Chapter 240: War Drummer

Lu Yin froze in place as he watched the great battle take place in the splendor of outer space. It was on another level entirely, and he was unable to make anything out clearly.

The Erudite Flowzone wasn’t just fighting in outer space; its entire defensive perimeter was undergoing a comprehensive preparation for the upcoming decisive battle. Numerous Void Wanderers appeared next to each planet and opened up multiple holes in the void, unleashing countless astral beasts against the human forces.

Many warships were destroyed in the first moments of the battle, but at the same time, countless beams of light bombarded the hordes of astral beasts. In that brief instance, an uncountable number of souls departed on both sides.

Shui Chuanxiao’s face was extremely ugly; he just could not understand why the normally stable Soaring Firebeast would suddenly initiate a decisive battle.

The tricolored flames descended upon the battlefield. En Ya was shocked and dumbly said, “Commander, it’s the Soaring Firebeast!”

Shui Chuanxiao snorted and then stepped out into the sky. “Soaring Firebeast, why the sudden push for a decisive battle?”

“This is a border war. Do I need a reason?” Soaring Firebeast’s loud voice resonated through the region.

Shui Chuanxiao’s eyes narrowed, “Then prepare to drown.”

“That’s up to you.” 

The next second, the entire void combusted.

Lu Yin’s excitement over making some contributions from his actions hadn’t even faded yet, but a major battle had already started.

Qu Ao’s warship arrived in the sky directly above Planet Conan’s command center. This was where the most intense battle on Planet Conan was taking place.

Astral beasts filled the skies while countless spatial cracks extended into the horizon as beams of light swept out in answer to the snarls of the astral beasts.

Lu Yin stepped out of the warship, and an astral beast immediately burrowed out from underground to bite at him. He casually swatted the Melder realm beast dead and looked out to see the entire battlefield drenched with smoke and a mist of blood. Countless strange innate gifts and battle techniques dazzled the scenery as bloodlust filled the eyes of the human soldiers and astral beasts alike.

On this battlefield, there was no arguing over fairness, only massacre. Lu Yin quickly joined the fray, as his strength was second only to Explorers who were all battling in outer space; he was practically invincible on this battlefield.

Countless astral beasts were slapped dead by Lu Yin, and he did not need to use his five-lined battle force or his battle techniques. Just his raw, unadulterated physical strength was sufficient to dominate the battlefield. There were no powerhouses amongst the astral beasts, and the ones present simply could not stop Lu Yin.

All of the planets along the border were embroiled in this decisive battle. The command centers and bases were quickly destroyed one after another, as there were just too many astral beasts compared to humans soldiers, and they all had strange attacking styles as well. Over the countless years, the humans had lost track of the different types of astral beasts as they were constantly evolving.

On Planet Cangyuan, within a wilting and burning forest, Liu Shaoqiu beheaded a Yin Guai with a sword even as a large piece of flesh was torn out of his left arm. A moment later, multiple palm-sized Sheng Guais screeched, unleashing their sound wave attacks. Liu Shaoqiu’s eyes widened as he sliced out with the Third Sword. The attack was formless, but all the Sheng Guais were knocked unconscious by that strike while Liu Shaoqiu was struck by their sound waves, suffering heavy injuries.

Even Lu Yin found it hard to bear the Sheng Guais’ sonic attacks, let alone Liu Shaoqiu. He had only faced half the numbers that Lu Yin had faced, but he had still been heavily injured by them.

Without the two Guais, this group of astral beasts was no longer a match for Liu Shaoqiu.

After finishing them off, Liu Shaoqiu quickly retrieved the sphere from the top of the Sheng Ao’s head. He had just received the information about how this sphere detected other Sheng Aos and how it had been discovered by Lu Yin.

Although Liu Shaoqiu had lost to Lu Yin during the Astral Combat Tournament, he was unreconciled with his loss. Lu Yin was immune to the Third Sword, but that was just a matter of constitution. Also, Liu Shaoqiu had not been able to display the Fourth Sword. It had been like fighting a battle with his limbs bound, and he still felt sullen about it. His goal at the warfront had been to surpass Lu Yin, but Lu Yin had once again managed to take the lead.

