Chapter 326: Lu Yin vs Yun

Lu Yin did not move, even as Yun, who was opposite him, snorted and raised a finger to release a sharp burst of energy. 

This was a very familiar scene, as this was the same technique that had been used against Liu Shaoqiu in Yun’s previous match. One finger had countered the First Sword of the Thirteen Swords, and the seemingly gentle finger held a terrifyingly, matchless power.

Lu Yin shivered and stared at the void as he watched the sharp energy tear through the void. He raised his hand, wanting to use overlaying stacks to disperse this force. However, as the suppression from the energy drew closer, the pain in his body surprisingly diminished. This amazed him, and the hand rising up to meet the attack unconsciously slowed down. The energy hit him directly on the shoulder and sent him flying a hundred meters backwards.

Many felt their hearts skip a beat. Could this be it? Had he been defeated that simply?

Yun felt contempt for Lu Yin and the fact that he could not even withstand a single strike of hers.


Starsibyl’s gaze trembled as she watched from outside the battlefield.

The grin on Nightqueen Yanqing’s face grew even wider. This was the result she wanted to see: the greatest humiliation that Lu Yin could receive.

On Zenyu Star, Huo Qingshan and the others all had grave expressions. Lu Yin should not have been defeated so easily, as he had also defeated Liu Shaoqiu once.

Many Earthlings watched their screens with similarly complicated emotions.

Lu Yin’s head was bent down after receiving the impact of the blast. The pain in his right shoulder actually lessened a little after receiving the blow. It was effective! He raised his head and said to Yun in a delighted tone, “Continue!”

Yun’s originally derisive expression sank. “Are you challenging me?”

Lu Yin shrugged. “Whatever you want to think. Continue.”

Many released their pent up breaths when they heard Lu Yin’s words. He had not been defeated yet, and it seemed that he could still endure many more blows.

A killing intent formed in Yun’s eyes. “How audacious.”

She next struck out with her finger in a series of consecutive jabs, releasing multiple energy blades that sliced through the void, towards Lu Yin. He could dodge them, but he consciously made the decision not to do so since they were effective in dulling the pain that wracked his body after consuming the strengthening fruit. This battle couldn’t be any better for him!

Bang bang bang bang…

In front of their screens, countless individuals watched this remarkable scene. Lu Yin was like a sandbag enduring Yun’s countless attacks. His clothes had long since turned to rags, and some parts of his body had started to bleed. And yet, despite all of this, he did not attempt to dodge or resist in the slightest. What was going on? If he could not withstand these attacks, then he should have been subdued by them long ago.

More and more people felt that something was amiss as Lu Yin was blasted beneath the ground.

Yun’s brows bunched together; she was furious. She had unleashed countless strikes, and all of them had hit this person, and yet, this bastard was still alive. His physical body was a little too tough, so she decided to stop wasting her time. She raised a single palm high into the air, and a frightening force pressed down. Many students felt the pressure even in the stands and spat out blood the moment they did.

It was this pressure that had smashed Liu Shaoqiu’s Fourth Sword apart. This was Yun’s most powerful attack.

Liu Shaoqiu subconsciously stepped forward. He could not make sense of how this palm worked, but it was extremely powerful.

Everyone stared at Yun, as she had become serious with this attack.

As Yun’s palm pressed down, everyone felt their hearts thump as a great strength swept out, startling many students.

The ground completely shattered, and the palm strike landed squarely on Lu Yin. His entire body was forced underground, and a giant spatial crack ruptured in all directions, and even the mentors’ barrier was distorted.

Everyone stared underground as their hearts sank. Even Liu Shaoqiu’s Fourth Sword had crumbled against this palm, so how could a human body possibly withstand it? Lu Yin had clearly been overwhelmed.

Starsibyl’s brows wrinkled subconsciously. This can’t be. How could he be defeated this easily?

The people on Zenyu Star, Earth, East San Dios, and the Sword Sect as well as the various powers of the Innerverse and even Wendy Yushan all stared closely at their screens. This battle was simply too strange, as Lu Yin had not retaliated from start to finish. He hadn’t even tried to dodge an attack once. Many had guessed that he was being controlled by some special technique of Yun’s, such as a fantasy realm.

