Chapter 236: Animal Hides And Progenitor Wushang

Lu Yin only fell unconscious for a moment, and he quickly awakened. He then immediately took action while still in the void. The Ghost Monkey wanted to directly bring the captured Lu Yin to the Astral Beast Domain, but he was suddenly attacked by Lu Yin while still en route. The two were thrown out of the void and crash landed in an abandoned tribal settlement.

They landed heavily on the ground and immediately separated from each other.

The Ghost Monkey was stunned, “How did you wake up so easily? Not even an Explorer could recover that quickly fast.”

Lu Yin casually crushed the Void Wanderer. Since humans had no use for such an astral beast, he might as well destroy it and prevent the Ghost Monkey from escaping with it.

The Ghost Monkey’s eyes widened even further. “Human, you’re asking to die!” He then retrieved the skin from before and thrust it towards Lu Yin once again. Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he retrieved a similar skin and brandished it at the Ghost Monkey. Lu Yin had just recalled that he also had a similar-looking piece of skin that he had once obtained from Pilfer. Also, the piece of skin that Lu Yin had was much bigger than the monkey’s.

The Ghost Monkey never expected that Lu Yin would also have a skin, and it shrieked in disbelief. Lu Yin firmly pressed the short monkey into the ground. “Shut up.”

“You- how can you have that?! That’s impossible! It belongs to our star realm. Why does a human have it?!” the Ghost Monkey wailed.

Lu Yin frowned, snatched the Ghost Monkey’s skin, and stored it in his cosmic ring. One could not look at this thing without being affected.

“What is this thing?” Lu Yin asked.

The Ghost Monkey ignored him and kept muttering in disbelief. “Impossible, why does a human have that?”

Lu Yin pressed his foot down onto the Ghost Monkey’s chest, causing it to spit out a mouthful of blood. “Speak, what is this?”

The Ghost Monkey mournfully wailed and then glared at Lu Yin. “Human, don’t think that you can get any information out of me!”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “Then you can go and die.”

He pressed down with his palm, causing the Ghost Monkey’s fur to stand on end. “Human, do you really want to kill me?! No one can tell you about this object’s origins if you kill me. Even in the entire Astral Beast Domain, only absolute powerhouses know anything about this object, and you won’t be able to get any information from them!”

Lu Yin coldly replied, “Since you won’t tell me, then there’s no point in keeping you around.”

“Wait, I can tell you a little!” the Ghost Monkey cried as it stared at Lu Yin, horrified.

Lu Yin sneered. “How will I know if you tell me the truth?”

“I can swear!” the Ghost Monkey hurriedly promised.

“There’s no point, as only a little information is useless to me. And you even said that it’s an object of the Astral Beast Domain, and I can’t actually go there, right?”

Lu Yin raised his palm again as the overwhelming pressure descended again, causing the Ghost Monkey to scream, “Human! Don’t be mistaken! This object is related to Progenitor Wushang. Do you really not want to know what it is?”

Lu Yin hesitated. “Progenitor Wushang? Who’s Progenitor Wushang?”

The Ghost Monkey’s eyes turned round as he proudly explained, “Progenitor Wushang is my ancestor! It is one of the most terrifying beings in the Astral Beast Domain. It’s rumored that if you gather all the beast hides, then you can find Progenitor Wushang and receive its inheritance.”

Lu Yin squinted. “If it’s your ancestor, then why do you still need to gather the beast hides? Don’t you know where your own ancestor is?”

“Our Ghost Monkey clan has too many beasts, and I’m only from a subsidiary branch. It was only by chance that I obtained this small piece,” the Ghost Monkey meekly replied.

“How strong is Progenitor Wushang?” Lu Yin was curious.

“Very strong. It can swallow stars and planets, it can tear through the Astral River, and it’s even rumored that it has an indestructible body that’s become a landmass that other beasts live upon. The legends say that if one obtains Progenitor Wushang’s inheritance, then their power level will soar to the heavens and that Realmbreakers, the powerhouses on Skymender’s List, and Ten Arbiters alike will all be trash before them.”

