Chapter 303: Leaving One’s Name On The Rain List

Little Pao answered, “The Sand Ocean, I’m going there to upgrade my battle force. Two-lined battle force is still too weak, and it’s vastly inferior to yours. It’s very embarrassing as a senior.”

Lu Yin laughed. “Then I’ll wish Senior good luck in improving your strength sooner.”

Little Pao nodded when he seemed to remember something. He turned to Lu Yin and asked, “Was your grudge with the Daynight clan resolved?”

Lu Yin felt it was a little strange for Little Pao to suddenly ask him this. “For now. What happened?”

Little Pao muttered. “Nothing much, but if someone from the Chaos Flowzone contacts you, then just ignore them. That place does not suit you.”

Lu Yin was puzzled. “The Chaos Flowzone? Senior, are you talking about Cang Shi?”

“Not only him. The Chaos Flowzone represents the dark side of the Innerverse. Those people are very skilled at targeting and enticing desperate experts. Since you are an enemy of the Daynight clan, they will see you as the perfect target to seduce into joining them. Do not contact them casually, or you will find that you won’t be able to fling them away,” Little Pao warned before walking away with a complex look on his face.

Lu Yin watched Little Pao leave, but did not pay it much mind. The Chaos Flowzone was too far away for him, and he had even rejected the Sword Sect’s invitation let alone the Chaos Flowzone’s.

But Little Pao’s reminder had caused Lu Yin to think of Cang Shi. He admired Cang Shi’s instinctive reaction speed that gave him the ability to easily dodge all sorts of fatal threats. In a battle against opponents of the same realm, the advantage was glaringly obvious. Although Tiankong Daynight had tried his best, he had not been able to land even a single strike on Cang Shi. It was a very fearsome ability, and Lu Yin wanted to learn it.

Little Pao wasn’t the only one who was at the Rain Observatory; Schutz was there as well. He had stayed in the Rain Observatory for a long time after he had decided to retrain from the very basics and walk forward one step at a time.

Lu Yin randomly chose a limestone platform and sat down cross-legged. He immersed himself in his meditation and acutely sensed the infinitesimally small world within each scattered raindrop. The world of star energy was deep and profound, and he had already comprehended a domain, which he had initially thought that meant that he had already walked to the end of this path. Now, however, he realized that his understanding of star energy had only reached the beginning.

Every raindrop was unique in its own way. Previously, Lu Yin had not been able to perceive these subtle differences, but he could now. He remained motionless as the raindrops penetrated his domain, bringing a slight chill with them. He then looked up and gazed into the distance. He had a vague feeling that, perhaps, the entire Rain Observatory was a sort of domain in and of itself.

Each domain was unique; some enhanced a cultivator’s five senses, others upgraded an individual’s power level, aided one during their lockbreaking, or even boosted their defenses. Some individuals’ domains were based on their natural surroundings, while others comprehended theirs at the brink of death. Just like sourceboxes, every domain in the universe was different, belonging uniquely to a single person.

Lu Yin felt that his own domain acted to enhance his five senses. He could hear extremely soft voices and even sense the changes in another human’s body through their heartbeat. However, he had only taken the first step in his comprehension of his domain.

He did not know how to upgrade his domain, but perhaps the Rainmaster could give him an answer. That was, given that Lu Yin could leave his name on the Rain List.

Since ancient times, of all who had visited the Rain Observatory, only the top hundred with the deepest understanding of star energy could leave their name onto the Rain List. Lu Yin took a deep breath, wondering if he was qualified to succeed this time.

He slowly raised his hand and carved “Lu Yin” in the void before pushing it out into the curtain of rain.

At that moment, the Rainmaster opened his eyes. He could feel the aura of a domain, and he looked at Lu Yin in wonder. “Five-lined battle force, and he’s also able to comprehend a domain. Could this person possibly inherit Wujiang?”

The name “Lu Yin” pushed through the curtain of rain while traveling steadily. forward. The raindrops could penetrate Lu Yin’s domain, but that was under the premise that Lu Yin allowed it to do so. The characters flying out contained most of his understanding of star energy, as well as the essence of his domain. It glistened within the curtain of rain as all the raindrops automatically avoided the writing.

