Chapter 339: Prairie Flame Continent

A few days later, the floating city, San Dios, was flying high in the sky as usual when the void warped. Soon after, countless spatial cracks appeared. The fractures were followed by a series of colorful, strange lights. The lights were actually fireworks celebrating the day of the marriage; several powerhouses had shattered the void to create a firework-like display of brilliant lights for Yan Feng and Jenny Auna. 

In the gigantic courtyard, Jenny Auna happily looked at her visage in the mirror while surrounded by many ladies. Some of the women were from Firesmelt Planet while others were servants serving at East San Dios. They had all come to help Jenny get ready.

On this day, she looked exceptionally beautiful.

It was the dream of many women to marry Yan Feng, and Jenny Auna constantly drew various looks of jealousy from other women. These looks only served to increase her joy since they were proof that she was marrying the right man, the most outstanding man. 

Although no one from the Auna clan had shown up, and her clan had not recognized the marriage, neither of those things bothered Jenny Auna at all. Jenny Auna clasped a beautiful red ring to her chest—this ring was all that she needed, and Yan Feng would soon wear it for her. In just a few hours, she would become Yan Feng’s wife, and after that, she would give Yan Feng everything, including her body. 

Outside the courtyard, Yan Feng stood there with a calm look on his face. He did not care about this marriage as the person he truly wished to wed was Wendy Yushan. Alas, that was nothing more than a wishful dream. However, as a consolation prize, Jenny Auna was not a bad catch either. Even though he would not be able to secure the Auna clan’s loyalty through this marriage, he could at least gain some favor from the Daynight clan, which was more than enough. As long as he became a Councilor, it would be possible for him to come into contact with the Ten Arbiters in the future. When that day came, he would truly become a truly influential figure in the universe. 

“Congratulations, future Councilor Yan Feng.” An enticing figure moved towards him from not too far away. This woman had long, white hair that reached down to her ankles, and her feet were bare. Yan Feng watched as she floated down from the sky.

Upon seeing Mira, Yan Feng’s eyes were dazzled. He gave a faint smile and responded, “Ah, it’s you, Representative Mira. Thank you for your well wishes.”

Mira flashed a wide smile at Yan Feng as she looked at him. “Have you thought about how you will care for your beautiful wife in the future?”

Yan Feng smiled. “Jenny is a good girl. Marrying her is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Of course I will take very good care of her.”

Mira’s eyes grew until they resembled two round moons; it was a very alluring sight. She continued, saying, “Yes. Oh, before I forget, I heard a terrible rumor. Word has it that your new bride is someone else’s fiancée.”

Yan Feng’s expression immediately changed as the tone of his voice turned frosty. “Representative Mira, you must have heard wrongly. Besides, in this day and age, any unmarried lady is considered independent. The term ‘fiancée’ no longer exists.” 

Mira laughed in spite of herself. “In that case, I’m sorry, future Councilor Yan Feng. I was just shooting my mouth off, so don’t be angry.”

Yan Feng forced a smile onto his face. “I’m not that easily angered. Representative Mira, please do not pay attention to the frivolous rumors of the underlings.”

Mira smiled, nodded, and then turned around to leave. 

Yan Feng’s face was downcast, and he let out a snort. He would harshly deal with this woman soon enough. However, he had to acknowledge that she was indeed very beautiful. It was a pity that they were walking down very different paths. 

“What did Mira say?” someone suddenly asked from beside Yan Feng.

Yan Feng had not sensed anyone behind him, and he quickly spun around. What greeted him was a familiar face, and he hurriedly bowed. “Greetings, Councilor Puyu.”

Puyu nodded, flashed him a faint smile, and then continued, saying, “There’s no need for formalities today. This is the most important day of your life, so make sure to take it all in.”

“Thank you, Councilor Puyu,” Yan Feng respectfully replied. His demeanor showed that he was truly afraid of Puyu. 

Bazeer was also standing next to Puyu, and he flashed a smile to Yan Feng as well. 

“What did Mira say?” Puyu asked again.


