Chapter 224: Cosmic Sect

Lu Yin was completely stunned by the Trialmaster’s words even though he knew that his Cosmic Art was not simple. However, its origins supposedly surpassed the Sword Sect, which was the leading sect of the First Flowzone and publicly acknowledged as the strongest sect in the Human Domain. Just what kind of sect could surpass that?

“Although the average person cannot see anything when the Cosmic Art is active and in use, during the live broadcast, there will definitely be someone who will notice the origins of this technique if you use it. It’s good that you have not revealed it yet, but your next few opponents will be very strong. You must make a decision before the next round—to strive for victory by revealing this technique or to continue fighting without it,” the Trialmaster advised in a solemn tone.

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered with indecision. He had already considered both options but had not come to a conclusion yet. “Mentor, what would happen if that sect discovers that I have learned their technique?”

The mentor’s lips rose up in a faint smile. “You want to know if Astral-10 will protect you.”

Lu Yin was embarrassed. The Trialmaster seriously replied “I can tell you this plainly. Astral-10 will definitely protect you. Not only will Astral-10 do so, but the entire Astral Combat Academy will work to protect you.”

Lu Yin released a sigh of relief, as that was good news to hear.

“But there is no guarantee of success,” the Trialmaster finished in a strange tone.

Lu Yin was stunned by this last sentence, and he looked at the Trialmaster without knowing what to say.

“That sect is called the Cosmic Sect. It is one of the strongest sects in the Human Domain. You’ve already experienced the power of the Cosmic Art for yourself, so you should know how terrifying it is. Who can possibly resist such a technique? Any elder from that sect can dominate the entire Outerverse with a single wave of their hand. You can’t pin your hopes on our protection,” the mentor spoke plainly.

Lu Yin felt helpless in this situation. “I understand, mentor. I won’t reveal the technique.”

But the Trialmaster looked at Lu Yin and raised a single finger. “Just the next battle. As long as you don’t reveal it in the next battle, you’ll be fine.”

“Why?” Lu Yin was puzzled, but the Trialmaster closed his eyes and went back to rest, not bothering to reply.

Lu Yin was perplexed by what he had just learned. What’s so special about the next battle? He had no clue, so he simply stopped thinking about the matter. Lu Yin then shook his head to clear his mind as he stepped back onto the trial zone mountain, awaiting the arrival of the seventh round of battles.

At the same time, in Astral-3, Nightqueen Yanqing was bowing down, not even daring to raise her face towards the young man on the screen.

“Remember, you must think of a way to deal with that Lu Yin. Someone who is immune to the Sword Sect’s Third Sword is someone who should not even exist. I have talked to those old bats of the Astral Combat Academy, and your next opponent will be him,” the man on the screen said in a deep voice.

Nightqueen Yanqing firmly replied, “I understand.”

“Are you confident?” the man asked.

Nightqueen Yanqing had a stern look on her face. “I have cultivated the Nightking’s Body. He will be defeated for sure.”

The man nodded with satisfaction. “The Sword Sect’s Third Sword is an extreme attack that focuses on the spirit while the Nightking’s Body focuses on the physical body. He may be immune to the Third Sword, but there is no chance that he’ll fend off the Nightking’s Body as easily. The next battle will be his last, and I want you to crush his soul.”

Nightqueen Yanqing clenched both her fists. “Yes.”

Before long, the seventh round was about to start.

The arena plains had been completely restored, and even the high peak had been repaired back to normal. This time, however, it was placed outside of the arena plains and not inside. The recent battles had been very intense, and the complete destruction of the plains had become commonplace; of course the sensible academy mentors would not place the high peak back inside the arena.

A student was disgruntled by this decision. “What’s with the high peak being over there? It’s irritating.”

Someone else replied, “It’s a status symbol, and only the victors can sit atop it. This is what the academy has constructed for the students and countless more in the universe to look up to.”

“So it’s basically just a big decoration,” Big Pao interjected as he popped out of nowhere.

