Chapter 255: Lu Yin’s Background

“From now on, this place belongs to me,” Lu Yin proudly proclaimed as he grabbed Nightqueen Yanqing. He exerted some strength through the hand holding onto Nightqueen Yanqing and easily shattered her right shoulder. Another punch passed through the void to connect with her abdomen, sending her flying into a distant mountain range.

Lu Yin felt a chill from behind him as Feng Shang suddenly appeared. “Sorry, but this will be my last strike.”

Lu Yin did not bother turning around since he had always been on guard against Feng Shang. He had seen how fast Feng Shang was, and this person’s battle experience surpassed all the other student leaders. Feng Shang would not be that easily defeated, though Lu Yin still did not understand how Starsibyl had instantly killed Feng Shang. Regardless, by no means was he weak.

The green domain filling the earth and sky dissipated as Feng Shang struck at Lu Yin’s neck with his palm. His The speed transcended the void and sliced right through it.

Lu Yin did not move and allowed Feng Shang’s attack to strike him unimpeded. But then, Lu Yin’s body slowly dissipated, as it had been only a phantom image. He himself had already vanished.

Feng Shang’s eyes widened in shock. When did he do that?

Suddenly, he felt an intense pain in his back before his body disappeared from the Undying Realm.

Lu Yin reappeared as the phantom afterimage slowly vanished. When he had broken through to the Limiteer realm, his physical body had become even stronger. His speed when he used Flash had naturally increased as well, so what did it matter if an attack could slice through the void? Lu Yin could rip through the void with his body now, the same as a space-exploring powerhouse.

Nightqueen Yanqing was in a sorry state as she charged out of the collapsed mountains, screaming. She frantically glared at Lu Yin as she yelled, “I want you dead!”

Lu Yin was unconcerned as this woman was no longer worth his consideration, although the current situation did need a proper conclusion.

Lu Yin’s body shimmered as Nightqueen Yanqing suffered the same fate that Feng Shang had. Her body dissipated and disappeared from the Undying Realm as she had immediately perished.

Everyone fell silent; the Daynight clan had been entirely wiped out, including even Nightqueen Yanqing. From now on, Lu Yin was the Undying Realm’s Realm Master.

Many swallowed nervously, as this matter was too monumental. The Daynight clan would not take this lying down, and they might even make moves outside of the Astral Combat Academy. Was Lu Yin really this fearless?

Xia Ye was stunned; she could only feel Lu Yin’s dominating aura.

Wu Da was staring excitedly at Lu Yin. This person would never stop providing him with newsworthy material.

Liu Xiaoyun left after watching the battle’s conclusion from a distance. There was nothing else to see aside from Lu Yin’s improvement in strength, although there would undoubtedly be trouble after this. The Daynight clan’s revenge would not be simple.

From afar, Kuang Wang raised a thumb at Lu Yin. He was similarly vicious and arrogant, but even still, he did not dare to provoke the Daynight clan. This Lu Yin was truly a freak.

Even further away than Kuang Wang, a girl in white clothes with a cloth covering her face silently stared at Lu Yin. No one noticed her presence; in fact, they didn’t even remember her being there, but if they rewatched the Astral Combat Tournament, then they would realize that this girl had been Astral-1’s representative during the Tribute to the Ancestors section. She had vanished after that and not participated during the battle of drawing lots.

Lu Yin looked down and saw countless eyes. Shock, admiration, surprise, ridicule, sympathy, and many other various emotions were emanating from those eyes. 

He knew the consequences of his actions, but he did not regret them. As a man who wanted to live in this universe, he could not act cowardly or be overly cautious. While the Daynight clan might retaliate harshly against him, he could not stand idly by and remain actionless out of fear, as that would affect his mental state.

He had an Honor Point, the identity of a Lockbreaker, and the status of an Astral-10 student. His family would also help him from the dark, although it was unlikely that the Daynight clan would personally act against him. It was possible that the Great Yu Empire might be implicated, but his relationship with them was not that deep either. Also, the Great Yu Empire was definitely not as simple as it seemed; there were members of the Neohuman Alliance there, and it was also a point of interest for his family. Perhaps the Daynight clan could even help to tear away its disguise.

