Chapter 288: Changes In The Great Yu Empire

After hearing Mira’s words, Lu Yin’s heart leapt and his first thought was of Ming Yan. Could someone else have discovered our relationship? Impossible. He suppressed his shock and calmly looked at Mira. “Who is Senior talking about?”

Mira leisurely stretched out, revealing her perfect curves. “Arbiter Wen can make the arrangements for the nearby weaves. Although you have not formally joined him, you are directly subordinate to him, and he has made arrangements for you.” Mira’s then lips raised up as she gave Lu Yin a teasing look. “For you to be a subordinate member under the Outerverse Youth Council Councilor Wendy Yushan.”

Lu Yin was stunned by this news. “I’m to be Wendy Yushan’s subordinate?”

Mira laughed, “That’s right, Wendy Yushan, your little fiancée.”

Lu Yin was rendered speechless. Wen Sansi must be messing with him, as everyone should know of his relationship with Wendy Yushan, and yet, he had still made such an arrangement. Lu Yin thought about it a bit and then looked at Mira. It must have been this woman who had made this arrangement as Wen Sansi did not seem to have a sadistic personality.

Mira resisted her instinct to laugh. “Don’t look at me like that! It’s got nothing to do with me! Arbiter Wen arranged it all.”

Lu Yin grudgingly said, “Arbiter Wen can’t be that bored.”

“There must be a reason behind this arrangement.” Mira’s face turned serious as she said, “Something has happened to the Great Yu Empire, so you must be mentally prepared.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened as a murderous intent flitted across his eyes. “The Daynight clan?”

Mira shook her head. “During your time in the Shenwu Continent, Undying Yushan died from his heavy injuries and transferred his throne to Dorren Yushan. Wendy Yushan believed that Undying Yushan’s injuries were caused by the Ross Empire, so she travelled there to battle them and was also seriously injured. She’s currently missing, and her Outerverse Youth Council matters have been handed over to her subordinate, Bazeer. However, this person is too arrogant and is not fit to take on such a huge responsibility. Hence, Arbiter Wen has transferred you to work under Wendy Yushan, and you will replace Bazeer as an operating member of the Council of Astral Academy. You’ll represent Wendy Yushan while handling her matters as a member of the Outerverse Youth Council.”

Lu Yin was shocked. “Undying Yushan died?”

Mira nodded. “Dead. Even his corpse vanished. Wendy Yushan assumed that the Ross Empire snatched it, which is one of the reasons why she went there and battled them.”

The Ross Empire was one of the greatest powers in the Blazing Mist Flowzone, which was comparable to the entire Blaze Realm. The empire definitely had Hunters within its ranks. Although Wendy Yushan ranked within the top twenty of the Top 100 Rankings, she would still be rendered powerless against a Hunter or someone even stronger. If she was not dead, then perhaps that was because the Ross Empire was afraid of the Ten Arbiters Council.

“Wendy Yushan attacked the Ross Empire, and it has already formally declared war against the Great Yu Empire. Now, the entire Frostwave Weave has been drawn into the fire of war. Crown Prince Dorren Yushan, who succeeded as the emperor of the Great Yu Empire, perished five days ago, and the second prince, Duke Yushan, perished just a day later. All of the descendants of the Yushan Family have been massacred,” Mira gloomily informed Lu Yin.

Lu Yin clenched his fists, as a fierce killing intent rose up within him. “Was it the Ross Empire?”

Mira shook her head. “We don’t know, and even Undying Yushan’s death is a mystery. The Ross Empire has denied the accusations that they killed Undying Yushan, but the whole matter is very fishy. All of the corpses of the Yushan family members have either vanished or been taken away. And as of today, only Wendy Yushan remains of their bloodline.”

Lu Yin had never expected so much to transpire during his trial on the Shenwu Continent. The Great Yu Empire could be considered to be practically destroyed. His mind was in utter chaos, and he was at a loss for what to do next.

