yin’s information, and took special note of the two Honor Points beside his name. The powerhouse’s gaze changed, and he slowly stepped aside. “Please enter.”

This was a privilege of having Honor Points, and two Honor Points had brought Lu Yin far too many privileges, one of which was that Lu Yin was unconditionally allowed to enter the Outerverse Youth Council.

Lu Yin’s own status was sufficient for him to enter, but the verification of his identity would take time, and he had none to waste. This was why he had used his Honor Points to clear his path. He quickly set his gadget aside, and his body vanished. 

In a corner of San Dios, Wen Sansi’s lips quirked up. A good show was about to unfold. 

On the brilliant carpet, Yan Feng walked up to Jenny Auna and then slowly bent down. He reached out, with the intention of grasping Jenny Auna. Her face blushed, and a smile that almost seemed holy appeared on her face as she raised her hand. 

Suddenly, a powerful aura appeared that caused many to tremble.

Yan Feng paused, and his eyes turned cold. The one who was supposed to arrive had finally made his appearance. 

“Who allowed this marriage?” A voice rang out from behind Jenny Auna and covered the entirety of San Dios. Everyone looked at the origin of the voice; some were excited, some sneered, and some others felt anticipation. 

Jenny Auna froze when she heard the voice. She felt as if she had fallen and was being forcibly dragged out of her ocean of happiness. She was suddenly reminded of reality, and of a certain person. 

She slowly turned around and stared at a man not far away from her in disbelief. “You- Why are you here?” 

Lu Yin coldly stared at her, but then, his gaze shifted to Yan Feng, and his brows creased. “You’re Yan Feng?” 


Yan Feng did not reply. Instead, Bazeer, who was nearby, stepped forward and stared at Lu Yin. “Student Lu, you’re not on the guest list for this wedding. Leave now.” 

Lu Yin looked at Bazeer. “I will settle matters with you later. For now, beat it.” 

Bazeer was furious, and he sneered. “You’re quite smug. Tell me, how do you plan to ‘settle’ matters with me?”

“It looks like you’re the first dog to bite. If that’s the case, then I’ll grant you your wish.” Lu Yin’s tone was cold as he pulled up a screen. “Outerverse Youth Council subsidiary member Bazeer, Representative of Member Wendy Yushan, you were tasked with supervising the Great Yu Empire Youth Council. However, during your tenure, you were absent without leave, engaged in nepotism, accepted bribes, and ignored the laws. The evidence is absolute. What do you have to say in your defense?” 

There was a hubbub as many blankly stared at the screen.

Bazeer was furious. “Bullshit! I didn’t- This is slander!”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. “There’ll naturally be an investigation into your guilt. For now, scram!”

Bazeer clenched his fists. “Give me your gadget.”

Lu Yin ignored Bazeer and shifted his gaze to Jenny Auna. “You’re quite bold as well, to run away from your clan and secretly elope. Return to the Auna family.”

Her face turned deathly white as she trembled.

Yan Feng stepped forward and glared menacingly at Lu Yin. “Just who do you think you are? How dare you disrupt my wedding ceremony!”

“Give me your gadget.” Bazeer suddenly grabbed at Lu Yin as he tried to signal Yan Feng with his eyes. He was not foolish, and he knew that he would not be able to snatch Lu Yin’s gadget in front of so many other people. He only wanted to join forces with Yan Feng to deal with Lu Yin, not with the intention of killing him, but rather of humiliating him. A person’s reputation was very important, and their master plan was to make Lu Yin appear pathetic for appearing at his own fiancée’s wedding to someone else. He would become a joke that lasted for his entire life.

It was a very malicious plan, but if it succeeded, it would leave behind an indelible stain no matter how high Lu Yin climbed in the future. Yan Feng was intentionally broadcasting all of this live, which meant that Lu Yin would have no hope of reprieve if it played out as planned. 

Additionally, they could even “accidentally” kill him, since he was the one who was interrupting someone else’s wedding. Such an offense was punishable by death, and no one would stand up for him if he did die in this way. 

In San Dios, Lu Yin had no support, and this was all to his disadvantage.

This wedding ceremony had created a distinct opportunity to kill Lu Yin—one that no one could stop, and one with no strings attached. This was a special opportunity that bypassed all of Lu Yin’s various statuses. 

On the other side, Lu Yin had never believed that he would be able to resolve things just by saying a few words. He snorted when he saw Bazeer attempt to grab him, and he casually waved his hand, discharging a shockwave from off his clothes. He then raised a hand and swatted out. 


A rumble shook the heavens as a majestic, tsunami-like shockwave exploded and enveloped the entire courtyard. It even continued spreading further, covering all of San Dios.

On the Prairie Flame Continent, many looked up and saw a spherical shockwave spread out and disperse the clouds.

Many experts had to act together to withstand the aftershocks, and Yan Feng pulled Jenny Auna behind himself. 

Lu Yin and Bazeer both fell back with a bang, but Lu Yin only took five steps back while Bazeer retreated seven steps. 

This scene shocked many, as Bazeer was an elite Explorer whose abilities far surpassed the average cultivator’s. He had also joined the Outerverse Youth Council, which was proof of his status as a genius of the younger generation. This sort of person’s power undoubtedly greatly exceeded a normal Explorer’s, but he had just been forced back by one of Lu Yin’s palms when Lu Yin had actually been on the defensive. 