Lu Yin was amused by the description. “That was a good speech. Very smooth and it had a good flow to it too. It’s a pity that I don’t believe you and you’ve said too much. Just die.” He then swatted mercilessly at the Ghost Monkey. 

“Human-” the Ghost Monkey cried out sharply, but it could not avoid its fate of being slapped to death by Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at the Ghost Monkey’s corpse and thought to himself, This bastard probably fabricated most of that, but Progenitor Wushang itself must exist, as it would not dare lie about such an obvious thing when facing death. Rather, it must have spouted some random facts to make Progenitor Wushang look more appealing. But the rest of the information must be fake, and since I can’t be confident that it was telling the truth, I’ll just forget about it.

Lu Yin did not feel that he would be so lucky as to one day go to the Astral Beast Domain and obtain some Progenitor Wushang’s inheritance; he was not some darling child of the universe.

He glanced at the Ghost Monkey’s corpse again, looked around himself, and then at his gadget. There was no signal, or perhaps the battle outside of Planet Conan had scrambled the surroundings so much that even Lu Yin’s gadget could not receive any incoming signals. He couldn’t even determine his own location and he wasn’t even sure if he was still on Planet Conan.

He contemplated his situation briefly before turning to leave—his first priority was undoubtedly to figure out his location.

As he started walking away, he had a strange feeling that something was not right. He frowned, took out the emperor giant’s third eye from his cosmic ring, and shrouded his body with the Cosmic Art. He then turned around to see a shadow squirming right below the ground’s surface. “You’re really not dead. This must be your real body.” He then grabbed at the underground shadow.

The shadow shrieked, “Human! Spare me! It really is related to Progenitor Wushang’s inheritance! I can even tell you where his grave is! Don’t kill me!”

“You’re too crafty. Sorry, but you must die.” Lu Yin then prepared to attack.

The shadow contorted when it saw that Lu Yin was about to act. Then, it suddenly jumped onto Lu Yin’s palm and extended up his arm. Next, Lu Yin felt his arm turn scorching hot as if he had been burned. Given his current cultivation, it was very difficult to burn him, and this burning sensation had even been caused by someone who he had already defeated. Lu Yin quickly tore off his sleeve only to see a bizarre monkey tattoo on his arm. It had an adorable appearance, but what was it?

“Human, I’m your tamed beast now! You can’t kill me,” the Ghost Monkey’s voice floated into Lu Yin’s mind, shocking him.

“Tamed beast? What do you mean?”

“I once killed some cultivators from the Human Domain’s Beast Tamers Flowzone and acquired their technique for taming beasts. I just imprinted myself onto your body as a tamed beast, which means that my life is in your control. You can rest assured now. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know,” the Ghost Monkey explained helplessly.

Lu Yin looked at the new tattoo on his arm in wonder. So this is how it works too? He had always been curious about the Beast Tamers Flowzone’s techniques, as he could never picture how Kuang Wang had managed to imprint such a large creature like Cang Long onto his body, but now, he had one too. “The Beast Tamer technique should set the human as the master.”

“I didn’t have a choice. Since you were about to kill me, I could only try this, and luckily, it succeeded.

“Human, my injuries are too heavy right now, and I need to rest first. I won’t wake up anytime soon, but regardless, my life is in your hands now, and you can kill me whenever you desire.” After the Ghost Monkey said this, he fell silent.

Lu Yin breathed out and felt struck in a dilemma; should he kill or not?

He thought about it some more before ultimately deciding to not act. The more he looked at the adorable, life-like monkey tattoo on his arm, the more he felt like he could accept this turn of events.

