Chapter 196: Your Name

After listening to what the old man had to say, Lu Yin sighed. The Leo clan, the pirate port, the attack… He felt like he had stumbled upon something important, but it didn’t really make sense yet. 

The old man matter-of-factly continued on, saying, “If a person meets an enemy who’s too powerful, he’ll first hide himself while eliminating any traces that could lead back to him.”

Lu Yin’s eyes shone with understanding as he clenched his fists. Yes, if this planet really did belong to the Leo clan, then the only reason why they would ever attack their own pirate port would be to fabricate a battle so that they could destroy all evidence that could lead back to them. By doing so, the entire clan could disappear into the vast universe, and the events would also help them escape from stronger enemies. He had simply been unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. An unimportant person was pitifully forgettable—nobody would try to help them even if they had been accidentally injured. Lu Yin believed that when the Leo clan realized that Zhuo Daynight was there, they would definitely not throw her onto this kind of planet. When it came down to it, status determined everything, and now, Lu Yin found himself desiring it.

He did not want to be sacrificed this easily again in the future. So what if he was powerful? Unless he was invincible, he would only ever be a chess piece. That was not what he wanted; he wanted to be the player. Lu Yin’s recent misfortunes had left an indelible mark on him, and this inhumane torture had changed the way he thought.

The old man looked into Lu Yin’s eyes and saw something change, causing the corners of his lips to curve up. Sometimes, just one sentence was enough to spark someone’s transformation.

“You just said that the Leo clan hasn’t been here for a month to collect ores, which means they’ve left, right?” Lu Yin enquired.

The old man shook his head. “This planet is well hidden, and the Leo clan won’t easily give it up. However…” The old man paused as his eyes darkened. “The moment they give it up, the entire planet will turn to dust.”

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat. “What do you mean? Is this planet going to be destroyed?”

The old man nodded. “Large organizations like them have their own methods of removing their trail. You said that you were thrown onto this planet after the attack on the pirate port. If the Leo clan truly wanted to disappear, then there shouldn’t have been any moves from them after the attack, but you were thrown on this planet. Your existence alone is proof that the Leo clan still exists. In order to destroy all evidence, they’ll definitely abandon this planet and will obviously destroy it in the process.”

“The Leo clan doesn’t even know if I’m alive,” Lu Yin said.

The old man disdainfully replied, “They don’t need to know that. They simply want to destroy all possible evidence that could show that they still exist. Even if it’s a piece of unfinished white meat, it’s still possible to analyze it and determine what kind of meat it is and how long it’s existed for.”

“What about you? Why are you on this planet?” Lu Yin suddenly changed the topic. With how incredibly calm this old man was, he might have a way to escape.

“You may or may not learn more about me in the future, but now is not the time.” All of a sudden, the old man’s expression changed. “I was right, kiddo. Pray, because whether or not you’ll survive depends solely on this moment.”

Lu Yin looked up and his pupils shrank. He saw a beam of light strike the ground. It was such a familiar, memorable sight, as it was those same exact beams of light that had nearly claimed his life before.


The earth trembled and shockwaves rippled out towards them from the distance as violent winds dispersed the thick clouds. This was the first time Lu Yin was able to see outer space from the planet’s surface.

Large cracks spread across the ground as rivers of steaming red lava appeared from deep underground. The old man grabbed Lu Yin and soared into the sky. While many of Lu Yin’s injuries had healed, and even though he was able to use battle force now, his innards were still gravely injured, and it was impossible for him to escape from the destruction on his own.

“Kid, there’s a spacecraft five li north of where my grandson’s buried. Good luck.” He suddenly flung Lu Yin away and brought his palms together. An indescribable chant filled the air. It seemed to have come from the ancient past or the distant future, crossing through time and space to charge straight into the universe.

Above Driftcharge Planet, a huge warcraft floated in orbit as it shot out a stream of light beams, attempting to completely destroy the planet.

Within the spacecraft, a youth’s eyes shone as he watched Driftcharge Planet being bombarded with attacks. He sighed in praise, “Thank you for letting me watch, Grandpa Sam! I rarely get the chance to watch a planet be destroyed. It’s beautiful!”

Somewhere nearby, a middle-aged man smiled while arrogantly gazing at the planet. “This is one of our properties, but we have to give it up or else our enemies will discover that it belongs to us.”

“Are there any people on the planet?” the youth asked curiously.

The middle-aged man laughed. “They’re not really people, only slaves.”

“It’s a pity that I can’t see the moment where they get smashed to bits,” the youth sighed regretfully.

The middle-aged man chuckled, “There’ll be many more opportunities for that in the future. When we get to some other regions, I’ll capture more slaves for you to play with.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Sam!” The youth was delighted.

All of a sudden, a mysterious chanting resounded throughout Driftcharge Planet’s atmosphere and burst out into space.

The ultra-large spacecraft swayed and everyone watched on in shock. Grandpa Sam’s expression changed before becoming excited. “It’s an inheritance! An ancient inheritance! I didn’t expect that an abandoned planet would actually have one!” After saying that, he rushed out of the spacecraft and charged towards Driftcharge Planet along with numerous other people, all of them rushing toward the planet at maximum speed.

They were all members of the Leo clan who had the ability to travel through the universe without a spacecraft. Amongst them all, Grandpa Sam was the only Cruiser in the family. They were all guardians of the Leo clan and had noticed the old man rushing forward, which led to all of them darting towards the planet as well. For people like them, the destruction of a planet could not threaten their lives at all. Only this inheritance mattered right now.

