Chapter 329: Struggle To The Death

Lu Yin leapt up, enduring the barrage of phantom palms. He then used Flash to charge towards Tian Hou and unleashed attacks from both of his hands this time. Tian Hou shivered. Rather than counterattack with his Phantom Soul Strike, he instead evaded the attack. Lu Yin’s hands missed, and they ended up tearing the void apart.

Many were dazed as they could not understand this battle at all. No one understood if Lu Yin could or could not effectively attack Tian Hou.

Lu Yin panted heavily as a palm imprint gradually faded from his chest. He looked at Tian Hou with a grave expression, as this fellow was very difficult to deal with—it was way too challenging to even hit him.

Tian Hou also looked solemnly at Lu Yin. “If this is your limit, then this is a great disappointment.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly felt very sullen. If not for the live broadcast, he would have been able to use the Cosmic Art without restraint. If that were the case, then no matter what Tian Hou did, he would be attacked as soon as he approached Lu Yin, and he would be able to easily defeat this Cosmic Hou.

“It looks like you’ve already reached your limits. Still, for you to reach this step and strike me once can already be considered pretty good,” Tian Hou said in a quiet voice before once again merging with the void and attacking Lu Yin with another Phantom Soul Strike. Lu Yin used both hands in an attempt to counterattack, but Tian Hou easily avoided it. Although the creature could not use extreme speed, nothing could beat its ability to merge with the void.

There was a bang as Lu Yin’s hands landed on nothing. Once again, his entire body was launched underground by Tian Hou, and this time, a trace of blood appeared on Lu Yin’s back.

Tian Hou’s attacks were all very powerful, and he lived up to his reputation of being one of the finalists in the Tournament of the Strongest. If he were from the Human Domain, he would be a Ten Arbiters’ candidate without a question. It was not easy to withstand his attacks once, twice, thrice…

Under the watchful gazes of many observers, Lu Yin fell to a complete disadvantage. As soon as Tian Hou started fighting seriously and using his battle techniques, many experts from the Astral Beast Domain believed that the match was already over.

Lu Yin was already doing pretty good, after all. Tian Hou had not displayed his battle techniques against anyone else in this competition, and nor had he taken the initiative to evade anyone else’s attacks, not even Starsibyl’s. Lu Yin was the only who had been able to force him to this extent, but it seemed to end there.

Lu Yin hit the ground with a bang and spat out a mouthful of blood. He had endured more than ten strikes from Tian Hou, and even if his physical body was tough, he still found it extremely difficult to tolerate such physical abuse as he lay there, flat on the ground.

Many sighed. In the end, Lu Yin had still been defeated. In all the legends throughout history, no one had managed to defeat a Cosmic Hou of the same realm in single combat. A Cosmic Hou could not be defeated by a single person.

On Zenyu Star, Huo Qingshan and the others felt powerless. It was time to close their screens, as watching on would be disrespectful to the Royal Regent’s image.

On Earth, Zhou Shan and the rest felt sorrowful. Earth was too small, and they could not help Lu Yin at all. After stepping onto the universe’s biggest stage, he could only count on himself.

Some sighed, while others were secretly elated, but no one revealed such emotions. In spite of all the possible grudges out there, Lu Yin represented the Human Domain right now.

Starsibyl’s gaze flickered. Did her divinated result actually show a different path? She was not confident, as Tian Hou was just too difficult to deal with.

There was an intense shout as Lu Yin spat out another mouthful of blood. However, he endured the intense pain and charged up from underground, only to pant heavily as he looked at Tian Hou.

Tian Hou’s gaze regained its indifference. “Your physical body is powerful, and among all the Limiteers in the same generation as you within the Astral Beast Domain, even when including those famously tough beasts, few can rival you. But even if that’s the case, if we drag things out, you will only end up being more embarrassed.”

Lu Yin spat out more blood and heaved a few breaths. “Actually, I’ve been wondering. Is this all your attacks are capable of?”

Tian Hou’s eyes widened, and all who heard Lu Yin’s reply felt caught off guard as well. What did this mean? Was Lu Yin taunting his opponent?

“What do you mean?” Tian Hou grew serious.