He was even less worried about Earth, as a high profile conflict between students would never implicate such a remote fringe planet. The Daynight clan might do something to him if they feared his constitution, but they would never make trouble for Earth.

Still, since his special constitution had never been confirmed, they might guess that his constitution had something to do with Earth. Lu Yin fell deep into thought. He had to resolve this matter too. He could not be too willful about this, or else he would just be painting a target on Earth. The only way was to divert their attention.

But after all was said and done, what really gave Lu Yin the confidence to act this unbridled was none of the aforementioned reasons but rather a single person—Nightking Yuanjing. The squabbles of the clan’s juniors were insignificant compared to the importance of the Third Nightking. Unless the Third Nightking was saved, Lu Yin himself would always have value, and he would continue to be protected as long as he had even a trace of usefulness. The Daynight clan would not act against him because of this, and this was what gave him the confidence to uproot them in the trial zones.

As a result of this single battle, all of the Daynight clan members were banished from the trial zones, and the Realm Master of the Undying Realm had also changed. News of this spread quickly, shocking even those who were not from the Astral Combat Academy.

As the news continued to spread, the Daynight clan grew increasingly humiliated.

Atop the peak of Astral-3’s trial zone mountain, Nightqueen Yanqing shrieked crazily with bloodshot eyes, “I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU! SLAUGHTER YOU...”

Below the trial zone mountain, Cang Shi suddenly opened his eyes. He had joined the Astral Combat Academy solely for the Astral Combat Tournament, but then had developed an interest in the trial zone after the tournament. Thus, he had thus decided to temporarily stay in the academy. Fortunately, he had not left yet, or else he would not have been able to witness such an interesting matter.

Chaosgod Mountain was one of the rulers of the Innerverse’s dark side. Dark was always paired with light, and there could be no darkness without light. Many of Chaosgod Mountain’s powerhouses had been forced into the darkness, as the Daynight clan’s manner was too vicious and overbearing for them to bear. They had forced many powerhouses to desperate straits and left them with no other choice but to walk the path of darkness. Today, Cang Si felt like Lu Yin was the next powerhouse to be forced on that path, so he quickly left to send an urgent message to Chaosgod Mountain. He could not allow the Daynight clan to toy Lu Yin to death; his innate talent was too good.

After screaming her lungs out, Nightqueen Yanqing suddenly opened her gadget and contacted the Daynight clan. She wanted to make Lu Yin rue this day by taking her revenge on that slut.

“What did you say? Not enough authority? I am Nightqueen Yanqing, but I don’t have the authority to put her on trial? I am Nightqueen Yanqing!” She was furious at the response that she received.

“I apologize, but Zhuo Daynight has been temporarily imprisoned. No one can put her on trial. These are Elder Nightking Yuanjing’s orders.”

Nightqueen Yanqing was stunned. How could an insignificant Zhuo Daynight have possibly received Nightking Yuanjing’s backing? He was an elder with an extremely lofty status in the clan, and it made no sense as to why he would intervene in this matter.

She closed her gadget and muttered to herself under her breath. She had a bad premonition that the reason why Lu Yin would dare to act so blatantly against her clan was directly related to Nightking Yuanjing. How had they forged a connection? Or rather, was there someone behind Lu Yin who had ties that reached that far deep into the Nightking clan?

Nightqueen Yanqing became more terrified the more she thought about it; there were only a few powers that could influence the Nightking clan. She thought about how Lu Yin had mastered five-lined battle force after being in the academy for barely over a year. Could the Great Yu Empire be behind this person? That was impossible, so there must be someone or something else. He had hidden his connections well.

But no matter how deeply Lu Yin hid his background, it could not dissolve the fury in Nightqueen Yanqing’s heart. She was Nightking Zhenwu’s younger sister, so no matter how strong the power behind Lu Yin was, she did not fear it. The Ten Arbiters’ power was not just in their personal strength but also in their authority. Even the great powers of the Neoverse had to show the Ten Arbiters respect! She did not believe that Lu Yin could suppress her.