Yun silently glowered at the ground from up in the sky, waiting for the giant voice to announce her victory. She could not even be bothered to spare a glance at the corpse below.

But no voice rang out even after she waited for quite a while.

She looked downwards to see a gale sweep out while a crushed rock was tossed up from deep underground. A figure suddenly sat up, and with a deep breath, shouted, “Great!”

Many mouths hung open in shock. What did they hear? “Great?” Did they hear him wrongly?

Yun’s pupils shrunk as she stared at Lu Yin in disbelief. Great? Could she have heard wrongly? This bastard actually dared to take pleasure in receiving her attacks? In that instant, Yun flew into a blind rage. She felt humiliated, and her eyes turned bloodshot. “You’re asking for death!” She vanished with a flash only to appear right above Lu Yin. She pressed down with a ferocious palm that caused the void to tremble. The force of this attack was no less than that of her previous attack.

Lu Yin looked up, as Yun’s actions could not be concealed within the range of his domain. At the same time that Yun’s palm landed, Lu Yin turned to face it without any intentions of evading and slammed out with a palm of his own. “Seventeen Stacks, Twentyfold Shockwave Palm.”


The violent rumbling shook the void, and countless spatial cracks flickered like lightning. A dazzling light spread out along with an irrepressible shockwave that filled the entire arena. The students in the audience were blown backwards by the force of the shockwave, even if they were a good distance away from the battlefield. The mentors’ barrier distorted and nearly dissipated while everyone stared on in horror at the battlefield. Even if the void was distorted and unclear, the two competitors still remained standing in their positions.

Yun was infuriated, and the image of a giant, phantom mountain had appeared beneath her palm. This was the full strength that she had used to defeat Liu Shaoqiu, and she had concentrated it all onto her palm. She was going to crush this worm that dared to humiliate her.

The moment the mountain appeared, a knot formed in Lu Yin’s heart, giving him a palpable sense of oppression and wrath. He reflexively used a stronger attack this time. “Twenty Stacks, Twenty-fivefold Shockwave Palm.”




Countless explosions shook the void as everything within the arena shattered. The mentors’ barrier nearly vanished, and four figures suddenly appeared from the sky as four Hunter realm mentors worked together to reseal the battlefield.

In the next instant, the violent shockwave was sealed by the mentors’ strength and redirected upwards instead.

The terrifying wall of air erupted in the sky and released an indescribably majestic power that then descended upon the audience. Many students were severely injured and were left with no choice but to flee from the Lifeseek Realm.

Sometimes, even observing a battle required one to have sufficient strength.


The collision of Lu Yin and Yun’s palms caused a giant spatial crack to appear between them. The two of them poured more strength into their palms at the same time, both attempting to shake their opponent off. Due to their increased effort, the giant spatial crack transformed into a black current that streaked past them before gradually vanishing.

Everyone fell silent when they bore witness to this scene. That palm collision had been too sudden and too powerful.

No one had expected Lu Yin to be able to withstand Yun’s palm, as this was the same palm that had caused Liu Shaoqiu’s Fourth Sword to crumble, and yet, the power levels of these two were nearly identical.

Starsibyl’s gaze trembled, as the situation was developing in a certain direction she had divinated.

Grandini Mavis’s mouth fell open. Had Lu Yin always been this dominating?

Han Chong was astonished as well; Lu Yin’s progress was just too fast.

On the south side, Tian Hou took several steps forward. The number of qualified opponents had increased again; this person was much tougher than what he had previously estimated.

Inside the battlefield, Yun raised her head and revised her assessment of Lu Yin. He was stronger than any opponent she had faced so far as he was able to completely resist her palm attack. This went beyond all her expectations, and she knew that she would have to fight seriously to win this battle.

Lu Yin shook his hands; this woman’s strength was incredibly ferocious. However, he also felt something strange, as if there was another oppressive force within her attacks that was very revolting.