Lu Yin licked his lips. The bloodstains were unsightly, so he wiped them clean. He looked at his own blood and then grinned. “If your attacks have only reached this level of strength, then the outcome of this fight is still unknown. Let’s put it all on the line and see whose luck is better!” With that, Lu Yin stretched out both hands, only to suddenly clasp them together and interlock his ten fingers. His star energy even formed a chain that twisted around his hands as he firmly tied both hands together. “This way, I can’t separate them even if I wanted to.”

Tian Hou was bewildered, and the many people who were watching were also confused.

No one could understand Lu Yin’s actions. How would tying his hands together help him deal with Tian Hou?

“Seventh Bro, are you crazy? Don’t be discouraged! No one will blame you if you can’t beat Tian Hou. There’s really no one who can win against him,” the Ghost Monkey cried out desperately.

Lu Yin softly but firmly replied, “You’re wrong. I believe that, if the Ten Arbiters were in the Astral Combat Academy right now, they would definitely be able to defeat Tian Hou.”

The Ghost Monkey wanted to retort, but it could not find out the words to do so. The Ten Arbiters were ten freaks who represented the changes in the universe. Since ancient times, no one of the younger generation had ever been as terrifying as those ten. Their power was incomprehensible to most people, and they would likely have been able to triumph over Tian Hou in single combat even as Limiteers. The monkey did not believe others could do the same, but he was forced to accept that the Ten Arbiters were capable of this feat. Although it was said that those on the Astral Beast Domain’s Skymender List could rival the Ten Arbiters, the Ghost Monkey knew that that was just a saying and that it was likely not true.

This saying originated from Yao Gu’s battle against the Ten Arbiters’ Undying Phoenix, where they had been evenly matched. This had caused news to spread that the beasts on the Skymender List could match up against the Ten Arbiters. However, at the border warfront, the Ghost Monkey had seen that Yao Gu had been at a disadvantage against Wen Sansi and that he had not been able to match up to the Ten Arbiters’ Scholar. No one could prove how the outcome of the battle would have turned out if Yao Gu fought against another Arbiter.

Lu Yin was certain that the Ten Arbiters would have been capable of winning because of the Rainmaster’s remark that the Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist had been able to use Thirty Stacks of the Overlaying Stacks Path. What sort of level was that? Even with Lu Yin’s current physical strength, it would be difficult for him to reach that degree of strength. That was the true terror of the Ten Arbiters.

“Even if the Ten Arbiters could defeat Tian Hou back then, what do you want to do now? Do you think tying both your hands together will let you catch up to them?” The monkey felt that something was strange.

Lu Yin did not bother explaining. He readied his bound hands; one used Cosmic Palm while the other used Shockwave Palm. His reasoning was that, if his hands were separated, it would be easier for Tian Hou to disrupt a weaker attack and disperse the energy. By binding his hands, although Lu Yin’s movements would be a beat slower, there would be a greater strength behind his attacks. He intended to burn all bridges and use his body to forcibly endure Tian Hou’s attack in exchange for an opportunity to strike back on his own. He was staking everything on this method, and gambling on a bit of luck as well.

“Come on, Tian Hou!” Lu Yin growled as he charged towards the Cosmic Hou with Flash.

Tian Hou’s eyes lit up, and the phantom palm images that filled the skies descended. Lu Yin did not dodge the attack and instead used his bound hands to slam a heavy attack at Tian Hou. He tried to dodge, and Lu Yin immediately evaded the moment he saw that. The Phantom Soul Strike missed, and Lu Yin’s attack missed as well.

Tian Hou was shocked; this person wanted to force them both down in mutual destruction!

Lu Yin’s plan had been exposed, and if Tian Hou could figure it out, then many others would as well. But the situation was still a bit strange, as Tian Hou seemed afraid of Lu Yin’s combined attack. Did Lu Yin really have the ability to cause the Cosmic Hou to be afraid? Many thought back to Lu Yin’s strike at the beginning of the battle.

“Again!” Lu Yin barked excitedly, feeling as if he had found a path to victory.

Tian Hou gritted his teeth. “If you want to struggle, then so be it. A disciple of Skymender is not afraid of anyone!” The Phantom Soul Strike reappeared, and he slammed his attack towards Lu Yin. This time, Tian Hou did not dodge and neither did Lu Yin. His bound hands crashed heavily into Tian Hou, and the Cosmic Palm restrained the rotation of the vortex as the Shockwave Palm violently struck out. Tian Hou was sent flying by Lu Yin’s strike, though Lu Yin was also struck by the endless Phantom Soul Strike and thrown back underground.

