Chapter 197: Creating An Explosion

“My father asked you a question. Answer him,” the young man shouted as he gestured with a hand. Someone then walked over from behind Lu Yin and raised his hand to strike Lu Yin’s stomach. But Lu Yin’s eyes shone at that moment. When the person behind Lu Yin lifted his arm, blood splattered on the wall—the man was already dead.

“How dare you!” Numerous Limiteers were about to attack Lu Yin, but as his eyes narrowed, three-lined battle force appeared around him, shocking everyone present. This was especially true for the most powerful Limiteer, whose pupils shrank as he felt a chill crawl down his spine.

Ordinary battle techniques were nothing compared to three-lined battle force. Even though Lu Yin was seriously injured and unable to use his battle techniques, just his battle force alone was enough for him to annihilate these two Limiteers without breaking a sweat. The most powerful Leo Clan Limiteer shouted as star energy flowed across his body like violent lightning as he punched out at Lu Yin. Lu Yin raised a hand and tried to block the punch, but his entire body was forced out of the room and into the hallway.

Numerous soldiers of the Leo Clan surged in the direction that Lu Yin was thrown, and multiple star energy spears were launched at him. However, they weren’t able to harm him at all.

Another crackle of lightning shook the room as another punch emerged in front of Lu Yin. His eyes narrowed as he twisted to the side to dodge it. Lu Yin then activated his Cosmic Art, allowing him to see the lightning even more clearly than before. He turned to the side once again and evaded the third strike. Battle force gathered at the tip of his finger, and with a single tap, was sent straight to the man’s heart. However, this man was worthy of being the Leo Clan’s most powerful Limiteer. He managed to dodge Lu Yin’s attack it as he continuously retreated.

From the left and right of Lu Yin, more and more Limiteers swarmed him.

Lu Yin coughed up some blood as his organs couldn’t handle such an onslaught of attacks. Although these Limiteers couldn’t compare to the Area Masters from the Astral Combat Academy, they were all rich in terms of battle experience, which meant that Lu Yin could not handle all of them at once. He could only take advantage of the fact that everyone had moved to attack him to use Flash to move next to the young man who had ordered them around earlier. He forcefully endured the pain from his injuries, grabbed him by the throat, and then turned to face the others.

Everyone from the Leo Clan stopped what they were doing. “Let the young master go.”

“Release my son!” the middle-aged man shouted.

Lu Yin’s eyes twinkled. “If you let me go, I’ll let him go as well.”

“Fine, we’ll let you go, so let him go first,” someone yelled.

Lu Yin snickered. “Do you think that I’m an idiot? Screw off.”

Everyone slowly moved backwards while still glaring at him. Meanwhile, that young master had been scared stupid; he’d never been in a hostage situation before and could not stop himself from trembling.

Lu Yin held him tightly and whispered in his ear, “Take me to the warehouse.”

The young man was surprised by the demand. “Wh-What are you planning?”

Lu Yin gripped his throat tightly, “If you don’t want to die, keep your mouth shut. I just want to destroy the mechanical section so that you won’t be able to chase my spacecraft. Do it immediately, or I’ll tear a limb off.”

The young man was terrified and immediately led the way.

Lu Yin was not at all worried about the young man trying anything funny. It would be very difficult for anyone to deal with Lu Yin in a closed area, such as inside a spacecraft. One way was to overwhelm him with numbers, but all of the important people in the Leo Clan were here, and it would be easy for Lu Yin to capture one as a hostage. Additionally, all he wanted to do was leave this place. Revenge would have to wait until he completely recovered from his injuries. As long as he could use his battle techniques again, it wouldn’t matter even if he was fighting against twice the current number of people.

“Are you the head of this family?” Lu Yin asked as he looked at the middle-aged man.

The man nodded calmly and then said, “As long as you let my son go and tell me what happened on Driftcharge Planet, I can let you leave safely.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. “Prepare ten million star crystals in exchange for your son’s life.”

Everyone was shocked, including the young man who was being held.

“Ten million? Are you crazy?” The middle-aged man bellowed. The others also glared fiercely at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes glimmered. Is that considered a lot? Ever since Undying Yushan had mocked him for thinking that he had extorted “bribes” from the Great Yu Empire officials when it was truly just welcome gifts, Lu Yin had decided that he would be more liberal when it came to money. But by the looks of it, he’d gone a bit overboard in this case. As the emperor of the Great Yu Empire, Undying Yushan had only given him a hundred thousand star crystals. No matter how powerful the Leo Clan was, it could not possibly compare to the Great Yu Empire. After Lu Yin had robbed those pirates who had been in the business people for years, he had only gotten a couple hundred thousand crystals. Although ten million crystals was an amount that the Leo Clan could afford, they definitely wouldn’t pay that much for the person he was currently holding hostage.

“How much can you give me?” Lu Yin coldly asked.

The middle-aged man grit his teeth. “Five hundred thousand at most. I don’t have any more than that.”

The man had cut the price by a large amount, but Lu Yin thought it over briefly before nodding. “Alright, get it ready.”

The middle-aged man gave one of the Limiteers behind him a look, and the person immediately left.

With his hostage leading the way, Lu Yin slowly made his way over to the mechanical section. This was the core area of the ultra-large spacecraft where the delicate workings of the ship were housed and maintained.

When Lu Yin got closer to the core place, the expressions of the Leo Clan members changed, especially that of the middle-aged man. He glared hard at his son, because he was the person guiding Lu Yin.

“What are you planning, kid? Let my son go, and I can let you leave!” the middle-aged man exclaimed. He could not let Lu Yin continue moving in this direction.

Lu Yin stopped where he was. “Where’s my money?”

