Chapter 186: Challenging A Realm Master

In the Dao of Purgatory, near the Fathomless Pool, Uro appeared, planning on secretly attacking whoever was there.

Due to the recently published news article, many students were now paying attention to this area. If he was discovered, then he would immediately attract unwanted attention. Obviously, he did not want a large crowd following behind him when he went to snatch the Fathomless Pool back.

Currently, Xia Luo and Silver were standing near the Fathomless Pool while Lulu was already submerged within its depths.

A chill flashed through Uro’s eyes when he saw the duo. They were not easy to deal with, and even though his battle against the five Astral-10 students had been exaggerated by Wu Da, it wasn’t by much. These two were truly strong, and after Uro contemplated the situation some more, he left the Dao of Purgatory to look for Frankfurt.

“You need my help?” Frankfurt was shocked.

Uro’s face sank. “If those Astral-10 students join forces, I can’t do it myself.”

Frankfurt laughed before saying, “I guess it won’t be easy then. Was the report true? Did those Melders really beat you to a pulp?”

Uro’s expression turned gloomy as he replied, “I’ll be frank, they aren’t my match individually, but together, they’d kill you too.”

Frankfurt was arrogant and of the few Area Masters from Astral-6. In his mind, he believed that Uro was at the bottom, ranking wise, followed by Charon. Frankfurt personally saw himself as second only to Astral-6’s Realm Master, Dao Bo.

“There’ll naturally be a reward if you help me, so just make your decision,” Uro impatiently urged.

Frankfurt sighed. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to create internal strife within Astral-6.”

Uro was infuriated. “What do you mean?!”

Frankfurt looked at Uro as he said, “You must have heard that, among the five that attacked you, one is named Lu Yin. Charon is backing him, so if I attack, Charon won’t simply watch from the sidelines.”

Uro was shocked as he really did not know about this since he had been cultivating non stop in the Fathomless Pool previously. “Why is Charon helping him?”

“I don’t know. You could invite Jared—don’t you have a good relationship with the Blaze Realm? Your battle technique even comes from there.”

Uro left without answering since Frankfurt evidently did not wish to lend a helping hand; there was no need for him to continue pleading. Did he really need to resort to asking the Blaze Realm? His relationship with the Blaze Realm was indeed good, but it was a relationship of equals. If he asked Jared to help for this matter, then it would be troublesome down the road.

He thought about it some more before finally deciding to go to Jared for help. The Fathomless Pool was very important to him, and with the Astral Combat Tournament fast approaching, his foremost priority was to achieve a good ranking there and become known throughout the universe.

Not long after, near the Sky Platform in the Dao of Purgatory, Jared appeared where he had previously left the Dao of Purgatory. A complicated gaze entered Jared’s eyes as he stared at the distant Sky Platform. He had initially wanted to fight for the Sky Platform, but he had ultimately been rendered helpless in front of that freak, Dao Bo.

Whoever occupied Sky Platform would be the Dao of Purgatory’s Realm Master. Jared was not satisfied with merely being an Area Master; his true goal was to become a Realm Master. However, regardless of whether it was the Dao of Purgatory’s Dao Bo or the Dao of Illusion’s Feng Shang, their power was beyond his comprehension. Currently, he could only stare at the distant Sky Platform.

“Sooner or later, I will become the Realm Master,” Jared determinedly muttered before gazing into the distance one last time. He lifted his feet and headed towards the Fathomless Pool. He had agreed to Uro’s request and had come to help him teach those Astral-10 people a lesson.

He had initially wanted to smother the students of Astral-10 because of Lu Yin, but each one’s background was even more intimidating than the next, forcing him to personally take action—the Blaze Realm was not timid.

Suddenly, Jared stopped in his tracks when he noticed a person in front of him. A man was leaning on a black tree trunk, looking at him with a smile. Jared’s eyes blazed as he instinctively clenched his fists, but he then unclenched them and lowered his hands. “Realm Master Dao Bo.”

