Chapter 232: Attack

This new group of troops were all volunteers. Some had come from large organizations or were disciples of large families who had been sent here for training. There were also others like Lu Yin who had come from academies and had considerable individual power. The only thing that these rookies lacked was experience on the battlefield.

“Have any of you seen blood before?” Gildor suddenly asked.

From among the new troops, a male voice loudly responded, “Sir, I am Trifa from the Beast Tamers Flowzone. I’ve killed beasts before.”

“Sir, I am Keyao from the Beast Tamers Flowzone. I’ve killed beasts before.”


Many of the cultivators present had grown up in very cruel environments. Gildor’s question was pointless, since everyone present had seen blood.

“Have any of you killed before?” Gildor asked once again. This time, he sounded more serious than before.

The crowd fell silent. Trifa was the first to speak up again. “Sir, I’ve killed two before.”

“Sir, I’ve killed pirates before. I killed about ten or so of them.”

“Sir, I’ve killed criminals before.”

Quite a few looked at Lu Yin, waiting for him to speak.

Lu Yin said, “Sir, I came from a planet’s evolutionary trial.”

A large number of people were shocked, including Gildor. A planet’s evolutionary trial was a very cruel climate. The fact that Lu Yin had come from one meant that he had been a native, and for a native to reach Lu Yin’s current status was astounding.

Gildor gave Lu Yin a meaningful look and then told the rest, “The reason why I’m asking you these questions is because I want to know if you’ll be able to do what’s needed if you’re thrown into a situation where you have to kill your comrades.”

“Sir, why would we have to kill our comrades?” someone asked. His name was Feng Tao, and he was from the Tempest Flowzone. It was a small flowzone, but there were perennial powerful winds, causing the weather to always be terrible.

Gildor answered, “Because you’ll often be met with two choices; one is to kill your comrade and the other is to let them be eaten by astral beasts. Tell me, what would you choose?”

Everyone went silent.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. This was the warfront with the Astral Beast Domain. Since they were fighting against astral beasts, being eaten after losing was a commonplace occurrence.

“Sir, I’m sure that they’d all be very happy to choose death,” Silver answered with a grin, causing many to feel a chill when they heard his words.

At this moment, everyone was forcefully reminded of the fact that it wasn’t just the final four of the Astral Combat Tournament who had come to the warfront—there was also the demonic killer. During the Three Academies Guarding the Gate stage of the tournament, Silver had killed as many students as the other two guards combined. The domain that Silver had comprehended was specifically aimed towards killing and was very terrifying, although many of the rookies weren’t quite sure what a domain actually was.

The first day of training passed without any issues. Once they were finished for the day, Lu Yin wandered around the base. The defenses here were very solid, but the troops still patrolled and inspected every single corner of the base, especially the areas that were dark. No place was safe; that was what the pilot had told him.

“Aren’t you Lu Yin of the Astral Combat Academy Tournament’s final four? Let’s have a duel!” The man named Trifa appeared in front of him, eyeing Lu Yin in a combative manner. There was an entire group behind him that was mainly composed of the newly arrived troops whom Lu Yin had been training with earlier. Many of them were now looking at Lu Yin with curious expressions.

“Why?” Lu Yin asked.

Trifa clenched both of his fists. “I heard that the Astral Combat Academy is the best in the universe. I want to see how strong you students really are.”

Lu Yin found his reason hilarious. “Didn’t you watch the tournament?”

“What can I see through a screen? There were a few students who won by just standing there without even moving. What a joke! That tournament felt more like a fake show put on by the Astral Combat Academy,” Trifa arrogantly replied as he looked up. Quite a few people nodded, clearly agreeing with his words.

Lu Yin was caught speechless; these people didn’t even know what a domain was! This meant they probably didn’t understand battle force either, but that made sense. These cultivators from the Beast Tamers Flowzone mostly focused on taming beasts. There were very few like Kuang Wang who could cultivate three-lined battle force. Besides, Kuang Wang was from the Divine Grade Hall, while this guy probably couldn’t even enter the First Grade Hall.