“It’s here. Take it.” The Limiteer who had gone to get the money tossed a cosmic ring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin sent out a gust of wind and blew the cosmic ring into the mechanical section. It went through the door and landed near the core machinery.

The middle-aged man’s expression drastically changed. “Get it!”

The Limiteer instantly paled and charged after the ring.

Lu Yin’s gaze remained frigid. “I knew that you would do something like this.” He then pushed that young man into the mechanical section while he made a hole in the ceiling and escaped through it.

The middle-aged man bellowed angrily and chased after Lu Yin as a red alert warning resounded throughout the spacecraft.

After the warning, an explosion came out from the mechanical section. The middle-aged man stopped where he was and his expression changed. He stopped pursuing Lu Yin and instead darted back toward the mechanical section. That was the one place where they could not afford to take damage.

Lu Yin did not leave the spacecraft. Instead, after thinking things over, he rushed towards the outermost layer of the spacecraft, where the armory was located.

Along the way, numerous troops pursued after him, and quite a few Limiteers tried to stop him, but their attempts all failed. Despite the pain of his injuries, Lu Yin wanted to try to get some revenge. He had initially wanted to take revenge in the future, but the Leo Clan was obviously very adept at concealing itself. If he let them go right now, who knew when he’d be able to find them again?

He had even come up with a plan to exact revenge…

The explosion in the mechanical section had finally been contained. However, the moment the middle-aged man heard that Lu Yin was headed towards the armory, his expression completely changed. He no longer cared about what damage the spacecraft would sustain, and like what Lu Yin had done earlier, he smashed through the walls straight towards the armory.

However, Lu Yin still arrived first, and he easily dealt with the Limiteers guarding the area. The weapons had not been sealed off and were still aimed at Driftcharge Planet. He had originally intended to turn the weapons that had attacked the planet onto the spacecraft itself, but the spacecraft had its own protective mechanisms, and it was impossible to train the weapons onto itself. However, every warcraft also had self-destruct mechanisms to prevent it from being taken over by enemies.

Lu Yin did not know where the self-destruct trigger was, so his only option was to create a huge explosion with the weapons themselves.

By the time the middle-aged man arrived, the armory was already set up to explode, causing him to shout out in alarm, “Stop!”

All of a sudden, the spacecraft gave an unexpected warning that the self-destruct system had been activated.

Lu Yin burst into laughter; he was too lucky today. The spacecraft’s self-destructive system was actually right inside the armory!

The middle-aged man bellowed in anger and immediately rushed towards the system, wanting to disarm it.

Lu Yin matched his momentum, and with a bang, the two collided and were both sent flying backwards.

“Who are you?” the middle-aged man yelled in anger, his eyes bloodshot.

Lu Yin icily replied, “Someone who was forced into hell by your Leo Clan.”

“I can make up for it,” the man yelled as he desperately charged towards the self-destruct system once again.

Lu Yin lifted a leg and kicked out. Three-lined battle force was just too terrifying. Even though he had no star energy and couldn’t use any battle techniques, he was still able to suppress the head of a large family. The middle-aged man was rendered completely helpless against Lu Yin’s three-lined battle force. Each move left him injured, but as more and more powerhouses from the Leo Clan appeared, Lu Yin eventually realized that he wouldn’t be able to deal with them all, and so, he had no choice but to escape.

Only two Limiteers chased after him while the rest all rushed to the system. However, because of the residual damage from the recent battle, the system had malfunctioned and the self-destruct sequence could no longer be stopped.

The middle-aged man shouted, “Hurry! Get the young master and escape!”

The entire spacecraft was enveloped in terror.

Lu Yin did his best to endure the pain wracking his entire body as he tore through all the walls in his way. He quickly found the location where the personal spacecrafts were stored, turned around, and then punched out with both fists. The two Limiteers attacked at the same time. One of them had an innate gift and emitted a disturbing noise that caused Lu Yin’s brain to momentarily short circuit. His attacks froze in midair and he was struck. He hit quite a few personal spacecraft and spat out a mouthful of blood. The three-lined battle force on him also gradually vanished.

Battle force was not unlimited. To begin with, his body had already been gravely injured, and he could no longer handle the physical stress of being damaged further.

The two Limiteers immediately went after him to finish him off.

Lu Yin looked up and punched forward. A Nine Stacks Ninefold Shockwave Palm sent one of the Limiteers staggering, but the other one’s attack landed. However, Lu Yin still managed to grab that attacker’s arm, and with a low growl, sent them flying. This was done through pure physical strength. However, this placed a massive burden on his inner organs, and he coughed up blood again.

The moment he downed the two Limiteers, Lu Yin got into a personal spacecraft and immediately started it up.

The two Limiteers attacked again, and this time, Lu Yin retaliated by shouting, “This spacecraft is about to explode! Do you really want to die with it?”

They froze and exchanged looks.

At this point, most of the Leo Clan’s troops arrived, all looking for a spacecraft. The two Limiteers grit their teeth and then headed to a personal spacecraft to escape as well.

These ultra-large spacecraft generally kept hundreds of individual spacecrafts on board. However, compared to the number of Leo Clan members on board, there were still way too few. At this moment, there were less than fifteen seconds before the spacecraft self-destructed.

The spacecraft that Lu Yin was seated in was the first to be activated, and it quickly charged out of the large spacecraft and into outer space. Shortly after, the other spacecraft escaped one after another.

Sadly enough, perhaps because of the system’s malfunction, only a dozen or so spacecraft were able to successfully escape. The rest were all trapped next to the door of the hangar as the imminent self-destruction of the spacecraft neared. All that could be heard were mourning yells of despair.

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