Chapter 332: All Kinds Of Privileges

Lu Yin nodded. Tian Hou was a legend, so its abilities would naturally arouse many’s curiosities. It was very normal for the upper echelons of the Human Domain to want to know more. “First of all, the nature of a Cosmic Hou’s strength is not to dissolve but rather to devour. He possesses an attack that can swallow everything, they can merge with the void, and they can even devour human emotions…”

It didn’t take long for Lu Yin to clearly describe Tian Hou’s strengths and abilities, and everything caused Old Cai to grow solemn. At the end, he asked in a stunned manner, “Devouring emotions... How did you withstand that?”

Lu Yin shrugged before responding, “Every domain is special. I previously comprehended the bloodlust of the battlefield at the Heavenly Drum, and I used the mettle of a seasoned veteran who was unafraid of death to battle against Tian Hou.”

Old Cai evidently did not believe him, but he did not question him any further either. Everyone had their own destiny, and Lu Yin’s seemed especially unique. Old Cai recalled that Lu Yin was also immune to the Third Sword of the Thirteen Swords and that he had been targeted by the Daynight Clan because of that matter. There was nothing strange about the kid being immune to Tian Hou’s ability to devour emotions. It could also be related to his constitution, as despite everything, Tian Hou was still just a Limiteer.

“Alright, the reward’s next,” Old Cai exclaimed, “Kid, if I must say something good about you, it’s that your luck is too good.”

Lu Yin was caught off guard by this comment.

Old Cai’s lips quirked up. “Use your gadget and check out the information about yourself.”

Puzzled, Lu Yin activated his gadget, and keyed in his own name. A page appeared that he had never seen before, and it listed all of the information about his identity.

Lu Yin stared at the new page in shock. He quickly saw that it didn’t only list his preexisting statuses, but there was also new information and even… privileges.

Entitled to freely enter the Innerverse.

Entitled to freely enter the Hall of Honor.

Entitled to be accepted into the Neoverse.


A series of entitlements dazzled Lu Yin. Everything listed here was his privilege.

“Old Cai, what is this?” Lu Yin was stunned.

Old Cai marvelled, “Your Honor Points have changed as well. You now have two.”

Lu Yin looked next to his name and saw that his Honor Points had indeed risen from one to two. Someone had once told him that there was a world of difference between having one and having two Honor Points. Now, Lu Yin understood what that person had meant.

With this second Honor Point, he now had countless new privileges, many of which were difficult even for space-exploring powerhouses to achieve.

Just the privilege of being able to enter the Innerverse as he wished was enough to make many space-exploring powerhouses envious. It should be known that even they often found it difficult to enter the Innerverse, and some even had to toss their dignity aside and curry favor with the Astral River Flowzone Envoy. But now, Lu Yin had gained this privilege, and with it, even the Astral River Flowzone Envoy would not dare to obstruct him no matter how bold he may be.

Even if he killed the Flowzone Envoy’s son, he would still be able to safely enter the Innerverse, and the Astral River Flowzone Envoy would even have to guarantee his safety while doing so.

This was the privilege he had earned, and there was a huge pile of other, similar privileges.

“Your status has been rebuilt and even been made confidential. In other words, it won’t be as easy for others to find out information about you.”

Lu Yin was moved. “Mentor, why did I get one more Honor Point?”

“You represented the Human Domain and defeated both the Astral Beast Domain and the Technocracy, not to mention your feat of defeating a legend. Giving you one Honor Point is not overboard, and this was directly granted to you by the Hall of Honor and not applied for by someone else. Kid, you are very lucky, as you have already entered the Hall of Honor’s sight.”

Lu Yin’s face twisted as he was not ecstatic. Rather his heart sank low. The Ghost Monkey had just informed him, “Seventh Bro, congratulations. You are now on the Celestial Vanquisher's List.”

“Old Cai, have you heard of the Celestial Vanquisher's List?” Lu Yin asked nervously.

