Chapter 301: The Tournament Of The Strongest

Lu Yin was shocked. “The same as the Great Yu Empire?”

“I don’t know, but it could be. Nobody knows for sure.”

“So you sent me to Earth after that incident and even fabricated my identity as a descendent of King Zishan all so that I could infiltrate the Great Yu Empire and find out if they’re actually from the Yu Court?” Lu Yin slowly began to discover the truth of why he had been sent to the Great Yu Empire.

“Yes. We weren’t the only ones poking around either. The Neohuman Alliance never gave up on trying to find them either, and they put quite a lot of effort into investigating the Great Yu Empire.”

“Wait. Since the Court of Seven Names are one of the Three Dark Hands, then why are you investigating them? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll die?” Lu Yin was quite curious as to his uncle’s answer. He knew how powerful the people back home were, but even some of the more powerful Innerverse organizations would be difficult for them to handle, not to mention a peak group like one of the Three Dark Hands.

“If the Seven Courts were at their prime, then nobody would have the guts to investigate them. However, they’ve since deteriorated, and quite a few of the courts have disappeared. You don’t need to know why. All you need to know is why we sent you to the Great Yu Empire. Though from the looks of it, the Yushan family has nothing to do with the Yu Court. Otherwise, they would’ve already been massacred by the Neohuman Alliance.”

Lu Yin fell silent. He was quite certain that the Yushan family was actually from Yu Court—where else could that secret art have come from? It was no wonder why Silver had paid so much attention to the Great Yu Empire. Undying Yushan had also nurtured quite a few experts in the empire. If he were a descendant of one of the Three Dark Hands, then it would be a trivial task to raise some local experts.

“If it weren’t for the commotion that the Undying duo caused in the Innerverse back then, nobody would have set their sights on the Great Yu Empire. Many infiltrated the empire and then laid low in the Great Yu Empire seemingly in order to obtain the Immortal Manual, but what people were truly after were people of the Yu Court. If it were confirmed that the Yushan family was part of the “Yu” surname from the Seven Courts, then things would have gotten interesting. I doubt you can fully understand how amazing the technique passed down by the Yu Court truly is.”

I know! I know it very well, and I even learned it. Lu Yin wanted to shout this out, but he didn’t dare to speak up. Somebody might be listening in on this call. He trusted his family, but not his gadget’s technology, or else his sister wouldn’t remain so quiet.

“Since it’s been confirmed that the Yushan family isnt a part of the Yu Court, do I still need to stay in the Great Yu Empire?” Lu Yin asked.

“Just stay there for now. Your sister said that it’ll be good for you to learn how to rule an empire well, get a wife, and have some kids. That’s better than some other options and will even allow our family line to continue on. By the way, Wendy Yushan’s not too bad either. Your sister asked me if you wanted her to grab Wendy for you and take her by force. When it comes to women, you just need to complete that last step, and they’ll be yours.”

Lu Yin was rendered speechless. “And here I thought she was a woman—she’s more like a man.”

“She heard you.”

“You tricked me!” Lu Yin cried out mournfully. He could already imagine how that brutish woman would deal with him the next time they met, and it definitely wasn’t going to be pretty.

“Alright, enough of that. Let’s talk about you. It isn’t easy to obtain influence in the Outerverse Youth Council. Puyu isn’t someone easily dealt with, and we can’t do much for you either. Don’t rush things and just take it one step at a time. We’ll talk again once you get more settled. We’ll help.”

Lu Yin replied, “Got it. Don’t worry, I’ve already thought of some plans, and I can handle him. I’ve left something nasty near him.”

“What? How?” Uncle You Ling was shocked.

Lu Yin smirked. That nasty “thing” from the Neohuman Alliance was definitely enough to send Puyu into total despair.

