Chapter 335: The Unfamiliar Ten Arbiters

The Ghost Monkey did not think any further into the situation and swatted at Lu Yin, causing him to fly a dozen meters backwards. Lu Yin let out a breath, as the area that the Monkey had hit lessened in terms of the pain’s severity. It was effective, and Lu Yin was delighted. “Keep going.”

The monkey was rendered speechless. “This is the first time I’ve ever received such a request, but I’ll satisfy you.” He then lunged at Lu Yin, continuing to jabber on even while attacking. Lu Yin vaguely heard, “For screening me!” “For bullying Junior Jiu!” “For not allowing me to reunite with Junior Jiu!” “For…”

Lu Yin’s pain was slightly ameliorated by each one of the monkey’s frantic attacks, but it was not enough. The Ghost Monkey’s attacks were much too weak compared to Yun’s. “Use more strength!”

The monkey was furious. “You’re looking down on me!” He started using his battle techniques and attacking Lu Yin more seriously. As time passed, the monkey started feeling shocked and flabbergasted, as Lu Yin was completely unharmed, and all of his attacks were completely ineffective. This human’s physical defenses were too tough; no wonder he could fight against Tian Hou.

Compared to their first encounter at the border warfront, Lu Yin’s progress had since far outstripped the Ghost Monkey, to the point where he could not even imagine the difference separating them. Although Lu Yin could not yet compare to the Ten Arbiters when they were Limiteers, he could absolutely rival those on Skymender’s List when they were Limiteers. For example, Yao Gu was definitely not as outstanding as Lu Yin when he was merely a Limiteer.

Thump thump thump!

Within the Time Stop Space, Lu Yin endured the monkey’s beatings as his pain gradually dulled. The monkey’s initial venting eventually turned into helplessness, and then deteriorated to sullenness after that. The Ghost Monkey felt an unspeakable agony tearing at it and wanted to stop beating Lu Yin, but it could not reject the human’s orders. Lu Yin’s order had forced the tamed astral beast to beat him. “If you don’t hit me, then I’ll hit you!”

This sentence ignited the monkey’s fury once again, and it beat at Lu Yin for a few days until it was completely exhausted.

Lu Yin laid down with a bang, breathing heavily. Although his body still hurt, it had reached roughly the same level as when he had consumed the previous strengthening fruit, which meant that he could at least walk now.

He looked down at his two hands and kneaded them contemplatively, feeling that he was much stronger now.

“Seventh Bro, this should be enough now. I- I’m too tired, and I can’t hit you anymore.”

Lu Yin nodded and let the monkey reenter his arm. He then leisurely stretched his arms, releasing a shockwave that shook the surrounding space. Fifteen Stacks, Twenty, Twenty One, Twenty Two, all the way until he reached Twenty Five Stacks. The more stacks he overlaid, the greater the burden that was placed on his body. The effect of using multiple stacks was the same as taking the monkey’s beating. Thus, the internal pain wracking his body continued to reduce. 

Lu Yin grit his teeth and continued using more stacks until he reached Twenty Seven Stacks, which is when the void started distorting and splintering. The energy visibly spread out, making for quite the stunning sight. This was the effect of the strengthening fruit, which had pushed his physical limits to the point where he could now use Twenty Seven Stacks. He had not completely absorbed the fruit, either, but once he did, he would definitely be able to withstand Thirty Stacks.

Lu Yin was delighted, as the full force of Twenty Seven Stacks was much stronger than that of Twenty Stacks. He had improved by leaps and bounds in just a few days.

The Ghost Monkey was very curious, and he asked, “Seventh Bro, I want to ask—where are we? This place doesn’t feel quite right.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered. “A training room within Astral-10.”

“A training room? Where?”

“It’s none of your business.” Lu Yin grew impatient.

The monkey mumbled, “Biting the hand that feeds you.”

Lu Yin did not want the monkey to discover the secret of his Time Stop Space and thus blocked off his senses again, causing the monkey to become so angry that he was speechless.