The old mentor nodded and his previously surprised gaze turned to a sympathetic one. “Yes.”

“What do you think?”

“There’s no need to think. You’re definitely on it. Although your ranking shouldn’t be too high, you’re definitely on the Astral Beast Domain’s hit list.”

Lu Yin had no other words. “For sure?”

“Absolutely. Kid, the importance of the Honor Points awarded by the Human Domain is directly proportional to the Astral Beast Domain’s desire to kill you.”

Lu Yin’s heart sank, and his expression turned ugly.

“Don’t be too discouraged. After this competition, there will be a short period of peace between our two astral domains. Thus, even if they try to assassinate you during this period, they won’t send any real experts after you, so you should be fine,” Old Cai consoled.

Lu Yin felt helpless, but he could only do as Old Cai had suggested.

“Besides the Honor Point, you also have some other rewards,” Old Cai continued. “One technique and one harmless, intermediate level sourcebox.”

Lu Yin was shocked. “There’s even a harmless, intermediate level sourcebox?”

“The previous sourcebox was sponsored by the Nalan family while this one was donated by the Technocracy. This technique is from the Astral Beast Domain and is called the Jade Meditation Technique.”

“Jade Meditation Technique?” Lu Yin was curious.

“These two items are not here at Astral-10 and have to be delivered. However, the technique won’t be very useful to you since it’s used to help people comprehend a domain. As you already have one, it’s pointless to try to learn another one.”

Lu Yin nodded. Three rewards from three great astral domains. Fair enough.

“Alright, you can go and wait for your rewards to be delivered. Right, kid, where’s the personal spacecraft that the school previously lent to you?” Old Cai suddenly asked in a stern tone.

Lu Yin felt embarrassed since he had left it in the Great Yu Empire. “Rest assured, Mentor. I’ll bring it back next time.”

“Hmph, that’s academy property. If you don’t return it, then prepare to pay for it,” Old Cai threatened in an attempt to scare him.

Not long after Lu Yin seized the championship, there was a great development at the boundary of the Erudite Flowzone. A youth descended and waved his hand to take away the frontier commander, Shui Chuanxiao, who was then labelled a traitor to humanity.

“The Human Domain Erudite Flowzone frontier commander Shui Chuanxiao has colluded with foreign tribes to betray his native race, causing the Endless Weave to be defeated. He has been convicted of this heinous crime and will be detained at Gaia's Swamp for ten thousand years.”

Countless were stupefied by this news. Shui Chuanxiao had been the border commander at the Human Domain’s Erudite Flowzone and was heralded as the greatest strategic mind in history. His contributions were innumerable, and he had more than ten Honor Points. He was someone who stood at the peak of humanity, and yet, he had been casually detained, leaving many in disbelief.

At the border of the Erudite Flowzone, the moment Shui Chuanxiao was captured, countless soldiers rebelled and stared furiously at the youth.

“Who are you? How can you just arrest the commander?” a Cruiser barked, causing the skies to rumble.

The youth turned back and smiled faintly. “Nightking... Zhenwu.”

The heavens fell silent as everyone looked at the youth in a daze. He was one of the humans’ Ten Arbiters, Nightking Zhenwu.

En Ya clenched her fists and stared at him. When did the Ten Arbiters gain the authority to intervene in the border warfront? Was this paramount power entrusted to them by the Hall of Honor? Those ten freaks were climbing higher and higher.

News of the development at the Erudite Flowzone’s border quickly spread. Shui Chuanxiao was no ordinary person, and the interests of countless individuals and clans would be harmed if something happened to him. Regardless of his capability, his position was supported by many. And with his arrest, there would be drastic changes to many powers, and the entire structure of authority in the Human Domain would change to some degree. 

