Chapter 273: Threat

Yue Xianzi’s eyes widened as she stared at Lu Yin in shock. This was a very familiar sight to her. During the Astral Combat Tournament, Charon had been able to walk towards her with similar ease and completely defeated her as a result. Now, the same thing had just happened to her again. The difference was that Charon had used a domain to counter her technique while this person had forcefully resisted it through pure battle force. “You-you're Lu Seven. Lu- Lu Yin?!”

Lu Yin’s face changed as he shifted back his original appearance. “It’s been a while, Yue Xianzi.”

The swirling water surrounding them disappeared, and Yue Xianzi closed her eyes. When she reopened them once more, her face had already changed back to the beautiful Yue Xianzi, the young mistress of the Frostmoon Sect. “It’s been a while, Brother Lu.”

“Come with me,” Lu Yin said before leaving without a second glance. Their battle here would definitely attract a large amount of attention from other people, especially those from the Ming Constables. The two of them could not linger here any longer.

Yue Xianzi did not want to stay with Lu Yin since all trialtakers viewed each other as enemies. After all, nobody was willing to stay with someone who could decide their fate. However, she didn’t have a choice; Lu Yin only needed a single move to kill her.

About ten minutes later, Lu Yin and Yue Xianzi stopped and faced each other next to a stream. “I didn’t expect Lu Seven to actually be you. No wonder I kept getting a familiar feeling from you.”

“Thanks to you, Ming Zhaoshu didn’t discover me,” Lu Yin jested.

Yue Xianzi smiled wryly. “Sorry, Brother Lu. I was just trying to test you a bit and never expected to actually cause you trouble.”

Lu Yin smiled. “I’m quite curious. What are your plans after entering the capital?”

Yue Xianzi’s expression changed slightly as she stared straight right at him. “This has nothing to do with you. We’re both trial takers, so we shouldn’t interfere in each other’s business. Why are you even asking me this?”

Lu Yin grinned. “But you’ve already caused me enough trouble. Because of you, Ming Zhaoshu has his eye on me, and now, he even tried to send me to join the crown prince’s household as a spy. I’m sure you know what kind of place that is. If I’m not careful, I could easily die there. This is the situation that you’ve placed me in, so aren’t you going to make up for it?”

“You overestimate the people of this Shenwu Continent, Brother Lu. With your strength, you’ll be fine so long as you don’t run into a Martial Sovereign. And the capital doesn’t have any Martial Sovereigns in it anymore since they’re all on the five planets, guarding the continent.” Yue Xianzi quickly changed the topic.

Lu Yin disdainfully answered, “Don’t beat around the bush. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to kill you.”

Yue Xianzi clenched her fists and her eyes flashed with a trace of bloodlust. However, it soon dissipated. There was no chance of her beating this man, so she had no choice but to answer. “Are you really going to bully me?”

Lu Yin frowned. “That won’t work on me. Tell me your plans.”

“What plans are you talking about?” Yue Xianzi was feigned confusion.

Lu Yin walked closer to her step by step. The closer he got, the more intense the bloodlust in his eyes. “I already told you this. Don’t make me kill you. The Frostmoon Sect must have had undercover agents lying low in the continent for close to a millenia. Your identity was elaborately crafted, so you must have a reason to head into Mingdu. I want to know why.”

Yue Xianzi could only respond, “Even if I have a goal, it has to do with my sect and nothing to do with you.”

“I’m curious,” Lu Yin nonchalantly replied.

Yue Xianzi froze but then laughed. “You’re very direct. Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m going to join the Demon Hunters Society.”

Lu Yin was surprised. “The Demon Hunters Society? Why?”

“Besides the two permanent missions in the Shenwu Continent trial, your results also depend on what you manage to accomplish. The Demon Hunters Society is an assassination organization meant to eliminate the evil sects. The moment you enter, you’ll definitely get better results. You entered this trial to get good results and not to complete those two missions, right? Those are impossible to finish, so it’s better to be realistic,” Yue Xianzi earnestly explained.

Lu Yin nodded. “That makes sense.”

Yue Xianzi’s eyes lit up. “As long as you don’t get in my way, we’d be willing to create a fake identity for you to get inside the Demon Hunters Society as well so that you can raise your results.”

“You’re willing to let me come with you?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Yue Xianzi laughed before replying, “Of course! My only goal was to enter the Demon Hunters Society and nothing more than that. If you’re there as well, then I’ll have someone around to give me a hand if it comes to that.”

“Besides the Demon Hunters, are there other places that you could help me enter?” Lu Yin asked.

Yue Xianzi thought it over before answering, “Other than the imperial palace and the crown prince’s residence, anywhere else should be fine, short-term at least. Even if anyone finds out, it’ll be months later.”

“I want to join the Ming Constables,” Lu Yin said.

Yue Xianzi was thoroughly surprised. “The Ming Constables? What for?”

The Ming Constables was an organization specifically set up to eliminate trial takers. Lu Yin wanted to enter the organization so that he could specifically seek out people from the Daynight clan and kill them, though he wouldn’t tell Yue Xianzi that part. “It’s more difficult to enter the Ming Constables than the Demon Hunters. If I get in there, I’m guaranteed to receive good results. I want to join the Outerverse Youth Council, so I should at least get into the Ming Constables.”

“You want to join the Outerverse Youth Council?” Yue Xianzi looked confused as she asked, “You’re already a part of the Council of Astral Academy, so why do you want to join the Outerverse Youth Council?”

“That’s none of your business,” Lu Yin coldly replied.

