Chapter 216: Lu Yin vs. Chao Zhi

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Since he wasn’t able to use his Cosmic Art, he was unable to see through the true form of the grey wind. Without any other choice, he could only do what Grandini and Xia Ye had done before him; black battle force lined with purple stripes exploded out and covered his body. A moment later, he used Flash to disappear into the void before reappearing before Chao Zhi and kicking out.

“Three-lined battle force?” someone exclaimed in surprise.

Everyone stared at Lu Yin in shock when he revealed his battle force; there were very few students in the Astral Combat Academy who possessed this much power.

Frankfurt gaped in shock. He only had two-lined battle force himself, and yet, he had killed Lu Yin in a single blow some time ago. How had this person advanced so far in such a short period of time?

There was a loud rumble, and Chao Zhi took several steps backwards. The ground cracked from the sheer impact of Lu Yin’s kick. As the gales of grey wind swept over Lu Yin, the battle force covering his body cracked. Shockingly, even three-lined battle force was not able to completely resist the destructive effects of this wind. It was no wonder that Calcifer had instantly died to it.

The gales continued to buffet the arena plains until even the void wasn’t able to take it anymore. Small lines of shattered space streaked down like raindrops, tearing through the ground.

The three-lined battle force covering Lu Yin’s body started to disappear. Once it was completely gone, his body would have to bear the full brunt of the eroding force. At most, he had about five seconds left.

Atop the peak, the leaders of the various academies were not at all surprised by how the fight was going. Feng Shang sighed. “Even three-lined battle force can’t withstand the Wind of Seasons. I wonder where that woman learned that battle technique.”

Starsibyl nonchalantly replied, “Chao Zhi should be the genius who was chased into the Astral Wilderness thirty years ago.”

“You know her?” Feng Shang was surprised by this piece of information.

She smiled. “I divinated that bit.”

Feng Shang rolled his eyes, obviously not believing her.

“If Chao Zhi really is that same girl, then things are about to get interesting. Back then, she was able to escape because of another technique, not this Wind of Seasons,” Starsibyl said with a curious gleam in her eyes.

Han Chong, Dao Bo and the others were all astonished. So the Wind of Seasons isn’t even her most powerful technique?

As the three-lined battle force broke down, everyone thought Lu Yin was done for. Even Undying Yushan was no different. The fact that Lu Yin had been able to get to this point with just a year’s work showed that he was definitely a genius, but that just meant there was a difference between him and these monsters because they hadn’t had the same starting point.

Within Astral-10’s space station, Madam Nalan sipped her tea and calmly watched on without blinking, the ghost of a smile at her lips. How could someone who had survived in outer space as a Melder be taken down by the erosion of some mere wind?

As Lu Yin’s three-lined battle force broke down, the grey winds began to erode his body. But an instant later, purple streams of air appeared around him that shocked everyone.

Numerous people gaped in disbelief. “Fo-fo-four-lined battle force!”

All of the student leaders’ eyes went wide. How is this possible?

Nobody thought that Lu Yin had actually cultivated his battle force to four lines. This included both the students and mentors of Astral-10. They were far more surprised than anyone else as they knew that Lu Yin had only recently comprehended battle force.

Outside the plains, Xi Yue covered her mouth in shock when she saw the dazzling purple lines circulating around Lu Yin. It really is four lines! How did he do it so quickly? Even with the help from her family, she had only been able to cultivate one line.

On the plains, Chao Zhi was shocked, and for the first time, revealed a serious look. Four-lined battle force was a symbol of pure, overwhelming physical power. Any opponent who had four-lined battle force was sure to be a very powerful foe and not to be underestimated.

Lu Yin clenched his fists and grinned. His near-death experience on Driftcharge Planet had caused his strength to undergo an incredible transformation. Before that, he had been about as strong as an Area Master; he could not even win against Uro by himself and had needed Xia Luo and the others’ help. But after his experience on Driftcharge Planet, Uro had become someone who Lu Yin could trample over without too much effort.

It was at this time that he finally understood why the Ten Arbiters were so far from everyone’s reach. They were all of the same generation, but the difference between them was so vast that it was unimaginable. In the past, he had merely thought that the Ten Arbiters were powerful, but still in the same generation as him. Now, however, that puerile understanding had turned into a heated anticipation and fervor, as he now saw the possibility of approaching their level.

