Chapter 287: Top Results In The Trial

Han Chong had not returned yet, and neither had Wu Shang, who had infiltrated the Ming Constables along with Lu Yin. Long Yun, who had threatened Ming Hao and was touring Mingdu, also hadn’t returned .

Cangyu’s figure soon appeared, and he sized the returning trialtakers up and down before nodding. “Quite a few of you returned this time. However, returning does not mean that you’ve passed, just as not returning does not mean that you’ve failed. We’ll go back and retrieve more trialtakers from time to time. You people aren’t the first nor the last batch.”

Cangyu continued, saying, “Everyone, take out your particle-sized cameras. You people are lucky, as the Ten Arbiters scholar will personally decide your results. Lord Wen Sansi will personally watch your performances.”

Many of the trialtakers’ gazes turned fervent when they heard that. The Ten Arbiters held far too majestic of a position in their hearts, and being recognized by one was an honor that countless spent their entire lives wishing to receive.

Even Starsibyl was unable to remain calm when she heard that the Ten Arbiters scholar, Wen Sansi, would be inspecting their results.

“I’m sorry, but my particle-sized camera was ruined,” someone said as they raised their hand.

Many hands followed, all indicating that their cameras had been wrecked.

Cangyu said, “That’s quite normal. Since the Shenwu Continent knows about them, when the Ming Vanguard attacks foreigners, they focus all of their attacks on the physical body. It’s normal that you were unable to protect your particle-sized camera. However, this also means that you’ll be judged to have failed the trial.”

Many became depressed, as they had not had an easy time in the Shenwu Continent, but their efforts had ultimately ended in failure.

Lu Yin had personally destroyed his own camera. He glanced towards the side. Starsibyl and Grandini’s cameras had also been destroyed, so did this mean they also did not qualify?

“I request for the Ten Arbiters to decide the results.”

“I request for the Ten Arbiters to decide the results.”

Starsibyl and Grandini Mavis spoke out at the same time, and they looked at each other in mild surprise. Grandini had a challenging gaze, but Starsibyl’s was tranquil.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. What did these two know? Their cameras had been ruined, but they still dared to plead for the Ten Arbiters to judge their results. It was definitely some kind of top secret information. Was it related to the control nodes of the five sealing planets? Or perhaps, the Tower of Resonating Light?

When he thought of the Tower of Resonating Light, Lu Yin remembered the plan that had been hatched in the thatched cottage. Grandini had been there, but she hadn’t shown up to the attack on the Tower of Resonating Light. As for Starsibyl, Lu Yin did not believe that she would not know about the trialtakers’ assault on the Tower of Resonating Light. These two girls had both been missing from that fight, so it seemed like they knew something. The most probable scenario was that they had found out about the Tower of Resonating Light being Ming Taizhong’s tomb and wanted to use this information to obtain some results.

“Sure, I’ll request the Ten Arbiters to judge your results,” Cangyu replied.

Lu Yin suddenly spoke up as well. “I would also like to request for the Ten Arbiters to decide my results.”

Starsibyl and Grandini turned to Lu Yin, and they both seemed to consider something.

Cangyu looked at Lu Yin and nodded again.

The other trialtakers looked at the trio curiously. These two people must have obtained some incredible information for them to dare to request the Ten Arbiters to personally judge their results.

“Brother Lu, what classified information are you going to share?” An Shaohua asked as he moved closer to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s lips quirked up as he replied, “I’ve told Yue Xianzi everything.”

Yue Xianzi was nearby, and she revealed a stumped look as she stared at him. “Told me what?”

Lu Yin spread his hands helplessly. “I told you that the Tower of Resonating Light was a trap, but you chose not to believe me.”

She furiously shouted, “Lu Yin, stop spouting nonsense! You only told me that when we were already in the Tower of Resonating Light!”

“You can only blame yourself for concealing the matter about attacking the Tower of Resonating Light from me. Otherwise, I would have told you earlier,” Lu Yin replied matter-of-factly.