“Not interested.” Lu Yin then turned to leave.

Trifa frowned unhappily. “How dare you look down on me! In that case, I’ll show you my strength!” He rolled up his sleeve, causing the strange fish tattoo on his arm to splash to life as it soared into the sky. The aquatic beast then opened its mouth at Lu Yin in a threatening manner.

Lu Yin tilted his head to one side and dodged without any difficulty. Just as he was about to counterattack, a miserable cry on the upper side drew everyone’s attention. They all looked over, only to see a soldier’s body crumbling away. In the blink of an eye, he had been reduced to a mess of flesh and blood.

An alarm pierced through the base as a huge crack appeared in the sky. Numerous single-footed sparrows flew out, bringing a large amount of rain with them.

Trifa’s pupils shrank. “Crap, the beasts are attacking! It’s the single-footed sparrows that have the ability to summon acid rain.”

While the fresh troops were still processing what was happening, numerous beams of light crisscrossed in the sky. All of the weapons on the base had been activated, and they mowed down countless single-footed sparrows in an instant.

However, the spatial crack was still open, and a vast number of single-footed sparrows were flying through with each passing second. All of a sudden, a strange, reptilian creature wrapped in metal crawled out of the spatial crack and struck the void with tremendous force. Forceful ripples spread through the void until it finally crumbled apart.

An enraged roar came out from deep within the base. “It’s Void Wanderers! Attack and kill them first!”

Void Wanderers were a unique kind of astral beast. They didn’t have very high attacking power, but in exchange, they had the ability to easily tear space apart. This meant that they were involved in every surprise attack of the astral beasts. Most of the time, the astral beasts would initiate their attacks by having Void Wanderers pave the way. However, if the Void Wanderers were killed, then their spatial cracks would automatically close.

There was more than one Void Wanderer attacking the base this time, and spatial cracks had been torn open everywhere. Besides the single-footed sparrows spraying acid rain everywhere, numerous other strange-looking beasts also charged out. They consisted of not only astral beasts, but also other beasts that were being controlled by the astral beasts. Those beasts were the other sides’ cannon fodder.

Trifa and the others no longer had the will to challenge Lu Yin as enemies were running rampant throughout the base now.

Lu Yin never expected that there would be an attack on the base during his very first day on Planet Conan. It was quite a unique feeling. He lifted his palm and struck out into the void with the ninetieth form of the Skybeast Claw, wrapping his hand in battle force as he did so. The claw hurtled through the air and jolted a Void Wanderer so badly that it died.

Trifa nearly died from shock when he saw this. Lu Yin was just a Melder, but he was already able to tear through the void. Someone like that was not a person that Trifa could fight against. What he had seen on the screen was completely different from real life. He had thought that the Astral Combat Tournament was fake; how could so many young people possibly be able to tear the void?! That was ridiculous! It was only at this point that he finally realized that everything that he had seen during the tournament was real. Being able to crush the void was as simple as playing with a toy for Lu Yin.

Not too far away, at the same time that Trifa was staring at Lu Yin in shock, silver rays of light flashed through the void, cutting down the Void Wanderers one after another as they were all cleaved in twain.

Everyone was shocked to see that it was Silver who had acted so decisively. Slicing through the void was a trivial task for him too.

Gildor’s shock was just as apparent as the new recruits’. His boss had allocated some pretty amazing people to his group.

There were a handful of soldiers in the base who were Limiteers, but not many could slice through the void. However, not that many Void Wanderers had accompanied this surprise attack, and with Silver’s rapid slices, nearly half of them were eliminated in no time at all.

At the beginning, the beasts weren’t able to react to Silver’s lightning quick offense, but after they discovered Silver, they immediately focused all their efforts into killing him. Numerous beasts appeared from the void to target Silver. They were all giant beasts with powerful defensive abilities, and even with Silver’s offensive strength, it would be difficult for him to break through their defenses.

