Chapter 336: Long-Term Considerations

“Who are you?” Lu Yin was confused.

“You probably haven’t heard of my name before, but perhaps you know my title. Many refer to me as the Divine Fist,” Lan Si replied in a calm tone.

Lu Yin’s scalp turned numb. “The Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist?”

“Hehe, it sounds like you’ve heard of me before.” Lan Si smiled.

Lu Yin was astonished, as he never expected that the Ten Arbiters’ Hand of God would actually reach out to contact him. This was a lofty Ten Arbiter! He was one of the most famous authorities overseeing the younger generation, and represented the peak power that the younger generation had inherited. 

“So, are you surprised that I contacted you?” Lan Si asked.

Lu Yin suppressed his astonishment and answered, “Yes, the Ten Arbiters’ reputation precedes themselves, and very few are qualified to even speak to you. I never thought that I would receive this honor.”

“Lu Yin, you’re quite qualified,” Lan Si said solemnly. “I witnessed the Tournament of the Strongest myself, and your progress in the path of Overlaying Stacks isn’t bad.”

Lu Yin’s gaze flashed. “Not as good as your record though.”

“Do you want to compete with me?” Lan Si’s tone was calm, but there was a barely discernible trace of amusement.

Lu Yin breathed out. “I would like to try, though I don’t know if I can reach Thirty Stacks before breaking through to the Explorer realm.”

“You should be able to with your ability. Do you know why I contacted you?”

Lu Yin was puzzled. “No.”

“Because both of us are of the same kind.” Lan Si’s voice had turned serious.

Lu Yin was taken aback. “The same kind?”

“There is no end to the path of Overlaying Stacks. Thirty Stacks as a Limiteer and One Hundred Stacks as an Explorer, but what’s next? A thousand? Ten thousand? There is no limit, but few walk this path. You and I are just some of the more well-known figures on this road, so we’re naturally of the same kind.”

Lu Yin probed. “How many can you use?”

Lan Si smiled. “I won’t tell you. You can just guess yourself. But one thing I will say is that no one has ever broken my record.”

Just this simple sentence demonstrated Lan Si’s all-encompassing confidence. His spirit reminded Lu Yin of the Sandmaster’s words when he had first told Lu Yin about the Divine Fist—the Ten Arbiters possess the boldest spirit. They all had their own unique ambition and charisma. Even their personal auras were enough to put an indescribable pressure on others without battle force. This was one of the Ten Arbiters.

With just this one sentence, Lu Yin had gotten a glimpse of Lan Si’s spirit.

But so what? Even if this person’s spirit was stronger, Lu Yin had almost reached Lan Si’s Limiteer record from when he had been a student of the Astral Combat Academy: Thirty Stacks. The current him could already use it; it was just that no one else was aware of this fact. And Lu Yin had not even reached the peak of the Limiteer realm yet. There was still room for him to improve further, and with the money that he could borrow and earn, his physical body would be strengthened once again. Lu Yin would definitely surpass Lan Si and go on to break each and every one of his records. Lu Yin didn’t know if the Divine Fist would be as confident when that happened.

“I just wanted to contact you and say hello. Lu Yin, quickly break through and become an Explorer—you’ll be able to challenge the Top Hundred Battle Rankings at that time. With your ability, you should even be able to climb within reach of the top twenty!” Lan Si exclaimed. 

Lu Yin was moved. “Arbiter Lan, there’s something that I wish to ask you.”


“When you achieved Thirty Stacks back then, did you challenge anyone on the Top Hundred Battle Rankings?”

Lan Si fell silent for a moment. “At that time, I defeated someone at the very end of the list.”

Lu Yin was shocked, as this feat was not as simple as crossing realms. The Top Hundred Battle Rankings represented the younger generation’s absolute top one hundred elites. Any one of them could battle across realms, but Lan Si had defeated someone from the Top Hundred, which was essentially the same as defeating someone who was as powerful as a Cruiser, as a Limiteer. This was the strength of the Ten Arbiters, and it should also be Lu Yin’s current strength. 

After the call with Lan Si, Lu Yin became even more eager to arrive at East San Dios.

Puyu, Yan Feng, and the others were all definitely aware of Lu Yin’s whereabouts, but their understanding of him was only based on the strength that he had displayed at the Tournament of the Strongest. Over the past few days, his strength had significantly improved again, and he would give them a huge surprise when he arrived.

Lu Yin muttered as he looked at his gadget and then contacted Huo Qingshan.

“Your Majesty, congratulations on winning the Tournament of the Strongest,” Huo Qingshan praised.

Lu Yin smiled. “Thank you. Uncle Huo, there’s something that I need your help with.”

“What orders do you have, Your Majesty?” Huo Qingshan turned serious.

Lu Yin’s eyes gleamed. “Help me gather proof of Bazeer’s negligence in his duties.”

“Bazeer?” Huo Qingshan was stunned.

“Bazeer is a subsidiary member who represents Wendy Yushan in overseeing the Great Yu Empire Youth Council. He should have fulfilled his obligations as a subsidiary member, but did he? Or rather, how much did he do? Did he persecute anyone? Was there any injustice? I need detailed evidence of any misdeeds.”

Huo Qingshan solemnly replied, “I understand, Your Majesty. Rest assured, I’ll gather all the necessary information within seven days.”

Lu Yin grunted and ended the call with Huo Qingshan. He then paused for a moment before contacting Xueshan Auna.

On the Great Yu Empire’s Zenyu Star, within the main office of the Auna family, Xueshan Auna saw Lu Yin’s call request. He was stunned, but hurriedly accepted it.

Not long after, Xueshan Auna set down his gadget, now with a conflicted look.

