Chapter 333: Borrowing Money Once Again

Back in Astral-10, Lu Yin felt a headache coming on. Madam Nalan had told him that she would be leaving soon, but he still owed her a large sum of money. He truly did not want to be in debt to her, but he had no money to pay her back with.

At the space station, Madam Nalan pursed her lips, her eyes betraying her amusement as she looked at Lu Yin. “Student Lu, you don’t have to be in such a rush to return the money to me.”

Lu Yin felt embarrassed. He was indeed anxious, but he had no money to speak of. “Madam, I’ll return it as soon as I have the money.”

She smiled. “Very well, I’ll wait for you.”

At that moment, Lu Yin received a notification that caused his eyes to gleam. He immediately stopped Madam Nalan. “Madam, would the Nalan family perhaps be interested in buying a technique?”

She was surprised. “Do you have a technique you wish to sell?”

Lu Yin nodded. “The Jade Meditation Technique can help one comprehend a domain. The Astral Beast Domain supplied this reward for the champion of the Tournament of the Strongest.”

Her eyes brightened. “Since this technique can aid one in comprehending a domain and was supplied by the Astral Beast Domain, it definitely won’t be cheap. Alright, our Nalan family will buy it. How much are you willing to sell it for?”

Lu Yin’s expression turned serious. “How much is it worth?” 

She laughed. “Student Lu, you must not understand the value of a domain. If this technique can truly aid the user in comprehending a domain, then even if the success rate is low, it is still valuable beyond measure. Let’s just say that this technique is worth more than what I’ve lent you.” 

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll offer this technique as a gift to madam.” 

She was taken aback. “Student Lu, consider this matter very carefully. This technique is definitely worth more than a hundred star essence.”

Lu Yin remained serious. “Madam, you have helped me in my time of difficulty, and you have even saved my life on two occasions. This technique is not enough to repay your acts of kindness, and so, I can only do this to show my sincerity.”

Her enticing eyes focused on Lu Yin for a moment, and then she smiled. “Very well, the Nalan family will accept your sincerity.”

Lu Yin shook his head. “No, this is not for the Nalan family but rather for Madam Nalan. Madam is my savior, and you are also the one who lent me the money.”

She nodded. “Alright then. I, Liu Fuxue, will accept your sincerity.”

“Please wait a moment, madam. The technique will arrive shortly.”

“Then we’ll have a glass of wine first. We don’t know when we’ll meet next after this goodbye,” she said as she leisurely stretched her body, her every movement extremely enticing.

Lu Yin immediately shifted his gaze as he nodded. He then stepped onto the Nalan family’s spacecraft, following right behind her. 

Before long, the Jade Meditation Technique and the Intermediate-level sourcebox were sent over. Lu Yin directly handed the technique to her, not even taking a look at it.

In general, even if the Jade Meditation Technique was useless to a specific person themselves, it was still a rare technique, and as such, it held an inherent attraction to it. However, Lu Yin did not even look at it, which made Madam Nalan’s eyes brighten even more. She realized that Lu Yin had a strong virtue; he was very bold. It was to the extent where it far outstripped his age. Perhaps it would be good to cooperate with the Great Yu Empire. 

A short while later, after the Nalan family spacecraft left Astral-10, Lu Yin began making preparations to head towards East San Dios when he suddenly received a message from the Outerverse Youth Council network. He had gained access to this network since he had already joined the Outerverse Youth Council.

Outerverse Youth Council member Yan Feng will wed Miss Jenny Auna in twelve days—Bazeer offers his congratulations.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank when he read the message, and his entire face sank as a roaring rage consumed him.

With Yan Feng’s status, he did not even come close to having the qualifications to have his marriage announcement be broadcast over the Outerverse Youth Council network. This had to be Bazeer’s doing, and he had intentionally done this to provoke Lu Yin. Yan Feng was also openly flaunting the marriage in front of Lu Yin, as the youth from the Firesmelt Planet was fully aware that the Auna family had arranged Jenny Auna to be Lu Yin’s fiancée. However, he had still made such a prominent announcement and was clearly trying to provoke Lu Yin.

