Chapter 320: Lu Yin vs. Feng Jiu

“Please, Seventh Bro, go easy on her…” the monkey continued to yell at Lu Yin inside his head.

“Tell me what the Ghost Monkey said before he died and I can let you lose without too much humiliation, Lu Yin,” Feng Jiu said as she stared hard at Lu Yin.

“Please, bro, let her lose without humiliating her too much!” the monkey shouted.

Lu Yin became enraged. “Shut up! If you keep talking, I’ll kill you!”

At that moment, Lu Yin enjoyed silence once more. However, Feng Jiu was furious since she thought that Lu Yin had said that to her.

“Do you want to die?” As she spoke, her long blue hair danced in the wind that had suddenly sprung up. The sky turned white as an extreme chill permeated the entire battlefield. The cold descended from above, and it felt like a gigantic block of pure ice had been tossed down from the sky. Everything instantly froze.

All of the students were shocked, and their limbs went stiff. The extreme chill made it so that they couldn’t even speak. Even the mentors’ barriers glistened with shards of ice.

From a distance, the battlefield looked like a gigantic ice cube. As the wind continued to blow, an unspeakable chill swept through the rest of the Lifeseek Realm.

Lu Yin did not expect Feng Jiu to go all out right from the start and was caught completely off guard. The surface of his body was frozen over by the sheer cold.

In front of him, Feng Jiu’s gaze became as cold as the ice surrounding them as she lifted a finger. “This is the beating that you deserve.” After saying that, blue rays shot out from the tip of her finger, freezing the void as it shot towards Lu Yin. The blue rays instantly broke through space and disappeared into the void. At this moment, even the remnant void cracks seemed to be glistening from the cold.

Nobody could have expected this battle to start so quickly and so fiercely. This chill was even stronger than Ao’s during the Astral Combat Tournament. It was truly horrifying.

What about Lu Yin? Was he already dead?

In the eastern area, Starsibyl had a serious expression. That chill was terrifying, as expected of the Celestial Ice Phoenix clan. The sheer coldness was something that even she had to be careful against.

On the western platform, the Technocracy’s Yun expression became slightly impressed for a moment, but it quickly switched back to her typical contemptuous gaze.

Amongst the observing students, Big Pao, Little Pao, Michelle, and all the others from Astral-10 looked glum. That chill was too strong. Kuang Wang, Liu Xiaoyun, and a few other student leaders also had very serious expressions. They knew that they would find it extremely difficult to deal with this cold and that they might not be able to dispel it. This was the power of a powerhouse from the Astral Beast Domain.

To the south, Tian Hou’s eyes were hidden under his robes, but they were focused on Lu Yin, who had been sealed within the ice. Tian Hou had a serious expression because he could tell that Lu Yin was fine.

Feng Jiu was second only to him among the participants from Astral Beast Domain. Tian Hou had expected her to easily win this round, but after observing Lu Yin, he had a strange feeling that this person might not be a soft target.

Everyone on Zenyu Star in the Great Yu Empire watched their screens in shock. Had the Royal Regent been defeated just like that?

At this moment, numerous people were staring at the battlefield. The area was completely silent. Everyone had their eyes on Lu Yin, especially Feng Jiu.

“Uh, Seventh Bro, uh… Don’t get angry. Don’t over do it! Please don’t be angry…” the monkey was still babbling on at this moment. Lu Yin’s gaze grew icy, and he withdrew the star energy from his right arm and screened the Ghost Monkey off from his senses. He was furious.

Blocking the monkey meant that he had to cut off star energy to his right arm. In other words, his right arm was useless right now.


The thick ice cracked, and Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed. He’s not dead? Her ice should have frozen everything; even Embermane’s flames couldn’t stop her ice. She had assumed that, of all the participants here, aside from Tian Hou and Starsibyl, no one else would be able to dispel it without great difficulty.

With another crack, the ice covering Lu Yin’s body completely shattered. His body had been encased in several layers of ice, proof that Feng Jiu had managed to score a direct hit. The shards of ice seemed serious, but none of it had actually managed to break through his defenses or even pierce his body. Lu Yin was completely fine.

Lu Yin raised his head to look at Feng Jiu. His body then suddenly vanished. At the same time, there was a blue flash in Feng Jiu’s eyes. With her body as the center, she sent out a wave of extreme cold in all directions. This cold was so intense that it even froze the void solid. In theory, no matter how fast Lu Yin was, there was nowhere for him to hide, not even within the void.