On the high peak, one figure after another appeared. Of the top eight, besides Grandini Mavis, the rest were all student leaders of various academy branches. Despite so many hidden geniuses appearing since the very start of the tournament, seven out of ten students still remained atop that peak. This was something that the Astral Combat Academy was already very proud of. Of course, the unavoidable battles between the student leaders were about to begin as well.

The first match was between Starsibyl and Feng Shang.

Feng Shang’s face sank when he saw that Starsibyl was his opponent. He had rich battle experience and feared no one; he would even fight against Liu Shaoqiu if he was matched up against him. But against Starsibyl, Feng Shang really did not know where to start; this woman’s combat style was a complete mystery to everyone.

Starsibyl smiled faintly at Feng Shang. “I don’t remember ever having faced off against you. This must be our first time.”

Feng Shang had nothing to respond with. “If I knew that this was going to be the case, then I would have fought a hundred battles against you.”

Starsibyl’s eyes twinkled mysteriously. “Battle experience is no use against me. My fighting style is based on divination and seeing into the future.”

Feng Shang rolled his eyes; only an idiot would believe such words.

Soon after, the battle between the two started.

Lu Yin and the rest all intently stared down towards the arena as they all focused on Starsibyl. What was the secret behind her combat style?

A moment later, they were shocked to see Feng Shang’s attacks land on nothing. Even when he enveloped the entire arena with his domain, his attempts to suppress Starsibyl were all rendered futile. She really seemed as if she could divine the future as she would always dodge Feng Shang’s attacks by being a single step ahead. Before long, Feng Shang’s face paled. Starsibyl was still standing in front of him, but absolutely none of his attacks had connected. It was such a depressing feeling that he almost wanted to vomit blood.

“Really now. Can’t you face me directly for just two moves?” Feng Shang shouted out of exasperation.

Starsibyl beamed. “Sure.” She then gently floated towards Feng Shang.

Feng Shang pressed down with his palm as he shouted out, “Cyclone Strike.” This was the attack that had defeated Sha. Feng Shang did not hold back at all against Starsibyl, and the wind blade edges spun out of his hand as they tore through the void. It was an overwhelming attack.

But the result was the same as before; the wind blades cleanly went past Starsibyl and landed on the ground behind her, carving out a huge crater on the arena plains. “That’s not all,” Feng Shang said as he revealed his other palm that was holding another Cyclone Strike.

However, Starsibyl dodged it all the same. One thing was different—this time, she did not move away to avoid it. Instead, she approached Feng Shang and flitted past him.

The audience fell silent as they watched Feng Shang’s body slowly dissipate into nothingness; a chill creeping into their hearts. When did she even attack?!

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed as he still did not understand Starsibyl’s fighting style at all. Starsibyl’s speed was not particularly fast, but she had easily dodged Feng Shang’s extremely quick attacks. Lu Yin definitely had not seen her attack, but she had still defeated Feng Shang. Just what had happened?

Han Chong and Nightqueen Yanqing similarly could not understand anything either; Starsibyl was just too mysterious.

Outside the arena plains, Liu Shaoqiu’s eyes twinkled as he stared intently at Starsibyl. He was the only one out of all of the observing students who had felt even a trace of killing intent. It was because Starsibyl’s attack was very similar to the Third Sword. But between the two, it was even more secretive than the Third Sword, which was why the sect leader had cautioned Liu Shaoqiu about Starsibyl when he had left the Sword Sect. This woman would have been the best battle opponent for him to improve the Third Sword. It was a pity that he had run into Lu Yin before her.

As his thoughts churned, Liu Shaoqiu’s eyes swept back up to the high peak.

Lu Yin frowned; he could feel that Liu Shaoqiu had looked at him all of a sudden, so he turned around to face him. The two exchanged glances, and at that moment, an idea occurred to Lu Yin. He looked back to Starsibyl. Is her attack similar to the Third Sword?

Starsibyl returned to the high peak, beaming as she glanced at everyone. She appeared very mysterious.

