Chapter 281: Daynight Restoration Technique

“Huh?!” The man was so angry that he started laughing. “Do you think that I’m your sparring partner or something? Show your true strength!”

Lu Yin spotted Yue Xianzi standing in the corner and quickly eliminated his annoying opponent. The man only felt a dizziness overtake him before everything turned dark. He had been knocked unconscious.

There was a bang as the floor shook from the impact. A sword qi was sweeping throughout the field, and it had already killed a trialtaker. Li Zimo was unstoppable.

“Die, native!” a Daynight male shouted as he charged out and raised his palm towards Li Zimo. Black and white colors swirled within his palm, causing those around him to feel faint.

Li Zimo’s eyes brightened, and he reversed his sword. He swapped positions with the Daynight clan member, who spat out a mouthful of blood as he fell to the floor; a sword scar had appeared across his chest that was so deep his ribs were revealed.


An enormous pressure descended from above, causing Li Zimo’s hair to stand on end. He subconsciously avoided the attack, though the explosion covered the entirety of the Tower of Resonating Light’s sixth level. Zhanlong Daynight walked out from the smoke and sneered at Li Zimo. “You’re not half bad.”

Li Zimo shivered; this was a terrifying expert!

The two immediately charged towards each other without exchanging any pleasantries. As soon as they collided, the area around them became desolate—no one dared to approach their brawl.

Li Zimo was the only Limiteer among the Ming Vanguard’s three commanders. The other two were Explorers, and as such, they had gone to the five sealing planets. Their deputies, however, were Limiteers and thus were here, resisting the trialtakers.

The Ming Vanguard was not alone, as the Tower of Resonating Light had its own defensive force, which was not weak in any way. There were a few experts among them who were on the List of Tempering, and even the trialtakers had to expend a serious amount of effort to deal with such experts.

The sixth level was quite spacious, so the battlefield was not crowded in the slightest. All of the trialtakers were rushing to charge into the level below.

Lu Yin darted about the battlefield before suddenly appearing before Yue Xianzi. She was shocked to see that someone had suddenly approached her, and subconsciously activated her inherited battle technique, Poseidon’s Garments, to protect herself. Unfortunately, Lu Yin tore through it with a single palm. This scene stunned her, and she immediately thought of Lu Yin. Although he had changed his appearance, his attack methods were still about the same, and there were also very few people who could tear through her Poseidon’s Garments that easily.

“You’re Lu Yin?!” Yue Xianzi barked as she stepped back while remaining cautious.

Lu Yin had a cold gaze. “You didn’t tell me about this part where you all invaded the Tower of Resonating Light.”

“I did not know until I arrived at the capital either.”

“Is that so,” Lu Yin did not bicker, “Since you helped sneak me into the Ming Constables, I can pass any last words that you may have to the Frostmoon Sect.”

Yue Xianzi’s gaze turned frosty, and she retreated a few more steps back. “You want to kill me?”

“Not me, but Ming Hao. Don’t you get it? This news of the Tower of Resonating Light being the control node for the five sealing planets was leaked by Ming Hao. This invasion of the Tower of Resonating Light is part of a mutual understanding between the Darkmist Weave and the Shenwu Continent: you all are just pawns.”

She frowned. “No one would dare to use us as pawns. The Darkmist Weave is no exception.”

Lu Yin laughed harshly. “The Darkmist Weave contains the darkest powers of the entire universe. Although it cannot compare in strength to the Innerverse’s Chaos Flowzone, it's not lacking in temperament at all. If they act like they don’t know about this incident, then what can the organizations behind you possibly do? After all, this is a trial, not a game.”

“How do you know all this? What else do you know?” Yue Xianzi felt that things were too strange. This person had to rely on her to join the Ming Constables, so how did he know so much about their situation?

Lu Yin looked into the distance and indistinctly saw Han Chong flash through the battlefield. He thoughtfully replied, “Unforeseen events will unfold tonight. Take care of yourself.” He then immediately left.

Yue Xianzi was unsure if Lu Yin was telling the truth, or if he was merely trying to hoodwink her. If that was the truth, then one of the trialtakers in the Shenwu Continent had played a sly hand by gambling the lives of everyone who had charged into the Tower of Resonating Light. If they succeeded, then the merit would belong solely to that person. If they did not, then that person would not even show their face. She, and even Han Chong and those from the Daynight clan, had all become pawns of that person.