This one palm shocked all of San Dios, and even Wen Sansi shivered; Lu Yin’s physical body exceeded the Arbiter’s imagination. This person had improved once again, but how had he managed to do so this quickly? 

Bazeer stared at Lu Yin in shock. Although he knew that Lu Yin would be able to challenge him with the power that he had displayed during the Tournament of the Strongest, he never thought that it would be that effortless for him. The youth’s power seemed to have transformed in just a few days. 

Yan Feng similarly looked at Lu Yin, appalled. This was the first time they were meeting; he had only first heard Yan Gang mention Lu Yin less than three years ago, but this person had already become so powerful. This person could not be left alone. 

“You deserve to die since you dared to disrupt this wedding,” Yan Feng shouted as he ferociously charged at Lu Yin. He retrieved his sword from his cosmic ring and slashed out at Lu Yin as flame swirled around the blade. 

At the same time, Bazeer bellowed fiercely and made his move as well. A phantom image of a giant, savage bear appeared behind him. This was the Star Devouring Bear that was rumored to devour planets, and it was also Bazeer’s innate gift.

Lu Yin clenched his fists tightly, and a loud crack was heard. He was excited, as when he had first met Bazeer on Zenyu Star, the pressure from him had been nearly unsurmountable. Bazeer had represented a strength that Lu Yin couldn’t even imagine at the time since Bazeer had the strength to challenge a Cruiser and an innate gift as well. But in less than three years, Lu Yin had reached the point where he could challenge and even surpass him. Nothing was impossible in the future! 

He had not forgotten the indescribably stifling humiliation that Bazeer had given him. Today, he would return everything back with interest; he had waited too long for this moment.

Yan Feng’s sword sliced the void open with a swish and then landed in front of Lu Yin. This person’s power level was 30,000, and he was another genius Explorer who was at the same level as Bazeer. Yan Feng far surpassed the Explorer pirate captain who Lu Yin had run into on his way to San Dios. 

Lu Yin did not carelessly dismiss Yan Feng, and he raised his hand, only for it to turn into a claw. Firesmelt Planet was just a planet in the Outerverse, and the Great Yu Empire’s Skybeast Claw Technique was more than enough to deal with someone with such a background. 


A broiling inferno burst forth as the Skybeast Claw and the fiery sword clashed. The scorching shockwave roiled about as the void distorted before completely collapsing. Multiple spatial cracks radiated outwards, leaving raging flames in their wake. 

On the other side, Bazeer punched at Lu Yin, his Star Devouring Bear innate gift supplementing his battle technique. This punch was enough to threaten a Cruiser and force one to evade it, but Lu Yin did not even think of retreating a single step. “I’m going to turn you into a dead bear on this day!”

As he raised a palm to attack, Lu Yin shouted, “Twenty Stacks, Fortyfold Shockwave Palm.”


Earth-shattering explosions rung out through the city once again, and the terrifying force from the collision sent even Yan Feng retreating. Many of the spectators felt their chests tighten, and some of them even spat out blood before hurriedly backing off. 

Some distance away, Puyu stepped forward, but just when he was about to act, Mira appeared. “Councilor Puyu, you shouldn’t be thinking of intervening.”

Puyu’s face was solemn. “This is San Dios, not a playground.”

“Yes, this is San Dios, not a wedding venue,” Mira ridiculed back.

Puyu’s eyes went cold. 

Many screens lit up throughout the universe as people watched the wedding.

On Zenyu Star, Xueshan Auna was extremely nervous.

In the Innerverse, Nightqueen Yanqing sneered. No matter how strong Lu Yin was, he could not possibly defeat two Explorers who were qualified to join the Outerverse Youth Council. As long as the wedding was successfully held, Lu Yin would be finished, and his reputation would be ruined. The higher the Tournament of the Strongest raised him up, the further down he would plummet. 

Many powerhouses appeared around San Dios to block the shockwaves from dispersing and harming others.

The courtyard was already ruined, and Lu Yin and Bazeer once again clashed and broke apart at the same time. The end result was still the same; Lu Yin held the upper hand.

Bazeer stared at Lu Yin in disbelief. He was already using his full force, and his power even surpassed that of a normal Cruiser, but he could not defeat this person.

“I already said that I’m going to beat you to a dead bear today!” Lu Yin shouted as he used Flash to appear in front of Bazeer before kicking out. Bazeer bellowed, and a shockwave exploded from his body as he attempted to push Lu Yin back. At that moment, Lu Yin’s five-lined battle force materialized, and the dark-gold radiance appeared in the sky of San Dios for the first time, like a holy phenomena. It easily swept Bazeer’s shockwave aside as Lu Yin placed both of his hands on Bazeer’s chest. “Twenty Five Stacks, Fortyfold Shockwave Palm.” 

Bazeer’s pupils shrank to pinpoints. Twenty-Five Stacks?!

A loud boom could be heard throughout the entire city as Bazeer violently spat out a mouthful of blood. His entire body was sent flying backwards, but at that moment, the skies turned red. Yan Feng’s sword burned with an indescribable scorching heat as it sliced at Lu Yin. “Heart’s Burning Sword.”

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