Even more stunning was that one of the Ten Arbiters had appeared to capture Shui Chuanxiao. Logically, such an action should have been carried out by the Interstellar Arbitrators, a subsidiary organization of the Hall of Honor. However, one of the Ten Arbiters had actually personally intervened, and it had been Nightking Zhenwu at that. This detail caused many to consider what it might represent; was someone influential in the Hall of Honor leaning towards the Daynight clan?

Lu Yin similarly learned of Shui Chuanxiao’s arrest since his new privileges allowed him to receive the notification immediately. He was astonished; had Shui Chuanxiao really betrayed humanity? How was that possible? He was the border commander! Or was he from the Neohuman Alliance as well?!

Lu Yin did not really believe that conspiracy theory. Even though he had not spent much time interacting with Shui Chuanxiao, that person couldn’t be someone from the Neohuman Alliance. Besides, with his position, there was no need for him to betray humanity.

Lu Yin rubbed his temples as this news was just too staggering. However, it had nothing to do with him since he did not qualify to intervene in such matters at this time. What he cared about more was that Nightking Zhenwu was actually the one who had captured Shui Chuanxiao, which made Lu Yin worry that Nightking Zhenwu might intervene in the border warfront now. If that happened, then Nightking Zhenwu’s influence would expand boundlessly. With the support of his Daynight clan, there would be no one left in the universe to contest him.

As the frontier commander, Shui Chuanxiao’s duties had been extremely important, and yet, he had been easily captured. This meant that the humans’ negotiation with the Astral Beast Domain and the Technocracy had ended and that the three sides were now in a temporary truce.

A few days later, in the emptiness of outer space, the white bone spacecraft began flying back towards the Astral Beast Domain. Atop the roof, Lilac Snow was leisurely lying down, occasionally looking down at Tian Hou as if waiting for something.

Feng Jiu and the rest also occasionally glanced at Tian Hou.

After a while, Tian Hou looked up. “Master said that we can directly return.”

Lilac Snow relaxed, as the pressure of her responsibilities was very great. Tian Hou’s identity had been exposed, and now, countless people in the Human Domain wanted to kill him. There were too many hidden experts here, and she was not confident that she could repel all of them. It was better to return quickly.

Tian Hou lowered his head and seemed to be lost in contemplation. He had not once considered encountering failure in this trip to the Human Domain, and now, his defeat was an indelible event. He had been pushed to his utmost limits but had still lost. The legends about the Cosmic Hou’s invincibility had been shattered in his generation, and he was unable to accept this result.

Feng Jiu walked next to Tian Hou. “Did Teacher criticize you?”

Tian Hou was downcast. “No.”

Fury flashed in Feng Jiu’s eyes. “Although a temporary truce was established, battle will soon return. We’ll definitely meet Lu Yin on the battlefield before long, and the outcome of that battle is still unknown.”

Tian Hou’s eyes trembled. There were no rules on the battlefield—there was only life and death. He would redeem his lost honor there.

Embermane and Hua Yishou exchanged glances that held a lingering fear. Fortunately, they had not fought against that perverted human who had even defeated Tian Hou. Truth be told, even they had not known that Tian Hou was the legendary Cosmic Hou, so the shock that Tian Hou had given them was even greater than what the humans had felt. Because of a Cosmic Hou’s reputation within the Astral Beast Domain, Lu Yin’s victory had been even more shocking to the astral beasts than it had been within the Human Domain. Lu Yin’s ranking on the Celestial Vanquisher's List was not as low as he believed. Even if he was just a mere Limiteer, he had still defeated a Cosmic Hou.

In the other direction, the participants from the Technocracy also left the Human Domain.

Yun stroked Yar Patar’s head while the battle against Lu Yin kept floating up in her mind. She felt that it was strange. She should not have any opponents within the same realm as her given the power that she possessed. Even that Tian Hou who could endure unimaginable attacks would have been suppressed by her strength. So what was the deal with Lu Yin? Her own strength had not seemed to oppress him one bit; it was very strange...

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