Chapter 254: Lu Yin’s Tyranny

Lu Yin’s figure soon appeared above the forest as he stared down at Rou Daynight. His eyes held an endless chill within them.

Many were stunned when they saw Lu Yin, but they all recognized him as an absolute powerhouse who had reached the top four in the tournament.

Rou Daynight’s heart sank when she saw Lu Yin. She had heard her clansmen talking about how Nightqueen Yanqing had recently made a move against Lu Yin by trying to stop him from entering the Council of Astral Academy. Rou Daynight didn’t know all the details, but she had a bad premonition about him suddenly appearing in the green forest.

“From now on, this place no longer belongs to you.” Lu Yin’s tone was icy cold, without a single trace of compassion for her.

Rou Daynight was furious. “Lu Yin, you dare to be hostile towards my Daynight clan? Do you know what the consequences of your actions will be?”

Lu Yin narrowed his gaze and answered, “I don’t need to know.” He then pressed down with a single palm while a berserk aura filled the area. He immediately unleashed a Nine Stacks, Fifteenfold Shockwave Palm which instantly killed Rou Daynight as she was unable to mount any sort of resistance.

Lu Yin would have been able to easily kill Rou Daynight at the Melder realm, let alone the Limiteer realm. There was just too much of a gap between the two.

The surrounding students were stunned at the scene, and they were still processing what had just happened. Only a few of them had heard of the rumors saying the Daynight clan had plotted against Lu Yin.

The Dao of Heaven only held Rou Daynight. Lu Yin’s next target was Tiankong Daynight in the Dao of Slaughter.

News of Rou Daynight being killed quickly spread, though Lu Yin already appeared at his next destination by the time Tiankong Daynight received the information.

“Lu Yin, do you really want to make the Daynight clan your enemy?” Tiankong Daynight was nervous; the pressure that Lu Yin was exerting was too much for him to bear.

Lu Yin pressed down with his palm in a similar manner as before, not allowing Tiankong Daynight to escape with extreme speed. The difference between the two was also too vast, and his second target was thus easily wiped out.

The next target was in Undying Realm, which was the trial zone with the most amount of Daynight clan members. It was also the realm that Nightqueen Yanqing was Realm Master of.

The entire Astral Combat Academy was boiling with excitement when all the students learned that Lu Yin had killed two Daynight clan Area Masters one after the other and that he had even announced that Daynight clan members were not allowed to enter the trial zones. This was an act of war against the Daynight clan, whose authority had gone unchallenged for so many years.

Kuang Wang almost spat out a mouthful of water when he heard of this news. He was in disbelief. “Lu Yin actually challenged the entire Daynight clan!”

“He’s banishing all the Daynight members from the trial zones. He’s gone crazy!” another female student exclaimed. She was one of the students who had been training in the green forest, and she had personally witnessed Lu Yin crushing Rou Daynight to death.

Liu Xiaoyun frowned when she received the news. The Astral Combat Academy is getting livelier, but what is Lu Yin trying to achieve? He might be able to suppress the Daynight clan in the Astral Combat Academy, but what about when he eventually leaves? The Daynight clan is a powerful clan that can dominate the universe and he’s not being very prudent about his actions. Hold on. Liu Xiaoyun suddenly stood up as a flash of understanding went through her eyes. She knew that Lu Yin was no idiot, so he definitely had something to rely on if he dared to go up against the Daynight clan, but just what was he relying on?

This was Lu Yin’s first time visiting the Undying Realm. The Three Realms Six Daos were collectively called the Nine Trial Zones, but the Three Realms surpassed even the Six Daos. This realm would belong to Astral-10 in future.

Not far away, a figure rushed off into the distance; it was a Daynight junior. He had just entered the Undying Realm, but then, he had seen Lu Yin. He immediately avoided Lu Yin as the news of him attacking the Daynight clan was already widespread.

However, he was quickly intercepted by Lu Yin and beaten down with a single palm.

The man regretted ever entering, and he would have immediately exited the Undying Realm if he had known what kind of fate was awaiting him. But it was too late, as it was impossible to leave the trial zones during a battle. He was summarily killed by a single palm from Lu Yin.

The star energy from Lu Yin’s body extended outwards as he continued to search for more students.

Another was quickly captured by Lu Yin, and he had a bitter expression as he was forced to take Lu Yin to the Heavenly Drum, which was the most famous training ground within the Undying Realm. Occupying the Heavenly Drum was equivalent to possessing the Undying Realm and becoming its Realm Master. Naturally, Nightqueen Yanqing was the master of the Heavenly Drum.