“Brother, the Seventh Filament has been pacified,” Rocky Auna said as he entered the office.

Xueshan Auna gave off a gloomy aura and had an ugly expression.

Rocky Auna felt that something was strange. “Brother, what’s the matter?”

Xueshan Auna rubbed his temples. “I just spoke to the Royal Regent.”

Rocky Auna’s heart skipped a beat. “What did he say?”

Xueshan Auna’s eyes flickered. “He’s heading to East San Dios, and he wants me to write a certificate of authentication.”

“A certificate?” Rocky Auna felt lost.

Xueshan Auna looked up, his eyes now cold. “A certificate that says that Jenny was forcibly taken away by the Firesmelt Planet and that our Auna family does not agree to their wedding.”

Rocky Auna pondered for a moment and then replied, “Brother, that’s not very surprising.”

“I know that it’s no surprise, but I never thought he would move so quickly. When the Royal Regent was still at Zenyu Star, I had already declared my stance and even removed Jenny’s name from the family register. But banishing Jenny is one matter, and publicly rejecting her marriage is another. There’s also the shadow of the Daynight clan lurking behind all this, and this matter might even implicate the Outerverse Youth Council. It’s become very complicated.”

“It wouldn’t be so troubling if the Royal Regent had just agreed to you removing Jenny’s name at that time.”

Xueshan Auna was in agony. “I underestimated him! I thought that he disagreed with the banishment simply because he cared for us, but I never expected him to actually be waiting for this moment. He must have known long ago that Yan Feng would marry Jenny Auna and that banishing Jenny would not change him being humiliated by Yan Feng. Thus, he stopped us from banishing her, and now, he intends to use the Auna family to stop this wedding with a reasonable excuse. Since it’s justified, no one can stop him either. This kid is too complex with his schemes.”

“So he’s forcing our Auna family’s stance.”

Xueshan Auna smiled grimly. “Yes, he’s forcing our hand and using his reputation as the Tournament of the Strongest’s champion to intimidate us. He really wants my old body to become his errand boy and break through the enemy lines to deal with the Firesmelt Planet. He has made his plans countless moves ahead.”

“What should we do?” Rocky Auna asked.

Xueshan Auna pondered for a moment and then took a deep breath. On one side was the Firesmelt Planet and Yan Feng who could become a member of the Outerverse Youth Council and had the support of the Daynight clan. On the other side was Lu Yin, the Great Yu Empire’s Royal Regent who had multiple statuses, as well as his limitless potential for the future. He weighed his options and then his gaze grew firm. “Since he wants it, then we’ll give it. Let’s see what he can do about this wedding.”

“In this way, there’ll be animosity with the Firesmelt Planet and we’ll even offend the Daynight clan.” Rocky Auna was worried.

Xueshan Auna was helpless. “This is the tragedy of a small family. Even though we have a Hunter, we still must fear a Limiteer.”

Not much time later, while flying through space, Lu Yin received the certificate from Xueshan Auna. His lips rose up; everything was going according to plan.

Xueshan Auna had tried to banish Jenny Auna to make up for his own deficiency, but that would be far too light. Others could ignore whether or not Jenny Auna was banished, and they would only see Lu Yin’s fiancée being taken by someone else. To Lu Yin, this matter had stained his reputation and could prevent him from standing tall in many areas in the future, so how could he possibly let Xueshan Auna off so easily?

And now, with the certificate, Lu Yin would be justified in whatever action he took, but what would actually do was entirely up to Lu Yin himself. 

Jenny Auna. This woman had to pay the price. Although Lu Yin did not plan to marry her himself, before his name was cleared, this woman could forget about marrying anyone else. Even if Lu Yin agreed to such a thing, the Auna family would not consent. This, she was destined to be lonely in this life.

A few more days passed, and the area in East San Dios that Wendy Yushan had once controlled completely changed, with countless congratulatory gifts piled up in the courtyard. East San Dios was propped up by clouds and covered an entire mainland below it. Past the mist were five arched doors, each representing one of the five council members.

Wendy Yushan’s area was temporarily being controlled by Bazeer.

Jenny Auna had now arrived at East San Dios under the protection of the Firesmelt Planet’s experts.

When she looked back, she never thought that she would one day stand at such heights. This place was a symbol of authority, a place where many in the Outerverse dreamed to set foot in, and she had actually arrived here to marry the man of her dreams. At this moment, Jenny Auna felt like the luckiest woman alive, and the last thing in her mind was whatever Auna family or whatever Lu Yin to the back of her mind. 

A bit further away, Bazeer stood beside Yan Feng. They were both geniuses in the Explorer realm; Bazeer was an elite from the Helm Weave while Yan Feng was from the Frostwave Weave. If their current standings were ignored, then their positions in their respective weaves were actually rather similar and they would have in common they could talk about.

“Once the wedding is over, Brother Yan will receive the full support of the Daynight clan, and it’s very likely that you’ll become an Outerverse Youth Council member. Please accept my congratulations in advance.” Bazeer smiled courteously. There was no trace of him having ever slandered Yan Feng to Puyu nor the arrogance that he had displayed in the Great Yu Empire.

Yan Feng smiled. “Much thanks, though I will still require Brother Bazeer’s support at that time.”

“Haha, of course, of course.” Bazeer laughed, but a trace of satire flashed across his face. This person was a genius and also shrewd, but Yan Feng’s vision was still too narrow. He was completely unaware of the current situation’s full details. He was just a pawn for the higher-ups to use in their game and had been specially selected by someone to deal with Lu Yin. Once Lu Yin was disposed of, the next would be Yan Feng. However, this person even wanted to fight with Member Puyu over East San Dios! Dream on...

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