However, a cute monkey tattoo was a bit eccentric for a man to have, and Lu Yin could not help but feel slightly disappointed. Kuang Wang had the earth-shattering azure dragon, but Lu Yin had a cute monkey… What kind of crappy power did this monkey even have?! Fortunately, Lu Yin could tame more than one beast. Kuang Wang, for instance, also had a butterfly topgrass. Thus, Lu Yin should also be able to tame more than one beast. He would set aside some time to visit the Beast Tamers Flowzone in the future.

Since the matter with the Ghost Monkey had been resolved, it was now time for Lu Yin to find his way back.

This place was obviously an abandoned tribal village, and if he was still on Planet Conan, then the local civilizations’ progress should be rather backwards and primitive.

He followed the small path out of the village and looked around. The surrounding earth was still desolate and showed obvious signs of battle. There were also signs of burning, which should have been from the cleanup after a battle. This meant that this planet was still under the allied troops’ protection. It might even be Planet Conan, as the Ghost Monkey had not been able to use the Void Wanderer for very long.

At that moment, outside the thirty seven planets to the right of the border, a meteoroid appeared. “The first breath was here, and the second breath appeared there...” Its eyes swept across the thirty seven planets before finally settling on Planet Conan. “The second breath was much richer than the first, so there might be more than one.” Then, the meteoroid firmly rocketed forwards.

Suddenly, a sigh echoed out in space. “Brother Yao, please reconsider this.”

The meteoroid suddenly stopped as an enormous Void Thunderbeast appeared. The beast then forcibly shrank its body into a two-meter tall humanoid male who stared into the distance in shock. “Wen Sansi, I never thought that you’d be here too.”

The void ahead trembled as a young man walked out. He had a gentle smile and was garbed in white clothes, carrying scrolls, and even had a folding fan in his waistband. “Brother Yao, it’s been a while.”

“Indeed. I’m curious as to why the Ten Arbiters have appeared on this frontier battlefield. Have there been any great battles happening here?”

Wen Sansi smiled. “Since there haven't been any great battles, then as a powerhouse on the Skymender List, why are you appearing here? And you even want to force your way into a protected planet?”

“I was just curious. I heard that there’s a human student from the Astral Combat Academy who inherited the Thirteen Swords and another who comprehended five-lined battle force as a Melder. Shouldn’t we observe such young elites?” Yao Gu asked.

Wen Sansi shook his head and placed his hands behind his back. “If I’m here, then no.”

Yao Gu’s eyes widened. “It’s rumored that the Ten Arbiters have never had any conclusive battles between their members. I’m curious to find if you’re stronger than that fire bird.”

Wen Sansi smiled again. “Of course he’s stronger while I’m weaker. I, Wen Sansi, am just a mere scholar. I don’t like to fight.”

Yao Gu looked closely at Wen Sansi but did not speak.

Wen Sansi continued to smile at Yao Gu and did not speak up again. The heavens almost seemed to turn to stone from the lack of movement.

Off in the distance, Shui Chuanxiao glanced at his screen as his female deputy joyously shouted out, “Fortunately, the Ten Arbiters arrived in time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a powerhouse to obstruct Yao Gu.”

“Why does Yao Gu want to barge into the thirty seven rightmost planets? Even those students from the Astral Combat Academy shouldn’t be worth him doing that,” Shui Chuanxiao muttered to himself, puzzled by the recent events.

“Could it really be because of Liu Shaoqiu? Legend has it that Yao Gu was once heavily injured by the Thirteen Swords,” the female deputy offered up.

Shui Chuanxiao shook his head. “No, the Skymender List and the Ten Arbiters would not casually start a war. They have a mutual understanding of each other, and past battles stay in the past. Once they start waging war, both star domains will be dragged in. It wouldn’t end with just a border skirmish.

“Right, how’s Planet Conan doing?” Shui Chuanxiao continued.

The female deputy answered, “Mira killed two Explorer mutant beasts by herself. The battlefield has stabilized, but Lu Yin is missing.”

“Lu Yin is missing? What do you mean?”

“It’s uncertain, but it appears that he was captured by an astral beast.”

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