Yue Xianzi looked at Lu Yin closely and carefully considered his request. “The Ming Constables aren’t the Demon Hunters. With the identities that we’ve created, Demon Hunters will find out there’s something wrong after around two months, but it’ll only take a month for the Ming Constables to discover the discrepancies. Have you already thought this through?”

Lu Yin nodded. “Absolutely.”

Yue Xianzi took a letter out from her cosmic ring and handed it to Lu Yin. “All you have to do is hand this over to the Ming Constables’ headquarters, and you’ll be able to get in. Everything’s written in detail there, and you can keep using the name ‘Lu Seven’ or come up with something else on your own. It doesn’t matter. However, in no more than a month, that letter will be discovered to be false. Also, don’t say that I didn’t warn you about this—the Ming Constables have a Martial Sovereign, so once you get found out, you’re dead meat.”

Lu Yin took the letter and opened it; he still didn’t trust her completely. At first, she had said that there weren’t any Martial Sovereigns in the capital, but then, all of a sudden, she had mentioned that there was one in the Ming Constables. She wasn’t trustworthy.

The contents of the letter left Lu Yin rather shocked. Everything about him had been written down in detail, and it even contained the seal of the former head of the Ming Constables. There were also a bunch of other seals that belonged to former members of the Ming Constables. He sighed in admiration as he looked at her. “It’s indeed great to have connections. I can’t believe that you managed to forge something like this.”

“It’s not forged. It’s real. Other than the seal of the previous head of the Ming Constables, everything else is real,” Yue Xianzi earnestly answered.

Lu Yin raised an eyebrow, as this method was quite sly. These people might not have even realized that they were working for the Frostmoon Sect. “We’re even now.”

Yue Xianzi’s eyes flickered. “Actually, we can still work together.”

“Oh? How so?” Lu Yin asked, interested in what she had to say.

Yue Xianzi answered, “Actually, after that battle that took place a millenia ago, many large organizations in the outer universe have left pockets of people hiding in the Shenwu Continent, lying low. The Frostmoon Sect is actually a tiny sect that’s working under the Daynight clan, and we don’t have any real rights. If you agree, then we can work together and act against other organizations.”

“For example?” Lu Yin enquired.

Yue Xianzi sighed before bluntly answering, “The Daynight clan.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. He had been hoping to get some information on the Daynight clan’s movements in the Shenwu Continent from her, and yet, here she was offering him everything. It appeared that the Daynight clan was rather despised among the other organizations. “Is the organization that the Daynight clan uses in this continent very powerful?”

Yue Xianzi could only smile wryly before explaining, “They’re powerful in the entire universe. From your Frostwave Weave to places even further away, everyone knows that those with black and white hair are from the Daynight clan. That is the extent of their influence.”

“Who did they send here?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

A hint of terror flashed across Yue Xianzi’s eyes. “Zhanlong Daynight, a genius who managed to defeat Nightqueen Yanqing in one move.”

Lu Yin was shocked. “He defeated Nightqueen Yanqing?”

Yue Xianzi nodded. “Yes, though that’s a secret, and only a few people in the Daynight Flowzone are aware of it. That includes our Frostmoon Sect. He has comprehended a battle technique that nobody else in the clan has in countless years—the Daynight Restoration Technique. He was deemed a genius second only to Nightking Zhenwu. He’s the true opponent we are facing during this trial.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. He knew full well the extent of Nightqueen Yanqing’s abilities. The fact that this Zhanlong Daynight had been able to easily defeat her meant that he had to be on a similar power level as him. This was the ability of a great clan of the universe; there was a never ending stream of geniuses available to them.

“Did the Daynight clan send any Explorers here?” Lu Yin wondered.

Yue Xianzi shook her head. “Probably not. Explorers attract too much attention. Their ultimate goal is to have a Daynight clan member join the Outerverse Youth Council and then take advantage of that position to meddle in the Outerverse’s matters. If they send an Explorer, then the Ten Arbiters would have had internal conflicts.”

Lu Yin understood that the Ten Arbiters had their own internal conflicts. If the Daynight clan had really sent an Explorer to the Outerverse trial, then the other Ten Arbiters would definitely do the same. That would create chaos in the Outerverse.

“One more thing.” Yue Xianzi stared at Lu Yin with a serious look in her eyes. “They want to wash away the humiliation that Nightqueen Yanqing’s defeat caused them.”

Lu Yin’s eyes glinted coldly.

“Don’t you find things strange? The top four from the Astral Combat Tournament were all required to enter the Shenwu Continent—that was caused by the sole intervention of the Daynight clan. Your battle with Nightqueen Yanqing was also arranged by the Daynight clan.” Yue Xianzi said.

Lu Yin was well aware of this. He was nothing more than a chess piece being moved about according to the Daynight clan’s desires.

“The Daynight clan needs Zhanlong Daynight to defeat the top four tournament fighters and achieve outstanding results during this trial. This would reverse their humiliation that came from Nightqueen Yanqing’s defeat and the shame of you banning the Daynight clan from the trial zones,” Yue Xianzi explained.

“You’re saying too much,” Lu Yin told her.

Yue Xianzi lowered her voice before continuing. “The Daynight clan is incredibly tyrannical and acts openly. We know them too well. That’s all I have to say, Brother Lu. Whether you’re willing to work with us or not is your choice. I’ll be at the Demon Hunters Society’s headquarters and I’ll be going by the name ‘Xiao Yue.’” After saying that, she left.

Lu Yin burst into a fit of laughter. Yue Xianzi had done everything that she could to ensure that he viewed the Daynight clan in a bad light, but there was simply no need for any of that! The grudge between him and that clan could never be resolved except by blood. The moment he had met Qingyu Daynight on Earth, there was no way for this grudge to be dissolved. 

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