At this time, members of the Daynight clan were entering the Undying Realm one after another and congregating at the Heavenly Drum.

Not only were the Daynight clan members gathering there, but many other students had arrived as well. A whole crowd had formed next to the Heavenly Drum, all of them awaiting Lu Yin’s arrival.

The Heavenly Drum was a giant battle drum that was a thousand kilometers wide on one surface. It was flatly placed within a mountain range, and it was formed from mutant beast hides. It was beat every month, and its sounds would cause a battlefield to appear. Anyone in the area at that time could observe the ancient battlefield and view all sorts of battle techniques. The luckier ones would be pulled within and get to personally witness the battle techniques. This was the inheritance.

The Heavenly Drum was the Undying Realm’s greatest treasure, and it had always been controlled by the Daynight clan. And most of the Daynight clan members had joined Astral-3 because of the Heavenly Drum’s benefits.

Nightqueen Yanqing was furious by the recent news, as she never expected that Lu Yin would be so daring as to actually take action against the Daynight clan. And now, he even wanted to snatch the Heavenly Drum away from them. Was he really willing to go this far just to seek revenge for that slut, Zhuo Daynight?

A figure appeared in the skies; it was Feng Shang, Astral-8’s student leader and the Realm Master of the Dao of Illusion.

Feng Shang slowly descended to alight atop the Heavenly Drum where more than twenty Daynight clan members were gathered. He looked at Nightqueen Yanqing with a complex expression. “The favors that I owe you will all be returned today, regardless of whether or not Lu Yin appears. After today, there will no longer be any relationship between us.”

Nightqueen Yanqing had a cold gaze, “Fine.”

Feng Shang slowly released a breath and then closed his eyes. He really did not want to make Lu Yin his enemy, as he rather admired Lu Yin’s style. Also, Feng Shang felt that the Daynight clan had truly gone overboard this time. However, he owed the clan too many favors, and he could not just ignore his debts.

Surrounding the Heavenly Drum, many students were anticipating the big incident that was about to occur.

Wu Da had also arrived, and he was hardly able to contain his excitement. His newspaper was selling well, and he still had enough material from the Astral Combat Tournament to publish another two issues. However, he was rather troubled about what he could release after that. He had initially thought that he would have to wait for someone like Grandini Mavis to challenge another student leader for their position, but this rumor suddenly popping out of nowhere had eased his worries away.

“Brother Lu, you’re really my lucky star. I’ll love you for a thousand years,” Wu Da muttered to himself as he excitedly stared at the Heavenly Drum. He was already mentally prepared to exaggerate the descriptions of this battle since it would definitely become famous throughout the Astral Combat Academ- no, throughout the entire universe!

“Nightqueen Yanqing actually brought Feng Shang along since she knows that she can’t beat Lu Yin by herself.” Some students were discussing the nearby events that were unfolding.

Wu Da hurried over, as these discussions were treasured opinions from the audience that could supplement his article on the event. He needed to collect more information on these speculative discussions.

“Nightqueen Yanqing already lost to Lu Yin during the Astral Combat Tournament, and she can’t have improved that much in just two months. Lu Yin’s different—he even ascended from the Melder realm to the Limiteer realm. He won’t be suppressed by Nightqueen Yanqing’s star energy anymore, and his physical body will also have qualitatively transformed and become even stronger. It’d be strange if she was still be his opponent.”

“Can the Daynight clan win with Feng Shang on their side? He’s not in the top four.”

“Feng Shang’s not weak either. If he hadn’t run into Starsibyl, then he would have battled against Grandini Mavis. Amongst the ten student leaders, he’s probably in the upper half.”

Wu Da muttered to himself as he recorded down all the comments being exchanged around him.

“Hey, do you think that Feng Shang and Nightqueen Yanqing had an affair? If not, why would he help her?” 

When Wu Da heard that conjecture, his eyes lit up as he immediately wrote it down. This gossip was related to the battle, and there was definitely something newsworthy among all this gossip.

“Don’t talk crap. How is that even possible? The Daynight clan members don't marry outside of the clan. That rule has been passed down for ages.”

“Feng Shang is the third son of the Feng family, and he doesn’t have a weak position himself. Despite that, he still can’t match up to Nightqueen Yanqing. It’s impossible.”