Lu Yin had two days left to spend in the Time Stop Space, so he warmed his body up. He then used some star essence to increase the gravity within the space. His previous limit after the Astral Combat Tournament had been 130 times the normal gravity, and he wanted to discover his current limit with his newly strengthened body.

Just like the Overlaying Stacks, it became more difficult to raise one’s resistance to increased gravity the higher the gravity was. Lu Yin directly increased the gravity to 130 times, and his body slightly sank into the ground as he took a breath. It felt alright, so he continued to increase the gravity in small increments. Lu Yin only felt the pressure on his internal organs increase with each step. 135, 140, 145… Finally, the gravity was increased to 170 times the normal amount. This level of gravity caused him to feel an ache that reduced his suffering from the strengthening fruit.

Beads of sweat ran down his body in small rivulets, but Lu Yin did not move and continued to sit there, experiencing the doubled anguish from both the increased gravity and the strengthening fruit. Time slowly ticked by.

Two days later, Lu Yin opened his eyes and no longer saw the scenery of Time Stop Space. Instead, Astral-10’s ruins appeared before him.

He finally exited the space, and the agony from consuming the strengthening fruit had been significantly alleviated. He stretched his hand out, clenched his fist, and violently lashed out at the air. Layers of ripples spread out before the void ruptured as a visible burst of energy pounded against nothingness and twenty seven loud booms roared out. Then, one final loud explosion rang out as the void completely shattered.

Lu Yin smiled. Twenty-eight Stacks—he had improved quickly. Once the suffering from the strengthening fruit completely faded, he would definitely be capable of unleashing Thirty Stacks.

He looked forward to seeing how strong Thirty Stacks would be, as he believed that it would have been enough to surpass the limits of Tian Hou’s defense and allow him to truly rival the strength of the Ten Arbiters when they had been Limiteers.

Furthermore, he had not even reached the peak of the Limiteer realm yet; there was still room for improvement. 

Perhaps he would actually surpass the Ten Arbiters’ accomplishments one day.

Each and every record that the Ten Arbiters had left behind was extraordinary, such as the Divine Fist’s Thirty Stacks. Lu Yin had to rely on his innate gift that was the die to catch up. Regular cultivators and astral beasts would not be able to ever reach such a standard on their own. The Ten Arbiters’ records were great accomplishments that stood unparalleled throughout the entire universe.

“It’s time to leave Astral-10,” Lu Yin mumbled to himself as he pulled out his star chart. He was twelve weaves away from East San Dios, which would take less than ten days to travel there. There were eleven days left until Yan Feng and Jenny Auna’s wedding, so there was still enough time.

Without wasting any more time, Lu Yin boarded his personal spacecraft and left Astral-10, heading towards East San Dios.

At this same moment, in East San Dios, decorations had been put up in the corner of the floating city in preparation for the wedding.

In theory, Yan Feng’s status did not qualify him to hold his wedding in the floating city, but Puyu had given special permission, which made Yan Feng extremely excited.

Puyu smiled as he watched the decorations go up. He hoped that Lu Yin would arrive in time and act impulsively. Then, he would have an excuse to restrict that person’s development in the Outerverse Youth Council as well as provide an explanation to the Daynight clan.

When he remembered his conversation with that Daynight lord, he grew incredibly excited.

Because of Bazeer, Puyu was already at enmity with Lu Yin. He had been able to ignore it in the beginning, but as that person continued to develop and his position climbed higher, it soon became no longer as easy to deal with him. In fact, Puyu could have wiped him out, but that person was too shrewd and had used his identity as a Lockbreaker to uncover the fact that Puyu had been behind Bazeer.

When Bazeer contacted the Lockbreaker Seventh Bro, Puyu had approved of his efforts to build a relationship with the Lockbreaker and had even allowed Bazeer to reveal his existence. But when Lu Yin’s identity as a Lockbreaker was revealed, Puyu no longer dared look down on him and specifically looked into it to verify that he was indeed Lockbreaker Seventh Bro. With that, Puyu knew that his identity had been exposed. The enmity he had with Lu Yin could not be resolved, and if that was the case, then he might as well do his best to suppress that person.