Yet another person with four-lined battle force had appeared in the Astral Combat Tournament. This display of power startled all of the powerhouses in the academies watching from their screens. Regardless of whether it was in the outer or innerverse, battle force was the symbol of a genius, and another one had emerged from the Astral Combat Academy. It was shocking.

Lu Yin’s four-lined battle force’s robust defense was able to completely block the Winds of Season. After confirming his status, Lu Yin stared at Chao Zhi for a second before slowly raising his right fist and punching out. He was already quite strong, and now, his physical strength was even greater than Lulu’s. With his battle force added on top of that, each of his punches were able to shatter the void even if he didn’t use any battle techniques. Visible shock waves rippled throughout the entire arena, destroying everything in their path.

Chao Zhi’s gaze turned cold as she quickly pulled back. In front of her, the force from Lu Yin’s fist had caused space to splinter layer by layer, which intensified its power even further. If the mentors outside the plains had not stopped the spread of the spatial cracks from reaching the audience, even the spectating Area Masters might have died from this attack.

Lu Yin’s single punch was more powerful than even Xia Ye’s or Cang Shi’s.

Chao Zhi suddenly stopped in place as her Wind of Seasons disappeared. What appeared next was a purple battle force that rose into the skies, just like Lu Yin’s. Like an unstoppable tornado, the battle force swept through the entire area and canceled out the shock waves from Lu Yin’s attack.

Yet another person with four-lined battle force had appeared!

Many people were shocked speechless once more. Another person with four-lined battle force? Since when was four-lined battle force this common?

Up on the peak, Starsibyl chuckled fascinatedly before saying, “Yes, the reason why she was able to successfully escape from her pursuers was thanks to her battle force. However, she only had three lines back then. Now, it seems that she has four.”

Chao Zhi’s strength left everyone shocked. She was definitely powerful enough to be a leader of an academy, just like Lu Yin. Once again, two people with four-lined battle force had been matched up against each other, just like Cang Shi and Xia Ye before them.

Lu Yin sighed in admiration. “Four-lined battle force! You’re pretty good.”

Chao Zhi still had a calm expression. “You’re no match for me.”

“Why not?” Lu Yin was baffled by her confidence.

Chao Zhi slowly turned around. “Even though we both have four-lined battle force, there are various levels within each realm. The body is what houses battle force, and my body is something that I am very confident in.” After that, she completed her turn and viciously kicked at Lu Yin, but he simply lifted his left arm and smiled.


With an explosive sound, the ground was fractured as a huge, deep pit that was over a hundred meters in circumference appeared out of nowhere. Then, a huge fissure snaked past Lu Yin’s feet until it sliced off a section of the mountain peak. Clouds of dust filled the skies.

Chao Zhi’s pupils constricted as she looked at Lu Yin in disbelief. She was still in her kicking stance with one leg out even as Lu Yin maintained his stance of using only his left arm to block her leg. The area under his feet was pristine and he hadn’t moved at all.

“I’m sorry, but I’m confident that my body is stronger than yours,” Lu Yin said nonchalantly before he lifted a leg and kicked out. His kick landed right on Chao Zhi’s abdomen, causing her to cough out some blood as her entire body was sent flying. She wanted to twist her body to dissipate the blow, but was prevented from doing so by some terrifying force. Then, nine distinct, consecutive explosions rung out from within her body.

It was a Nine Stacks powered kick. The ninth explosion nearly forced her into a spatial tear.

Lu Yin bent his knees, and his entire body vanished. When he reappeared, he was already above her, punching down once again.

Chao Zhi’s pupils shrank even more as she hurriedly met the fist with her right knee. The concussive blast sent out another round of shock waves rippling out, tearing up the ground and sending billowing clouds of dust into the sky as the entire arena plains shook. Chao Zhi’s right leg was shattered, and her entire body was smashed deep into the ground by Lu Yin. He lifted his right fist again before saying, “It’s over.”

