Chapter 243: Lu Yin vs. Silver

Shui Chuanxiao grunted before saying, “Take him to Planet Cangyuan, where he will continue his service for another month.”

“Yes,” En Ya acknowledged before bringing Lu Yin away.

Shui Chuanxiao quietly mumbled to himself as he watched Lu Yin leave. The commander had thought that Lu Yin was merely an ignorant person from a fringe weave, but choosing the Honor Point showed that he was not completely clueless.

Once in the corridor, Lu Yin asked about Planet Cangyuan’s situation.

“Planet Cangyuan is one of the hundred defending planets in the center of the warfront, and it’s location in space is much more important than Planet Conan’s, and thus, it naturally holds more powerhouses. One of the guardians is an elder from the Sylvan Dragon clan…” En Ya gave a simple introduction, allowing Lu Yin a slightly better understanding of Planet Cangyuan.

“You shouldn’t feel too concerned about this coming month, as there won’t be much action. Both sides need to rest for a period after a decisive battle, so there will be hardly any conflict,” En Ya explained.

Not long after, Lu Yin took the warship towards Planet Cangyuan.

Compared to Planet Conan, Planet Cangyuan was much bigger, and its environment was also completely different.

Lu Yin was assigned to a base and thus began his month of service.

En Ya was right, as there were almost no conflicts after the decisive battle. When he first arrived on Planet Conan, Lu Yin had fought hectic battles nearly every few days, to the point where the soldiers could not even catch their breaths. Now, however, Lu Yin had turned into an ordinary soldier, and he began to truly adapt to the nervous yet dull lifestyle of a frontier soldier.

He could use his gadget on this planet, and after arriving, Lu Yin checked the information on his identity. As expected, an Honor Point had been added to his name.

“Truly foolish.” The Ghost Monkey’s voice sounded in his mind, but Lu Yin did not bother with him.

“Hey, I’m saying that you’re really foolish! There were so many rewards, but you chose the most useless out of all of them!” the Ghost Monkey cried.

“It’s got nothing to do with you,” Lu Yin nonchalantly replied. He was currently outside the defensive perimeter and on sentry duty.

“I feel bad for you. I know about you humans’ Honor Points, since our Sheng Ao were given special missions to kill humans with Honor Points.”


“Anyone with Honor Points is obviously someone who’s made significant contributions to the Human Domain. Who should we target if not them? And people like you with just one Honor Point are our victim, as we can obtain a great contribution for our race with minimal risk. You are really stupid,” the Ghost Monkey explained mockingly.


“Continue? Continue what? Continue scolding you?”

“I really want to kill you right now.”

“Hey, don’t threaten me. My existence is of great help to you. Because of me, you can become a super powerhouse that storms through the universe.”

“You talk too much. I don’t like it.”

“Alright, alright. From your tone, you don’t seem like you know what Honor Points are used for anyway. It’s such a shame that I actually have to explain to an enemy what their Honor Points are worth. Don’t you think that this is quite ironic?”

Lu Yin clenched his fist, causing star energy to surge through his body as he reached towards his right arm.

The Ghost Monkey immediately cried out, “Alright! I’m afraid, and I’ll tell you. You human’s Honor Points are indeed useful, but only after getting two points. The more points you have, the greater the authority it represents. From what I’ve heard, some people have even used their Honor Points to lessen their sentences for committing grievous crimes. For example, even if the allied troops’ commander, Shui Chuanxiao, betrayed the human race, he could use his Honor Points to reduce his punishment as long as his crimes were not too extensive. And if he dies, then your human race would send out countless experts to investigate his death, and there would be no way for the killer to escape unscathed.”

Lu Yin was astonished. “It can do such a thing? Then what about that Hall of Honor that he mentioned? I couldn’t find anything about it in my gadget.”

“The Hall of Honor is the organization that appraises Honor Points. I don’t know much about them either, as only space-exploring powerhouses are qualified to know anything about them. But I do know this; within the entire Human Domain, the Hall of Honor is one of the strongest powers. There are even rumors that a half-progenitor oversees it,” the Ghost Monkey solemnly answered.

“Half-progenitor?” Lu Yin was slightly stunned. “I overlooked it earlier, but you mentioned Progenitor Wushang before, and now there’s this half-ancestor. Is ‘progenitor’ a cultivation realm?”

“‘Progenitor’ is a word that represents an unsurpassed individual of the previous generation as well as the Progenitor realm. It is the apex domain that humans can reach and the endpoint of cultivation. Over the countless years, the universe has only birthed a few Progenitors. I don’t know about your human race, but for the Astral Beast Domain, I only know of Progenitor Wushang.”

“What about now? Are there any Progenitors?”

The Ghost Monkey laughed wryly. “How would I know that? Truthfully, I don’t even know how you cultivated to this point without anyone teaching you these things.” It paused for a moment before changing topics. “Though that’s not that much of a surprise when I think about it. You humans do like to conceal things and generally only share information with those closest to you. It means that even now there are many people who don’t have even the most basic knowledge about the universe.”

Just like that, Lu Yin chatted on and off with the Ghost Monkey, peacefully passing his last month of military service. This month was very tranquil, and this was perhaps the military life that the soldiers hoped for the most, as no one wished for a bloody war to break out.

Over the course of this month, Lu Yin completely adapted to his peaceful military life and built up several friendships with fellow soldiers. However, when he next visited the warfront, these soldiers might not even be alive anymore.

Even Xue Liuyun had died, let alone the ordinary soldiers. These new friends were mostly foot soldiers who were considered cannon fodders They had no formcast models, cultivated slowly, and had poor talent. 