He gripped the sphere as his gaze firmed up. Since he refused to accept his loss, this vague competition had to continue. Also, he had an agreement with Lu Yin to challenge the Top 100 Rankings together.

Some distance away from Liu Shaoqiu, there was a muddy and turbulent ocean composed of a strange liquid that could corrode all living beings. Silver slowly walked along the coastline. He raised his head to gaze at the sky as he basked in the rising temperature. He never thought that he would actually encounter such a rare environment as a decisive warfront battle. This was not a wasted trip. Lu Yin was also fine; it seemed that providence was on his side.

Xue Liuyun and Liu Yin were also on Planet Cangyuan, as they were also experts who had comprehended a domain.

Chao Zhi and the others were still back on Planet Conan, fighting for their lives against droves of astral beasts on some base.


A deep, reverberating sound washed over the planet, as if a tsunami had enveloped the skies. This was the sound of a war drum whose sound resounded throughout the entire planet. Another loud resounding boom came out shortly from the neighboring planet as the beating war drums on each planet started sounding out in sync, forming a line of pulsating planets.

On the battlefields, all of the human soldiers heard the beats of the war drums, and their morale soared. An invisible strength seeped into the soldiers’ bones while the astral beasts wailed in anguish in reply. The louder the drumbeats, the greater the harm to them.

At Planet Conan’s command center, when the first war drums began to beat, Lu Yin felt as if he could see the bloodlust of his distant ancestors as an invisible strength flowed into him. This was a human inheritance that ceaselessly aroused the spirits of humans through the beating war drums. His battle force covered his body, and he rose up before pressing down with a Nine Stacks, Seventeenfold Shockwave Palm. A portion of the battlefield collapsed as a giant palm imprint crushed many of the beasts.


Several angry howls sounded out on the battlefield as several strange beasts leaped at Lu Yin. Each one was a Limiteer, and they all possessed extreme speed. Some had powerful attacks and others tough defenses; all in all, five beasts combined forces to face off against Lu Yin.

A coldness bloomed in Lu Yin’s eyes. His fighting spirit had been ignited by the beating war drums. He unleashed five consecutive Cosmic Palms that obliterated all five beasts running at him, scattering their fresh blood onto the ground to the shock of countless onlookers.

At this point, the command center was suddenly split open as an enormous beast emerged from the void. Lu Yin had never seen such a fearsome beast before, but a mental cry came from the Ghost Monkey tattoo on his right arm. “That’s a Void Thunderbeast! Run!”

Lu Yin was surprised. “You’re awake?”

“Stop spouting nonsense and escape! That’s a Void Thunderbeast! Any mature Void Thunderbeast is at least at the Explorer realm. This one’s already very close to maturity, so don’t fight it,” the Ghost Monkey desperately urged.

But it was already too late, as that Void Thunderbeast was barreling straight at Lu Yin after destroying the command center. It was still a great distance away when it clawed at him, but its attack seemed to pass through the void to appear directly in front of Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s expression changed; such a strong attack was definitely no weaker than a full strength blow from one of the Astral Combat Academy’s student leaders.


Powerful shockwaves undulated in all directions as everything within a thousand meters of Lu Yin was crushed, and all living things were blown away. This created an empty and desolate arena where Lu Yin confronted the Void Thunderbeast as the void collapsed all around them.

“Why is there a Void Thunderbeast here? There aren’t even 10,000 of these top tier astral beasts in the entire Astral Beast Domain, but one just had to appear here. Could this be related to Yao Gu?” the Ghost Monkey murmured strangely.

Lu Yin’s heart jolted. “What did you say? Yao Gu?”

“Yeah, Yao Gu. He’s on our Star Domain’s Skymender List and is a super powerhouse of the younger generation who is able to rival you human’s Ten Arbiters.”

Lu Yin’s gaze shifted as he thought to himself, Yao Gu, Yao Gu. He then recalled the time he had rolled Pilfer and obtained a black Mavis Bank card with the name Yao Gu carved on it. Could it be the same beast?