As he spoke, he punched out one last time, causing everything within a hundred meters of him to disintegrate into powder. Next, everything within a thousand meters of him followed suit before, finally, the entire plains was pulverized. Everything had been turned to dust.

In front of their screens, countless people stared at the scene in shock. The destructive power that they had just witnessed was enough to horrify anyone. This was the Lifeseek Realm of the trial zones. No matter how powerful someone was, even with battle force, they should only be able to destroy a small area. However, Lu Yin had destroyed the entire stage and the entire plains with a single move. Even the peak of a hill far off in the distance had been affected and turned to dust as well.

Numerous students from the Astral Combat Academy looked at Lu Yin in fear. This was the so-called figurehead of Astral-10? What a load of crap! What figurehead was this terrifying? This person was definitely strong enough to claim the title of leader. He even had four-lined battle force! He was basically a monster in human form!

With that single punch, Chao Zhi had ceased to exist within the Lifeseek Realm. Even though both students possessed four-lined battle force, Chao Zhi had been rendered virtually powerless against Lu Yin. Lu Yin’s body was much too powerful, and even he himself did not know the true limits of his body.

The Great Yu Empire was going crazy with excitement as numerous people chanted King Zishan’s name exuberantly. Even though they did not personally know him, he was still the King Zishan of their empire. This name had once been a household name in the Great Yu Empire because of the Undying duo. And now, the fifth princess, Wendy Yushan, had a reputation that was just as great in the rest of the universe and a King Zishan with the same level of fame had appeared as well.

People were also going crazy back on Earth. Compared to the citizens of the Great Yu Empire, Zhou Shan and the others were more shocked and surprises at how quickly Lu Yin had improved. They might not understand battle force, domains, or even what the Lifeseek Realm was, but they did know that Lu Yin had won.

At this same time, on Saint Dios, Wendy Yushan looked at her screen in surprise. She gazed at the calm Lu Yin with a pondering expression on her face.

Elsewhere, Bazeer had gone pale. How could this have happened? A tiny ant managed to reach that point!? Impossible! That’s four-lined battle force! Bazeer himself hadn’t even grasped battle force at all, but an ant that he had once looked down upon had already reached four-lined battle force! A large feeling of regret for how he had handed some matters in the past welled up within him now.

The plains had been completely destroyed in that battle, but with the mentors’ amazing abilities, it was quickly restored to its previous state.

Lu Yin returned to the high peak and calmly sat down in the tenth seat.

This time, nobody doubted or mocked him. There was nothing other than respect, worship, and fear in the audience’s eyes. Lu Yin had truly obtained the glory that this seat represented.

Clap clap clap! 

Feng Shang loudly applauded as he looked at Lu Yin in admiration. “That was amazing, Brother Lu. Your performance was very impressive.”

Calling him “Brother Lu” was a sign of Feng Shang’s approval.

Lu Yin chuckled before replying, “It was just a warmup. Please, don’t think too much of it.”

Nightqueen Yanqing surreptitiously studied Lu Yin with a bit of apprehension and did not speak.

Liu Xiaoyun still had a look of shock on her face; she’d judged him wrongly! She had assumed that Lu Yin was nothing more than a figurehead, but in reality, he was a very powerful person no weaker than she herself. How had she not noticed anything at all? This person must have cultivated a terrifying technique that hid his strength.

Starsibyl looked at Lu Yin with twinkling eyes, smiling but not speaking.

The next round was between Silver and Long Ze. Long Ze had proven himself during the Three Academies Guarding the Gate stage when he managed to stall Chilian Daynight for a period of time. At that moment, many people had been surprised by his strength that had reached the level of an Area Master. But now, however, the tournament had progressed so far that an Area Master was no longer anything special. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that, at this stage of the tournament, an Area Master was nothing. The real surprises were people like Lu Yin, Liu Shaoqiu, and Chao Zhi.

Silver’s domain was enough to defeat Long Ze, and nothing surprising happened.

The next two rounds featured Ka Long and Liu Yin. There were no surprises during these battles, and they both won. And with that, the fifth elimination round had ended; sixteen people still remained.

Those who had reached this stage in the current tournament were as strong as the finalists of past tournaments. However, this tournament had not even reached its semifinals yet.

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