It was impossible; no one would treat people with backgrounds as large as theirs as pawns. Yue Xianzi thought about it some more and then suddenly found a problem. All of the trialtakers had attacked the Tower of Resonating Light without any prior agreement, so just who was leading the charge? Han Chong? That was impossible since their batch had only recently arrived in the continent. They definitely did not have the time to gather the information about the Tower of Resonating Light let alone form a group and formulate a plan. Things must have been orchestrated over a longer period of time, but who was behind it?

Han Chong entered the seventh level of the Tower of Resonating Light and was immediately welcomed by two blades aimed at his throat. He easily dodged them and waved a hand, using his martial power to create a painting that crushed the two Ming Vanguards in front of him. He continued looking ahead, but could see only blackness. The radiance from the sixth level only barely illuminated the lower level. Where is the node?

Back on the sixth level, Li Zimo and Zhanlong Daynight’s battle was growing more and more intense with each passing minute. Or rather, Li Zimo’s sword attacks were becoming more frequent. He was already using his full strength, but Zhanlong Daynight still seemed to be taking it easy, as there was not a single sign of injury on his body.

At this point, there was an indescribable shock in Li Zimo’s heart. As the second on the List of Tempering, such an opponent in the Martial King realm should not exist, with the possible exception of the mysterious first. He had fought against many foreigners over the years, but not a single one of them who was in the same realm as him had been an opponent for him. This man before him was just too terrifying; Li Zimo could not even wound him, much less defeat him.

Zhanlong Daynight grinned and tore his clothes apart. “Your sword techniques aren’t too bad. Come on, hack at me,” he taunted as he pointed towards his chest with an arrogant expression.

Li Zimo pulled his sword back and stood straight, staring intently at Zhanlong Daynight. He flipped the hilt of his sword around and replied with a single word. “Arrogant.” He then strode forwards with a series of light steps as his blade streaked out. The surroundings fell silent as his blade had practically isolated the space around them. This strike was stronger than any of his previous ones, and its power had even surpassed Liu Shaoqiu’s Second Sword of the Thirteen Swords. This was the Silence, Li Zimo’s strongest technique.

Zhanlong Daynight had been too careless and assumed that Li Zimo had already used all of his strength. He never expected that Li Zimo would take this opportunity to launch the strongest attack so far. His chest was torn apart by the blade, and his blood was scattered across the floor.

Lu Yin jumped atop a broken stone to look at Zhanlong Daynight. Should I use this opportunity to kill him?

Drip, drip, drip.

The fresh blood splattered onto the floor as Zhanlong Daynight lowered his head. There was intense pain radiating out from the wound in his chest. He slowly turned around, “Impressive strength, kid. You’re the first Limiteer who’s been able to hurt me.”

Li Zimo trembled and stared blankly as the wound on his opponent’s chest gradually vanished. Within a few seconds, the skin was unbroken, as if his strike had never landed. Apart from the fresh blood staining the floor, there was no trace of any injury on Zhanlong Daynight. How?

Lu Yin felt numb as well. What kind of trick is this?

“That technique seems so familiar. I must have seen it in some border warfront record before,” the Ghost Monkey muttered.

“It’s a Daynight technique.”

The Ghost Monkey cried out, “Oh! It must be the Daynight Restoration Technique. Someone actually managed to learn that heaven-defying technique?”

“You know about it?” Lu Yin was puzzled.

“I’ve gone through many records of various powerhouses and their unique bodies. One such peak physical tempering technique is the Daynight Restoration Technique. A long time ago, perhaps ten thousand years ago, there was a heaven-defying genius of the Daynight clan who battled against five Cruiser level astral beasts while only at the Explorer realm. That battle lasted for days and ultimately ended with five deaths—four Cruiser level astral beasts as well as that Daynight genius. The surviving astral beast, who was also a powerhouse, went on to describe the Daynight Restoration Technique in detail.”

