Chapter 338: Response

“Lunatic!” the Explorer captain shouted. He then slashed out with his own blade. Bang! The two blades collided, and a sharp shockwave swept across the area. A crack appeared in the void, causing the floor to split apart. Zhuo Daynight and the Explorer were both blown backwards at the same time. 

The Explorer grit his teeth and then raised his blade again. 

Zhuo Daynight’s gaze turned cold as her sword qi surged, causing countless sharp sounds to echo throughout the spacecraft.

A Limiteer who crossed realms to challenge an Explorer could not be considered to be a normal Realmbreaker. Unlike a Sentinel challenging a Melder or a Melder challenging a Limiteer, there was a qualitative difference between a Limiteer and an Explorer. Once one became an Explorer, they would be able to tear the void with every attack because the cycle of their star energy was fundamentally different from a Limiteer’s.

If Zhuo Daynight had not improved from before, then even with her initial-stage domain and White Phantomsword battle technique, she would definitely lose out to an Explorer whose power level was over 20,000. But now, she had completely comprehended her domain. Even if she couldn’t defeat an Explorer like this pirate captain, she could still hold her own against him for some time. If the battle was dragged out for lonce enough, since the Daynight clan’s battle technique could damage spiritual force, her possibility of winning would no longer be zero. 

However, she had not encountered a normal Explorer. 

A pirate plundered many things, and that included battle techniques. This pirate crew had operated for a rather long time, and the captain had received many items as the leader of the crew, especially sword techniques. By slowly amassing and integrating them over a period of a hundred years, he had developed a unique technique that suited himself best. The technique was sharp, ferocious, and crafty as well. A short while later, Zhuo Daynight found it hard to defend herself. 

There was a white flash as the pirate captain’s blade overpowered her red sword. The blade’s edge streaked past and forced her sword into the wall.

The captain stared coldly at Zhuo Daynight. “Leave immediately. Out of respect for the Daynight clan, I won’t kill you.”

Zhuo Daynight stared at the Explorer captain, unsatisfied.

The captain was apprehensive, as it had not been easy to deal with Zhuo Daynight, and there had even been a strange sense of suppression from start to finish. It almost felt as if his attacks had been completely seen through. The Daynight clan’s sword techniques were also very powerful, and he had only won due to the large disparity between their power levels. In fact, if his power level had just been lower by 5,000 units, he might not have even been this woman’s opponent. The elites from powerful clans were just too abnormal; he was an Explorer with a power level of over 20,000, but he was afraid of a Limiteer.

Zhuo Daynight walked to the wall and grabbed her sword. She pulled it out and pointed it back towards the Explorer. 

He immediately grew furious upon seeing her actions. “I may fear the Daynight clan, but I won’t lie down and die! Don’t seek out that which is bad for you.”

Zhuo Daynight continued to point her blade towards the captain without moving. She was currently considering how she should proceed; the disparity between the two was simply too great. There were very few Limiteers in the entire Daynight clan who were true Realmbreakers, and she was not yet one of them.

“You obviously can’t beat him, but you still want to struggle. Do you want to end up severely injured again?” A third voice spoke out, and both Zhuo Daynight and the Explorer captain whirled around to see a beaming Lu Yin.

Zhuo Daynight was shocked. “It’s you?”

The captain stared blankly at Lu Yin, as he had forgotten about this person. This person was the greatest threat to him and far surpassed the Daynight woman.

“Long time no see.” Lu Yin waved.

“Seventh Bro, you know her? Hold on, she looks familiar... Wait, isn’t she the chick that Nightqueen Yanqing used to threaten you?” The Ghost Monkey tried to dig into his memories.

Zhuo Daynight stared at Lu Yin in shock. “Why are you here?”

Lu Yin shrugged. “I was passing by, and I saw something familiar.”

She knew that he was referring to the Aurora. “I’m sorry, but I can’t return it to you just yet.”

“Then buy it. How much are you willing to pay?” Lu Yin teased.

Her expression turned sour; she was actually broke.

That Explorer’s face became even gloomier. From their interactions, he could tell that the two of them obviously knew each other. He saw that they wanted to continue chatting, so he decided to tear through the void in order to escape. To run away from Limiteers, especially Realmbreaking geniuses, the best way was to hide in outer space. 

Unfortunately for the captain, Lu Yin had been keeping an eye on him and would not let him escape so easily. The moment the Explorer tore through the void, Lu Yin took a step forward, and an intense vibration shattered countless metal plates on the pirates’ spacecraft. The ripples that he produced travelled through the void and forcibly knocked the Explorer back onto the ship. He was completely stunned. “Student Lu, we have no animosity towards each other.”

“I’m sorry, but you need to die.” Lu Yin’s eyes were cold. His body flashed as he appeared right in front of the captain. He raised his hand and unleashed a Twenty Stacks Fortyfold Shockwave Palm. This had been his strongest attack during the Tournament of the Strongest, but right now, it was just a warm up. 

Lu Yin’s attack did not even fully emerge, but the void had already collapsed as if it had caved in. This was a staggering scene, and the Explorer’s face turned deathly pale. He could sense the terror of this palm, and he knew that he could only evade it since he did not dare to meet it head-on.

However, Lu Yin’s palm could not be dodged that easily. Still, the Explorer captain managed to put his ring armor on at this crucial moment, and it was an Explorer-level armor at that. A defense that was equivalent to two Explorers stiffly resisted Lu Yin’s palm.