“Due to the hostilities in the Frostwave Weave, even the Innerverse has been affected. The Ten Arbiters are behind Wendy Yushan, though the Ross Empire also has their support. This has resulted in internal discord among the Ten Arbiters, and even the people from the Ten Thousand Swords Peak, Blaze Realm, and the Daynight clan have gotten involved. The matters of a single Great Yu Empire have rippled out to affect both the Innerverse and Outerverse,” Mira explained.

Lu Yin was still in agony as he responded, “It’s not the Great Yu Empire, but rather Wendy Yushan. Without her, even if the Great Yu Empire was exterminated, the Innerverse wouldn’t interfere.”

Mira looked at him and frowned. “Arbiter Wen has said that you can return to the Great Yu Empire first and then go to San Dios after settling the matters there. However, you cannot take too long to settle your affairs.”

“Where’s Wendy?” Lu Yin straightforwardly asked.

“Missing. She’s probably in some secluded area within the Frostwave Weave. She’s wiped her tracks clean.”

Lu Yin nodded. Even Undying Yushan had been killed, so she was definitely not safe either. She was smart to cover her tracks.

Not much later, Lu Yin formally joined the Outerverse Youth Council and became a direct subordinate of Councilor Wendy Yushan, which gave him the same position as Bazeer. Still, his status was much higher than Bazeer’s since he was equivalent to a council member.

A high position did not necessarily mean being able to exercise authority. Bazeer was under Puyu’s jurisdiction, but he was also one of Wendy Yushan’s subordinates and had been for some time. It would not be easy to take over Wendy’s authority from Bazeer, especially since he had Puyu’s support.

However, none of this was on Lu Yin’s mind. Rather, he was only thinking of how he could return to the Great Yu Empire quicker and see with his own eyes how chaotic things had become.

The starry expanse was very dark, and the road ahead of him was murky. The Great Yu Empire was Lu Yin’s home, and if it was destroyed, then he would be a drifter without any roots. Deep in his heart, he was even more worried about Earth, especially since he did not know if the battle within the Frostwave Weave would affect that planet.

He switched his gadget on and tapped it several times. A voice quickly replied, “Oh, you’re already out?”

“Silver, are your people at all related to the situation within the Great Yu Empire?” Lu Yin gloomily asked.

“Oh, captain, how could you possibly say this? Do you have any evidence?” Silver replied with a relaxed voice, his unctuous tone reminding Lu Yin of the sly smile that was sure to be on Silver’s face.

“I cannot think of a reason why the Ross Empire would want to take away all of the Yushan family’s corpses of the Yushan family—only your people would.”

Silver sneered as he replied, “Captain, there are too many mysteries in the universe. There’s nothing strange about someone wanting to collect corpses, as the bodies of space-exploring powerhouses are worth studying.”

“Then what about the other members of the Yushan family? What motives does your Neohuman Alliance have for hiding within the Great Yu Empire?” Lu Yin asked sternly.

Silver acted surprised. “The Neohuman Alliance? Captain, don’t say such irresponsible words! That’s a serious felony. Do you have any evidence?”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he disconnected the call without another word.

He had not revealed anything to Mira before, but the moment Mira mentioned that all of the Yushan family’s corpses had gone missing, Silver had popped up in Lu Yin’s mind. The Neohuman Alliance had spent great efforts to gain influence in the Great Yu Empire, and would the Neohuman Alliance really expend so much energy if the Great Yu Empire was insignificant? Lu Yin’s own family had shown the same interest, and he once again began considering what the Great Yu Empire could be hiding. His own family would not be able to adopt such extreme measures, but the Neohuman Alliance could.

What secret could the Yushan corpses possibly carry? Lu Yin had a headache from trying to figure it all out. He really wanted to contact his family, but he could not take the initiative to do so.

The Darkmist Weave was not too far from the Frostwave Weave, and it only took Lu Yin slightly more than ten days to arrive after a few reroutes.

At the other end of the disconnected call, Silver placed down his gadget and rubbed his forehead to ease his own headache. “We actually guessed incorrectly. The Yushan Family isn’t one of the seven named families. It’s such a pity that we wasted our time. Where did those with the surname Yu go to hide? Fortunately, this Lu Yin is rather interesting. He even became a Ten Arbiters candidate. We’ll definitely meet again in the future.” And with that, Silver left Astral-10 and headed towards the Innerverse. 

