Chapter 293: Lu Yin’s Decision

Luke was shocked. He was slightly better off than Clay and Andong since he knew what it meant to be a Lockbreaker. “It looks like he’s going to be a special case.”

The powerhouse made a sound of acknowledgement. “You could view him as the second Wendy Yushan.”

“You’re able to severely injure Wendy Yushan, but you’re saying that we can’t deal with this person?” Luke whispered in shock.

The man’s gaze grew cold. “Young Master, please remember that we are at war with them.”

Luke fell silent.

“Also, Wendy Yushan attacked our empire, which is why she was injured. Even then, the empire still hadn’t dared to actually kill her. And King Zishan has connections that are even more complicated than hers,” the man answered gravely.

Within the imperial palace, Lu Yin was standing within the main hall. From what he could remember, he had attracted everyone’s attention the first time he had stood here. He still remembered the pressure that he had been subjected to as if it had just happened yesterday. And yet, everything had changed now.

After the empire is rebuilt, how many people will be able to return? Lu Yin sighed ruefully and looked up at the highest seat in the hall. If he sat up there, he would become the master of thirteen filaments and hold countless lives in his hand. Naturally, that place was the throne.

Lu Yin stepped closer.

Huo Qingshan, Rocky Auna, and Ban Jiu all appeared in the imperial palace at this time. There was also another beautiful girl with them. She was Liuying Zishan, who had been gravely injured before and was staying on the capital star to recuperate.

The four of them did not show themselves and merely observed the main hall. As they watched Lu Yin step closer to the throne, a strange look appeared in all of their eyes.

Step by step, Lu Yin gradually crossed the hall and climbed up to the spot that stood above all else in the Great Yu Empire. He had finally arrived at the throne. When he looked behind the throne, he saw something that had been placed there a long time ago—a star chart.

This star chart had been drawn by Undying Yushan in the past when he first ascended to the throne. In the very beginning, the thirteen filaments had not been a part of the empire, and he had slowly added them in. He had then placed this chart behind the throne as a reminder to himself. However, as his health deteriorated, the map had gradually lost its purpose and seemed to dull. At this moment, Lu Yin picked it up again. He patted it gently, wiped away the dust that covered it, and then looked at it in excitement.

“It’s finally time for this to see the light of day again. What a pity it is that it only has the Outerverse drawn on it,” Lu Yin muttered to himself with a smile. He then placed it on the throne, not even attempting to touch or sit on the throne. In his eyes, the throne did not mean much.

This sight surprised Huo Qingshan. Lu Yin was obviously still young and merely a Limiteer, but for some reason, they could feel a powerful, magnetic charisma from him. That map represented Undying Yushan when he had been young and full of ambition. What did it represent now that it had been taken out once again?

Outside the palace, quite a few people had gathered. Among them were Clay, Andong, Luke, and some of the other extended relatives. All of them wanted to enter the imperial palace.

“Let them in, Ban Jiu,” Huo Qingshan said unenthusiastically.

Soon enough, all of the relatives charged into the palace with their hired powerhouses leading the way. When they arrived at the entrance of the main hall, they all saw Lu Yin standing next to the throne.

“How dare you approach the throne, King Zishan! Move away!” one of the relatives shouted.

Lu Yin turned around. “Oh, you’re all here?”

Andong walked forward. “Are you King Zishan Lu Yin?”

Lu Yin shifted his gaze towards him. “That’s me.”

“Come down, and I won’t pursue the matter of you being disrespectful to the emperor!” Andong loudly declared, as if he were doing Lu Yin a great service.

Lu Yin burst into a fit of laughter. He couldn’t even be bothered to ask who these people were. “Are you all the relatives who are vying for the throne?”

Luke stepped forward. “We don’t desire the throne, brother Lu. However, the Great Yu Empire is currently facing a powerful enemy even though it is filled with internal chaos. Nobody is in charge to deal with the situation, which is a huge disservice to the people of the empire. Additionally, the war has resulted in a high number of casualties among the citizens. Someone has to help them.”

Lu Yin grinned. “That’s a good reason. Keep going.”

Luke’s gaze grew cold. Just as he was about to continue pontificating, Andong interrupted with an upset face. “Give me the ring of authority, Lu Yin! I can let you keep your title of King Zishan and even give you a filament. You’ll be able to rule that land and enjoy the rest of your life in leisure. How does that sound?”

“I can give you two filaments as long as you support my ascension to the throne.” Clay did not allow himself to be pushed aside and quickly spoke up as well.

After that, numerous other extended relatives started throwing offers at Lu Yin, trying to tempt him into handing the ring of authority over to them.

This entire mess just looked like a joke and felt very ironic to Lu Yin. This was the Great Yu Empire that encompassed a total of thirteen filaments. If it weren’t for the Innerverse stopping Undying Yushan, then the empire would have conquered the entire Frostwave Weave. However, now, a bunch of trash was vying for it, and they even had the gall to preemptively give its territory away. This situation was just a joke.

In one corner of the palace, Huo Qingshan and a few others watched on with ridicule in their eyes. This was the reason why they hadn’t supported any of these relatives. If there was a single person among this group with even half a brain, then they captains would have definitely given their support to that person by now. Even if none of these people had the capabilities to become the emperor, it would still be possible for them to give orders in the emperor’s stead. However, they were all too useless even for that.

“Shut up! The empire’s territory isn’t something that you can just give away thoughtlessly!” Luke roared.

“Don’t think that I don’t know this! You give those ministers a lot of benefits as well. Take Bailey, for instance. You promised him the right to manage the imperial army, which means that you’re even worse than us!”