“Whatever it is, be careful of Puyu. Don’t underestimate him. There isn’t much time left, so I won’t say any more about that. Oh, one more thing—there’s going to be a joint battle of the strongest between the Human Domain, Astral Beast Domain, and the Technocracy. The final four from your Astral Combat Academy will face off against students from the Astral Beast Domain’s Spiritual Academy and some modified beings from the Technocracy. More importantly, some people from the Cosmic Sea might participate as well. One of them has even been publicly acknowledged as a Ten Arbiters’ candidate! Be careful! You have to be careful.” After saying that, the call ended.

Lu Yin was completely confused by this last bit of information and wanted to ask some more questions, but he quickly realized that the call had already ended. He had no choice but to put his gadget down. Is the battle of the final four finally about to arrive? This was a tournament spanning the entire universe where power would reign supreme. Could this be an opportunity for him?

To be honest, Lu Yin was very excited about this upcoming tournament. He felt that he had already accomplished everything possible for a Limiteer. Many had said that he was comparable to the Ten Arbiters when they had been Limiteers, but he had no idea if that was actually true. The Ten Arbiters were incredibly powerful, and ever since they had appeared, nobody had been able to match up to them. However, some so-called Ten Arbiters’ candidates had recently popped up, which almost made it sound like reaching the Ten Arbiters’ level was an easy task.

However, Lu Yin felt that this kind of thinking didn’t make much sense. The Ten Arbiters were a product of the changing times. If it were that easy to reach their level, then they wouldn’t just be the Ten Arbiters. He really wanted to take this chance to fight against some of the most powerful Limiteers in the universe. Then, he would be able to see if he could truly take another step further and possibly step onto the same level as the Ten Arbiters or even surpass them compared to when they had been Limiteers.

After undoing the screen blocking off the Ghost Monkey’s senses, the monkey, who had become accustomed to such treatment, tiredly said, “I’ve told you this so many times, bro. We share one body, so your secrets are my secrets. Why do you keep blocking me off when I’m so innocent and kind?”

Lu Yin abruptly asked, “Have you heard of the Court of Seven Names before?”

“The Court of Seven Names? That sounds familiar. I think I’ve heard of it before.” The monkey sounded rather surprised, but also a bit confused. Some time later, it blurted out in shock, “I remember now! I saw this name mentioned in some records that included a powerhouse’s biography. It mentioned the Seven Courts, but just the name and nothing else. What’s up?”

“The Seven Courts is one of the Three Dark Hands,” Lu Yin answered gravely.

The Ghost Monkey was surprised. “One of the Three Dark Hands? No wonder it was so tough to get into that powerhouse’s grave.” As if realizing that it’d let something slip, the monkey awkwardly coughed twice. “So, what kind of connections do you have, Seventh Bro? Tell me! I might have heard of them before.”

“What was that powerhouse’s surname?” Lu Yin asked.

The monkey considered the question. “I don’t remember, but there was a word on the cover of his biography—‘Ku.’”

Ku? Is that one of the Seven Courts? Lu Yin wondered if there were any primeval surnames among the Seven Courts.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me about your connections, bro. Are they powerful? Wait, if they know about the Three Dark Hands, then they have to be doing well in your Innerverse,” the monkey rambled on.

“Tell me about the other four lords from your Spiritual Academy,” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

The Ghost Monkey was bewildered by this question. “Why are you asking about them? They all lost to me, so don’t even bother about them.”

With a beep, a notification popped up on Lu Yin’s gadget. It was the type of notification that would come through no matter what filters he had set up. The last two times he’d received something like this was when Astral-10 was about to arrive in the Outerverse and when Wendy Yushan had become an Outerverse Youth Council member.

‘Lu Yin of Astral-10 must immediately return to the Astral Combat Academy and prepare for the battle between the strongest academies in the universe, which will take place in two months. The participants will be the Human Domain’s Astral Combat Academy, the Astral Beast Domain’s Spiritual Academy, the Technocracy’s modified beings, and the Cosmic Sea’s people. You must perform well on behalf of the Human Domain and achieve great results.

Best of luck,

Ten Arbiters Council.’

