Chapter 337: Encountering Zhuo Daynight Once Again


Bazeer and Yan Feng both looked at their gadgets and smiled at the same time. “That woman seems determined to help Lu Yin.”

“It’s no matter. As long as Arbiter Wen doesn’t intervene, that woman has no chance of changing the current situation.”

Bazeer cautiously replied, “Don’t underestimate that woman, She’s ranked 53rd in the Top Hundred Rankings, so our combined strength still might not be enough to deal with her.”

Yan Feng had an ugly expression, as it was hard for him to concede to any woman, including Wendy Yushan. He longed to marry her, but reality had proven to be far from his dreams. Regardless of whether he admitted it or not, Wendy Yushan and Mira were both far stronger than him. “In San Dios, it’s not only about one’s power, but also one’s methods. That Lu Yin will definitely disrupt the wedding, and we’ll personally act at that time and have him experience extreme humiliation. We’ll see what face he has left then.” He then turned around and left.

Bazeer smiled gleefully, as this was precisely the outcome he wanted to see. If Lu Yin disrupted someone else’s wedding, then he would be beaten harshly regardless of his status. Hopefully, he would actually be beaten to death, and of course, Bazeer would help a little as well. Lu Yin was just a Limiteer, so he should not be able to withstand the combined force of Bazeer and Yan Feng.

Flying through the universe was an easy way to run into mishaps. Several days into Lu Yin’s journey, the predetermined route was forced to change, as something seemed to have happened farther along the old route. Due to this, his arrival date at San Dios was pushed back by a day.

Lu Yin frowned as he looked at the new route. One day was still fine, as that would mean that he would arrive one day before the wedding. However, he was now afraid that, if the route was changed again, he would be delayed until after the wedding. He did not want to be laughed at for the rest of his life. 

At that moment, an alarm sounded within his personal spacecraft. The surrounding space had been sealed. Lu Yin had encountered such circumstances before. There must either be a battle up ahead, or he had run into some interstellar pirates.

When he thought of pirates, Lu Yin grew excited. Robbing pirates was a great opportunity to make some money, and he was suffering from a dreadful lack of cash at present, and he even had a massive pile of debt to pay off.

But now was not the time, as he could not delay his journey any further.

However, it seemed that the more one did not want to be delayed, the more likely it was for one to be delayed. The spacecraft he was traveling in was not from Astral-10, so there was no emblem upon it. This had led to the spacecraft quickly being blocked.

When he saw the massive spacecraft in front of him, Lu Yin felt a headache coming on. With his previous experience in plundering pirates, it was very likely for this grade of spacecraft to carry a space-exploring powerhouse.

“We are the Remote Green Pirate Crew. Immediately dock your spacecraft. Do not resist, or you will be killed instantly,” an alert sounded.

Lu Yin could only helplessly obey the other party. In outer space, unless one was an Explorer, it was impossible to use their full power no matter how strong they were.

He was readily accepted into the large spacecraft. When Lu Yin opened the hatch of his personal spacecraft, a group of pirates were cautiously watching him, with three Limiteers among them. This pirate crew was not weak at all. 

When they saw Lu Yin, one of the Limiteers who was holding a longsword frowned. This person seemed to be somewhat familiar!

“Kid, open your cosmic ring and take everything inside out. As long as you don’t try to hide anything, we won’t kill you,” one of the Limiteers loudly warned.

Lu Yin looked around, and a formless ripple spread out. He raised an arm and then activated his gadget. He saw a rather eye-dazzling power level pop up: 23,000. This was the power level of an Explorer.

Lu Yin frowned. “Not bad, you actually have an Explorer with a power level over 20,000.”

“Damn it, can’t you hear me talking to you?” The Limiteer who had just threatened Lu Yin was irritated, and he immediately raised his hand to slap Lu Yin.

At the same time, the sword-wielding Limiteer’s expression changed. “Stop!”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and even though he didn’t seem to do anything, the Limiteer who had attempted to attack him suddenly had his arm snap clean off. Fresh blood spurted out and splattered in all directions, even splashing onto the faces of many of the surrounding pirates. After a moment, the Limiteer howled in anguish.

All of the pirates were about to attack Lu Yin when the sword-wielding Limiteer hurriedly stopped them. “Wait! He’s a student from the Astral Combat Academy! That’s Lu Yin!”

The pirates were all dazed by this news. 

One of the other Limiteer’s eyes shrank. “Lu Yin? The guy who placed top four in the Astral Combat Tournament? That Lu Yin?”

Everyone remembered the name as soon as the Limiteer said this.

The Astral Combat Tournament had been broadcast to the entire Human Domain, and countless people had seen Lu Yin. These pirates often paid special attention to such events so that they would not try to rob someone whom they could not afford to offend. Lu Yin was definitely one of the worst people they could provoke. 

All of them stared at Lu Yin, dumbfounded. Sure enough, he looked the same as he had on the broadcast. 

Lu Yin looked at his gadget; someone with over 20,000 power level would not be easy for him to deal with. After all, they were in outer space, so any Explorer could easily escape into the void, making it difficult for anyone below their realm to fight against them. Forget it, I don’t have any spare time to delay.

“Can I leave now?” Lu Yin asked coldly. 

The sword-wielding Limiteer hurriedly nodded and forced a smile onto his face. “Yes, yes! Student Lu can leave now! Sorry to bother you.”

Lu Yin was in a bad mood. If it weren’t for the fact that he was extremely short on time, he definitely would not have let these pirates off. A pirate crew with an Explorer must be quite wealthy, so it was a pity. 