The monkey paused a moment and then continued explaining, saying, “This technique is not a battle technique per se, but more of a recovery technique. It’s an almost perverted level of regeneration. If a normal person’s regeneration rate was given a score of ten, then those who learned this technique would be rated at a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand. They can recover from all kinds of grievous injuries in the blink of an eye! It’s extremely messed up. Those astral beast powerhouses only killed that Daynight genius by deliberately dragging out the battle until he ran out of energy.”

Lu Yin was shocked. “Such a technique exists in the world? Wouldn’t such a thing make this guy invincible?”

“More or less. He can’t be killed by anyone in the same realm as him. Also, the longer the technique is practised for, the more every aspect of the practitioner’s body will be improved—and there’s no upper limit! It’s very, very twisted, and that powerhouse advised us to kill any known user of the Daynight Restoration Technique as soon as possible in order to prevent them from living for too long.”

Regeneration sounds very familiar... Right! The Technique of Life and Death! Lu Yin recalled this strange technique could also greatly upgrade one’s power. It worked by suppressing a person’s natural regenerative abilities and converted that into strength. It was actually the complete opposite of the Daynight Restoration Technique. Lu Yin suddenly thought back to when he had collided with Zhanlong Daynight’s palm. There had been a sort of suppressive effect; could that have been the Technique of Life and Death suppressing the Daynight Restoration Technique?

If this were really the case, then this brat was just too unlucky! Lu Yin had managed to obtain this obscure technique after countless others had failed over the course of countless years. He should be the only one in the universe who could be considered the natural nemesis of a practitioner of the Daynight Restoration Technique.

Li Zimo reluctantly conceded the battle after witnessing Zhanlong Daynight’s recovery. No matter how strong his attacks were, they were all rendered useless against him. Zhanlong Daynight’s battle style had naturally evolved into a mutually destructive style, and it didn’t take long for Li Zimo’s sword to be damaged.

He spat out some blood, his face deathly pale. 

The ambushing party within the Tower of Resonating Light was slowly being whittled away at. Lu Yin did not want Li Zimo to be killed, but more importantly, he did not want Li Zimo to die at the hands of a Daynight clan member. If he did nothing, then this achievement might give Zhanlong Daynight an opportunity to join the Outerverse Youth Council.

With that in mind, Lu Yin used Flash to charge towards the battlefield and casually threw a large rock at Zhanlong Daynight.

Zhanlong waved his hand and crushed the rock. He looked coldly at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin tucked his head in and landed roughly on the floor, causing a cloud of dust to fly up into the air.

Zhanlong Daynight disdainfully remarked, “Worthless.”

Li Zimo looked at Lu Yin and said in a low voice, “Don’t intervene. Leave!”

Lu Yin wanted to respond, but then a noise sounded out. Li Zimo heard it as well. The two exchanged glances and charged back up to the Tower of Resonating Light’s fifth level.

At the same time, the defending Ming Vanguard and all the other experts from the Shenwu Continent pulled back one after one another. Zhanlong Daynight and the other trialtakers were all confused by their sudden retreat.

Yue Xianzi’s heart leaped, and she had a bad premonition, “Brother Zhanlong, this is a trap! They want to seal us in here!”

Zhanlong Daynight raised his head. “That’ll depend on their abilities.” He then leaped up, following Lu Yin and the rest of the defenders to the fifth level.

Li Zimo struck downwards with his sword in an attempt to block Zhanlong Daynight. However, this top genius of the Daynight clan had more than one trick up his sleeves; his extreme speed was also astounding and defied all expectations. When Li Zimo and the rest arrived at the fifth level, Zhanlong Daynight followed right behind, along with a few other trialtakers.

“Knock him down!” Li Zimo barked as he attacked Zhanlong Daynight.

Lu Yin attacked together with Li Zimo, and they simultaneously unleashed an attack towards Zhanlong Daynight.

Zhanlong Daynight grunted and struck out with both hands. Black and white colors interchanged; this was the Daynight Punch. With a bang, Li Zimo’s sword shattered, and he was blasted back a dozen meters. Then, Lu Yin’s palm collided with Zhanlong Daynight, and there was another loud band as shockwaves rippled in all directions. The shockwaves ended up hitting the Daynight clan members rushing upwards, forcing them back down again.

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