Since he was the champion of the Tournament of the Strongest, his prestige had spiked. Yan Feng’s actions seemed to be an attempt to forcibly suppress Lu Yin’s reputation, and this move was like him moving a knife towards Lu Yin’s throat. 

Although this involved Yan Feng and Bazeer, there must be someone else behind them. If Lu Yin had guessed correctly, then Nightqueen Yanqing or perhaps even Puyu had a hand in this matter. Lu Yin had to analyze the entire situation carefully; he just had too many enemies. One wave crashed into him after another even before the previous one subsided. If he allowed Yan Feng to wed Jenny Auna, then he would become a laughing stock in the near future.

After Lu Yin thought everything through, he realized that he urgently needed to go to East San Dios. He hesitated a moment after realizing that he should have enough time since he had twelve days and then he headed towards the Rain Observatory. 

Regardless of everything else, Yan Feng was still a space-exploring powerhouse who was not any weaker than Wendy Yushan as far as innate gifts were concerned. However, even though he had not received the same opportunities that Wendy had, he was heralded as second only to her among the Frostwave Weave’s younger generation. He was an elite who could come into contact with the Top Hundred Rankings; otherwise, the Daynight clan never would have pushed him into a member’s position.

Given Yan Feng’s strength, Lu Yin tentatively estimated him to be about as strong as a Cruiser, but his current power was still insufficient to challenge a Cruiser. He could at most deal with someone like Zi Tie, an Explorer with a power level between 30,000 and 40,000—perhaps even someone who was close to 50,000. Thus, if Lu Yin faced off against a Cruiser, an average one would still be alright, but anyone even a bit stronger than that would be troublesome, and Yan Feng was definitely no pushover. 

There was only one way for Lu Yin to challenge a Cruiser: the Overlaying Stacks Path. He had to follow the same path as the Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist and increase his Overlaying Stacks to Thirty Stacks. 

The Rainmaster was shocked. “You want to continue deducing Overlaying Stacks?”

Lu Yin nodded seriously. “Mentor, please help me accomplish my goals.”

The Rainmaster exclaimed in surprise, “You want to challenge the record left by one of the Ten Arbiters!”

Lu Yin bowed respectfully. “Yes, please assist me.”

A rare smile broke out on the mentor’s face. “Kid, this means that you’re finally approaching the Ten Arbiters’ level. You even became the champion of the Tournament of the Strongest. Astral-10 can be considered to be the top academy now, and you’ve won much glory for us.

“This request isn’t excessive. Stretch out your hand.”

Lu Yin’s breathing turned sluggish, and he excitedly stretched out his left arm.

Just like before, the Rainmaster used a single hand to help Lu Yin deduce the Overlaying Stacks. This time, the number of stacks increased from twenty to twenty five, before finally breaking through to Thirty Stacks. 

When the thirtieth stack appeared, the void exploded as this stack held an incomparably terrifying strength.

“Thirty Stacks is no small matter. This really is the upper limit that a Limiteer’s body can handle. Even the Divine Fist from the Ten Arbiters was unable to break through this boundary. Kid, know your own limits,” the Rainmaster warned.

Lu Yin nodded and then conscientiously took note of the strength of Thirty Stacks. If he had had this power during his previous battle, then it might have been possible for him to forcibly break through Tian Hou’s defenses. No, it was definitely possible!

The mentor looked at Lu Yin with shining eyes. “Do you want to know the next limit of the Divine Fist?” 

Lu Yin looked up. “Yes please.”

The mentor gazed into the distance and paused for a moment before speaking. “Explorer realm: One Hundred Stacks, shattering a planet.”

Lu Yin was stunned. “One Hundred Stacks?”

The mentor nodded. “Yes, One Hundred Stacks.”