Yue Xianzi was enraged. “You bastard!”

Quite a few people looked at Lu Yin, and then at Yue Xianzi. They felt that this disaster could have easily been avoided, but because of this stupid duo, the rest of them had been implicated in serious danger. This made them feel extremely unhappy, but they were in no position to butt in. In the end, why did they deserve to receive such information?

An Shaohua had perfectly interpreted the situation and was so disgusted that he could not even speak. He walked to one side with an ugly expression.

Yue Xianzi grit her teeth in frustration. “Lu Yin, don’t spout such nonsense! My Frostmoon Sect is only a small sect, and it can’t withstand the wrath of so many people.”

Lu Yin did not bother listening to her, as this woman was nothing more than a shrewd demon.

Soon after, Cangyu came over. “Starsibyl, Grandini Mavis, and Lu Yin. You three come with me.”

Lu Yin waved to Yue Xianzi and left. Yue Xianzi’s face was flush with anger. She had never met such an outrageous person before! She had met many young elites from a young age, and all of them had danced elegantly in her hand. How could such an infuriating person exist? He seemed to specialize in ruining things for her!

The space station that monitored the Shenwu Continent was very large, and there was a projection displaying what was going on outside the space station. Lu Yin could see the occasional spatial crack spreading out from the strands of strength that had not dissipated yet as well as several corpses floating in the darkness of outer space. They all belonged to space-exploring powerhouses; some were from the Darkmist Weave and others from the Shenwu Continent.

This was a battlefield that Lu Yin currently could not yet step foot on. He sighed.

Wen Sansi stood in the starry sky and gazed down at Shenwu Continent. He had felt the peculiar aura from this continent, and it was the reason why he stopped his attack. However, even if he could not break through the five sealing planets, Ming Zhaotian had to die.

What aura was that just now? Wen Sansi pondered to himself.

The trio of Lu Yin and the two girls walked to the edge of the space station and looked at the nearby Wen Sansi.

Although there were only a hundred meters separating them, the difference between them was like that of heaven and earth; one of them could explore space freely while the others could only stand in the space station and look outside.

Lu Yin longed to enter the heavens and freely explore the universe without restraint. That day should not be too far off for him.

“So you’re the guys who want to have your results personally judged?” Wen Sansi turned around and calmly looked at the trio. An intense scholarly aura radiated from him; he did not seem like the Ten Arbiter who had single handedly suppressed the Shenwu Continent as he had no air of superiority about him.

Starsibyl bowed graciously. “May Arbiter Wen judge us.”

Wen Sansi smiled and nodded. The next moment, an invisible force spread out and isolated Lu Yin and Grandini Mavis.

Grandini was anxious, as she wanted the same results as Starsibyl and did not want Starsibyl to go first. “Arbiter Wen, please let me go first.”

Wen Sansi was flabbergasted by this request.

Starsibyl laughed before explaining, “Our descriptions are going to be the same, but that won’t affect the judged outcome. The results will be the same.”

“You both discovered the information at the same time?” Wen Sansi was interested.

Grandini nodded. “That’s right, we discovered it at the same time. Or to be more accurate, I saw it before her.”

Starsibyl smiled.

Wen Sansi then looked at Lu Yin. “And you?”

The two girls also looked at Lu Yin curiously.

Lu Yin gestured before saying, “Ladies first.”

Wen Sansi smiled. “Such good manners. It’s no wonder why Mira likes you.”

Lu Yin felt sluggish and a little speechless as well. He forced out a smile and clarified, “There’s nothing going on between Mira and me.”

Wen Sansi laughed and said, “There’s no need to hide anything—she’s mentioned you to me before. I can tell that she appreciates you greatly. I’ve seen your record, and it’s pretty good. Even when I was a Limiteer, I wasn’t any stronger than you. You are indeed qualified to be a candidate for the Ten Arbiters.”

Lu Yin’s face changed, and he stared directly into Wen Sansi’s eyes. Wen Sansi did not back down, but there was nothing else in his eyes besides cheer.