The person before him was Astral-6’s strongest student as well as a member of the Astral Academy Council—the Dao of Purgatory’s Realm Master, Dao Bo. He was a widely accepted genius of the Lockbreaker Society, one who greatly surpassed Charon, and a freak who had defeated Mira once, before she broke through and became an Explorer.

Dao Bo had silvery-grey hair and an ordinary appearance. A cursory glance at him would not attract anyone’s attention, but this was the same person who had beaten all of Astral-6’s students into submission until no one even dared to think about rebelling. One look at him now left Jared involuntarily trembling with fear; this person was a real freak. Dao Bo could obviously break through and become an Explorer and graduate from the Astral Combat Academy, but he chose not to. Many of the Realm Masters in the Astral Combat Academy were the same. Only few people could cause Jared to feel despair, and normally, he would not have stepped into the Dao of Purgatory unless it was absolutely essential.

“Long time no see, Jared.” Dao Bo continued to lean on the tree trunk with a smile as he stared at Jared. Despite his seemingly harmless appearance, Jared only saw a monster who could kill him on a whim.

“Realm Master Dao Bo, long time no see,” Jared hoarsely replied.

Dao Bo’s smile didn’t change in the slightest. “Why are you in the Dao of Purgatory?”

“I’m helping out a friend.”


“Yes.” Jared did not dare to lie.

“Go back. There’s nowhere left for you here,” Dao Bo said in an overbearing manner.

“Under the Astral Combat Academy’s rules, everyone is qualified to step into any trial zone they wish without being suppressed by the Realm Master’s jurisdiction. Realm Master Dao Bo, I have the right to step into the Dao of Purgatory.”

“Of course, rules are rules. You can enter... but I can also kill you.”

Upon hearing those words, Jared’s pupils shrank, and he clenched his fists while staring directly at Dao Bo’s face. However, Dao Bo couldn't care any less as killing any Area Master was a trivial matter to him.

After a while, Jared lost his courage. “I got it. As long as Realm Master Dao Bo is in the Dao of Purgatory, I will not return.” He then exited the Dao of Purgatory.

Dao Bo continued smiling, though his gaze had long since turned cold. “Trash. How foolish to even think that you can bully the people of my society.”

When Jared exited the Dao of Purgatory, a shocking event jolted the rest of the Astral Combat Academy. The impact of this event far surpassed that of Lu Yin and the rest snatching the Fathomless Pool.

Astral-10’s Big Pao and Little Pao had combined forces to challenge the Dao of Heaven’s Realm Master.

Realm Masters were individuals who could look down upon everyone else in the Astral Combat Academy. Even a genius of the Blaze Realm like Jared could only avoid Realm Masters; they had no hope of competing against them at all. Every Realm Master was created from a bloody process that included the massacre of multiple geniuses of their generation, allowing them to truly disdain any and everything under them. Many looked up to them, and any Realm Master could break through to become an Explorer and be directly accepted into the Ten Arbiters Council. They would have a certain level of authority even after they left the Astral Combat Academy. This was a Realm Master; an existence who could converse even with the Ten Arbiters.

The Dao of Heaven had the Ocean of Death. Anything that landed in the ocean would sink, and no one could walk across it. Even birds would find it hard to fly over it, and only extremely powerful beings could through it.

On the opposite shores of the Ocean of Death, it was rumored that there was an island buried under the bones of countless powerful individuals, as well as an ancient inheritance. But rumors were merely that, and no one had ever proved or disproved it as no one had ever crossed the ocean and stepped foot onto the island. Even the Ten Arbiters avoided speaking about it after they crossed the Ocean of Death.

The Ocean of Death was the largest training ground in the Dao of Heaven, and it was also where it’s Realm Master resided.

At this moment, dozens of people were gathered at the Ocean of Death’s shore. They were all students who cultivated in the Dao of Heaven, and they were all staring at the seaside in shock, feeling like they were dreaming. In front of their very eyes, the Dao of Heaven’s Realm Master was being suppressed.