He then looked at Lu Yin. “Do you understand the terror of One Hundred Stacks? One palm is enough to cause even Hunters to be afraid, and even a Hunter might not have the ability to display One Hundred Stacks. This is the level of the Ten Arbiters.”

Lu Yin suppressed his shock and bowed again to the mentor. “Student now understands and will take my leave.”

The mentor nodded. “Go on. Though remember, advice to you is still the same. Know your own limits.”

Lu Yin nodded and then left the Rain Observatory.

The Ten Arbiters had truly made many great achievements. The further Lu Yin progressed along the Overlaying Stacks Path, the more he understood that it became increasingly difficult. It was not as simple as one plus one equals two. The fact that the Divine Fist had displayed One Hundred Stacks as an Explorer was rather perverted. When Lu Yin broke through to become an Explorer, his physical body would transform, but his strength would at most reach the level of Fifty Stacks, not One Hundred Stacks.

It was no wonder why the Ten Arbiters had been able to raise the Youth Council to such heights and were universally known as freaks. The higher he climbed, the more he understood the strength and terror of the Ten Arbiters. They could not be viewed with the same lenses that one used to examine the rest of the younger generation.

However, it was not the time to think about this. Lu Yin’s current top priority was to strengthen his physical body.

He had ten star essences left and could upgrade a strengthening fruit to the same level as the last one. But would that be enough? Lu Yin decided that it would not, but he really had no more money.

“Eh? Lu Yin, where are you going?” someone called out as Lulu appeared from nearby.

When he saw Lulu, Lu Yin felt as if she were a huge cash bag running towards him. He had forgotten that there was someone here who was a second generation member of a wealthy family. This girl was from a family whose name was practically synonymous with money: the Mavis Bank. Such a beautiful power…

When Lulu saw Lu Yin’s greedy gaze, she unconsciously backed away and vigilantly checked her surroundings. “Lu Yin, what do you want?”

Lu Yin was stumped, but then he regained his senses and awkwardly coughed. “Wait, wha-? Lulu, were you calling me?”

Lulu looked at Lu Yin with a strange expression. “I heard that Silver’s gone.”

Lu Yin nodded. “Yes, he’s gone.”

“What happened? Did he die?”

Lu Yin shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Wasn’t your relationship with him rather good?” Lulu felt that something was off.

Lu Yin was astonished. “Who ever said that?”

“Don’t lie! That sly snake only ever treated you differently and always put on that disgusting expression for everyone else. You two’s relationship must have been pretty good.”

Lu Yin shook his head. “I don’t have any relationship with him. Don’t talk crap.”

He paused a moment and then coughed awkwardly. “Uhh, Lulu, do you have money by any chance? I need to borrow some.”

“Damn, Seventh Bro, why do you keep borrowing money? That’s a bad habit,” the Ghost Monkey shrieked, so loud that it sounded as if he had discovered a new planet.

“Shut up!” Lu Yin angrily barked.

In front of him, Lulu’s brows jumped up in shock. “Lu Yin, who are you telling to shut up?!”

Lu Yin quickly apologized.

Lulu sized him up and down, and then her lips curled up in a mischievous manner. “You want to borrow some money?”

Lu Yin nodded.

“How much?” Lulu asked as she raised her head proudly. When it came to money, she was extremely confident as the Mavis family would never be afraid of that topic. As long as one could name a price, they would be able to pay it.

Lu Yin quickly made some calculations. It required ten star essence to upgrade one strengthening fruit to the next stage. Another level would require about twenty star essence, so he raised three fingers.

Lulu rolled her eyes and felt that this amount was beneath her. “300,000 star crystals?”

“Ten times that.” Lu Yin was a little embarrassed, as it was probably a bit too much. No, it was definitely too much.

Lulu was shocked. “Three million star crystals? Do you even have the ability to pay that much back? Do you realize how much that is? You’re just a student!”

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