The moment Lu Yin exposed his identity, the amputated Limiteer did not dare to utter a single noise, as he could not afford to offend this person. Even if Lu Yin killed the Limiteer on the spot, the pirate knew that his captain would not stand up for him. The threat of the Astral Combat Academy was far too great; a mere pirate crew like them could not provoke such a monstrous organization.

Lu Yin returned to his spacecraft and then quickly reappeared in outer space. He was just about to leave when he glanced sideways and saw that the pirate crew had sealed in the area adjacent to him as well. In there, there were quite a few other spacecraft that were also trapped. However, he did not bother with them. After all, he was neither a good samaritan nor someone who stood for justice. Since these people were willing to risk traveling through space, they naturally had to take on the appropriate risks. These were the cruel laws of survival that ruled the universe. 

Eh? Lu Yin’s gaze trembled when he saw a familiar spacecraft; wasn’t that his own radiant-grade Aurora?

Lu Yin immediately went forward and stared hard ahead. Sure enough, it was actually his old spacecraft. Although Astral-10’s emblem had been wiped away, there was still a tiny trace of it left behind. That was his spacecraft!

It had been his reward for completing the Sentinel’s paramount mission. And after being upgraded by Madam Nalan, it had become a radiant-grade spacecraft, which was very valuable. It had been lost at the pirate port, so what was it doing here?

At this moment, Lu Yin’s Aurora was being taken into the pirates’ spacecraft.

Lu Yin immediately turned his spacecraft around and reentered the pirates’ vessel alongside the Aurora.

At the highest level of the large spacecraft, within the luxurious captain’s quarters, the Remote Green Pirate Crew’s captain frowned. “What’s going on? Why is Lu Yin coming back in?”

The sword-wielding Limiteer stood behind the captain. “Captain, could it be because we didn’t give him any supplies?”

The Explorer captain was rather disgruntled. “Go and welcome him again, but be more polite this time. Try to get rid of him quickly.”

“What if he wants to rescue the others?” The Limiteer became nervous. They had robbed a great many other people, so it would be unlucky if they ran into a righteous powerhouse here. Those cultivators were the kind that disgusted the pirates the most.

The captain squinted. “If he tries to forcibly intervene, then just let them go.”

The Limiteer was puzzled. “Captain, he’s a student from the Astral Combat Academy, so while we can’t touch him, we shouldn’t have to accommodate him.”

“When I tell you to go, you should go!” the Explorer barked, startling the Limiteer who then scurried off.

If possible, the Explorer would rather not release these cash cows, but he had no other choice. The others might not be able to understand it, but the captain was absolutely certain that he was no match for Lu Yin. The youth was just a Limiteer, but with the battle power that he had displayed during the Astral Combat Tournament, he would have no problem beating the captain. This was the terror of a true genius.


When the various spacecraft touched down within the pirate spacecraft’s docking bay, Lu Yin did not get down. Instead, he simply watched on from the side. He wanted to know who had stolen his Aurora.

The surrounding pirates did not dare be too reckless due to Lu Yin’s presence and only surrounded the captives as they watched the other spacecraft be brought in.

There were two vessels that belonged to interstellar mercenaries, and their power levels were not weak either, as they were Limiteers. However, they did not dare to resist the Green Remote Pirate Crew, so they obediently opened their cosmic rings with practiced motions.

Then, the hatch of Lu Yin’s stolen Aurora opened, which was the most eye-grabbing vessel present since it was a radiant-grade one. Even the Explorer captain stared at his screen intently, as he wanted to see who was in that spacecraft.

A pure-white hand came out, followed by a red sword.

Lu Yin instantly knew who it was. That red longsword definitely belonged to Zhuo Daynight.

True enough, long, black-and-white hair flew about as Zhuo Daynight’s pure and gentle face emerged. She had that same apathetic expression that was touched by a trace of worry and indifference. As she looked at the surrounding pirates, her coldness turned into cruelty.

Lu Yin clapped his hand to his forehead. She was here yet again; this woman really hated pirates.

“Seventh Bro, it’s a Daynight woman!” the Ghost Monkey shrieked.

Lu Yin could not be bothered with the monkey.

In the captain’s quarters, the Explorer captain’s pupils shrank when he saw Zhuo Daynight. “Not cool! It’s the Daynight clan!”

A loud cry resounded through the spaceship. The surrounding pirates were not even able to react when Zhuo Daynight moved. Her sword cut through the necks of a dozen pirates, and their heads fell off. “Green Remote Pirate Crew, you’ve killed 579 people since you started operating. It’s time to die!” Her red blade danced about, overwhelming the pirates. 

A continuous stream of pirates charged into the docking bay, including multiple Limiteers, but they were all powerless before Zhuo Daynight. She was currently much stronger compared to when she had first battled against Lu Yin, or perhaps it was just that she had fully comprehended her domain. Within her domain, even a normal Explorer might not be able to beat her, let alone a Limiteer. 

The other few who were being robbed were all astonished at what they were witnessing and hid in their spacecraft.

“Seventh Bro, that lady’s pretty impressive!” The monkey was shocked.

Soon, Zhuo Daynight’s figure vanished, as she had charged deeper into the pirates’ spacecraft.

Lu Yin opened his spacecraft’s hatch and silently followed her.

At the highest level of the pirates’ spacecraft, the Explorer captain’s face sank, and he used a palm to tear through the void and appear in front of Zhuo Daynight.

Her cold eyes fixed on him, and she raised her red sword.

“Daynight expert, my pirate crew has not offended you. Why have you attacked us?”

Zhuo Daynight remained indifferent, but a streak of red could be seen within her pupils. “All pirates deserve to die.”

Then, she slashed out at the captain.

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