All of a sudden, a palm appeared in front of Feng Jiu’s eyes and pushed down on her. Lu Yin walked out of the void while his body shone with a dark-gold light that was indicative of five-lined battle force. With one punch, Lu Yin managed to both blast away the chilling wave and appear right in front of Feng Jiu. She never expected this person to be able to tear through her coldness so easily, but she retreated without missing a beat and then let out a chirping noise. Her body transformed, and she morphed into a beautiful blue ice phoenix. With a flap of her wings, an even more terrifying chill descended upon the battlefield. 

The chill this time was even worse than before. Just looking at it was enough to cause someone to freeze over. This was the extreme chill that originated from a Celestial Ice Phoenix revealing their true form. Feng Jiu did not need to comprehend a domain, because just her chilling presence alone was enough to freeze everything.

The moment her main form appeared, Embermane and Hua Yishou assumed that the battle was over. There were very few people, even among the participants in this competition, who could endure this freezing cold, and they were certain that Lu Yin was not one such person.

This chill left Lu Yin stunned. It was indeed very difficult for him to handle, and if his power level was what it had been during the Astral Combat Tournament, then he might have found it difficult to defeat Feng Jiu. Now, however, this cold still did not approach the limit of what his body could handle. In fact it was far from it. 

His palm that tore through the ice was not frozen, and it solidly connected with Feng Jiu’s huge body. With a mournful cry, Feng Jiu was sent flying, and she even spat out some blood while still in mid-air. The blood quickly solidified into a chunk of red ice that fell to the ground.

Lu Yin walked out of the void and casually waved his arm. This action caused all the cold to gather into gusts of wind that swirled up into the sky before falling down once more. But this time, it had become nothing other than normal ice and rain that gradually dissipated.

To the south of the battlefield, Embermane was startled. “That’s impossible! Am I to believe that Feng Jiu’s chill didn’t affect him in the slightest?”

Tian Hou stared hard at Lu Yin. “That human is very powerful.”

Many of the onlookers were similarly shocked. Everyone could tell how terrifying Feng Jiu’s coldness was, but it hadn’t had much of an effect on Lu Yin. The power that he had just displayed had shocked even Yun. Of course, it was only for a moment. He was still nothing more than an ant in her eyes. 

There was a rumbling sound when Feng Jiu’s body hit the ground, leaving a huge crater in its wake. A layer of ice spread out from her body and covered an area ten thousand meters around her.

Lu Yin did not chase after her and instead calmly stared straight at Feng Jiu.

The Celestial Ice Phoenix’s wings were bloodied, and she made for quite a pathetic sight, lying there on the ground. It took her quite a while to work her way to her feet, and once she was upright, she looked at Lu Yin with clear shock in her blue eyes. “Why weren’t you frozen, human?”

Lu Yin indifferently replied, “If that’s all you have to show, then it looks like this battle is already over.”

Feng Jiu had barely managed to stand up with some difficulty. Lu Yin’s stacked attack had crushed quite a few of her inner organs, but the battle wasn’t over quite yet. Celestial Ice Phoenixes also had other innate gifts.

“Die! Tricolored rays!” Feng Jiu let out a fierce cry, and rays shone out from her antlers that were aimed directly at Lu Yin.

These were the Celestial Ice Phoenixes’ powerful tricolored rays. Ice phoenixes were able to emit an extreme chill that could freeze everything as well as shoot out these tricolored rays that could melt anything apart. It was precisely these two innate gifts that allowed the Celestial Ice Phoenixes, despite their very low membercount, to rank number seven on the Heavenly Beast List.

Lu Yin had heard the Ghost Monkey mention these tricolored rays before. As he watched them come towards him, he stepped to the side and let rays brush by his side. To his surprise, they were able to dispel his battle force, but even with his domain, he still couldn’t figure out how it worked. He would only be able to do so if he used the Cosmic Art and the Giant Emperor’s third eye in conjunction with his domain.

Feng Jiu looked like an insane person as she froze the earth and the sky while aiming the tricolored rays at Lu Yin.

Many people could feel their hearts thumping loudly as they attentively watched on. These tricolored rays were way too powerful, and even though they should have dispelled and melted everything in their path away, they did not melt the ice that Feng had Jiu produced. The two innate gifts complemented each other perfectly.