The coast shook again as Big Pao leaped into the air with a stern gaze, his demeanor completely different from his usual self. He carried an ancient pike on his shoulder as he dashed along the coast. His pike shot out countless bullets that emitted steam and tore the void apart as they sped towards the coast. The rain of bullets caused the earth to shatter and the coast to lower as the water from the Ocean of Death flooded over.

Little Pao similarly jumped up and raised his palm. The veins in his palm seemed to transform into black flames that spread out from the center of his palm. It formed an enormous black blaze that suppressed everything as it slammed into the coast, leaving a giant black palm imprint behind in the shoreline. This was Little Pao’s battle technique—the Black Blazes Palm.

The coast fell silent even as more and more students appeared and were stunned by the scene. The Dao of Heaven’s Realm Master was actually being suppressed, and by the widely accepted trash of Astral-10 no less. It was rumored that these two had had such poor aptitudes that no other academies would accept them. But how could such talentless people possibly suppress a Realm Master?

In the sky, Big Pao and Little Pao exchanged doubtful glances; would the Dao of Heaven’s Realm Master really be suppressed by just this? Could it really be that easy? The Realm Masters were all freaks, and the Dao of Heaven’s Realm Master was no exception. He hailed from one of the eight large Flowzones of the Innerverse—the Beast Tamer Flowzone. His tamed beast was an Azure Dragon, and it had not even appeared yet.

A strong gale blew through the battlefield and churned up waves in the Ocean of Death as it swirled around the coast.

Everyone stared as a figure slowly rose up from within the waves. He bent his back and coughed several times, scattering the waves as he stood up. He revealed his coarse and powerful face before he laughed at the heavens. He was the Dao of Heaven’s Realm Master—Kuang Wang.

“Arrogant Kuang Wang.” This was a nickname that he would never deviate from, and one that he never even considered changing. He was the Dao of Heaven’s Realm Master.

“I never understood why anyone would ever want to hide their powers. The two of you are obviously strong, so why did you hide it all the way until now?” Kuang Wang raised his head and stared at Big Pao and Little Pao with an excited gaze.

Big Pao and Little Pao landed beside the coast. “It’s our nature.”

“And so why have you exposed it now?” Kuang Wang was curious.

Little Pao shrugged before answering, “Our juniors have created such a stir—how could we seniors continue holding back? We want to show everyone that Astral-10 is not empty and that anyone who overreaches against us will be chopped up.”

Little Pao’s words caused an ugly expression to appear on one of the onlooker’s face. He was from the Blaze Realm, which had become a great enemy of Astral-10’s.

“Hahahaha,” Kuang Wang laughed before replying, “Well-spoken! Your words are to my liking. With such a magnificent attitude, I’ll allow you to experience the difference between a Realm Master and the normal students like you today.” He raised up his arm as everyone stared at the tattoo on it. That was where cultivators from the Beast Tamer Flowzone sealed their tamed beast in their body, and it was where Kuang Wang had sealed his beast, the Azure Dragon.

A resonant dragon-like roar shook the earth, dazing everyone present. Kuang Wang stood beside the coast as the tattoo on his arm gradually expanded until it became a hundred meters long Azure Dragon. The beast had appeared in an instant, and its majesty astonished everyone. With its appearance, even the space around them seemed to solidify slightly. The Azure Dragon seemed to be around the same size as a sylvan dragon, but there was no growth on its tail, and its entire body was colored silver-grey. It was also much more dominant and imposing than a sylvan dragon. This was the Azure Dragon.

Many retreated, dumbfounded at the shocking scene. This Azure Dragon was a type of giant astral beast and was extremely powerful. It was not something that the average cultivator could handle. Even in the Beast Tamer Flowzone, only freaks from the Divine Grade Hall could tame such beasts, which of course, Kuang Wang was from.

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