Chapter 260: A Surprising Training Ground

Lu Yin was rendered speechless. He obviously didn’t want to do this either, but he needed to create a diversion to distract the Daynight clan. Besides, his family had told him to join the Great Yu Empire’s Universe Youth Council, so there must be some reason behind it, and he couldn’t ruin their plans. Finally, he also wanted to get revenge against Bazeer. Lu Yin still remembered Bazeer’s insults, and he even thought that he could find a way to get revenge despite the fact that Bazeer was an Explorer right now.

“That’s none of my business. I won't interfere either—you can do whatever you want. However, I do want to remind you of one thing.” Mira’s expression turned serious as she looked straight at Lu Yin. “Don’t think that you’re invincible among Limiteers just because you defeated Liu Shaoqiu and Nightqueen Yanqing. Although the Astral Combat Tournament managed to attract many geniuses, the universe is vast and there are still more geniuses out there. Liu Shaoqiu is just a Melder, and Nightqueen Yanqing isn’t even the strongest Limiteer in the Nightking clan. Your current strength is still not comparable to the Ten Arbiters’ when they were Limiteers. The allure of the Outerverse Youth Council is far greater than the Astral Combat Tournament for some people, so take care of yourself.” After saying that, Mira hung up.

Lu Yin smiled. Even without Mira’s reminder, he already knew that the Astral Combat Tournament didn’t include all of the geniuses in the universe. However, Mira had exaggerated the situation slightly, and he was sure that, within the younger generation, apart from the Explorer realm powerhouses, Liu Shaoqiu would stand at the peak once he became a Limiteer. Lu Yin was certain about this; no one would be more powerful than Liu Shaoqiu after he became a Limiteer, especially since he would have the Fourth Sword at that point.

If Lu Yin was still able to defeat Liu Shaoqiu after he learned to use the Fourth Sword, he would undeniably stand at the peak above his peers and be able to match the power of the Ten Arbiters back when they had been Limiteers.

Still, he would only be comparable to the Ten Arbiters; it was much too difficult to exceed their standards.

The Ten Arbiters were a milestone for the younger generation; they were the ten legends who had been born from the creation of the formcast models.

At this same time, within Astral-3, Nightqueen Yanqing lowered her head with an expression of fear on her face.

“Because of you, our clan has become involved in the Frostwave Weave’s war, and now, everyone thinks that the Ross Empire attacked the Great Yu Empire on the Daynight clan’s orders. You were too stupid,” a man in a screen coldly rebuked.

Nightqueen Yanqing didn’t dare to raise her head. “I’m sorry, brother.”

“It’s fine if you want to humiliate someone, but you shouldn’t have exposed the Daynight clan. This short-term plan of instant gratification has caused the clan to gain a permanent enemy, especially since this enemy cannot be removed as of yet. It might even become an obstacle to us in future, although the probability of that happening is very low.”

“Brother, it’s my fault,” Nightqueen Yanqing replied softly.

“It’s fine. The mistake has already been made, so we can only continue moving forward. Elder Yuanjing is protecting Lu Yin, not the Great Yu Empire, so it doesn’t matter if we destroy it. We can’t offend Starsibyl either, so just tell her that all of this was ordered by me.”

“Yes, brother.”

“Nevertheless, we must find the person who dared to use the Daynight clan. They are very bold to use our clan to vent their frustration,” the man said in an icy voice.

Nightqueen Yanqing shivered again. “Yes, I’ll go to the Ross Empire immediately.”

“Don’t disappoint me this time! Those old farts have released Zhanlong Daynight after our failure during the Astral Combat Tournament, and he will be participating in the upcoming Outerverse trials as well.”

Nightqueen Yanqing lifted her head, her eyes filled with hatred. “Brother, I can’t get rid of this hatred as long as this person is alive.”

“You can’t blame anyone but yourself. He has succeeded in learning the Daynight clan’s most difficult battle technique, so it’s normal that you can’t defeat him. Still, he will never be able to surpass me. As long as I’m alive, the Daynight clan will never be able to hold their heads high. Just settle your own tasks and stop causing trouble for me.” The screen then went blank.

Nightqueen Yanqing stood rooted in place, her eyes blazing with anger. Zhanlong Daynight had once greatly humiliated her. She was an elite of the Nightking clan and the sister of a Ten Arbiter, but she had lost to a Daynight clan member, causing her to be humiliated within her own clan. That person was also the reason why she had joined the Astral Combat Academy. She had initially heard that he had been imprisoned for something that he had done, but now, he had been released due to her own failures. Both Zhanlong Daynight and Lu Yin were enemies whom she must remove.

The Outerverse trial wasn’t just a method for choosing the Outerverse Youth Council’s subordinate members, but it was also a platform to showcase one’s abilities. Regardless of whether they were from the Innerverse or the Outerverse, or whether they wanted to join the Outerverse Youth Council or not, the results of everyone who participated in this trial would be submitted to the Ten Arbiters.

To the younger generation, nothing was more appealing than the Council of the Ten Arbiters. Although the council was just an organization for the younger generation, its power would only continue to increase due to the existence of the Ten Arbiters. This was common knowledge; the Ten Arbiters had all obtained the acknowledgement of the universe, which gave their organization amazing potential. Many people would sacrifice their very lives just to show off their abilities to the Ten Arbiters. This wasn’t merely to gain the Ten Arbiters’ favor, but also to win support from their own native organizations as well. The better their performance here, the more resources they would win to aid their growth.

In the middle of an ancient land stood a towering stone monument. This was the ancestral grounds of the Daynight clan.