The Rainmaster saw this scene and shook his head. “Not enough, still not enough. To leave one’s name on the Rain List is to compete against not only the previous generations of Astral-10’s students, but against the entirety of Wujiang. Within one generation, Wujiang will always give birth to the most geniuses. From the perspective of star energy, this kid cannot yet enter the top hundred, even if he relies on the Cosmic Art.”

Lu Yin stared with wide eyes ahead and frowned. How? He had already comprehended a domain. Did this mean that everyone from Astral-10 who had left their names on the Rain List had a deeper understanding of their domains than him? That was inconceivable, as that would imply that there had been more than a hundred people of the younger generation in the past who had surpassed his understanding. That was impossible! After all, in the current ten branches of the Astral Combat Academy, almost no one could surpass Lu Yin’s comprehension of a domain, let alone just among Astral-10’s students.

Lu Yin was not convinced, and the Cosmic Art revolved around his body. Nine stars surrounded him, and once again he wrote out “Lu Yin” and pushed it into the rain, shattering his previous attempt.

The Cosmic Art allowed one to see through even the smallest of energy fluctuations, and this “Lu Yin” was much sturdier than the previous one, and it even distorted the void.

The Rainmaster shook his head. “Still not enough!”

Lu Yin stood up, stunned. Why? When he used the Cosmic Art to write his name while being supported by his domain, only Starsibyl and Han Chong from the ten academies stood a chance of surpassing him. Dao Bo did not even have the Cosmic Art to supplement him, so why could Lu Yin still not enter the Rain List? Was his current self still unable to join the top hundred?

Astral-10 had been driven out of the Innerverse, but even if it had had its glory days in the past, it could have at most rivaled the current top three academies. With Lu Yin’s current abilities, he could stand arrogantly even in Astral-1, but for some reason, he could not enter the top hundred of Astral-10’s lineal Rain List. Moreover, the formcast model was a recent product of an evolving universe that had not existed in the past. Why was he unable to enter the top hundred on the Rain List? This was just the Rain List, not a ranking of all Astral-10 students since ancient times.

Lu Yin clenched his fists; he did not want to give up. He widened his eyes. The Giant Emperor’s third eye appeared in his left hand, and he stared closely at the curtain of rain. In the rain, he could see the raindrops, and past that, he could even see something even deeper. This was not true rain, as each raindrop was composed of energy, just like the Astral River. These were raindrops formed from pure liquid energy, and there was even an ancient charm about them, which was what gave the Rain Observatory its mysterious atmosphere.

This should be the predecessor’s domain. This person should long be dead, yet their domain still persists even after countless ages. This must be the work of one of Astral-10’s previous almighty powerhouses.

The Rainmaster stood up, and with a respectful tone, said, “The apex of former generation powerhouses have found their way into the rankings. Getting onto the list is harder than scaling the heavens.”

Lu Yin’s eyes turned bloodshot, and he raised his right hand yet again, writing his name and pushing it out for the third time. He could feel the trace of an ancient charm, and his body flashed as his fingers continuously gestured within the void. He did not write his name in a single place, but rather wrote it while surveying the entire Rain Observatory.

The Rainmaster widened his eyes at this sight. This kid is actually able to see the ability of the predecessor. Is this a result of the combination between the Cosmic Art, his domain, and a lockbreaking tool? No wonder... Despite being slightly suspicious that Lu Yin had used some tricks, it didn’t really matter as it was not against the rules.

When the words “Lu Yin” reappeared within the curtain of rain for the third time, the rain stopped everywhere, and a formless radiance distorted within the void. A list finally appeared, which was the Rain List. On it were the names of the top hundred with the deepest understanding of the Rain Observatory’s star energy in the history of Astral-10.

Lu Yin did not scrutinize the list. Instead, he stared solely at the top and saw a name—Shao Chen.

A moment later, the Rain List vanished after Lu Yin’s name barely squeezed in.