Amidst the ongoing discussions, a heavy feeling of oppression suddenly swept across the area, causing everyone to look up and see Lu Yin appear.

All of the Daynight clan members rose up from the Heavenly Drum and stared at Lu Yin with fury carved in their faces.

Nightqueen Yanqing’s gaze was cold.

Feng Shang’s was helpless.

Lu Yin towered above them in the sky and looked down as his gaze swept across all the Daynight clan members before finally stopping on Feng Shang. “Brother Feng, you’re helping the Daynight clan?”

Feng Shang smiled bitterly. “I’m sorry, Brother Lu. I owe Nightqueen Yanqing a favor, and I have no choice but to repay it today.”

Lu Yin nodded. “It’s just a duel, so I won’t bear any grudges against you.”

“Of course, I, Feng Shang, have no enmity with you either,” Feng Shang shouted back.

Nightqueen Yanqing frowned and looked at Lu Yin with her cold and arrogant purple eyes. “You actually dared to appear here and challenge the Daynight clan. This will be the last bit of regret you feel in your life.”

“Just try and make me feel regret,” Lu Yin savagely barked back. A purple aura marked with dark-gold lines shrouded his body. His five-lined battle force burst forth from his body as he ferociously dropped down towards the Heavenly Drum.

At the same time, Feng Shang waved his hand and caused the entire area to turn green; this was his domain. Nightqueen Yanqing also activated her four-lined battle force as she yelled out, “Nightking’s Body.”

Around the two of them, more than twenty Daynight clan members leapt up to attack Lu Yin.


A shockwave pulsed through the Heavenly Drum, creating a visible hurricane that swept outwards from the Heavenly Drum. A portion of the nearby mountains collapsed, and a sinkhole appeared in the ground as more than ten students were instantly shredded to pieces.

The force of this collision was astounding.

Seven Daynight clan members had already been obliterated; their participation had not made much a difference in this battle. The main force that was contending against Lu Yin was formed from the combined forces of Feng Shang and Nightqueen Yanqing.

There were only a few instances in the Astral Combat Academy’s history of two Realm Masters uniting to fight against one person, but another case was happening right now.

Lu Yin swept out with one leg and directly sent Nightqueen Yanqing flying. He then turned around to swat at Feng Shang with his palm, who had also thrust out with his palm. “Cyclone Strike.”

The sheer force of this hurricane had defeated Sha during the tournament, and today, this same vortex was now colliding with Lu Yin’s Nine Stacks, Seventeenfold Shockwave Palm. The first blade of wind was instantly crushed while the second blade could only resist eight stacks. The strength of the ninth stack completely dissipated the third wind blade and went on to crash into Feng Shang’s body, forcing him to slam into the Heavenly Drum, which emitted a thunderous noise.

Lu Yin’s five-lined battle force was invincible, or at the very least, it was against these two; Lu Yin had only made one move, but Feng Shang was already heavily injured. Even though this was not as shocking as when Starsibyl instantly wiped Feng Shang out, it was similarly horrifying.

The dozen or so remaining Daynight clan members all used their own battle techniques to attack Lu Yin.

Lu Yin snorted and vanished with Flash. He then slammed down on the various Daynight clan members with a palm attack that engulfed them all. He instantly closed his hand, disregarding the fact that there were even some Area Masters among his targets. Still, they were nothing to him, and were utterly unable to escape their fate of being crushed to death.

Outside the Heavenly Drum, Xia Ye was shocked. This was Lu Yin? Five-lined battle force was just too overpowering! Even though they had awakened their battle force at around the same time, the disparity between them had become too great.

At that moment, Nightqueen Yanqing appeared behind Lu Yin and violently shouted, “Go die!” She then instantly let loose a Nightking Punch.

Lu Yin turned around and raised his hand. A shockwave pulsed straight down into the ground, splitting it open. The shockwave itself was an attack, and it shattered the void, causing a long spatial crack to extend into the distance.

Everyone stared at the sky in amazement; Lu Yin had single-handedly received Nightqueen Yanqing’s strongest blow, but he hadn’t even taken a single step yet.

Nightqueen Yanqing’s pupils shrank to pinpoints. How is this possible? She recalled their battle two months earlier, when this person had used his five-lined battle force to defeat her. But at that time, he definitely would not have been able to deflect her strongest punch so easily. That was her Nightking Punch after being powered up by her Nightking’s Body and four-lined battle force!

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