Yan Feng repeated Mira’s words. After he was done speaking, Bazeer let out a snort and said, “Brother Yan, don’t bother with her. I even stayed at Zenyu Star once, and I can confirm that there is no relationship between Lu Yin and your fiancée. They are naught but rumors.”

Yang Feng knew very well of the relationship between Jenny Auna and Lu Yin. If not for that relationship, Nightqueen Yanqing would not have used him. However, he could only keep what he knew to himself. Compared to Nightqueen Yanqing, this Puyu was the one with a truly sinister character. Yan Feng had told himself that he would make sure to restrict some of Puyu’s power once he became a Councilor, and due to this self-promise, Yan Feng was always very cautious whenever he interacted with Puyu. 

In the sky, the void broke open once again as countless fissures spread out in all directions. 

To those on the mainland, this looked like a miracle. However, to those within San Dios, this was merely the starting festivities for the marriage. 

Even though Yan Feng’s status wasn’t that high, his marriage had still attracted a lot of attention. Many important figures were attending the wedding ceremony, and apart from the people representing the various powerful clans of the Innerverse, there were also many powerful people from the Outerverse.

However, these people had not come for the wedding; they were here hoping to see someone specific appear. 

This was a detail that Jenny Auna did not understand. She truly believed from the bottom of her heart that everyone present had come to celebrate her union with Yan Feng. Only Yan Feng understood that all these people were actually waiting for Lu Yin. In fact, Yan Feng himself was waiting for Lu Yin as well. Even though the wedding was important, drawing Lu Yin out with the wedding and humiliating the Limiteer genius was even more important as that would garner Yan Feng the support of the Daynight clan. If he accomplished that, he would experience a meteoric rise in status. 

In a simple study, in a corner of San Dios, Wen Sansi quietly sipped some tea as he held an ancient book in a hand. 

Mira walked over and casually bowed. “Arbiter Wen.”

Wen Sansi set the book down and looked at Mira before asking, “How are the wedding preparations proceeding?”

‘Very well,” Mira answered. 

Wen San Si nodded and then resumed reading his book. 

Mira hesitated before asking, “Arbiter Wen, does this have to be so complex? Regardless of whether it’s Puyu or Yan Feng, you can easily crush either one of them.”

Wen Sansi continued reading as he casually replied, “We cannot be too harsh nor too flamboyant in how we handle our affairs. I am neither Zhenwu nor Sierra; we scholars pride ourselves on our strength of character. I do not bully the weak, especially those who are so weak that they will never pose a threat to me.”

“But that is not the case. Puyu’s influence has already started to affect you. The surrounding Weaves are obviously your domain, but despite that, the Daynight clan still contacted Yan Feng. These are mortal crimes,” Mira argued. 

Wen Sansi let out a faint smile. “They have merely bent some rules, and none of that is a mortal crime. I must say, however, that I am quite curious to see how Lu Yin will handle all this.” After saying so, Wen Sansi sized Mira up. “What do you think? Will he choose to follow me?” 

Mira’s heart skipped a beat, and she lowered her head. “I do not know.”

Wen Sansi laughed. “You have a pretty good relationship with him. If possible, you should try to rope him in. That kid has good talent and is comparable to what we were like in the past.”

Mira softly grunted in acknowledgment.

Before long, many hours passed. According to the customs of the Firesmelt Planet, the wedding would take place when a volcano erupted. Since there were no volcanoes on the mainland, they had decided to use the most auspicious time in the evening, when the nine planets illuminated the mainland with silver beams. This was also the time when San Dios was the most beautiful. 

Under the envious eyes of many young women, Jenny Auna made her way to Yan Feng while wearing a specially crafted, traditional Firesmelt Planet wedding gown. 

Not far away from her, Yang Feng had a smile on his face. Under the watchful eyes of many, he similarly made his way towards Jenny Auna. 

At the same time, on Zenyu Star, the Huo and Auna clans were watching the proceedings. Yan Feng’s wedding was being broadcast to the outside world, so many in the Outerverse were able to witness the on-goings as well.