However, thanks to Yun’s attacks, the pain on his body had almost completely dissipated, and his physical strength had now been greatly boosted since the strengthening fruit’s effect had been fully absorbed.

No one had thought that Lu Yin would actually be able to receive Yun’s attack, so the impact of this development earth-shattering. Those in the Outerverse were all staring at their screens, completely dumbfounded.

Zenyu Star was cheering, and so was all of Earth.

“What’s your name?” Yun asked Lu Yin.

“Figure it out yourself.” For some unknown reason, Lu Yin loathed Yun. He used Flash to appear beside her and kicked out at her.

Yun’s eyes turned cold, and she simply replied, “Maggot.” At the same time, the image of the illusory giant mountain appeared. It floated in midair, and when her entire body passed through it, she seemed to absorb something, and her entire demeanor seemed to change. She became as steady as a stone.

Lu Yin’s kick missed, and Yun appeared behind him and kicked out in a similar manner. The entire battlefield trembled along with the void. This kick was even stronger than Yun’s previous palm attack and was absolutely horrifying.

Lu Yin did not know how Yun was able to unleash such terrifying attacks so frequently. Could it be related to the image of that illusory mountain? However, this was not time to stop and think about his opponent’s abilities, so he simply responded with his own kick that was powered by Twenty Stacks, Thirtyfold strength, shattering the void as well.

Boom boom boom…

Lu Yin and Yun were like beasts destroying the void as they continuously collided with each other. Each attack was enough to terrify the spectating students, making them feel like they had stumbled upon the apocalypse.

Lu Yin was secretly delighted that he had managed to upgrade his physical body yet again. Otherwise, he definitely would not have been able to withstand the backlash from repeatedly using Twenty Stacks like this.

“Where did this perverse woman come from? She’s too damned strong!” the Ghost Monkey’s voice sounded out within Lu Yin’s mind.

Lu Yin’s thoughts were the same; Yun was just too disgustingly strong.

Yun’s astonishment was similar to Lu Yin’s, and perhaps even greater than his. The strength that she was so proud of and confident in was proving to be ineffective in her attempts to vanquish this man. This strength had ripped apart Liu Shaoqiu’s Fourth Sword, which approached the power of her techniques, and yet, she gained no results when using the same attack against this person. In fact, this was what shocked Yun the most.


Countless spatial cracks spread out across the battlefield after a powerful shockwave exploded, like ebony fragments distorting the void. The two right palms were tightly bound together, as neither could push the other back.

Yun barked, “I remember now—you’re Lu Yin.”

Lu Yin sneered. “That’s right.”

“What kind of human are you? How are you impervious to my strength?” Yun growled softly, intentionally lowering her voice.

Lu Yin’s heart stirred. What did this question mean? Did this woman have a unique background?

“Same as you,” Lu Yin quickly answered.

Yun’s pupils shrank. “Bullshit! The basic nature of our strengths are different, but you actually have the cheek to lie to me!” A crimson red flashed within both of her pupils as two swift strikes flew at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin cocked his head back and casually dodged the attack. With the support of his domain, none of Yun’s actions could be concealed from Lu Yin. He had forgotten that this woman was from the technological star realm and that her entire body was made of machinery. Wait a moment—since she was basically a machine, how was she using all these terrifying battle techniques?


The two collided with another bang, and as knee clashed against knee, Lu Yin suddenly erupted with five-lined battle force. The dark-gold radiance glittered around his body as he clenched his left fist tightly. “Twenty Stacks Thirtyfold Shockwave Palm.” His fist then opened to become a palm attack that landed squarely on Yun’s abdomen. At the same time, Yun’s body once again released the image of the illusory mountain that collided against Lu Yin’s palm. The dark-gold battle force released countless spatial cracks that shot outwards like scattered raindrops, stunning everyone watching.

Many who saw this scene felt that the battle was too intense.

Suddenly, Yun’s skin began to split. Lu Yin had used battle force along with his overlaying stacks technique to finally overwhelm her defensive limits. After all, since her body was made of machines, there was definitely an upper bound to her sturdiness.

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