The Daynight clan had contacted not only Yan Feng, but also Puyu. Yan Feng was just a pawn used to humiliate Lu Yin while Puyu was Nightqueen Yanqing’s trump card against Lu Yin.

“Lord,” Bazeer greeted as he appeared behind Puyu with a bowed head, appearing terrified.

Puyu indifferently asked, “How are the arrangements?”

“Not bad. We’re just waiting for Jenny Auna to arrive.”

Puyu grunted. “And Lu Yin?”

“From what I’ve discovered, he’s left Astral-10 and is on the way.”

Puyu gleefully smiled. “It’ll be great that he’s coming. I was more worried that he might not show up.”

“Lord, does Yan Feng deserve our help? Even if you have to deal with Lu Yin, there’s no need to go to this length. Although he possesses many titles, none of them are that important. As long as we don’t leave any evidence-”

“Shut up.” Puyu’s eyes turned cold. He casually waved his hand, and Bazeer, with his 30,000 power level, was launched backwards before landing heavily on the ground. He spat out some blood, but he did not dare to resist. Instead, he only knelt in trepidation. “Lord, please spare me.”

Puyu’s voice was icy as he stared at Bazeer. “If you did not initially humiliate him of your own initiative, things wouldn’t be this troublesome today.”

Bazeer’s face paled. “My apologies, lord.”

Puyu’s eyes narrowed and he snorted. “Do you think that a puny Lu Yin can be a thorn in my side? He merely represents the displeasure of the Ten Arbiters towards the fact that East San Dios’ authority lies within my hands. This person has been sent by the Ten Arbiters, and only Yan Feng can get us out of this current predicament.”

“Lord, I only feel that, since Yan Feng dared to lust after Wendy Yushan, he doesn’t deserve your help.”

Puyu sneered. “Does he actually think that he can match up to her? He can’t even compare to Wendy Yushan’s pinky finger.”

He continued, saying, “Pay attention to him for me. Firesmelt Planet wields no small amount of influence within the Frostwave Weave, and we must use them to track Wendy down.”

“Yes, lord,” Bazeer respectfully replied.

The darkness of space was infinitely lonely. Only the various stars would emit a beautiful radiance and light up the darkness.

Lu Yin sat inside of his personal spacecraft and raised his hand, causing nine stars to revolve around him.

Currently, his most powerful technique had become the Shockwave Palm supplemented by the Overlaying Stacks Path; the Cosmic Art had become something of a supplement. Even if this supplementary power did not become outdated, he still hoped for the power of his Cosmic Art could increase.

But he had no hope of ever achieving this.

Not too long ago, he had thought that the galaxy formed by the nine stars could have more stars infinitely added into it, but he had been too naive. The ninth star had been forcibly deduced by Astral-10’s crazy headmaster, and it was not the true Cosmic Art. As such, its power output was severely limited.

The Cosmic Palm, the Cosmic Art, the Cosmic Sect. Lu Yin gazed at the skies. In an infinitely remote region of the universe, there existed a super powerful sect called the Cosmic Sect, which had the true technique. He did not know if he would ever be able to learn the remaining portions of the Cosmic Art.

Beep beep beep!

His gadget let out an alert, and he immediately activated it. He was shocked to find that he had received not a normal message, but rather one through the Ten Arbiters Council network. Lu Yin was still unfamiliar with the interface since he had just joined the Council of Astral Academy and not been qualified to enter as a member. Despite the network being extremely large, his access was restricted so that he saw almost nothing besides information regarding the Northline Flowzone.

The Ten Arbiters’ profiles normally consisted of ten empty pages, but now, one of the pages was gently beeping. One of the Ten Arbiters was trying to contact Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin could only recognize one of the Ten Arbiters, the scholar Wen Sansi. It should be him who was contacting Lu Yin right now.

“Greetings.” Lu Yin connected to the call.

“I’m Lan Si,” a firm voice replied, causing Lu Yin’s pupils to shrink. This was an unfamiliar name, from one of the unknown Ten Arbiters.

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