Lu Yin’s palm was imprinted into the Explorer’s chest, and the ring armor instantly shattered. Then, a boundless force swept across the void that affected even the heavens as a tremendous gravitational pull came from outside the spacecraft and tried to drag everything out. The Explorer’s eyes went grey; Lu Yin’s palm had gone straight through his armor and crushed his heart.

It was obvious that the average person could not resist Lu Yin’s palm, but not even an Explorer at 20,000 power level could either. The power of the attack was too great.

When Lu Yin first joined the Astral Combat Tournament, he had already been a Realmbreaker who could challenge Explorers. He had then forcibly fought against Zi Tie, who was an Explorer realm astral beast with a power level of around 40,000 at the border warfront. There was no need to even mention Lu Yin’s capabilities now.

To Lu Yin, this normal Explorer was not even as threatening as a Limiteer genius.

The Explorer was killed in body and soul before the Twenty Stacks even completed their explosions, and his body was pulled into outer space.

Everything had happened too fast; Lu Yin had only appeared and unleashed a single palm, but he had already killed that Explorer. This left Zhuo Daynight completely amazed.

“Damn it!” Lu Yin cried, looking out of the spacecraft with an upset expression.

Zhuo Daynight was roused. “What?”

“I forgot to grab his cosmic ring! There must be quite a bit of money inside.”

She was speechless.

The Ghost Monkey could not help himself from interjecting. “Seventh Bro, could you not mention money right now? Damn! You just rescued a girl, and a Daynight girl at that!”

The battle with the Explorer had caused great damage to the pirate spacecraft, and it could only barely continue floating through space. As more time passed, the risk of it crashing before the damaged areas were repaired would increase. However, this did not concern Lu Yin, and he immediately left.

“Thank you for before.” Lu Yin turned around to speak to Zhuo Daynight.

She looked out at the stars. “It was because you saved me, so it should have been done.”

Lu Yin laughed. “I saved you because I injured you. Whatever, what’s done is done. Now, what about my Aurora?”

Zhuo Daynight threw a cosmic ring to him. “This contains my entire fortune.”

Lu Yin casually threw it back to her. “I don’t want it.”

Zhuo Daynight could not understand him. “Don’t you urgently need money?”

“Yes, but I want others’. I don’t want yours,” Lu Yin’s reply was firm.

Zhuo Daynight fell silent.

“You can continue using my Aurora, since it’s meant to be a mode of transportation after all. But I’m curious about one thing—why do you specifically seek out and kill pirates?”

A chilliness flashed into her eyes. “Because pirates are the most repulsive scum in the universe.”

Lu Yin’s face twisted. Although her answer was short, he saw a glimpse of the intense hatred in her heart.

Lu Yin was curious. “But you can’t overdo it. If I wasn’t here this time, then were you intending on fighting it out with that pirate to the very end?”

She looked at him, and her pure face revealed a hint of bewilderment. “Do you think that I’m stupid?”

Lu Yin paused, then replied, “No, not stupid.”

“Then that’s that. I’ll leave if I can’t win. But I have my trump cards as well, and there’s no harm in trying, since the pirates won’t dare to kill me.”

Lu Yin nodded. “As long as you know.”

She looked at him seriously. “How did you find out the traces of the Third Nightking?”

Lu Yin knew that she would ask him this, as very few outside the Daynight clan would have even heard about the Third Nightking. Only some ancient existences would know about such matters. “I’ve already given Elder Yuanjing an answer to this question.”

She had a complex gaze. “You used that information to save me.”

He nodded, and then noticed that her gaze was very strange. It was not joyful, but instead, seemed to be a little remorseful. “What’s the matter?”

She shook her head and turned away. “You can go, but don’t forget your promise from before.”

Lu Yin nodded. This woman had hidden her worries, but they did not concern him. She had willingly testified for him, which truly moved Lu Yin. In turn, he had done everything to repay her kindness, although it did not involve any romantic emotions. He didn’t have the emotional capacity to worry about this woman’s matters in addition to his own.

“Then I’ll leave now. You should as well, quickly.” After saying that, he left.

After Lu Yin left, Zhuo Daynight looked up and closed her eyes in agony. “I never thought that I, Zhuo Daynight, would become a sinner of the Dayking bloodline. I’m sorry, Father, Mother.”

“Seventh Bro, what’s the matter with that woman? She doesn’t seem very happy that you rescued her.” The Ghost Monkey was seething.

Lu Yin’s tone instantly turned cold. “None of your business.”

“Woah, I’m on your side! I realize that you always vent your anger at me, but I have my own dignity too.”

Lu Yin could guess why Zhuo Daynight was unhappy, as the monkey had informed him that the Daynight clan was split into the Dayking and Nightking bloodlines. The Dayking bloodline was controlled by the Sealed Cage Technique and were essentially slaves to the Nightking bloodline. Now that he had revealed information on the whereabouts of the Third Nightking, the Dayking bloodline would never be able to escape from their predicament after the Third Nightking was freed. Blaming him was a very natural response.

However, Lu Yin could not tell her the truth that it was impossible for the Third Nightking to escape, since he did not know if Nightking Yuanjing had messed with her body or not. Ever since he had learned of the truth about the Daynight clan, Lu Yin had viewed the Nightking bloodline in an unfavorable light, and to some extent, he even detested them.

He was not delayed that long by the pirates, and he continued on his path through the universe. There were only six days left until the wedding, but he would be able to rush to East San Dios within five days if his current route didn’t change.

But there were always infinitely many variables in the universe, and the route was changed yet again, pushing the arrival date back by yet another day. 

Lu Yin was a little flustered and could only hope that he would be on time.

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