“Exactly! I heard you even had the nerve to try to pardon a criminal. You went to Sigmund Mathers, but you failed. You must just be venting your anger on us,” someone else ridiculed.

Luke snorted disdainfully. “I went to officials who can help support the empire. Sigmund Mathers is a valiant general who has accomplished a lot for the empire, and Lord Bailey has been working hard for the empire. They are both capable people.” After that, he turned to face Lu Yin. “Brother, I might not be able to promise you wealth, but I can promise that, as long as I’m around, the Great Yu Empire will not fall. This place will forever be your home.”

Lu Yin smiled as he surveyed everyone. “This is very interesting. Some amongst you try to tempt me with benefits, some act like know-it-alls, and yet others pretend to be sophisticated. It’s even more entertaining than watching an actual show.”

The relatives all turned furious upon hearing Lu Yin’s words. A cold glint appeared in Luke’s eyes. That “know-it-all” was definitely referring to him, and he silently clenched his fists. He really wanted to kill Lu Yin right now, but this youth was too special. Nobody, not even the people of the Ross Empire supporting Luke, dared to openly attack Lu Yin. He was like a porcupine.

“What are you trying to say, Lu Yin?” Andong shouted.

The Explorer behind him immediately held Andong back. “This person is very important, Young Master Andong.”

Lu Yin coldly replied, “I don’t have any time to waste on you all, so I’ll only say this once: scram or die.”

“You’re so full of yourself even though you’re just a Limiteer!” Andong howled in anger. “Sieze him!”

All of a sudden, Lu Yin vanished. The powerhouse standing behind Luke made a look of surprise as he moved to push Luke behind himself. The void in front of him then tore apart as Lu Yin attacked with a palm. Andong was frozen in place and couldn’t move at all while the Explorer turned serious and desperately tried to kick his charge away. However, it was too late. Andong was instantly killed, and his entire body was launched into the air before it landed on the floor while the Explorer’s kick was simultaneously blocked by Lu Yin’s left arm. There was a tremendous boom as shock waves spread out from the impact.

There were three Explorers present, and each one protected one of Andong, Clay, and Luke. They were the only ones present who could withstand the shockwaves. All of the other extended relatives and their protectors were sent flying as they coughed up blood.

Lu Yin grabbed the leg of the Explorer in front of him with his left hand and exerted some force through it. His muscles swelled, and the power of a Twentyfold Shockwave Palm flowed through his body. As the void collapsed, the Explorer’s eyes went wide and he cried out in misery as he tried to pull his leg out of Lu Yin’s grasp.

However, his efforts were all in vain. This protector was merely an ordinary Explorer, and his power level was merely at 10,000. He was nowhere as powerful as Zi Tie, who had been pushed back by Lu Yin back at the border warfront. This person’s defenses were basically nonexistent to Lu Yin.

“You’re too weak, Mr. Explorer,” Lu Yin coldly stated. He exerted some more strength with his left hand, and then, all of a sudden, there was a horrendous cracking sound as the Explorer’s right leg splintered apart with a spurt of blood. His body was also sent flying by Lu Yin’s attack.

Everything happened so quickly that everyone could only watch on in terror. Clay in particular was trembling from top to bottom. Andong’s sudden death had shocked him to the core.

Luke’s face grew ashen as he staggered backwards. “A devil. You- You’re a devil!”

Lu Yin turned around, and there was an obvious chilly glint in his eyes.

The powerhouse protecting Luke took a few steps forward and stood before Lu Yin. “You’re going too far, Your Highness.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. This person was very strong and should be a Cruiser. A Cruiser with a power level of over 50,000 was much more powerful than that Explorer just now. Lu Yin’s expression grew serious.

Meanwhile, three figures appeared from the void. “The Captain of the Fifth Imperial Squadron, Huo Qingshan, greets His Majesty.”

“The Captain of the Ninth Imperial Squadron, Rocky Auna, greets His Majesty.”

“The Captain of the Thirteenth Imperial Squadron, Liuying Zishan, greets His Majesty.”

Of the three captains, one was a Hunter while the other two were Cruisers. Their appearance immediately shocked everyone. The Cruiser who was protecting Luke turned pale as well.

Lu Yin grinned. “You three came just in time. Help me deal with these traitors.”

Huo Qingshan eyed the Cruiser who was protecting Luke and who had paled even further. He immediately responded, “I serve Young Master Luke. I’m not a traitor.”

“Kill him,” Lu Yin casually ordered.

Huo Qingshan suddenly attacked. A tendril of flame transformed into invisible shockwaves. When it appeared, the void froze, and the sky darkened. This was Huo Qingshan’s innate gift: Black Flames. With his strength as a Hunter, as soon as he used his innate gift, nobody in this room was able to fight back unless they were also a Hunter.

Luke and the Cruiser turned to dust in less than a moment.

This scene was too shocking. The difference between someone with a power level of 50,000 and someone with 100,000 was just too great. Nobody could even understand Huo Qingshan’s attack.

Lu Yin’s eyes twinkled. The moment that attack had been launched, he had felt a boundless strength travel through his domain. Is this the power of a Hunter? So this is someone with a power level of 100,000, someone who is able to fight even in outer space?

The Explorer protecting Clay trembled and looked at Huo Qingshan in terror.

Lu Yin coldly surveyed the other extended family members and their protectors. “There’s no need to hold back. Deal with all of them.”

Everyone was shocked; this person was absolutely merciless.

Even Huo Qingshan glanced at Lu Yin with curiosity, but he did not say anything. He immediately acted and turned all of the distant relatives and their protectors to ash, eliminating anyone who had the nerve to vie for the throne.

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