In a dim underground dungeon near the stone monument, a pair of imposing eyes snapped open, and the sound of iron chains grating against each other could be heard.

Many members of the Daynight clan stood outside the dungeon. They were quiet but held excited gazes.

A figure soon walked out from the dungeon, his body wrapped with layers of clanking iron chains. He looked haggard, but his eyes were still bright and full of aggression. 

“Congratulations to Brother Zhanlong on your release!” dozens of Daynight people shouted out. Their voices attracted the attention of quite a few people, including the elders who were guarding the stone monument within the ancestral grounds.

This young man was Zhanlong Daynight, a scion of the Daynight clan. He was a genius who had no innate gift, but he had managed to reach the level right below Nightking Zhenwu on the stone monument through pure hard work.

The stone monument didn’t just measure one’s ability; it also tested one’s talent for comprehending battle techniques. And this latter part was directly measured by how far one could go in the Daynight clan’s inheritance corridor. Zhanlong Daynight had surpassed Nightqueen Yanqing as well as many other elites from both the Daynight and Nightking clans.

Zhanlong Daynight was a Limiteer who had a better understanding of battle techniques than even Explorers; this was the man who had driven Nightqueen Yanqing to the Astral Combat Academy.

Zhanlong Daynight closed his eyes as if from exhaustion, but he soon opened them again. He roared out and maniacally laughed, “I said that I would be out again, Nightking Clan! I, Zhanlong Daynight, told you that before! Hahahaha.”

The few elders guarding the stone monument were annoyed. “How dare he? He’s just a young boy, and yet he dares to challenge the Nightkings.”

“That’s why he was sent to the dungeons, but it seems that he’s still unrepentant. We shouldn’t have released him.”

“Leave him be. Let him help the Daynight clan recover from our embarrassment. We need him to join the Outerverse trial. Otherwise, our move to force the Astral Combat Academy to send their top four to the trial will have been a waste of resources.”

“Hmph! We should have just used the Sealed Cage Technique on him.”

In the depths of the universe, within the Sword Clan in the First Flowzone, a mountain peak collapsed as sword qi tore the skies apart. A handsome man wearing jeans, a short-sleeve shirt, and a felt cap on his head walked out.

An elder in the distant raged, “Long Yun, you brat! You destroyed another mountain!”

The handsome man called Long Yun rolled his eyes. “So it’s my fault that the mountains aren’t sturdy enough?”

“You brat! Don’t you leave just yet. I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

Long Yun immediately ran away. “I’m going to the Outerverse! I heard that Shaoqiu was defeated, so let me go out and teach the person who defeated him a lesson.”

In Astral-1, Starsibyl looked at her gadget with a strange expression. “Let’s go and take a look at the Outerverse trial.”

In Astral-7, Yue Xianzi curiously said, “The Outerverse trial? Is the clan trying to remove the Daynight clan’s influence? They’re too naive if they think they can do so, but I don’t mind heading over to take a look.”

Although Silver hadn’t specifically told Lu Yin about the Outerverse trial, the Astral Combat Academy had notified him anyways since the top four from the Astral Combat Tournament were required to participate for some unknown reason.

Lu Yin was stunned when he received the notification. If he had just waited for a while more, he wouldn’t have been teased by Mira. But where should he go for the Outerverse trial? He looked at his gadget. The Outerverse was huge, and there were several training grounds that had been predetermined to be used for the Outerverse trial, so he was checking to see which training ground he should be heading towards.

Lu Yin’ became gleeful when a particular name on his gadget popped out to him. The Shenwu Continent?

Lu Yin wasn’t a stranger to the Shenwu Continent at all, since he had Possessed Wu Xia, the Shenwu Continent’s Crown Prince’s personal butler. This had given Lu Yin a basic understanding of Shenwu Continent. He never expected that the Outerverse trial would actually be held on the Shenwu Continent; this was definitely his lucky day!

Although the Shenwu Continent was in the Darkmist Weave, it was in a separate dimension, and normally, no one would be able to see it if they just passed by. It was much like Astral-10 in that one needed to be sent into the Shenwu Continent.

However, it was extremely difficult to enter the Shenwu Continent as it was sealed off by the five planets. Moreover, one couldn’t brazenly enter the continent as it wasn’t like Earth; the people of this continent had already gone to war with other civilizations of the universe. Even the Darkmist Weave hadn’t been able to do anything to this continent, as it held many skilled powerhouses, and one would definitely die if they were revealed to be from the universe.

From Wu Xia’s memory, there was even an organization called the Ming Constables. This organization had been specially set up to hunt down and kill trialtakers, and the members had special methods to discover foreigners from outside the continent. Hence, even Explorers wouldn’t be safe in the Shenwu Continent, which was why it had been selected as a training ground.

But no matter how dangerous the Shenwu Continent was, it being one of the options was still a godsend to Lu Yin, as he had already completed one of the primary missions of the trial.

There were two primary trial missions in the Shenwu Continent trial. The first was to find the coordinates of the five sealing planets and the second was to discover the burial ground of an elder of the Shenwu Continent. Lu Yin already knew one of the five sealing planets’ coordinates through Wu Xia’s memories. Thus, he had already completed that mission. As long as he could safely leave the Shenwu Continent, he would definitely get first place.

Lu Yin took a deep breath; this was great luck. He took his die out and thought about how amazing his innate gift was. Pilfer had retrieved some extremely rare things for him, such as the Cosmic Art and the hide of Progenitor Wushang.

Although Blackhole Disassembly wasn’t particularly useful, it still might come in handy if he encountered any rare materials in the future.

Enhance was quite scary; it could upgrade formcast models and had even enhanced the effects of a purple star.

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