Lu Yin sucked in a cold breath; the official notice had finally arrived. “Look at this yourself.”

“What? Those four from the Spiritual Academy are going to participate in this tournament that involves the other two Domains? That’s weird, why didn’t anyone inform me? I’m the strongest of them all! Those bastards…” The monkey was enraged at being neglected and kept cursing.

Lu Yin frowned, ignored the monkey, and immediately contacted Mira.

Not too long after, he gave up. The Ten Arbiters Council had already sent him an official notification, so Mira would definitely take care of matters in the Outerverse Youth Council in his stead for now. She was currently located in East Saint Dios as well. Lu Yin changed route to go straight to Astral-10, which was currently located in the Frostwave Weave. He would prepare for the upcoming tournament there.

There weren’t that many people involved in the tournament, but the fact that the Ten Arbiters had sent an official notification meant that this tournament was much more important than the Astral Combat Tournament. These participants would be the strongest from the best academies in the universe, and this tournament would be viewed by not just those in the Human Domain, but also those in the Giant Beast Astral Region, Technocracy, and even the Cosmic Sea.

The rewards were naturally extremely generous as well.

If he achieved good results in this tournament, Lu Yin had a feeling that his status would rise yet again. He would be making a vital contribution to humanity, so perhaps he would be able to get another Honor Point.

Two Honor Points would make a world of a difference. Lu Yin remembered that Uncle You Ling had mentioned that this was a very rare opportunity.

“Alright. Since they’re so heartless, they shouldn’t blame me for doing this.” The monkey was finally done cursing at this point. He paused and then informed Lu Yin, “I’ll give you an introduction to those four, Seventh Bro. Heh, those guys have no idea how well I know them. Feng Jiu, in particular… every time she transforms, that body, that face, and those sacred three-colored rays… It’s beautiful...”

“Hurry up!” Lu Yin rushed the monkey.

The Ghost Monkey coughed awkwardly. “First up, there’s Hua Yi. He’s a mouse with gold-green eyes. He’s only as big as a fist, but he can eat anything. His greatest weapons are his teeth, and he can also fit things that are multiple times his size into his mouth. His father once ate some of the phoenixes from your human’s Phoenix clan, and the Phoenix clan now see these mice as their mortal enemies. Hua Yi’s extremely quick, and that’s exactly what he makes use of the best. But with your speed, you’ll be completely fine.”

“Next up is Embermane, who is a Karmic Flame Sable. He’s a fire sable, but it’s said that he was born from a gem. When he was first born, he was apparently a bundle of fire that incinerated everything near him. This guy isn’t going to be easy to deal with. You’ll have to be careful and not let those flames get on you.”

Lu Yin interrupted, asking, “A Karmic Flame Sable? Why does that name sound so similar to the Blaze Realm’s Karmic Flame Sword?”

“Hehe, you’re asking the right person! Others might not know about this, but I secretly investigated him a bunch of times. He’s obsessed with the human’s Blaze Realm, so he really might know a secret about that Karmic Flame Sword.”

Lu Yin frowned. He still hadn’t forgotten about the Karmic Flame Sword that Arikar had tried to use, but never revealed as Feng Shang had defeated him before Arikar could even use the move. It was a fact, though, that just a single move from that technique was very powerful. If it had actually been used, then Feng Shang wouldn’t have been able to block it. If the Karmic Flame Sable had a move related to that technique, then he would be very dangerous.

“Go on,” Lu Yin ordered.

“The third is Feng Jiu, who is an Celestial Ice Phoenix, which are numbered seven on the Celestial Beast List. They’re a unique race since Celestial Ice Phoenixes have antlers on their heads. What’s more terrifying is that their antlers constantly emit tri-colored rays that can melt anything! Think about it—they have ice that can seal everything and rays that can melt everything! And yet, the tri-colored rays won’t melt her own ice, so I’m sure that you can already tell how troublesome she will be,” the monkey gravely explained.

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