At that moment, in the sky above the mainland, there was a fiery red flash as something landed heavily on the ground. 

Many figures took to the sky in an attempt to stop the approaching object. This mainland belonged to San Dios, and trespassing upon its land was not permitted. All trespassers would be punished. 

With a loud thud, a huge crater appeared on the broken ground as dust and smoke billowed everywhere. 

A powerful Explorer and a dozen Limiteer cultivators stood around the crater and stared into it with murderous intent. They were curious to discover who would be so brazen as to trespass on the Prairie Flame Continent. 


The hatch of the spacecraft burst open before Lu Yin stretched out a hand and shook his head. He rarely crashed his spacecraft straight into the ground, and he generally preferred to calmly dock at the space stations. However, he had no time to spare for a gentle landing right now. 

Many figures landed on the ground and stared at Lu Yin. “Who is so brazen as to trespass on the Prairie Flame Continent?”

The Prairie Flame Continent was a vast mainland within the domain of East San Dios. It was also known as the Ablaze Star. It was a gigantic planet whose surface area was far greater than Zenyu Star’s. 

Lu Yin observed his surroundings and raised his head to look at San Dios in the distance. It was high up, but fortunately, he had not strayed too far from his destination. 

Suddenly, a white light flashed past his eyes. After Lu Yin didn’t answer after being asked once, the powerful Explorer had attacked by throwing his spear straight at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin raised his brows and lifted a hand to tightly grab the spear. The powerful Explorer was stunned and shocked to find himself unable to move. This new arrival’s strength was beyond belief.

“Attacking before finding out what the situation is… Is this the standard of San Dios?” Lu Yin asked coldly. He then grabbed the spear aside and casually broke it with Fifteen Stacks. He tossed the ruined pieces aside and struck down everyone surrounding him.

One of the fragments embedded itself into the powerful Explorer’s thigh. He knelt on the ground and looked at Lu Yin in fear. This man was definitely a monster who could crush any Limiteer. Wait a minute, why does he look so familiar? 

“Are you Lu Yin?” the powerful Explorer asked, astounded. 

Lu Yin looked at him. “How is the wedding going?”

“It is taking place right now,” the Explorer respectfully replied as he lowered his head. Lu Yin was someone who had been recognized by Arbiter Wen and given the authority to represent Wendy Yushan on the Outerverse Youth Council whereas this Explorer was just another Explorer. The disparity between their statuses was far too great. Naturally, the Explorer did not dare to offend Lu Yin. 

Another cold glare flashed through Lu Yin’s eyes. Then, he took one step forward, tearing through the void and vanishing. 

The Explorer’s pupils constricted; traveling through the void was the signature move of space-exploring powerhouses, and yet, Lu Yin had easily replicated the feat. So this was the power of the strongest individual of the Astral Combat Academy. He could not even imagine how powerful Lu Yin would be once he broke through to the Explorer realm, but he would definitely be a shoo-in for the Top Hundred battle rankings. 

High above, in San Dios, inside a beautifully decorated courtyard, Yan Feng was less than ten steps away from Jenny Auna. As he looked at Jenny Auna who was so close to him, Yan Feng could not stop his emotions from being stirred. Jenny Auna was very beautiful, and he had only been able to ignore this fact through his obsession over Wendy Yushan. Now that he was so close to the girl and looking at her face to face, Yan Feng discovered that he was starting to fall for her. This woman was truly breathtaking and had a distinct character to her. It must be some trait that was passed down within the Auna clan. Furthermore, she also had an icy air surrounding her which appealed greatly to him. 

Yan Feng’s heart started burning; this woman would belong to him tonight. 

Jenny Auna was so nervous that she found it difficult to breath. Years of longing had finally born fruit, and she was ten steps away from finally marrying the man of her dreams. 

Countless people stared intently at this scene, and even Wen Sansi placed his book down to look on with interest. As far as he was concerned, this was just an interesting situation to watch, especially because the main character was about to appear.

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