Lu Yin grabbed a nearby Void Wanderer and smashed it to the ground. With a swing of his hand, he used a Nine Stacks, Ninefold Shockwave Palm and caused the void to tremble for a hundred meters. Numerous Void Wanderers were sent flying, only to be destroyed by the light beams.

A strange howl was heard from the void as a huge beast that looked similar to a mantis charged out from underground while brandishing nine blades. It slashed the void apart and destroyed quite a few of the base’s weapons.

Trifa and a few others were only a short distance away from the newly emerged beast. It gave them a look of obvious contempt before immediately attacking.

Gildor bellowed in rage and brandished his sword to block the beast’s slash. With a resounding clang, the ground collapsed and shockwaves erupted forth, causing Trifa and the rest to be blasted away. All of them coughed up blood while Gildor had been smashed into the ground, looking incredibly pale. Although Gildor was a peak Melder, he was just an ordinary cultivator. Against beasts that were at the equivalent of the Limiteer realm, it was difficult for him to block their attacks. This was especially true when the beasts were intelligent, like this mantis-looking one.

After seeing that Gildor managed to survive its attack, the beast lifted three of its blades and slashed downwards again. This attack also cracked open the void. This beast had a strength that was comparable to an Astral Combat Academy’s Area Master.

Gildor watched on in despair as the blades fell. There was nothing more that he could do.

Right at this moment, Lu Yin used Flash to appear in front of Gildor. He grabbed one of the blades and broke it with a clang as he simultaneously swung out horizontally with his other fist, breaking the other blades as well. Then, he exerted some strength through his hands, crushing another blade before throwing the shattered shards at the beast.

It retreated incredibly quickly and looked at Lu Yin with fear as star energy whirled around its body. The four blades that had been destroyed grew out from its body once more. Those blades were not external weapons like what humans used, but were rather formed from its own body. “You’re strong, human.” The beast’s mouth did not move, but it nonetheless managed to speak by creating vibrations in the air with star energy.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, but just as he was about to reply, Gildor quietly spoke up from behind. “It’s trying to stall for more time so that more beasts can exit from the void.

Lu Yin’s eyes grew cold. He had actually forgotten that he was on a battlefield. With this in mind, four-lined battle force covered his body before he instantly appeared in front of the beast and slammed a Nine Stacks, Fifteenfold Shockwave Palm into it.

The beast released a startling cry and lifted its nine blades to slash at Lu Yin. At the same time, the void cracked open once more as numerous beasts as strong as Limiteers emerged and began to attack Lu Yin.


The ground trembled as a huge crack separated the base into two halves. The void trembled violently as terrifying shockwaves pulsed out. Lu Yin’s attack had torn numerous beasts to shreds and even caused the void itself to tremble, resulting in the deaths of countless Void Wanderers.

This base did not have any Explorers or strong cultivators. Lu Yin was the strongest person there, and he was sure of it. Just one attack from him had caused everyone’s scalps to go numb. At that moment, he had become the sole focus of the entire battlefield.

Trifa and the others were frozen from shock and couldn’t even make a sound. That attack had been so frightening that if they hadn’t seen it themselves, they would have thought that it had come from an Explorer .

The beasts had infiltrated everywhere within the base. Firearms exploded everywhere as all the soldiers rushed into battle. The entire area degenerated into a chaotic whirlwind of blood and metal.

Even though Lu Yin was powerful and he did everything he could to kill the Void Wanderers, it wasn’t enough to change the battlefield’s state. He couldn’t handle all the beasts in an area by himself. However, the other combatants in the base were at most comparable to an Astral Combat Academy’s Area Master.

The beasts and soldiers intermixed indistinguishably on the battlefield. At this point, even if Lu Yin had powerful battle techniques that could strafe an area, he couldn’t use it without fear of killing fellow soldiers.

At this moment, a warship arrived above the base and aimed its cannons at one of the few areas that had no human soldiers. Soldiers jumped out of the warship to provide aid.

Soon, other warships also appeared.

All of a sudden, a gigantic spatial crack appeared in the sky. An enormous metallic hoof emerged from it and brutally kicked a warship, causing it to explode violently.

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