Lu Yin gathered his thoughts. It was completely possible that her attacks targeted spiritual force, as Starsibyl was definitely mysterious enough to do something like that. That kind of attack would undoubtedly be both effective and have a refined appearance. It was a pity that Lu Yin’s only attack that could target spiritual force was the Daynight Punch, and it wouldn’t be of much use either.

Soon after Starsibyl and Feng Shang’s battle concluded, the fighters for the second round were announced—Han Chong and Liu Xiaoyun.

Han Chong was also a very mysterious competitor, especially after his battle with Xia Ye that had left many audience members puzzled. His painting attacks were obviously a gentle battle style, but it was also deep beyond measure. Many looked at Liu Xiaoyun and wondered how far she could force Han Chong.

“At this stage of the competition, everyone’s baseline has more or less already been revealed. You are not my opponent,” Han Chong said faintly out on the arena plains.

Liu Xiaoyun clenched her sword hilt. “At the very least, the gap between us must be shown.”

Han Chong casually waved his hand. “Everyone calls me the Art Sage. I’ll draw a vast mountain and sea for you to destroy.”

At that moment, a painting made from star energy appeared in front of Han Chong. Mountains, rivers, forests, cottages, and other classical subjects all came together in a picturesque landscape painting that used star energy as its ink.

Liu Xiaoyun gripped her sword hilt tightly as the air beneath her roiled and spread out in all directions. Those fluctuations gradually extended across the entire arena plains. This was her domain, Sword’s World, and its attack range had extended to cover the entire arena plains.

Han Chong’s landscape painting expanded until it covered the entire arena plains as well. 

Within the endless rain of falling swords, the void was torn into countless cracks that clashed against the harmonious aura of the landscape painting. The scene before the audience’s eyes became obviously distorted within the void’s shattered frame. And yet, despite the rain of swords, the landscape painting forcibly withstood the countless spatial cracks encroaching upon it.

It was a rather magnificent sight, as Liu Xiaoyun’s attack that covered the entire arena plains could easily crush an Area Master. At that instant, the newly restored arena plains had been destroyed once again.

On the high peak overlooking the arena, Lu Yin frowned. Liu Xiaoyun had widened her attack scope too much in an attempt to compensate for the difference between their speeds, and her thoughts had been too optimistic. The strength of her attack was not even close to comparable to Liu Shaoqiu’s First Sword; it was no wonder why she had distanced herself from the Sword Sect. Since she was Liu Shaoqiu’s older sister, everyone in the Sword Sect would compare her to Liu Shaoqiu to form a relative judgement.

Liu Shaoqiu frowned as well. This endless rain of swords made him feel somewhat uncomfortable. His big sister was walking down the wrong path.

Suddenly, Liu Xiaoyun chopped down with her sword towards Han Chong. Many remembered Tu Bo and how he had been instantly wiped out by this strike. It was an attack that imitated the Thirteen Swords.

Han Chong’s eyes gleamed with interest as he extended one hand. A mountain was summoned from within the landscape painting. Although it instantly fell apart, it was still enough to counter Liu Xiaoyun’s sword strike.

“It’s not a bad sword strike, but it’s useless against me,” Han Chong confidently stated.

Liu Xiaoyun sheathed her sword. “I’ve lost.”

She then left the Lifeseek Realm. She had given the fight her all, but it seemed like Han Chong had not used much of his strength. The difference between the two was glaringly obvious.

Two battles had already seen the defeat of two academy leaders. The third match was set to be between Grandini Mavis and Dao Bo.

Many looked towards the high peak and the two remaining leaders—Lu Yin and Nightqueen Yanqing.

The scene felt strangely similar to the previous round where Lu Yin had also participated in the last battle of the round.

Nightqueen Yanqing did not feel surprised, as she had been informed of this matchup beforehand. She had simulated this battle multiple times after analyzing Lu Yin’s power in his match against Liu Shaoqiu. She was sure of victory.

Lu Yin glanced at Nightqueen Yanqing. Is this a coincidence? He was actually facing off against the Nightking clan right after Liu Xiaoyun warned him to be careful of the Nightking clan. Were they testing him?

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