In a distant part of the universe, great waves shook the Daynight clan; Zhanlong Daynight had been crushed by Lu Yin during the Outerverse trial. Not a single Daynight disciple had returned from the trial, but this news had made it back, and it shocked the entire clan.

Nightqueen Yanqing had also heard the news, and she was completely taken aback.

She clearly knew just how terrifying Zhanlong Daynight’s strength was, and while she could believe that Lu Yin was capable of defeating him, she could not believe that Lu Yin was capable of crushing Zhanlong. He had learned the Daynight Restoration Technique! She had believed that Lu Yin would eventually give up if the two battled, but the actual results completely astounded her. What exactly happened during that battle in the Shenwu Continent?

All of the trialtakers who had attacked the Tower of Resonating Light had reported that Zhanlong Daynight had been subdued by Lu Yin and that Lu Yin had crushed him in less than two blows. This was a result that the Daynight clan could not accept. They had always stood at the peak of the universe, regardless of if it was the elder powerhouses or the younger generation. Lu Yin’s existence had become a thorn in their side. Nightqueen Yanqing was the first to be defeated by him, and Zhanlong Daynight had soon followed after. Now, aside from Nightking Zhenwu, the clan had no other young powerhouses besides their Explorers.

“This brat is too reckless and obviously doesn’t care about our Daynight clan. Allow this junior Explorer to teach him a lesson.”

“There’s no need. There are different levels within the younger generation as well. Although Zhenwu is also from the younger generation, he’s too close to the edge. Since this brat just stepped out not too long ago, it would be a humiliation if our Daynight clan sent junior Explorers out after him.”

“Why be afraid? Our Daynight clan should have no qualms about acting.”

“That’s right. No one under the Explorer realm is that brat’s opponent.”

“Can you even ensure that one of our younger Explorers will win? Don’t forget, be it Yanqing or Zhanlong, they are well-known even amongst the Explorers of the younger generation. They are both Realmbreakers.”

“Shut up, this is embarrassing. My Daynight clan has always had Realmbreakers, and allowing someone else to leap realms and challenge one of our clan members would be throwing away our ancestors’ face regardless of if they win or lose. We need to first think of a way to bring Zhanlong back, as the Daynight Restoration Technique’s potential hasn’t yet been excavated yet. Also, no one is allowed to touch that Lu Yin, as he still holds value to us.”

As Lu Yin traveled from the Darkmist Weave to the Frostwave Weave, he passed by many Ross Empire battleships. There were even powerhouses who occasionally swept out with their star energy, but none of them caused any trouble for him.

The spacecraft that he was using belonged to the Outerverse Youth Council, so no one dared to provoke him.

Lu Yin’s expression became increasingly solemn the more he watched the endless fleet of ships flying past him. Could the Great Yu Empire withstand such a force?

The Ross Empire could establish itself in the Innerverse and was as famous as the Blaze Realm. Its power was not trivial in any sense, and the Great Yu Empire was only powerful enough to subdue a single weave in comparison. It could not match up to the Ross Empire at all. Lu Yin had already counted more than five powerhouses who could threaten him.

With his current strength, the average Explorer was not even worth his glance. Only someone whose power level surpassed 30,000 could threaten him. By comparison, Zi Tie, the commander at the border warfront, had a power level that was definitely over 30,000.

“This internal war between humans is much different from the border warfront. There, any random battle could have Cruisers or even Hunters involved,” the Ghost Monkey contemptuously disdained the current lineup.

“There will be a few Cruisers in this upcoming battle.”

“Is that so? It might be a bit interesting then.”

Lu Yin raised his head and gazed out at the skies. The Ross Empire and the Great Yu Empire were about to break out in an all-out war, and who knew if the Great Yu Empire would survive this disaster. Perhaps he should think of a way to help preserve the Great Yu Empire. He pulled out a handful of promissory notes, and his eyes twinkled. Should he use them here?

“Right, are you certain that that guy, Silver, is from the Neohuman Alliance?” the Ghost Monkey asked curiously.

Lu Yin nodded. “Definitely.”

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