Chapter 270: Lu Yin And The Reverent King

Bei Qing was so furious that he was almost rendered speechless. “Get out, the both of you! Remain silent for ten days!”

“Yes, My Lord,” the two said before immediately retreating in fear.

After the comparison between Bei Qing and Ming Zhaotian was made, the precious purple rose love pearl could no longer be given out under any circumstance. Bei Qing was not foolish enough to give it away anymore, as that would be plainly disrespecting Ming Zhaotian. He inwardly hated those two idiotic servants for ruining his plans.

“Senior, Yue'er and I have finished eating. We’ll retire to rest first,” Ming Yan spoke courteously.

Bei Qing hurriedly stood up to bow. “Stay well, princess.”

He watched as the two girls vanished from sight before loudly verbally abusing the two idiots who had ruined this important opportunity. If this matter spread to those who wished to cause problems for him, it could bring misfortune upon his family. Those foolish slaves!

Lu Yin coughed to break the tension. “Lord Bei, don’t be angry. Those around us are all from the Reverent King's household.”

Bei Qing’s heart jumped—that was right, they were all subordinates of the king's household. They were far from the capital and were far removed from his family’s enemies, so this matter should not spread.

“However…” Lu Yin hesitantly spoke up.

Bei Qing was taken aback by Lu Yin’s words. “However what? Hurry up and speak.”

“However, it was reported that there are some people hidden within the Reverent King’s household who belong to the crown prince, but we haven’t verified the veracity of those reports.”

Bei Qing’s heart sank, and he had the feeling that he had just been trampled over. His father had steadily sat in his seat as cabinet minister for such a long time precisely because of his neutral position. If the crown prince caught wind of this matter, then it would definitely spell trouble for both him and his father. Although the incident was nothing threatening, the crown prince was no longer a young, naive man. It would be hard for him to avoid conflicts with His Majesty if the rumors from the capital were to be believed. It was said that the crown prince wanted to push the date of his succession closer as much as he could and that he already had the support of quite a few ministers. Once a conflict broke out, Bei Qing’s father’s position would be vitally important to both sides.

Bei Qing now had a headache, as he had actually brought two dunces along to the dinner, and now, they had dug such a huge hole for him. He continued to think, and he even felt a rash impulse to throw the purple rose love pearl into the river.

Forget it, this isn’t the time to think about this right now. He looked around; were there really any people of the crown prince here?

“You’ve done well. Here is your reward.” Bei Qing passed Lu Yin another martial banknote, which had a value much greater than the previous one. Lu Yin hurriedly thanked him.

“Right, why did Miss Yue'er have no reactions towards me today?” Bei Qing asked with a puzzled tone.

“She was accompanying the princess.”

“Oh, that’s right, the princess was here as well. Then, should I look for Miss Yue'er by herself?” Bei Qing asked in a hesitant manner.

“I’ve been with Miss Yue'er for a while, and she once mentioned that she’s looking for a man who’s either stronger or more educated than her. Otherwise, how could he overcome her?”

Bei Qing’s eyes brightened at Lu Yin’s words. “Very well, I do enjoy a challenge. Here is your reward for the information.” He then passed Lu Yin yet another martial banknote and left.

Lu Yin was amused. This aristocratic lord was no fool, but his ego was simply too large. He actually believed that a girl would fall in love with him at first sight! Still, this was the Shenwu Continent, and Bei Qing had a unique status, so it was not completely impossible.

Not long after, news spread that Bei Qing had challenged Yue'er.

Lu Yin was speechless; Bei Qing had actually been this direct?

Yue Xianzi, on the other hand, felt like she was cursed; Bei Qing had ridiculously confronted her and challenged her to a battle. What a madman!

“Yue'er, what did you do to provoke Bei Qing?” Ming Yan quickly summoned Yue Xianzi and questioned her.

Yue Xianzi shook her head, completely at a loss as to how the situation had developed. “I don’t know. He approached me himself and then requested to compete with me.”