Lu Yin crashed into the ground, far away from the skinny old man. Right next to him was the old man’s grandson’s grave. Lu Yin gazed into the distance, at the old man who had created such a huge ruckus. What is that old man trying to do?

“Go, kid. Remember to keep memorizing and reciting the Stonewall Scriptures; it’ll be good for you. I’ve already undone the dark seal in you, so forget everything that’s happened here and live on,” the old man’s voice sounded next to Lu Yin’s ear.

Lu Yin stared at the old man with mixed feelings. The two of them had spent two and a half months together. Things had started with Lu Yin’s distrust for the old man, followed by annoyance, and now… Lu Yin didn’t actually know what his feelings toward the old man were. It was complicated. Whatever they were, this person had saved his life and helped him improve greatly.

“Let’s go together!” Lu Yin shouted.

The old man turned around, and even though his face was so gaunt that he looked like a skeleton, he managed to smile brightly. Lu Yin even saw some kindness and happiness in his sunken eyes. “That’s all I needed to hear. Live on, my child. Go, and I’ll pave the way for you.”

Lu Yin felt strong currents of wind rise around him and push him towards the north. There was a spacecraft there that had been prepared for him.

“What’s your name?” Lu Yin yelled.

“Hahaha, I’ve roamed the universe freely all my life, but now, I’m going to die in some pathetic place like the Outerverse. What a joke. What a joke the heavens have played on me.” The old man laughed maniacally after saying these words. Several people landed at this moment: the powerhouses from the Leo clan.

When they saw the old man, they were all shocked beyond belief. Why is there such a powerful cultivator here?

“It’ll be your honor to die with me.” The old man waved his arm and the entire Driftcharge Planet seemed to change. It felt like time had stopped, and all of the Leo clan powerhouses were rendered powerless in front of the old man, including the Cruiser realm powerhouse. They were all seemingly frozen in time and space.

Lu Yin hit the ground once more and saw this scene when he glanced back. He did not understand how the old man had managed to do such a thing as the gap in strength between them was too massive. Immediately after, the void erupted, and a black spatial crack devoured everything in its way as it condensed into a black hole.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank, and he slapped the ground with one palm, revealing a personal spacecraft. He entered without hesitation and turned it on.

The spacecraft wobbled unsteadily as it slowly rose into the air. Off in the distance, the black hole’s event horizon continued growing; it had already devoured the old man and the Leo clan powerhouses. Soon, it would devour the entire planet.

The surface of the planet had already been ravaged beyond recognition, with plumes of lava spewing out haphazardly everywhere. Soon, the blackhole ate it all up, causing it all to vanish. Far off in the distance, some slaves screamed, but nobody could save them. Lava flowed towards them like a tidal wave, wiping everything out. 

The spacecraft made a clunking sound as it took off at full speed, escaping from the black hole as it shot through the atmosphere and appeared in outer space. Lu Yin turned around and watched as Driftcharge Planet gradually disappeared from view.

In front of him, an ultra-large spacecraft entered his sight. It was the Leo clan’s spacecraft.

A pulling force took ahold of the personal spacecraft that Lu Yin was on, dragging it into the Leo clan’s spacecraft.

Everyone in the Leo clan was anxiously staring at where the planet used to be. The planet was almost completely devoured now, so why hadn’t the powerhouses from their family still not come back yet?

The personal spacecraft jerked and Lu Yin opened his eyes. As soon as the door opened, dozens of cultivators from the Leo clan surrounded him, staring at him cautiously. “Get out immediately.”

Lu Yin slowly walked out. He was only wearing a tattered rag and looked like a primitive Cro-Magnon. His hair was long, and his face was black, making him indistinguishable from a common slave.

“Take him to the young master,” someone said. It was one of the at least five Limiteers on the spacecraft.

Lu Yin did not move; with his Invisible Aura Technique, these people had no idea how powerful he truly was. At the moment, all they could think about was finding out what had happened down on Driftwood Planet. All of the powerhouses from their clan had gone down there, which was a disaster for them. Without that protective shield, the clan would not be able to move their resources.

This ultra-huge spacecraft was comparable to a small city with a population of more than a hundred thousand people, all floating in space. The one in charge had been the Cruiser, but now that he had disappeared along with the planet, the Leo clan was in a state of panic. They were anxious to discover what had happened from Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was pushed through a door and into a main hall where he was encircled by people of the Leo clan.

Lu Yin’s gaze swept over the people here. These were the ones who had caused him to nearly die. That single beam of light had cast him into the abyss while they were completely oblivious to the consequences of their actions.

“What happened on Driftcharge Planet?” a middle-aged man asked while staring intently at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. This person was fairly strong and gave him a sense of danger. The man should be a peak Limiteer who was comparable to an Area Master. Additionally, there were many other peak Limiteers around him.

These people weren’t as talented as the Astral Combat Academy’s students who had reached that level of strength at a young age. However, with time, they’d managed to attain a strength that was at the level of an Area Master or even stronger. Thankfully, Lu Yin hadn’t discovered any Limiteers nearby who gave him a sense of extreme danger, which meant that the Leo clan no longer had a Limiteer that was comparable to a Realm Master.

The most powerful person had been the Cruiser who died on Driftcharge Planet.

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