Lu Yin did not really understand this person. He felt like a blade of grass that swayed in the wind, but would not be blown away no matter how fierce the storm was. There was a quiet sense of resolution and great presence to him. Lu Yin believed that Wen Sansi’s tenacious aura came from his self-confidence in his own strength.

“I say, what are you two men doing, staring at each other? How can the number one beauty in the universe, Starsibyl, put up with this treatment?” Grandini cried out.

Wen Sansi and Lu Yin were unaffected by her words and calmly diverted their gazes.

“Grandini, you go first. I’ll judge you first,” Wen Sansi said.

Grandini looked at Lu Yin sharply. “You can’t listen.”

Lu Yin was rendered speechless, and he felt like he could see Lulu’s shadow in this girl. Are the Mavis family members all the same? They managed to gain control of the universe’s finances with those kinds of personalities?

Wen Sansi isolated Lu Yin and Starsibyl while he listened to Grandini’s account. He was shocked by the information she revealed. It didn’t take Grandini very long to finish her report, and then Wen Sansi listened to Starsibyl’s account.

The two had similar reports and had both discovered that the Tower of Resonating Light was Ming Taizhong’s tomb. Their accomplishments could be considered as completing one of the trial’s biggest missions, so they would definitely receive good results.

After isolating Starsibyl and Grandini, Wen Sansi finally looked at Lu Yin. “It’s your turn. What did you discover?”

Lu Yin glanced at the two curious ladies and replied, “The Tower of Resonating Light is Ming Taizhong’s tomb.”

Wen Sansi curiously asked, “They infiltrated the palace and manipulated the Explorers in order to seize that information. How did you discover this?”

“This information is not limited to just the palace. Reverent King Ming Zhaoshu also knows this, and I was once a coachman in the Reverent King's household.”

Wen Sansi nodded and did not ask for any further details. “If that’s the case, then the results of you three will be the same.”

“Please wait,” Lu Yin spoke and faced Wen Sansi seriously. “I also know the secret of the Tower of Resonating Light as well as its configuration diagram.”

Not long after, the results of this most recent batch of trialtakers that had left the Shenwu Continent were announced. Most people had assumed that Starsibyl would be ranked the highest, but the truth stunned them, and even Starsibyl herself was taken aback. The best results belonged to Lu Yin; Wen Sansi had verified that Lu Yin had completed the mission of finding Ming Taizhong’s tomb.

This result shocked the entire space station and astounded many others as the news spread throughout the universe. The two permanent missions of the Shenwu Continent had not been completed for a thousand years, but one of them had been completed on this day.

Starsibyl and Grandini both stared at Lu Yin in shock. “How did you complete the mission? We clearly gave our accounts, but you must have found some dirty secrets.” Grandini kicked up a fuss.

Starsibyl gazed intently at Lu Yin, as this person was becoming harder and harder for her to read. That had been especially true when he left the Shenwu Continent. There was now a familiar sensation coming off of his body, which was almost definitely the sign of a domain. This person is getting stronger… She was looking forward to the battle between the top four.

The person with the top results from this trial would naturally be able to join the Outerverse Youth Council. Since Wen Sansi was one of the Ten Arbiters, he could not personally make arrangements for Lu Yin, even if he appreciated his rising talent. Instead, Mira was the one who made arrangements for Lu Yin. It turned out that Mira was also at the space station.

When he faced Mira once again, Lu Yin felt uncomfortable. This woman was just too alluring, and it felt as if she was teasing him even though she was just looking at him.

“Congratulations on entering the Outerverse Youth Council. You were even ranked number one in this trial,” Mira marvelled as she beamed at him.

Lu Yin had always felt that something was sinister about her smile, as if she were delighting in his misfortune. “Senior Mira, your smile’s very strange.”

Mira chuckled, and the amusement in her eyes became even more pronounced. She walked towards Lu Yin, causing a fragrance to waft over him. “Junior, this Senior must congratulate you, since you’re about to be reunited with a beauty.”

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