Ming Yan was furious with what she heard. “What is wrong with this person? Yue'er, you aren’t an expert on List of Tempering, so what’s he challenging you for? I’ll go and speak to him.”

Yue Xianzi quickly stopped Ming Yan. “Forget it, princess, I’ve already rejected him, so just leave him be.”

Ming Yan snorted; this person was too insane.

However, Yue Xianzi had underestimated Bei Qing’s patience. From the moment she rejected Bei Qing, he had set his sights on subduing her. Thus, he continued to entangle himself with her all the way until they entered Antai City. He had a never-give-up attitude that caused Ming Yan endless exasperation while Yue Xianzi herself wished to slaughter him.

The night after they entered Antai City, a downpour rained down upon the city, trapping the king’s convoy who had originally wanted to immediately depart.

Ming Island was sealed off, and no cultivators could enter, to the extent where even those from the Reverent King's household were thoroughly checked before being released. Yue Xianzi saw the uninterrupted rain, but she had already achieved her goal of mixing into the king's household to enter Ming Island. Her next step was to leave.

Thud thud thud

“Miss Yue'er, are you there? It’s Bei Qing.”

Yue Xianzi was irate at the disturbance. This despicable bastard, why is he bothering me so much? She had already changed her appearance and was incomparable in terms of appearance to the princess, so why could he not just leave her alone? One moment he wanted to compete by fighting, and the next moment, he wanted to compete in a literary contest. He was a complete nutjob!

“Lord Bei Qing, Yue'er has a weak constitution and is merely the princess’ maid. Why does my Lord keep pestering Yue'er about competing?”

Bei Qing was taken aback. He really could not understand this girl. It had already been two days; hadn’t he shown her his sincerity by giving her all this attention during this time? She had even been the first to show interest by giving him her scented sachet. Very well, since she was putting up such an attitude, then he couldn’t be blamed if he were more upfront. He was about to take out the sachet to question her, but at that moment, the city master of Antai City arrived to seek an audience with Bei Qing.

“Miss Yue'er, please take a rest. I must go and meet with a guest,” Bei Qing spoke courteously.

Yue Xianzi nodded and closed the door. This person was getting on her nerves.

Antai City was the closest city to the Ming River, and so, it had an abundance of aquatic products. This was especially true during downpours, as oolong fish, which were a great delicacy, would swim up from the bottom of the lake, encouraging many to fish for them.

Lu Yin was loudly summoned by Bei Qing. “What’s going on? Is this sachet really hers?” Bei Qing demanded with an ugly expression.

“Of course it’s hers.”

“If that’s true, why does she refuse to acknowledge my attention?” Bei Qing was unhappy.

Lu Yin lowered his head, “I don’t know about that. However, I have a plan that may be worth a try.”

“Quick, tell me.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered. He had been pondering his next step since the previous day. He could not continue hiding in the Reverent King's household for the entire duration of this trial, or else it would become meaningless. He also would not be able to find anyone from the Daynight clan this way. It would be better to rely on others and walk another path, and Bei Qing was the path that he had chosen.

Initially, he had only wanted to tease Bei Qing and Yue Xianzi, but now, Lu Yin truly wanted to elevate his worth in Bei Qing’s eyes. This person was the child of an influential minister whom even Reverent King Ming Zhaoshu had to treat with respect.

“During this timely rainfall over Antai City, my lord can invite the princess and Miss Yue'er to go fishing. I have heard that the Oolong fish in this area is quite famous and also delicious. Miss Yue'er has come from afar, so she will definitely be moved by it. I can help deliver a letter to Miss Yue'er on your behalf to express your sincerity.”

Bei Qing’s eyes lit up. “Good idea. Alright, we’ll do as you say.” He then sized Lu Yin up. “You’re pretty good and are much more competent than my two idiots. Any interest in joining me?”

Lu Yin was delighted to hear his question. “Thank you, my lord, for favoring me so. I am willing.”

Satisfied, Bei Qing nodded. “You can seek me out in the Crown Prince’s palace after His Majesty’s birthday celebration.”