The Rain Observatory returned to normal, and the rain once again fell incessantly, sprinkling the limestone platform.

Lu Yin relaxed and put away the Giant Emperor’s third eye away and discontinued his Cosmic Art. He had an agonized expression, as he had never expected that getting into the Rain List would be so difficult. He had done his utmost, but even then, he had nearly failed to get onto the list. How had that topmost name, Shao Chen, done it?

“Although you used a couple of tricks, you still got onto the Rain List. That’s a fact. Lu Yin, what do you wish to obtain from the Rain Observatory?” the Rainmaster calmly asked Lu Yin as he walked out of the rain curtain.

Lu Yin respectfully replied, “This student wishes to increase my overlaying stacks.”

“Thirteen Stacks isn’t enough?” The mentor was astonished, as he had helped Lu Yin derive Thirteen Stacks not too long ago.

“No. Since the Tournament of the Strongest is fast approaching, I wish to improve one step further.”

The Rainmaster nodded. “Very well.”

Lu Yin raised his arm, and just like before, the mentor pressed against Lu Yin’s arm and caused the void to explode. The Rainmaster immediately started with Thirteen Stacks, which caused cracks to appear in space. This was just a simulation, and not the actual attack. Fourteen stacks, fifteen, all the way up to—Twenty Stacks.

The Rainmaster had simulated the overlaying stacks path all the way up to Twenty Stacks, which Lu Yin’s arm found hard to bear, but he was excited by what it represented. Twenty Stacks would be enough, although, with his current physical body and battle force, Fifteen Stacks was his limit. Going beyond that would be very troublesome.

The Rainmaster gasped in amazement at Lu Yin. “Human life and the universe do not revolve around the individual. There are countless living things in the universe, so there will definitely be a way of life that suits you. Your training style is too independent.”

Lu Yin was lost. “Please enlighten me.”

The mentor gazed at the sky. “Among the Ten Arbiters, there’s a person known as the Divine Fist. It’s rumored that, before he broke through to become an Explorer, he had mastered Thirty Stacks.”

Lu Yin was stunned. How is that even possible? His physical body was already very strong, to the point where, except for Zhanlong Daynight who could not be killed, there was no one within the same realm who could rival him. Even so, his physical body, with the support of his battle force, could only withstand Fifteen Stacks. Thirty Stacks? How?

“Mentor, how did that Arbiter manage to attain Thirty Stacks?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

The Rainmaster raised his hand, and star energy appeared within his palm. It then formed itself into unusual diagrams. There were tree leaves, fruits, waterfalls, mountains, oceans, and even boiling magma. “I’ve said this before, but your training style is too independent. Humans are not complete individuals, and occasionally, they need to draw on external support. It’s just like how, when you left your name on the Rain List, you borrowed a lockbreaking tool.”

Lu Yin looked at the Rainmaster’s palm and at the diagrams. He had always neglected the fact that the universe had birthed countless natural treasures that could be used to aid one’s cultivation. Many disciples of great powers were so strong precisely because of those treasures; they had not relied solely on their innate gifts. Hence, part of the credit for their achievements had to be given to those treasures. And amongst mercenaries, there were specialized treasure hunters who provided the great powers with various natural treasures.

Some could upgrade one’s physical body while others could raise one’s spirit. There were countless other mysterious effects, but Lu Yin had actually neglected them all.

“Thank you for your guidance.” Lu Yin was moved, as he now saw another path shortcut to strengthening himself. This shortcut could only be used by him because of his die, as Enhance could upgrade any item.

The Rainmaster nodded, as he had come to acknowledge Lu Yin. After so many years, this youth was the first student to put his name on the Rain List.

Lu Yin suddenly thought of something and retrieved the five fruits that he had upgraded with his die’s Enhance. They all emitted a golden radiance now. “Mentor, could you please check what use these fruits have?”

The Rainmaster took one and puzzlingly examined it, not quite understanding what he was holding. After a while, he gave Lu Yin a strange look. “Where did you get these from?”

“On the path during Astral-10’s entrance examination.”

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