The two simultaneously exchanged blows, causing many in the audience to feel petrified with shock.

“Effective! Lu Yin’s attack is actually working!” a student excitedly shouted.

Many others became thrilled as well to see that Lu Yin had begun counterattacking after enduring more than ten strikes from the opponent. This determination stirred many.

On Zenyu Star, Huo Qingshan, who had been just about to shut off the screen, released a pent up breath. Was this Lu Yin’s counterattack?

Wendy Yushan’s eyes gleamed in a hidden corner of the universe, and a trace of happiness flashed across her face.

In both the Innerverse and the Outerverse, many powers were moved. “Such a strong battle awareness! If he had not tied his hands together, then his movements would have been less focused, and Tian Hou would have been able to evade him. This kid is not bad,” the Sword Sect leader praised in appreciation.

At this point, the battle had just begun.

Lu Yin’s new battle style forced Tian Hou to struggle against him blow for blow, and their fight became a bitter struggle as both used their own bodies to forcefully endure their opponent’s attacks.

After ten minutes, even an extraordinary being such as the Cosmic Hou found it difficult to endure such powerful blows, and Tian Hou’s attack rhythm noticeably slowed.

Lu Yin’s body was drenched in blood, and wounds covered his entire body.

“How interesting, that you actually forced me to such a point,” Tian Hou gasped in surprise.

Lu Yin frowned, but he did not show any signs of weakness either. “I’m amazed that you can injure me as well.”

“Hahaha, Master was right! You’re indeed a variable.” Tian Hou seemed elated.

Outside the battlefield, Yun still had an expression that was filled with contempt, though all her hatred seemed to be directed towards Lu Yin. However, no one noticed her since they were all watching the final battle.

“Seventh Bro, I must worship you! You’re too awesome!” The Ghost Monkey was electrified by what he was witnessing. “That’s Tian Hou! You’re the only one in the same realm who has ever forced him to such a stage. You’re too amazing!”

“Shut up, he hasn’t even used his true strength,” Lu Yin barked back.

“Impossible! That beast has shown an unnatural level of strength, but you’re telling me that he hasn’t even used his actual strength?” the monkey shrieked.

Lu Yin stared at Tian Hou’s eyes and had a premonition that the legends about the Cosmic Hou’s abilities extended beyond what Tian Hou had revealed so far. There were so many extraordinary innate gifts in the universe, some that could even form a blackhole, but even that was not enough to allow their wielders to become legends. So what did the Cosmic Hou race rely on? What Lu Yin had already seen so far had not reached that level, so Tian Hou must still be hiding something.

“I’m very satisfied with this battle, but unfortunately, it must come to an end sometime,” Tian Hou said as he sighed and stared at Lu Yin. “You are now also someone who has experienced a legend.” Then, his body merged into the void only to reappear above Lu Yin. He struck out with both palms with no intention of evading. 

Lu Yin subconsciously attacked with his bound hands, and with a loud boom, a shockwave burst out behind Tian Hou’s back to distort the void. Tian Hou gripped Lu Yin’s shoulders with both hands. “You can be frightened now.”

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank, and he felt an indescribable chill crawl up his spine as he tried to attack Tian Hou in order to force him back. However, Tian Hou forcibly endured Lu Yin’s attack. Their eyes met, and an ineffable feeling seeped into Lu Yin.

Terror and fear suddenly manifested in Lu Yin’s eyes as he stared at Tian Hou. He trembled. He wanted to slink down and cower at the feet of this being.

Why? They were clearly evenly matched, but Lu Yin now felt a deep sense of fear and the overwhelming sensation that he could not match up to Tian Hou. This feeling was like confronting the boundless universe, when humans felt so minuscule and overwhelmed where they did not even have the courage to raise their heads and look at the skies.

Tian Hou continued to stare into Lu Yin’s eyes. This was his ability: devouring. Not only could he devour physical attacks, but he could also devour his opponent’s emotions. Courage was an emotion, and this man had just lost all of his courage.

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