“Thank you, my lord.” Lu Yin immediately expressed his gratitude.

Lu Yin smiled as he watched Bei Qing leave. If he entered the Martial Residence, then he would have no fear of lacking results in this trial. In the worst case scenario, he could just steal some secret documents, which would definitely improve his performance.

However, his plans were destined to not bear fruit. Lu Yin had racked his brains before finally deciding to disguise himself as Yue Xianzi to lead Bei Qing on, but Bei Qing left Antai City and headed for Mingdu, the capital, that very same night, causing all of Lu Yin’s efforts to be washed down the drain. 

“Bei Qing’s sudden departure must be related to the letter he received. It should be a letter from his father, Bei Hong, instructing him to not have too close a relationship with the Reverent King,” Tang Si said to Ming Zhaoshu as he stood nearby.

Ming Zhaoshu’s eyes were cold. “There’s more to it. Someone must have told him about the incident with Yan’er.”

Tang Si was shocked. “Could it be someone from the crown prince’s residence?”

Ming Zhaoshu nodded in agreement. “Ming Hao doesn’t want us to establish a relationship with Bei Hong. This is the most effective manner of ensuring that.”

A girl’s reputation was exceptionally important in the Shenwu Continent. No matter how much Bei Qing liked Ming Yan, once her reputation was stained, he would not longer be able to court her, so he had simply left.

“Your Highness, then-” Tang Si was in a difficult position.

Ming Zhaoshu raised a hand and looked at him. “Go and call Lu Seven here.”

Tang Si was confused. “Lu Seven? The coachman?”

Ming Zhaoshu’s lips curled up. “Go get him.”


Not long after, Lu Yin was brought to an office. He did not understand why Ming Zhaoshu wanted to see him. “Coachman Lu Seven pays his respects to His Highness.”

“Come in,” Ming Zhaoshu’s voice sounded out, seemingly rather stern.

Lu Yin pushed the door open and entered. He immediately bowed. “Your Highness.”

Ming Zhaoshu waved his hand and the door closed on its own. A formless wave then swept out and sealed the office.

At that moment, Lu Yin nearly acted to defend himself, but he forcefully suppressed the urge. He trembled as he asked, “Your Highness, do you have any instructions for me?”

Ming Zhaoshu looked at Lu Yin and then coldly said, “Bei Qing views you with importance.”

Lu Yin was shocked. “Your Highness, I beg your pardon. I don’t understand what your meaning is.”

Ming Zhaoshu raised his hand, and in it was a scented sachet.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank, and all of his muscles turned taut, ready to escape at any given moment.

“I’ve seen all that you’ve done during this time and heard everything as well. Do you really want to keep trying to hide it from me?”

Lu Yin lowered his head and his eyes glinted with surprise. Seen? Heard? Could this be… a domain? This person had actually comprehended a domain! This was something that only a few out of the countless experts of the Innerverse were capable of. There were less than twenty domain users in the entire Astral Combat Academy, which included the top elites of the entire younger generation. He could not figure out how this Ming Zhaoshu had actually achieved such a feat.

The atmosphere became strangely silent.

Lu Yin did not speak and only adjusted his own breathing. He was ready to act at any time.

Ming Zhaoshu studied him for a moment and then set down the sachet. “You’re not bad.”

Lu Yin raised his head in astonishment and looked at Ming Zhaoshu with a puzzled expression.

An expression of bemusement entered Ming Zhaoshu’s cold eyes. “You were able to create a rather good relationship with Bei Qing in such a short time. If not for him leaving over an unexpected matter, you might have built an even deeper relationship. You’re smart, and you’re not willing to settle down and live in seclusion.”

Lu Yin hurriedly replied, “I know my mistake.”

Ming Zhaoshu shook his head. “You’re not wrong. No one is willing to remain impoverished for their entire life. You’ve walked out of a small world and learned the styles that His Majesty created together with me. All of this is your own destiny, but to be able to build a relationship with Bei Qing is your own ability. You are someone with both destiny and ability.”

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