After ruminating over the situation some more, she quickly used her Nightking status to order the Daynight clan to meddle in a war within the Frostwave Weave. She wanted to use the Great Yu Empire as the focus of her retaliation.

Suddenly, her gadget beeped. She frowned and a surprised gaze surfaced on her face. Why is she calling me?

“Can we talk?” A melodious voice rang out through her gadget.

“About what?” Nightqueen Yanqing’s tone was gloomy.

“Your feud with Lu Yin.”

“What’s your relationship with him?”

“Do I need to have a relationship with him?”

“Of course. Otherwise, why would Starsibyl herself speak up for him?” Nightqueen Yanqing sneered.

The person who had contacted her was Astral-1’s student leader, Starsibyl. “It’s not that I’m helping him. Rather, I made some divinations about him. With the final outcome of the Astral Combat Tournament’s rankings, I will be able to extrapolate whether or not this person will be of aid to me in the future. I do not wish for your grudge against him to affect the battle of the final four in the Astral Combat Tournament.”

“That’s completely unrelated to me.” Nightqueen Yanqing directly rejected Starsibyl’s request.

“You’ve already lost, and the Undying Realm’s Heavenly Drum now belongs to Lu Yin. This is an indisputable fact. The Daynight clan’s experts have all been banished from the trial zones by Lu Yin, and this is all because of you alone. While you, Nightqueen Yanqing, might not care about the Astral Combat Academy’s trial zones, this matter is still an irredeemable stain on your name. This affects not only your reputation, but also Nightking Zhenwu’s.”

Nightqueen Yanqing frigidly responded, “I will snatch back the Heavenly Drum back and completely resolve the matter with Lu Yin.”

“He’s a Lockbreaker, a two-star Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker.”

“What did you say? He’s a Lockbreaker?”

“That’s right. You can verify it yourself. He’s not just a mere Lockbreaker—he also has an Honor Point. Additionally, Astral-10 is not as simple as it appears. You can deal with the Great Yu Empire and the people around him, but you will be rendered helpless against that person unless Nightking Zhenwu personally acts. Although, do you really think that he will risk offending the entire Lockbreaker Society for a single Lu Yin? All you are trying to take revenge for are two defeats while he can harm your relatives, friends, and your reputation.” Starsibyl had accurately deduced all of Nightqueen Yanqing’s thoughts, as nothing was more important to the members of the Nightking clan than their reputation. This was the main reason why Nightqueen Yanqing was so crazily focused on taking revenge against Lu Yin.

Nightqueen Yanqing was indeed discouraged by Starsibyl’s words, as Lu Yin’s identity as a Lockbreaker was enough to make even her wary of striking back. However, it was still possible to assassinate him from the dark, as then, there would be no evidence for the Lockbreaker Society to retaliate with.

“Treat it as giving me some face, and let this matter end here and now. In return, I will allow you to use the Mirror of Clarity.”

Nightqueen Yanqing was stunned, as the Mirror of Clarity was the Lifeseek Realm’s most valued training ground, just like how the Heavenly Drum was the Undying Realm’s valuable training ground. Whoever controlled the Mirror of Clarity was the Lifeseek Realm’s Realm Master. For as long as she could remember, Starsibyl had held this Mirror of Clarity, and no one else had been allowed to use it. Who would have thought that she was willing to pay such a price just for this Lu Yin.

“How about it? I’ll let you use the Mirror of Clarity, and the Daynight clan will no longer be targeted in the trial zones. Let’s treat this as a truce within the Astral Combat Academy, each side taking a step back.”

Nightqueen Yanqing took in a deep breath. “Alright, I’ll let him off for now.”

“Much appreciated,” Starsibyl said before disconnecting from the call.

Nightqueen Yanqing’s eyes flickered as she snorted coldly. Despite agreeing on the surface call, she would use other, underhanded means, to get revenge as she would not definitely not let this matter end like this. She decided to find some other powers to act on her behalf and settle things with Lu Yin.

But everything seemed to be going against Nightqueen Yanqing this day. Just as she was thinking about who she could look for, an order was transmitted that left her trembling. “Do not touch Lu Yin. From the Nightking clan elders.”

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