Lu Yin kept dodging, but even after touching the rays a few times, he still could not understand how they worked. After he realized what he was trying to do, he couldn’t help himself from bursting out in laughter. This was someone else’s innate gift, but as a mere Limiteer, he was trying to see through it. This was something way beyond his capabilities. With this thought in mind, he stared straight at Feng Jiu. 

It was time to end the match.

Lu Yin hovered in midair for a moment and then charged right at the ice phoenix.

Feng Jiu had a cold look in her eyes as her antlers created more tricolored rays that swept out towards Lu Yin. At the same time, a freezing chill powered by her full power surged into the sky, aimed straight at Lu Yin. She was going to use the tricolored rays to dispel the five-lined battle force from the surface of Lu Yin’s body and then freeze him with the intense cold.

Lu Yin snickered as he allowed the rays to strike his body, causing his five-lined battle force to rapidly dissipate away. Feng Jiu grew incredibly excited. This was how she could win! Without his five-lined battle force, she was certain that the freezing chill from her true form would be able to freeze him solid.

It was a pity that there was something that she had forgotten. There would be a short moment of time between the tricolored rays dissipating Lu Yin’s battle force and the chill freezing him. It was no more than two seconds, but that was more than enough for Lu Yin. So what if he didn’t have his five-lined battle force? From the very beginning of the battle, he hadn’t used his battle force to dispel Feng Jiu’s freezing chill when she was in human form.

After pushing past the rays, Lu Yin appeared in front of Feng Jiu, and despite seeing Feng Jiu’s expression of astonishment, he attacked. “Nine Stacks, Seventeenfold Shockwave Palm.”


The ground split open, and another deep crater formed where Feng Jiu’s body hit the ground. A huge spatial crack spread out from her back and radiated in all directions.  A loud explosion was heard from underground, and the ice that had been about to freeze Lu Yin suddenly shattered. However, in the very next moment, Feng Jiu’s body vanished. She had not been able to receive Lu Yin’s attack.

Everyone stared on in shock. Lu Yin’s five-lined battle force had been dispelled, but he had still been able to defeat a Celestial Ice Phoenix with a physical attack. Just how strong was his body?

“Round four. Victor: Lu Yin.”

After watching on from a distance, Nightqueen Yanqing tightly clenched her fists. This was the same attack that had sent her reputation spiraling down the drain during the Astral Combat Tournament. Lu Yin had attacked her with that monstrous physical strength while using his five-lined battle force back then, but now, he no longer needed that support. He was now able to activate that attack by relying purely on the strength of his physical body and had managed to use it to defeat Feng Jiu. In other words, he had grown even more powerful.

At that point, someone realized something. “Did you guys notice something? Lu Yin didn’t use his right hand at all during this match.”

After that was said, everyone felt a chill run down their spine as they glanced at Lu Yin. That person was right; Lu Yin hadn’t used his right arm at all and had only attacked twice over the course of the entire battle, both times with his left hand.

Wu Da was shocked. “Damn, bro, you beat her with just one arm.”

Liu Xiaoyun and the others had noticed this detail as well and looked at Lu Yin with admiration. How powerful had he become?

Lu Yin walked out of the arena and allowed star energy to flow back into his right arm. He immediately heard a cacophony of shrieks from the monkey. “Feng Jiu! My baby… What did you do to her, man?”

“It’s over,” Lu Yin definitively said.

The Ghost Monkey immediately started bawling.

Lu Yin frowned. “If you keep this crap up, I’ll block you off again!”

“That’s your future sister-in-law, Seventh Bro!” The monkey felt very wronged.

Lu Yin was rendered speechless.

Not too far away from him, Starsibyl was eyeing Lu Yin curiously.

Lu Yin found her stare rather uncomfortable. “What is it?”

Starsibyl smiled. “Believe it or not, but I can see two different results from you.”

“What does that mean?” Lu Yin furrowed his brows.

Starsibyl merely chuckled and stepped onto the battlefield. She was next.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. This girl was such a tease.

When Starsibyl appeared in the battlefield, everybody from the Astral Combat Academy grew incredibly excited. She was basically guaranteed to win this round.

There was no need for any explanation behind this sentiment. Starsybil was invincible in their eyes; this was simply common sense for the Astral Combat Academy’s students. She was the student leader of Astral-1 as well as the Realm Master of the Lifeseek Realm. While most students did not know that this person was Starsibyl, the public still held more confidence in her than Lu Yin regardless of who her opponent may be.

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