During this time, Lu Yin also picked up a habit of standing quietly in the spacecraft’s corridor and gazing into the heavens. Everytime he stared into the darkness of outer space, he could feel his own insignificance.

“Long time no see, captain,” a grinning Silver greeted from nearby Lu Yin.

Lu Yin indifferently replied, “I heard that you’ve made quite a few contributions.”

“Captain, don’t say it like that. My contributions are nothing compared to yours. I heard that you even met Commander Shui Chuanxiao,” Silver marvelled.

Lu Yin turned towards his fellow student. “Have you heard of the Hall of Honor?”

Silver’s eyes widened a little as his smile momentarily vanished, but it quickly returned. “Of course, it’s one of the strongest human powers.”

“How do they compare to you guys?”

“Captain, what are you saying? I’m only a regular student! How could I compare to the Hall of Honor? Captain, stop joking with me!” Silver acted shocked.

“Let’s have a match.”

Silver’s eyes widened as he readily replied, “Alright.”

Lu Yin’s lips curled; he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. From his first ever meeting with Silver, the two had only seriously exchanged blows twice. The first was under the pale moonlight outside Jinlin city, and the other was during the assassination attempt on Zhang Dingtian’s life at the capital on Earth. After leaving Earth, they had not seriously fought again. It was time to smash his firt into this guy’s sly, foxy face.

There were preset dueling arenas on the warship, and Lu Yin casually chose a gravity training room for their battle.

“This is a gravity training room that’s specifically designed for duels. How would you like the gravity to be set?”

Silver shrugged. “Whatever.”

Lu Yin immediately increased it to a hundred times gravity, which was the highest that an average Limiteer could withstand.

The moment the increased gravity took effect, the smile on Silver’s face vanished. His palm flashed as his butterfly knife emitted a white radiance.

Lu Yin turned around as his eyes flashed. He instinctively retreated as a powerful shockwave pulsed through the room straight towards him, even slicing into the wall of the gravity training room. The wall was fully capable of withstanding a battle between peak Limiteers, but it had been torn open with the first atack.

This was Silver’s domain, and it represented his art of killing. Even Lu Yin had not sensed Silver’s approach, and this was under a hundred times gravity as well. Silver’s speed under normal gravity could only be imagined.

Consecutive brilliant flashes could barely be seen in the room as the butterfly knife sliced through the void. The ephemeral blade flashed, and traces of spatial cracks appeared around it as it approached Lu Yin. He calmly stepped back and closely observed the blade’s trajectory while nine stars revolved around his body. When the butterfly knife appeared within the range of Lu Yin’s Cosmic Art, each possible trajectory was clearly reflected in Lu Yin’s eyes. That blade seemed normal as it streaked past, but it was filled with a strength that could shake the void.

Lu Yin reached out and grabbed Silver’s wrist, causing Silver’s eyes to widen in shock. The butterfly knife on his hand rapidly spun towards Lu Yin’s palm, but Lu Yin blasted out with his palm. The Nine Stacks shook the void, causing the blade to deviate and slash through empty space. At the same time, Lu Yin’s left palm struck out towards Silver’s abdomen. But Silver seemed to have predicted Lu Yin’s attack, and he avoided it before Lu Yin even moved. Silver’s entire body vanished as he reappeared a few meters away from Lu Yin. Lu Yin’s palm landed on nothing, causing the void to distort as the resulting shockwaves caused a loud rumble in the gravity training room.

This sound attracted many of the nearby soldiers’ attention, but no one dared to enter as very few of them could withstand a hundred times gravity.

This duel had no earth-shattering explosions, and it even felt gentle as the two circled one another.

“Captain, not using battle force is rather condescending,” Silver casually said with a smile.

Lu Yin’s face turned solemn. “You’ve seen through my attack pattern?”

“What do you think?” Silver shot back with a beam.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Not only was Silver reading his attack pattern, but Silver’s domain also had an immeasurable ability that gave absolute control to the wielder within the space of the domain. This was no exaggeration, as Silver had only used his butterfly knife and no battle techniques to block all of Lu Yin’s attacks.

Lu Yin had been wondering if he could defeat Silver while at the peak of the Melder realm and without using battle force. However, it seemed that this would not be easy as this person was too crafty, but not all hope was lost yet, as his Cosmic Art could make anything possible. Lu Yin thought about it before advancing again with an exploratory palm.

Silver was stunned. Still not using battle force? He’s really confident in himself.

The butterfly knife streaked forward in a weird arc before passing through the void and heading straight for Lu Yin’s neck. Lu Yin dodged the path of the knife and steadily retreated to the wall. One palm slammed into the wall and tore out a chunk of metal while the butterfly knife coldly flashed before slicing towards his neck again. Lu Yin’s eyes glinted as he firmly struck at Silver with the chunk of metal.

Silver’s pupils constricted. This trajectory is…? He immediately retreated and then stared at Lu Yin in shock. Silver was truly shaken this time, and a rarely seen dumbfounded expression appeared on his face. Even Starsibyl had not stupefied him to such an extent. This was because Lu Yin had just completely copied Silver’s own attack trajectory.

“You have learned my attack path?”

Lu Yin spun the chunk of metal around on his finger as he smiled. “Possibly. Try again.” With that, he struck out with a Nine Stacks, Ninefold Shockwave Palm. The void rumbled ominously as Silver’s butterfly knife spun rapidly in his own palm. One turned into two, and then two turned into three. An invisible force seemed to descend upon the gravity training room as killing became an art, and multiple phantom images of the butterfly knife sliced out at various trajectories that tore through the void.

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