The Void Thunderbeast snarled fiercely. It seemed that it had locked onto Lu Yin as its prey as its enormous body suddenly vanished, shuttling directly through the void to attack him again.

The Ghost Monkey panickedly shrieked, “Why has it targeted you?! Hurry up and run! There’s no use trying to fight it! You won’t be able to kill it even if you win, and if you lose, you’re dead. There’s no reason to even try to fight this thing.”

Lu Yin frowned. Could this Void Thunderbeast be targeting him because of that bank card? But he had no time to look into this now. As he watched the Void Thunderbeast claw its way over again, Lu Yin indignantly covered his body with five-lined battle force, distorting the void. He then activated his Cosmic Palm and stars appeared above his palm before exploding, the resulting vibrations causing the void to tremble. The Void Thunderbeast howled in grief; its claws had been directly snapped off by that Cosmic Palm.

Lu Yin leapt up and appeared on top of the Void Thunderbeast. He then slammed another hand down as he tried to kill the beast.

“Human, I’ll remember you. You carry our clan’s aura,” the beast snarled before piercing through the void by spitting out a clap of thunder. Its entire body then vanished.

Lu Yin’s palm met nothing, crushing only the ground.

“What’s going on?” Lu Yin was shocked. How could that beast vanish with merely a thought?

“That’s the ability of a Void Thunderbeast, ranked third on the Heavenly Beast Rankings. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. A Limiteer realm Void Thunderbeast is difficult for even a human Hunter to capture,” the Ghost Monkey said with an envious tone.

Lu Yin wanted to ask some more questions about Yao Gu, but then he saw the command center’s outer wall collapse as a tall platform appeared. Above the platform, he could see one side of a war drum along with two giant war hammers, one black and the other grey.

“Planet Conan’s war drummer, Lu Yin,” a loud voice reverberated throughout the battlefield.

Lu Yin was stunned; he was the war drummer for Planet Conan?

“Lu Yin, follow your orders.”

Lu Yin did not hesitate and used Flash to appear next to the war drum. He could feel the iron blood and the steel willpower of his ancestors as he gripped the black war hammer with one hand. It was heavy and just gripping it caused an unusual energy to seep into his brain. It felt similar to when he faced Liu Shaoqiu’s Third Sword or Qu Ao’s voice. It was an energy that could rip apart spiritual force.

Dong dong dong dong… 

As the war drumbeats resonated across the various protected planets of the Human Domain’s border, they merged together to form an extended sound wave that swept across the enormous stretch of space. Not only did the sound influence the astral beasts fighting on the planets, but also those in outer space.

Out in space, not far from Planet Conan, Yao Gu and Wen Sansi were facing each other. The sky was torn to shreds around them, and a set of peculiar words had formed a chain that seemed to imprison Yao Gu to one area. Yao Gu waved out with a hand, causing an extremely dark black spatial crack to extend outwards, break apart the chain of words, and then directly descend upon Wen Sansi.

Wen Sansi sighed. “What’s the point?” A moment later, the dark spatial crack vanished.

Yao Gu frowned as he remarked, “You’re even more detestable than that undying bird.”

Wen Sansi smiled. “Brother Yao Gu, please reconsider your actions. This decisive battle is not beneficial for either of us.”

“It’s of no matter, as this can also be considered as training the army. If I can defeat one of the Ten Arbiters today, then I wonder how much that would influence your Human Domain?” Yao Gu then raised his head and began to transform. He forcefully undid his current humanoid shape and returned to his original form of a Void Thunderbeast. He then raised his head and snarled fiercely.

Wen Sansi sighed again and his previously soft gaze became imposing, “The Wen family has continued on, from generation to generation since the ancient times. Let me show you my Wen family’s battle technique that has inherited the strength of the ancient scholars’ character. I’ll bury you in the heavens. Literary Prison.”

“Dream on! Even the almighty figures of your Human Domain don’t dare to claim that they’ll bury me,” Yao Gu howled as a formless wave spread out, directly shattering all of Wen Sansi’s word chains. It distorted space, and its enormous power even altered the atmosphere of the protected planets.

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